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  1. Yes, mine are the 4ohm version. I dont think they make the 4 ohm in the 3015LF at this time. From what i have seen only the 8 ohm model is available. Yes, i need to make a few mods inside the CS, so will have to backs off again and will get those resistors straightened up while i am in there.. Thanks Dean.
  2. Claude, that was the first thing i noticed with the 3015LF. I had to twist the volume knob a bit more to get the same output of the K33.
  3. Yes you can. Mine work very good.
  4. Just tried the tung sol JAN 12SL7GT. Dont like them. I have to twist the volume up quite a bit to hear music. JAN 12SL7 sound pretty good, these are a metal can style. I just need to find a real good pair.
  5. Ok, Thanks. Will see what happens. When the MM cartridge is ready for replacement I will be stepping up to the MC.
  6. I dont have the ART9xi. I have the MM Ortophon Black 250, which i think sounds very nice, but with be moving up to the AT ART9xi hoping for a bit more clearity or more life like should i say.
  7. The gentleman tells me he ran a MC Denon 103 cartridge which has a similar voltage output as the ART9 with this phono pre amp and had no issues doing it.
  8. Absolutely. It will be done real soon. I bought another stereo rack to match my current one. This way i can get the TT together with the rest of the audio equipment.
  9. Tung-Sol JAN-12SL7GT VT-289 Black Glass Round Plate Tubes NOS. These any good?
  10. Ok, i see what i can find in the SL tube. Any brand ok?
  11. I understand. Mine is still a work in progress.
  12. Thanks guys. I will be spending alot of time down there.
  13. I agree, Higher end equipment is needed to compete with digital. The sound is a bit warmer with vinyl as well. I went thru quite a few albums this past weekend and the only one that sounded compressed was Rolling Stones sticky fingers. I think i will be with vinyl for a long time.
  14. I have a bad jan 12sc7 tube in my new MapleTree pre amp. Are these tubes generally a good tube or is there a better replacement?
  15. Thank you, its coming along. Should be finished before summer gets here.
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