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  1. Good to hear from you Craig and thanks for that. You might remember the EL34 VA's as I think I got them from you or you suggested them. They were a great sounding tube and lasted along time in my Chinese junk. That was almost 20yrs ago now, man, time flies. I have ordered from tubesandmore in the past, good dealer. I just ordered a pair of GL KT88 from WPC1896 off Ebay to try. Was gonna order from upscale audio, but i'm broke as a joke right after Christmas and needed to safe a little. Will check with tubesandmore for the VA's.
  2. I read where the Valve Arts are made at the Shuguang factory. I thought i heard the shuguang tubes were pretty good tubes.
  3. Paint is finished and turned out nice. Veneer is now cut to size. Just need to get it glued on and trimmed now. No pics, but will have some after the veneer application.
  4. Ok, just curious. I have the Hi Fi PSvanes that came in my amp. Not a bad tube. I had the black glass PSvanes and one failed a month ago. Years ago I had a quad of el34 valve arts in my other amp. They were a very good tube. Need to order another pair of KT88's and thought I might try the VA's again, but don't want to get the same tubes I already have.
  5. Anyone know if the KT88 VA tubes are same tube as the KT88 PSVANE? From what I can see in the pics, they look very similar.
  6. And I thought AKAI was the only one. Linear tracking a good idea?
  7. I remember seeing an AKAI turntable in the store back in the 80's that the tone arm did not swing side to side, but was held straight and read the album as it was cut at the factory.
  8. Not sure what model they are, just seen 2 tables for sale on facebook was curious.
  9. That’s interesting. Thanks
  10. Been seeing a lot of turntables on Facebook lately.
  11. No not yet. I seen a couple stantons and was curious if they were any good. Thanks Kevin
  12. Never heard of them. Any good?
  13. I have bought several badges from him as well. Quality product.
  14. Same style as Klipsch. I haven't received they yet. Takes a long time to get something from there. Any day now.
  15. Still 2 pair of the Cornscala script badges for sale on ebay. Item #143480460739. Reduced price as well.
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