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  1. The reply was dated Tuesday. I wasn't disparaging of HK iron. All that being said, I was trying to clarify my point... HK magic has more to do with is circuits brilliance that is transformers .
  2. Your reply seems confrontational? Simple doesn't mean low quality, but straightforward. Simple in this case does mean labor intensive. The HK Cit II or Vs iron is not wholly unique but is high quality. Mcintosh outputs are considerably more complex to wind.
  3. The Chorus are passive radiator set? The Passive radiator designs are much more difficult get right... the Cornscala flavor is a more linear path... least as I understand it.
  4. Selling off my first pair of Skinny cornscalas. Faital Horns... these are huge eliptical Tractrix Horns 1.4" for mid, 1" for HF. B&C E10 for HF, Radian 745NEOPB for Mids. LF/Wooer is Eminence 12" Baffles were CNC cut from Dave Harris. Cabs are Solid ply with extensive bracing/corner reflectors and mid plate tie-ins. Front baffle and mid plate are dado'd into place. Bottom had integrated riser with Threadcets Finish is black Lacqure. No screws, Everything bolds into place. Crossovers are ALK Cornscalwals @ 500hz. In room they play down to 35hz without issue... 96db. Selling to make room. Give a call for questions, Im happy to answer. Have $2900 invested. Happy to ship... road fright is pretty reasonable. 16" wide, 17" deep, 34"tall. Justin 949-636-9076
  5. YES! SPL and depth... they dig really deep. JWC is really open and. I think if asked, he would extend.
  6. I do, but thats something you need to get from JC. I dont think he has made them public domain. I will tell you, Ive owned a Jub Clone and a DBCornscala... these handily beat both. Insanely heavy when fully assembled.
  7. Just picked up Dave Harris latest update to his Eliptrac kits, gonna save a ton of time on finishing. Dave says they perform as well as previous models, but he doubled the cuts to reduce finishing. I think Ive sanded more pairs than anyone short of Dave and can tell you, doubling the cuts is magic. The real question is weather to 2way as usual or build another 3way
  8. -Ive built 4 pairs of the JWC, give me a call to discuss. Justin 949-636-9076 Al has designed a 3way crossover for this. In short... the 12LFA from eminence is what youll want to use. and will extend upto your crossover point.
  9. The CSW450 was designed for me by Al. For a bit I was selling them. The CSW was aimed at taking a AP12-500 and an AP15 and marrying onto a single board. It’s a 12bd 2nd order on the LF. It’s a great crossover. I used to run AP12-500/ ES5600 the. The CSW450 and now the CSW. For my smallish roll the CSW plays better at my listening levels. Of note. As with ALL AP crossovers. It’s optimized/set for the inductance and capacitance of the K33/15C woofer. If not using this woofer the CSW may make more sense. Al has optimized a AP12-800 for me the uses the 12LFA.
  10. I’ve built a la Scala 2 way without changing proportions and it was passive. dave Harris/fast lane audio eliptrac with de750 crossed at 500hz. Alk ap12-500. ive built lots of klipsch and klipsch inspired speakers. Thai was really special. No dsp was neeed. Had scale, speed and hammered.
  11. Thanks everyone. I think this idea... cornscala with a heresy woofer has been explored before... tangent 5000. the 12” seems significantly faster than my ported 15. Goes deeper too. I went cornscalawal as I like my low end a bit romantic. I’d bet these would be very articulate with an ap12. Alk has made an ap12-800 for me before that’s set for the 12lfa/k22. common thinking would say it’s weak spot would be lf. That hasn’t been my experience. I had to pad the mids a great deal -17 or -16 as I recall. Turning the mids and the hf down was what was needed for my room and tastes but as Dave reminds me... I like the hf mellow compared to others.
  12. Thanks. It was a request of a close friend. It feels like a better heresy and different but maybe not quite on level for of top tier cornscala. the bass being tighter and faster but not with same quantity.
  13. Since I sold off my super heresy 2way (heresy box, big Faital horn) I had wanted to recreate it with some improvements. box is ported... think tangent 5000 but better. biggest horns I could muster... Faital eliptical tratrix horns. Eminence lfa12 to harm... getting into mid 30s. drivers are Radian on mids and B&C for hf. Alk cornscalawal to round it all out. Box had front baffle and rear back plate dadoed into place. All fasteners are 1/4-20. Super stout. bass is really tight and digs low. Bass output is comparable to a Forte3 and mids/hf as good as the cw4. best part is it fits in the room. Though the lf is rated at 94db. I was playing really happily with 3 watts.
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