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  1. .2 watts in standby and 2.7 watts in network stand by. It is said in the manual that if HDMI pass thru is turned on, to keep the unit unplugged when not using. Not sure what HDMI pass thru is or if it should be turned on or off. Looks like this thing is going to be a large learning curve for sure.
  2. Hey thanks. Didnt know these were available. I got a disc but no manual with a M1504 i bought new.
  3. What is M-DAX and pure direct? The M-DAX was on, i turned it off and now the temps in standby are 98* . I hate how you dont get a manual with your new gear any more. I will be glad to get it to the new home and set up, but that is a few weeks away.
  4. I measured the temp when i got home. It is 103* in standby mode. Seems a bit too warm in this mode i would think, but maybe normal thou? The insides look to be free of any dust, its very clean. Going turn it on and see how hot it gets after an hour.
  5. Yes, I will be careful. Thanks for the info guys. Looks like they want it connected to tv and pc for set up.
  6. Bought a used Marantz surround receiver and have some questions. I have not set it up yet, but how do you set the tone controls? I have it plugged in and in stand by mode and it gets very warm, is this normal? I will be moving soon and dont want to set it up til i get to the new home.
  7. Yes, i'm now using DeanG universals in the Cornscala's. Very nice. Sold the B3's a year ago.
  8. The Rippingtons are my favorite as well. Try life in the Tropics.
  9. Pretty sure the Ayon V will be the amp for me. Once the fall weather comes back around i will be doing much more listening and will get it ordered at that time, unless i find a good used one before then.
  10. Me too. Which speakers are you going to drive with the Ayon PA? I guess i cant call my cornscala a cornscala any more because it does not have the LaScala mid horn, so my similar cornscalas i'm not sure what they need to drive them. DE85,DE120 at 8ohm and 3015lf@4 ohm. I'll have to take a look at the spirit PA.
  11. That’s a good piece of info, thanks. Are those tubes the blue ones?
  12. I don’t know, but I am across the country from Arizona.
  13. Have not seen any Ayon spirit v for sale used. Might be an indication to how good it is.
  14. I have had a similar idea. To buy a pair of Crites cabinets and use the 55g and the de10 or is it the 110? Can’t remember. I want that in your face Klipsch sound. I think you will get that with the 1” mid driver(55g). Maybe use Klipsch 33 woofers as well.
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