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  1. My grasp of that is fine, it's the posts I see where others say or at least indicate it is perfection. And even though I didn't quote it my response should indicate I had this in mind: "Big speakers small room better than small speakers small room 8-) I love using big speakers as headphones. If the room is a compromise why compromise the speaker."
  2. Does any company make 3-way headphones? Why compromise the sound even more by using speakers that are too large for a room? Horses for courses or something like that.
  3. Guy is asking basic questions about subwoofer hookup and you are suggesting something less than 1% of the small number of people in this hobby are willing to do because there are easier ways. smh
  4. The tape out can be used as well, but it is not fun adjusting the subwoofer every time you adjust the receiver volume especially if the receiver/integrated has a remote. 👎
  5. Not compatible unless you get a speaker level to RCA level converter. Dayton Audio makes a few inexpensive powered subwoofers with speaker wire inputs.
  6. Yes there are 4 screws just inside the 4 white feet.
  7. Sorry no help on grilles, I use mine without. My 82s had risers on them but they were in bad condition so I replaced them.
  8. Put these low budget open baffles together recently. A tube amplifier for the wideband drivers and a couple of plate amps for the subwoofers.
  9. Playing the stereo too loud again? Can't even hear yourself think.
  10. I don't know what a 3 channel receiver is, but I would want to replace that Sony with a more capable amplifier (or a good tube amp).
  11. https://reverb.com/item/83408356-klipsch-klipschorn-kb-wo-l-f-walnut
  12. I wondered the same thing and then found this ad that says Northwest Missouri.
  13. On my (recently sold) Snell KIIs I used the tweeter + and the woofer - Paper clip jumpers were not changed.
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