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  1. Some how i missed this post. I once again have Kevin's DeanG universals in and they sound fantastic. I have them attenuated at 10db on the mid and 3db on the tweet. The mid is still a bit laid back, but i will try attenuated them 5db higher than the woofer just to see. Thanks geoff.
  2. Same size as the Crites/JBL horn. The De85 has been discontinued. I think the DE95 took its place but not sure.
  3. I have the DeanG universals wired and they sound very nice. These networks are the answer. I have the mids attenuated at 10db and i think maybe 9 or 8db might be a bit better. I have the tweets attenuated at 3db. The DE85 have a sensitivity of 108db and the DE120 106db, the Kappa 3015lf 96db. Thought i would start off hot on the mid, but i think it could use just a bit more output.
  4. After more searching i now think the Crites A's may be the ticket with better caps. Crites doesn't use the best of caps. Jantzen or Jupitor may be the fix. My DE85's are 8ohm. Al doesn't use the best of caps in the CSW networks either, more economical for him to build. I have a home built crossover in my SuperHeresy with Hovland Musicaps and that speaker really sparkles, very detailed. I'm so impressed with the sound out of those little speakers. Now i just have to get the CS the same way and i believe its in good high quality caps. A member here let be use his DeanG universals in my CS awhile back and they were very detailed with those xovers. The mid sounded perfect. He is gonna let me use them again for a bit. I may just make copies of them for myself this time. Its about 600 bucks just for the components on those. That is why i was looking at modding some Crites for now.
  5. That’s what I was thinking. I have cornscala with B&C De85 and DE120 and kappa 3015lf. I’m thinking I may be able to use the Crites A/4500 network and maybe update the caps with something real nice. Would be a good network to start with? I have no idea really to what cross points work best with my components.
  6. I don’t like the ALK CSW networks in my CS. I have kappa 3015lf, B&C DE85, DE120 as drivers. Would it be possible to modify a B type network to perform well in these CornScala’s? i see Crites offers an A/4500 network. Think I could make that work on a Cornscala ?
  7. Ran into an issue with the cross overs from Crites. They won’t sell me a complete pair because they did not engineer this pair I have. They do not do one offs. No problem. I’m now wondering if I could modify a B or 1 of the B cross overs to work in my CS.
  8. Are these 2 way or 3 way? Hard to read label on my phone.
  9. Thinking about trying Crites networks on my CornScala's. Currently using ALK CSW and not liking them. They sound veiled, no sparkle. Thinking i can switch out the caps on the Crites with something really nice like Jupiters etc. SC have DE120's, DE85's/zxpc, Kappa 3015"s. Worth a try? Crites CS networks are 500/5000 crossed.
  10. It is hard finding a pic of them. I looked at ALK's AP-12 and AP-15 too, but he's taking no more orders til after July 1.
  11. I was thinking that and I could always switch out the caps for something better.
  12. Ok, cool. I need something different for my Cornscala's. The CWU/Cornscala xover are not working out well. Not much life to them.
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