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  1. emmvette


    What's the approximate size of these? Is there some additional info online showing these completed?
  2. I've boxed and shipped a pair. You need to be able to build a wood crate to put them in and set it on a pallet. Really, the only decent way you can make this happen for a reasonable cost is if you have a friend that works at a place with a doc and they can load and ship them with a forklift. The eliminates the high cost of having a lift gate truck with a pickup at a private residence. A local sale is much easier...
  3. @kink56, No it doesn't help the imaging. This isn't a "Hi-Fi / Audiofile" set up. I'm just playing around having fun. It does sound really good just due to shear volume. They are the same dimensions. It's just an illusion because they were raised up when I took the photo. I was playing around with getting the mid and tweeter up at ear level and seeing how it influenced the sound.
  4. The updated Wall of Sound. It's sounding pretty good .... Sorry, this is not a Cain & Cain walla walla... The Mc2205 provides plenty of ooomph.
  5. I can't tell the difference between the sound from 1's to 2's in a meaningful way. I'm guessing many others would not either. You can put two pair of 1's side by side and sometimes hear an ever so slight difference. Just buy a pair near you that look and sound good to you and don't worry about it. The world will be good and your music will be great!
  6. I hadn't considered this. Are the dual 12" woofers wired in parallel resulting in a 4 ohm load?
  7. 30 minutes West of Chicago near DeKalb, IL. Cabinets have been sealed and drivers are in good shape.
  8. I'm looking for some recommendations on what could pair well with KLF30's. My brother is going to dust his off and we've started looking for something to drive them with. The budget is $350 max, so no fancy tube amp suggestions. What kind of power do we really need to drive the dual 12" drivers? I've been looking for some used NAD, Nakamichi, Harmon Kardon, or similar rigs but haven't come up with just the right one yet. I missed out on a refreshed Harmon Kardon HK930 for $350 a few months back; I was sad about that. Being efficient they probably don't need a ton of watts, but I'm interested in hearing if any of you have tried something in the 50 watt range and then found out it wasn't enough. I suppose it's possible to find a tube amp stereo for $350, but it likely won't be a Fisher 400. Let me know your experiences, Klipsch forum!
  9. Man, that is a nice stapler! Why does it have the long "ruler" behind it? I need a little stapler tutorial on how it works and it's advantage over a standard stapler.
  10. The price is over double market. $10k is still way too high. Let's be real. Yeah, it'd be great if my Klipsch speakers retained their value from when new but that isn't how the world works
  11. There was a pair listed on AK yesterday for $300; they are pending....
  12. They look nice; but the picture is making me nervous. Setting nice cherry veneered speakers on top of the others. 😉 Just teasing, I'm sure it was carefully set up there. Good luck with the sale!
  13. Yes, it is sold. I apologize; I'll update the thread!
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