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  1. The birch laminated plywood I used 19 yrs ago to build the vert cornwalls was bought at lowes. I don't remember any voids. If it did, they must have been minimal.
  2. Well, I would just buy more blades. Don't see a problem.
  3. Thanks. Doesn't sound too hard to get.
  4. Before I changed that tap, the mid driver a 55m sounded very distorted when I put my ear up to it. After changing tap the mid sounded very clean and clear. When I stood back listening the speaker sounded much better.
  5. Where did you find your BB?
  6. Same here. I'm one tap down in number from what Claude originally suggested. Sounds awesome
  7. Nice. I need one of those jigs.
  8. Nice looking cabinets. How did you cut the hole for the woofer. Looks perfect.
  9. Yeah I understand. I have the rear panel sealed real nice. So I only use one screw at the top and one in bottom to tighten panel, so no big deal really. This til I get them tuned.
  10. Hey thanks Kevin. I may need to try those. I’ll be coming over to get those fabric pliers next month. Want to get the grills finished in April.
  11. Yes, I was originally gonna mount the crossover on the rear, but didn’t want all those wires hangin out the back.
  12. LOL, yes, open throat. Interesting stuff above.
  13. I will follow your direction. You know way more than I do about this. I don't know how you figured the db of the drivers to get a starting point of adjustment, but thanks. Big help. I would have been going by ear alone. So your saying the woofer and mid should be at same db and the tweet slightly above?
  14. The weight and height of your box makes all the difference. As short as possible and less then 16" on the width.
  15. Ok. Well, I’ll try to get it straightened out, but if not I’ll have to get in touch with Dean.
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