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    Front end is Emotiva XDA-2 and VPI Classic 1.

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  1. justinsweber

    ALK AP12-600 New 2Way Crossover

    Bump. $300 shipped.
  2. justinsweber

    Herery cornscala.

    Thats a great combo. What the crossover look like. I think AL Added a Zobel to make it well behaved. Its in the cue for bold as we speak. My wife is pretty accepting but its become the 1speaker in, 1 speaker out rule :-).
  3. justinsweber

    Smaller 2way Cornscala $1700 - 92656

    I really love the color thanks. Price reduced...
  4. justinsweber

    Herery cornscala.

    I’ve used in my smaller cornscala and loved the results. But needed to go small. Bob offers a similar heresy but uses the middle of the two sizes of that’s faital horn. I assume it crosses around 1200hz. The big horn can be crossed as low as 500hz but I wanted to go with Faital loading recommendation of 800hz bighorn big sound.
  5. justinsweber

    Herery cornscala.

    Dave Harris was kind eneough to cut new baffles for me. Going to be a 2 way cornscala with the large Faital horn. Eminence 12LFA giant killer. Faitail lth142 Fairal HF140 ALK AP13-800 specific the the K22/24 12LFA. Should be fun.
  6. justinsweber

    KT-88 vs 6550

    From my experience, the JJ KT88 is king of the hill for bass. Its likely my fav KT88/6500 variant. If wanting a good all around... the Tungsol 6550. In general Ive been less than impressed with the GL... price vs performance isn't there for me.
  7. justinsweber

    Smaller 2way Cornscala $1700 - 92656

    Wife wants the living room speakers smaller. 30" tall 20" wide. Sporting Eminence 15" woofer... similar to the K43. Large Faital horn and matching HF140 driver. Custom AP12-800 designed by ALK and made be me. This speaker simply rocks! Everything you want a cornscala to do but better and smaller. Justin 323-868-9722 Irvine CA area.
  8. justinsweber

    Triangle Port/Cornscala - Sold

  9. Harmon Kardon KH Tube Receiver Model TA224 Fully restored. Started with an exceptionally clean unit. 100% working. 6V6 push pull amplifier with 15watts RMS Tuner calibrated, fully functional Fully recapped New power supply Can Caps New Tubes New custom wood case made to mimic 1950's Mcintosh case. Casework in Matte Black lacquer. Custom Spade to Banna adapters included Justin 323-868-9722 $600
  10. justinsweber

    Triangle Port/Cornscala - Sold

    Price drop
  11. justinsweber

    Triangle Port/Cornscala - Sold

    Many are out of area to me. Shipping is a $350-500 expense. That being said, Arcebest does a great job moving stuff and get it there safely.
  12. justinsweber

    Triangle Port/Cornscala - Sold

    still for sale!
  13. justinsweber

    Triangle Port/Cornscala - Sold

    Price drop to 3k firm. First come first serve 😉