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  1. Thankfully the 300B amplifiers are cathode bias.
  2. @Flevoman Sounds like you are trying to attribute all of the differences you heard to the specific tube used in each amplifier without considering the design/voicing of the amplifier.
  3. @Mike Jackson As you can see I'm in Illinois (the Iowa and Missouri side) and if you are anywhere close I will relieve you of your stress by giving the LSIs a new home and making them pretty.
  4. Here is another recent budget purchase with some new caps and resistors, an IEC, fuse, and power switch added. Binding posts installed to make it easier to rotate into my systems and a wood bottom to keep me from shocking myself. This single ended 6BQ5 (6P14P-EV) pentode is just a lot of fun to listen to, it was designed by Magnavox with a bass boost by means of the feedback circuit and the coupling cap. Have not tried it on more full range speakers, but it sounds great with a pair of Fostex wideband drivers.
  5. Speaking of ^ here is a new to me used Oldchen 300B amplifier; considering what the tubes that came with it are worth the amplifier itself was almost free. I don't like all the white goo everywhere underneath, but it seems to be well built, the transformers are good size (might be crap, but at least not tiny crap). The 300Bs are DC heated and have a neat way of fine tuning with a multi turn pot to eliminate what little hum there is. It is my first DHT amplifier and although I was kind of wanting a US made 2A3 the price of this amp made it hard to pass up. After having it for a week I'm very happy with the sound and the purchase.
  6. More affordable? https://www.analogethos.com/legendarium-kit
  7. Exactly Quality control suffers and you end up with very unhappy customers, you spend valuable time fixing pieces that come back instead of building new ones, and you lose money (labor) doing the repairs.
  8. Whenever I have thought about buying something made to order I communicate with the company and ask questions. Due diligence and all that. I don't necessarily agree with how things are handled, but obviously it hasn't hurt his business. It was a big thing all over the internet quite a while back and he put forth some effort to address it at that time, as for the lack of an attention getting warning front and center on their website his business/his name/his choice and orders keep coming in. Everyone that owns a small business has to make decisions and do what they think is best for them. I guess the bottom line is you feel the issue is more on Decware and I feel it is more on the customer.
  9. Looks like the normal go to place is out. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-style-replacement-speaker-woofer-cornwall-klipschorn-lascala-k33-4.html There are other non stock replacements, but they probably should be used in pairs.
  10. How many small niche companies have you owned? I think I already know the answer. Why do people keep ordering?
  11. You think if 2 watts aren't enough for you that 4 watts will be? It would be rare if that's the case.
  12. They have increased the number of employees significantly since the insanity started and they run 2 shifts because of limited building stations. Picture of employees here: https://www.decwareproducts.com/about
  13. People are crazy to wait even a year. You could make a little profit if you want to.
  14. One amplifier per channel = two tubes per channel (and twice as many components in the signal path) = no longer single ended with the signal going through just one tube. 🙂
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