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  1. Yes, that does help and it's the clarity i'm looking for.
  2. Sounds like the 450 may have been a better xover for my combo. I also read there is a super AA and a super AA-X. Know anything about these A's? Can these A's be used in a Cornscala?
  3. Looks like they are too big. Have to post later.
  4. OK, kevinmi lent me a Deang universal xover and a crites woofer to try. The improvement was very nice and very noticable. Just a much cleaner sound from the vocals to the cymbals. The crites woofer did play deeper than my 3015lf, but the Deang's were attenuated 1 db more (12 vs 11) CSW. I prefer my 3015lf for now. They still sounded laid back, but it must be the large mid horn. They beg to be turned up. So, i need to find some new xovers or build my own. The Deang xover are very nice piece. Thank you Kevin.
  5. The 450 is listed as 12db/octive. What is it for the standard CSW?
  6. What are the real differences between these two cross overs?
  7. No, all new with B&C 120, 85 and 3015lf with new universal crossover.
  8. I figured you had those mounted by now. I will come over and get those. Dont think ill have time this weekend, but i will next. Ill give ya a call as soon as i get a chance. Thanks
  9. Honeybadger, i think you are correct as i have read before that the universals do use the swamping resistor. Thanks
  10. That sucks. He's quitting or just cutting back for now?
  11. I built the grills from fiber board. 3/16 stuff i think. Bought at home Depot. I think the grill material was from Gulford Maine. I have another set i'm doing in off white right now.
  12. I'm happy to hear that. It's looking like the laid back mid horn and the crossover. Might have to have Dean build me some.
  13. Yes Al built these to my component specs. Yes, attenuated at 11 right now. 9 thru 12 sounded good to my ear, but just too laid back at low and mid volume. I think the woofer SPL is 96 for the 4 ohm version.
  14. No, the cornwalls has k77 k57 and k33 with a b crossover. All components are new to this cabinet.
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