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  1. Never worked on a gear change. I have Phils in clio do mine.
  2. Glad you understand. Yes, very busy right now. I’ll get with you as soon as things slow down.
  3. Well thanks Kevin. When do you plan on having them mounted in the khorns? Once the cooler weather gets here I’ll have some time to spend with the Cornscala
  4. Thanks. I just need more time with them.
  5. Looks like Claude has recommended a Kappa FER PRO LFC for a possible woofer instead of the 15c. These 3015LF-4's have a sensitivity of 96db where the 8 ohm version has a sensitivity of 98.4db. Maybe i should have bought the 8ohm version instead? Not sure, but something is not quite right in the combo yet. Either ALK CSW or the woofer. Sound good, yes, but not as good as the Supers.
  6. eBay. A man in Russia makes them. Search EBay for badges.
  7. Spent an a little time with the Cornsala's yesterday. I tried 9 attenuation on mid horn and 6 on the DE120 tweet. The 9db setting brought the vocals more forward and they needed it as they were sounding a bit distant. Tried 8db on the mid leaving the tweet on 6db attenuation and i think it sounded quite nice. I'm looking for that sparkle and i just have not found it yet. I'. thinking maybe try some E 15c woofers in them. Something still seems to be missing. Here's a pic where they currently rest at my fathers place.
  8. These sample are from Gullford. I used light grey on the cornscala and medium grey on the Supers.
  9. This is the grey i used. See if i can get you a pic on the speaker.
  10. Over the past winter i built a pair of CornScala's from my home built vertical Cornwalls. I have not spent alot of time with them yet, but i'm still yet to hear a big improvement. I used the ALK CSW/universal and after the last adjustment to 9 on the mid and 6 on the tweet using B&C drivers it did bring the vocals more forward, but my Super Heresy's still have a more lively sound with more bass. I had to use a router and cut a pocket in the rear board to get the mid horn/driver combo to fit. I still need more time with them, but i'm thinking a DeanG crossover may be the fix.
  11. mopardave


    I watched the auction. How much did they cost new?
  12. mopardave


    I believe crossovers need to be build specifically for your drivers used? I use the eminence fl3015-4 with DE120 and DE85 mid drivers. Not sure these would be best suited to my combo.
  13. mopardave


    I see. I have the CSW universal ALK crossovers in my cornscala's. Not sure i like them or not yet.
  14. mopardave


    Is there something you didn't like about them? I hear he builds real nice stuff.
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