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  1. mopardave

    6CA7 first impressions

    Those GL will be my next tube purchase.
  2. mopardave

    6CA7 first impressions

    Those used to be my favorite for years with my CW's til i tried JJ KT77's. I think their just a bit more defined or clearer. I would like to try the Gold Lion KT77.
  3. mopardave

    Heresy I Upgrade to III....sigh...again?

    In 1985 i bought a pair of Heresy 1 for 2 channel, but was not satisfied, so i bought a second pair of 1982 Heresy 1 used and with a Onkyo 5.1 surround stereo. Those 4 Heresy speakers in the same room made some good low bass with the movie Pink Floyd the wall. Didn't use them for movies alot, but they are capable of some good bass just as they are. Sold the 85's years ago and modified the 82's to Super Heresy. Very happy with the Super's. They really do have a similar sound to the CornWall, just a smaller sound.
  4. mopardave

    Cornwall II's for sale near me

    When you see CW's for $750 when commonly sold for $1000-$1500 or more used, you better be checking them out asap.
  5. mopardave

    Grill Fabric for my Cornwall's

    Ok, thanks. Think i will pull up the lower part stretch and reglue.
  6. mopardave

    Grill Fabric for my Cornwall's

    This is the Bob Crites cane material. Thanks. Saggy in the openings. If i have to completely redo i will get the Lambs wool as well. Just gonna trim edges for now. When i put the material on the grills, i stretched it as tight as i could get it then laid weights on it to hold it. Sprayed the grills with 3m and laid them on the material.
  7. mopardave

    Grill Fabric for my Cornwall's

    Heres another straight on.
  8. mopardave

    Grill Fabric for my Cornwall's

    Made back to my dads where i store the CW's. Installed the freshly covered grills and had some issues. 1 they are now too tight to fit, so will fequire some trimming. 2 with them wedged in, they are a bit loose or baggy where the cutouts are. Any way to tighten that up without completely redoing covers? Heat gun?
  9. mopardave

    RCA 12sn7 GT pre amp tubes any good?

    Ok, your up there by Greenbush. What speakers you using now?
  10. mopardave

    Value of Belle Klipsch other questions.

    How does the Cornwall sound compared to the Belle? Never heard anyone compare the two.
  11. mopardave

    Plate current vs cathode current

    I believe that 10 ohm resister is on pin 8 not 3. I had some mods performed on this amp so there may be some differences compared to the schematic.
  12. mopardave

    Grill Fabric for my Cornwall's

    I redid my cornwall covers last weekend with the Bob Crites stuff. They turned out nice.
  13. mopardave

    Plate current vs cathode current

    Ok, thanks. When i get a minute ill remeasure those points.
  14. mopardave

    Run/Burn in time

    My home brew CW's were very anemic sounding on first listen. After a few hours they were much better. I think the whole break in thing is some woofers just need to loosen up.