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  1. What is the Least Expensive Amplifier?

    I have a 30w tube amp and a yamaha avr receiver. The yamaha has whats called natural sound. Its good at taking the edge off horn driven speakers. I think they both sound sound good with my Cornwalls.
  2. Jamo C109

    I would. Just saying Jamo is good good sounding speaker for the money. I will never sell my remaining Klipsch CW and Super Heresy's. Too close to real.
  3. Jamo C109

    I don't think there as alive as any Klipsch horn driven speakers. They sound clear with plenty of mid and low bass. Very good for the price.
  4. Jamo C109

    was just at my son's. his Jamo's are 550x. very nice sound.
  5. Super Heresy build question

    Ok, changed my mind on the xo deal. Decided to pull the B xo from the CW's and put in the Supers, but need to ask if i should use a B or a B2 xo in the supers? K77 and K55m drivers. I spoke with Bob Crites and i will be getting his new B2 or B3 for the CW's as i believe they have the K57's with k77. For now need to figure if i need the B or B2 for the Supers. Thanks
  6. Super Heresy 1 (Baby Cornwalls Mod.)

    Nice. I will be finishing mine up in a couple weeks. Just have to make a trip to my fathers and pull the networks from my CW's and install in the Heresy's.
  7. Jamo C109

    If they sound as good as the ones my son has you will like them. I was quit surprised first time i listed to them at the audio store. I believe the ones he has, has two 6" maybe 6.5" drivers with a tweet ans are vented.
  8. sophia electric

    I would have to agree.
  9. Jamo C109

    My son has a pair of Jamo's i bought him some 15yrs ago. I don't know the model or how they compare to Klipsch, but they are a very nice sounding pair of speakers. I think i paid $800 for those back then.
  10. sophia electric

    I see there are some old posts about these. They must not be that good that not many have them.
  11. Super Heresy 1 (Baby Cornwalls Mod.)

    if those are Delta Pro 12A for $80EA i would get them quick. A smoking deal. I just paid $110EA for those.
  12. Xover Build

    Nice parts, but sure does look complicated. Thats beond my level for sure.
  13. B xo up grade

    ok, sounds great. Here's what they look like. I'll just put these right in the Supers and i'll have music again. Sweet!
  14. B xo up grade

    Ok. Yes. How long are they topically good for?
  15. B xo up grade

    Gonna pull the home built B xo from my home brew CW's to use in the Super Heresy's . They are now 15yrs old and probably need new caps. Currently using Musicaps. Whats now recommended?