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  1. I received the B&C de85tn drivers today. Quantity was listed as 1, so I ordered 2. I received 2 pair. They are 2 per box. Listed as $227 for quantity of 1. I paid $454 for what I thought was 2 drivers so did I get an extra pair for free or did I just order wrong?
  2. Think i'll get the 8ohm drivers ordered today.
  3. B&C de85tn is listed as being 8ohm. Anyone know if its available in 16ohm?These will be used in my Cornscala build.
  4. My fresh built CW's were the same way for the first hr or so. The woofers need to loosen up and will over time. Just keep listening, you'll be in love with them soon.
  5. I would think used value would be like most used things. 1/3 to 1/2 value you paid for it new.
  6. Not buying anything til I get the Cornscala project finished, but i'm really liking the EAT, the Teac and the Technics. I have too many hobbies. Gives me time to weight all options on my TT purchase. Thanks guys.
  7. LOL! I think I know where you got that from.
  8. Looks like these zxpc horns will just fit the cabinets on my home built CW. I may have to carve out the rear panel a bit to fit the mid drivers. The zxpc horns measure 11 1/8" deep and the spec on the B&C 85tn is 2.5".
  9. I still think the SED Svetlana 5u4gb is the best sounding in my system. From time to time I will use the EH 5u4gb over the weekend to get closer to the 200hr burn time so i get a good comparison to the Svetlana.
  10. Nice looking TT's. Didn't even think about the Teac TT. Looks to be a very nice TT as well. I don't hear much said about the Audio Technica, but a interesting TT for sure. Will keep these on my list. Thanks
  11. Seems there is quite a few use that horn .
  12. Look at JJ KT77. I think you will like them.
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