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  1. I have a Sony c333es modded at modwright 18yrs ago and still going strong. Had to run a cleaner thru it last year, but still sounds great.
  2. Thanks for the pics Kevin and it was a pleasure meeting all of you.
  3. Had a good time thanks to you and Claude for hosting.
  4. Me and the wife will be down town next Friday night for the flint bricks cruise with my Barracuda. Gonna set out side the 501, drink beer and check out the other cars cruising. Should be a good time.
  5. Still have them. $125+shipping
  6. LOL! Everything is done in the last minute around here.
  7. September would be easier to commit to, than august. I'm going on vacation in august and the wife hasn't picked the date yet.
  8. I'm open for a road trip. Sounds like fun. I don't have much to audition but my Super Heresy's with A Chinese amp and the Moded Sony c333es. All crammed into my 10x10 office. In my opinion it does sound very good on the Heresy scale thou.
  9. Very lightly used (maybe 2hrs) Crites B3 cross overs. Changed direction and now building Cornscala's. No longer need. $150+shipping. SOLD
  10. A couple spares I have in good working order tested 6.1 ohm. $75+shipping
  11. mopardave

    K77 pair

    Good working order. SOLD Tested 6.1 ohm $75+shipping
  12. These are from my Homebrew vertical Cornwalls soon the be Corscala. OHM 10.8/11.3 $150.00+shipping
  13. I have a pair of barely used Crites B3's that I no longer need if your interested. I'm in process of building Cornscala's.
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