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  1. You should make a pair of these Altecs next. The one to it's left "might" look familiar to you.
  2. Beautiful finish. How do they sound? Did you play around with different amps pushing them?
  3. OMG, I've had these for years, just have had them out of rotation for a while. I have mostly used KT88s, and have several quads of different brands. Enough to last a few lifetimes considering I've never had any go bad....
  4. NOS Valves Stereo VRD-ST-45 vacuum tube amplifier for sale. In perfect working condition. I take very good care of my electronics. This amp has been treated with kid gloves pushing efficient Klipch Klipschorns and Cornwalls. The amp is 45 watts / channel in untralinear mode and 30 in triode, and it can be switched on the fly. It has a massive transformer. The power supply is dual railed and once the signal leaves the rectifiers - the amp is dual mono. It has 4 and 8 ohm taps on the rear. The case is a solid maple wood case treated with cherry stain and multiple coats of tung oil for the finish. The transformer has black end bells and the unit was built with upgraded PRP resistors and Russian K4 series capacitors throughout the signal path locations. The amp also has upgraded power supply storage capacity above stock. The VRD stands for Valve Rollers Dream and thus this amp is made to use KT88's, KT100, 6L6GC, EL34's, KT-66, or 350B power tubes. It is being sold with Valve Art 350B power tubes, Raytheon 5U4G rectifier tubes, a pair of RCA 12AU7's and a pair of RCA Commond 5771 tubes all of which are tested and matching sets in great condition. In addition I will include a set of Valve Art KT100's and some 5AR4 rectifier tubes so you can do some rolling. The original shipping box and manual are included. I have other sets of tubes and which can be included for additional cost. (KT88's, 12AU7, 12AX7 etc) $1,950 SOLD
  5. $675 plus shipping. Solid state AM/FM tuner in excellent working condition. Was aligned several years ago; glass is in perfect condition, chrome is clean. Richard Modaferri designed the IF section of the MR74 and Jean Filon designed the RF section, and Mile Nestorovic designed the power supply and audio output sections, making the MR74 arguably one of McIntosh's best receivers. In this condition these normally sell for $1,000-1,500 with the wood cabinet.
  6. Very versatile and easy to use You can choose your desired X-over point and then adjust gain to both the low pass and high pass as well as adjust damping for the bass superb sounding Active for a Bi-Amp system. Chips included are 50Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz, 800, 1200, 2000, 3000,, 3200, 3400, and 5000 Hz. There is a total of 10 chip sets which sell for $20 each and $700 for a new XM9 for a total of $900 new. 100% functional, Face is in great condition, top has a few light cosmetic marks ........This has sweeps for level adjustments not the latest stepped. I think the sweeps allow for finer tuning. Price is $375 plus shipping.
  7. This is the original DacMajic and it is in good working condition. Note the wall wart power supply has a crack in the housing; it's been this way for years and doesn't affect the unit. I don't have the holder for this to sit verical, so it lays horizontal on its padded feet like the good boy that it is. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-yN6H9o7YIGP/p_779DACMB/Cambridge-Audio-DacMagic-Black.html
  8. Thanks, Geoff, I appreciate your response. These are Cornwall 2 crossovers, updated by Bob Crites, and still for sale. 🙂
  9. Interested parties, please knock down my door. Don't be afraid of the C-19!
  10. For Sales is an used pair of Cornwall II crossovers from Bob Cites. These are the Klipsch Crossovers that were sent to Bob Crites and renewed with updated components. A new pair of crossovers is $275 plus shipping. I'll sell these for $125 shipped to the upper 48.
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