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  1. I think they sound good Claude, but I haven't had a real good audition just yet. Still tweaking the mid to the woofer. I have the mid DE85(107db) attenuated 10db right now and now sure I like it or not yet. Eminence has the 3015LF 4ohm rated at 96db and the 8ohm version rated at 98.7db. Seems it should be other way around. Do you know what the sensitivity of the 4ohm 3015 really is?
  2. Talked to Al yesterday. He suggested to try 9db attenuation on the mid horn driver which has 107db sensitivity. also try 10 and 11db. So he confirms what others have said here. Thanks
  3. I agree with all of that. I tried to get in touch with Al Monday, he must have been busy. I will try tomorrow just to get his take on my components and where he would suspect the cross overs to be set. It does sound good, just not where I want it yet. I will get there and my fathers house is a temporary setting for now as well.
  4. Claude, i'm using the ALK CSW/ universal cross overs. The B&C DE85 are rated at 107db sensitivity. Listening distance is 10ft.
  5. They sound very clean and open if that makes sense. I need lots of seat time to get them dialed. The big horns are awesome
  6. Yes, it looks like the 8ohm version is 98.7db and the 4ohm version is 96db. Sounds backwards, seems like less resistance 4ohm would give high db
  7. I just looked up the sensitivity specs on the components. Eminence 3015LF-4 is 96db, B&C DE85 is 107db and the B&C DE120 is 106db. I understand some of the components need play time, so will leave settings on CSW crossover as is for now, But next time I get the backs off with try 9, 11 and 12db attenuation on the mid and dial the tweet back further than the current 4db setting on the L-pad. Its sound really nice and alive right now. I do believe I need some hours in the listening chair as well. Thanks for all the help guys. I truly didn't know what I was doing, but I got a handle on it now.
  8. I tried that and you were right. My hearing loss is starting to show more and more as I get older.
  9. I did check each speak at 1 meter and they both seemed to have same out put, but my ear tells my the right speaker on each amp are playing louder. I have a Douk kt88 12w/ch and an Audcom EL34 25w/ch.
  10. no the loudness doesn't really follow from one side to the other. My other system is the same way using all different components. strange. I tried switching cables on my Heresy system and made no difference. Thought made this was normal, but wanted to post and see. Only thing that's the same between the two systems is that both amps are Chinese. One is 12w and other is 25w, different brands thou.
  11. One other thing I would like to mention is the right speaker plays louder than the left just as my other system with super Heresys. Why is that?
  12. I will be patient. The setting right now is 10db attenuation to bring the mid inline with the 3015 woofer, both now at 98db and tweet at 4db. They do sound very nice. They stay clean at 100db, but they do sometimes sound off a bit. I notice male singing voices are low at woofer height and female up at mid height and sometimes it sounds as thou the mid plays low notes.
  13. Yes, I think your right and thanks for the help. First time adjusting crossovers.
  14. Back at my fathers today. I tried several attenuation settings. First I tried 9 on the black wire and red on 0 giving me 9db on the mid horn or the mid at 99db to the woofers 98 and setting the tweet at 4db.Way better than 6 on the mid, but still not quite right. Next I tried 12db which should give 96 on the mid horn to the 98 of the woofer. Thought it sounded pretty good but wasn’t sure as I need to get used to the huge mid horn so I tried 15 attenuation giving me 93db on the mid. For sure went too far. Last one was 10db giving 98 at the mid matching the woofers 98 with tweet still at mid setting of 4db. I liked it but some songs sound a bit like too much mid horn. I then brought them into the house from the garage to listen and thought it sounded much better and very close. So looks like 10, 11 or 12db will be the final setting. Lots of listening left to do.
  15. Well after being cooped up for 6 weeks because of covid gonna chance it and visit my father this next weekend who is 93 now. I know no one who has the illness. Don't want to get him sick, but we have some of his business to take care of. While there I will spend some time with the Cornscala's again with the crossover tap settings as instructed. I will take my Thumper 25w/ch amp with JJ KT77's in it with me this time. I want to get the crossovers as close as I can in the garage and then put some power to them. Should be fun.
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