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  1. Im in OC/Los Angeles... Its ******* crazzy. On one hand its protesters and on the other its looters... Depending on mood and amount of sunlight effects which is which. I appreciate black lives matter but this feels more like a class war. Complicated for sure. Tonight Im working in the ER... Everyone is hungry.. .the city is on lockdown and all over los angeles rioting has continued/resumed.
  2. I built these as my Cornscala replacements. These are the best Heresy/12" 2way Ive heard. 12" eminence Pro woofer Faital Large format Eliptrac horn... its the same horn I use on my 2way cornscala and bob uses on his Cornscala D. Faital 1.4" driver. Crossing conservatively at 800hz. Custom ALK AP12-800 with values adjusted to the Eminence woofer... its not an off the shelf ALK AP12. I had Al measure this woofer a few years ago so the crossover is matched to the woofer. Think off this as a small Cornscala. ~ 1/3rd the size. Bass is solid to 50hz and mid range to die for. Asking $1800 Justin 949-636-9076
  3. Thanks for the kind words. The other one used a great mid horn. Its larger in fact but it is a constant directive horn... images less than a tratrix horn but is better in some ways if you want to listen anywhere in the room (no real sweet spot). The question is what is the mid driver and tweeter driver... I can speak to that. The HF140 is very well regarded as is the DE10. The crossovers are another difference. Im not sure which ALK crossover its using. My pair have the CSW450. This is a 12bd slope and provides better separation and attack. Last question is cabinetry build quality and finishing. Bob uses wonderful Baltic Birch. I can dont know how its been made but Im sure its well done. My cabs are built using standard 3/4" ply and feature excessive bracing without use of screws. That and my speakers are fully finished. a funny aside, is it was my first time using neo magnets for the grills. I think we used 8 per side. Orig I didn't have a pull tab. I had to add the pull tabs because I couldn't get the grills off. Lastly, I use a 3/4 riser that has tapered edges whit edge banding. Again, its not screwed to the bottom of the cab but bolts into threadcerts. Both are great speakers... buyer preference.
  4. Joe, Let me do some digging, you should be able to swap out the CL for one that will drop more voltage... This is a better idea than variac. Another option might be to add a bucking transformer? I posted previously on how to build a DIY balanced transformer conditioner with part numbers. If needed I can make a separate post about it. Additionally there are china hif options on ebay. One of my customers bought the unit I suggested and has been happy.
  5. Pride drop $2200 firm
  6. Youre in OC... Not to toot my own horn... but I have a few bad *** cornscalas at home... all worth a listen.
  7. Re the Forte... The Cornscala is better for a whole host of reasons but it is more a apples to oranges question. The Fortes has beguiling bass and are close to 50% smaller than a cornwall. If you never hear them side by side, youll be more than pleased. But if you play them in comparison, a CW4 or a cornscla will scale better and deliver more without fatigue than a Forte3.
  8. Jeff, I think they are close to being on par and or excel in some key ways. Crossovers are adjustable. They allows for better room to speak fit. The new CW4 have higher order filters which is a huge step forward.. .tighter bass and greater separation/imaging but you cant tune them. The CSW450 is a 2nd order with the same tight base response. The horn drive combo I think is a wash. The woofers should be on pair. Klipsch cabinet making is great, but done differently... they built for production efficiency I build with different design goals. The CW4 tweeter is now larger with better dispersion than ever before but the faital horn is huge and one of the best made currently. Additionally, the HF is tunable again. All in all they both are amazing. personal and financial choices dictate. I sell to fund new builds... its been a long and ongoing process. I cant rival Klipsch for scale but the DIY members do have a high level of understanding.
  9. It uses the well know audiokarma CNC phono stage. Very hard to beat for less $1500.
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