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  1. Just bought but upgrading yet again to some reference monitors. Perfect condition, brought direct from JBL, double boxed and ready to ship. $5800 General Specifications • Type - 2-way monitor loudspeaker • Low Frequency Driver - 12" (300mm) Pure Pulp cone woofer (JW300PG-8) • High Frequency Driver - D2415K, 1.5-inch (37.9mm) annular ring, Teonex® diaphragm compression driver with advanced HDI™ geometry horn molded in Sonoglass • Recommended Amplifier Power - 25 - 200 WRMS • Impedance - 8 Ohm • Loudspeaker Sensitivity - 91 dB/2.83V/1m • Frequency Response - 32 Hz - 25 kHz (-6 dB) • Coverage Angle, -6 dB @ 20kHz - 80 x 70 Degrees (Hor x Vert) • Coverage Angle, -6 dB @ 10kHz - 100 x 100 Degrees (Hor x Vert) • Crossover Frequency - 1.5 kHz • Enclosure Type - V-braced front-ported cabinet • Grille Feature - Monitor style to match horn mating features, supplied in dark blue (with walnut cabinet) and black (with black cabinet) • HF Tone Control - -1 dB to +1 dB in 0.5 dB increments from 1.5 kHz to 6 kHz • UHF Tone Control - -1 dB to +1 dB in 0.5 dB increments from 5 kHz on up • Input Type - Dual sets of gold-plated binding posts with shorting straps • Warranty - 5 Years • Matching stand - JS-120 Dimensions • Product Weight - 83 lb (37.7 kg) • Dimensions with grille - 29" H x 17.5" W x 12.5" D (736.6mm x 444.5mm x 317.5mm)
  2. My defense caught the eire of the mods on AK but such as life. All that said, if there is still a need give me a call 949-636-9076 happy to help in a true sense.
  3. Its frustrating when people throw out numbers for parts... and yet have yet to produce an amp... Stuff gets expensive... Someone playing builder but to running a reliable business... overhead exist to make things reliable when they might otherwise not be. BTW your closing quote is awesome.
  4. I feel and and frustrated this started on some level with CBH comparing ampsandsound amps most prices as a leverage tool for his own sales. To the 2 members affected. Give a call, happy to sell you an amp at my cost if it helps. We built/stock SET amps perfect for Klipsch/horn loaded speakers... no PayPal friendsandfamily involved.
  5. Us is my staff... small band of craftsmen that help me get projects done :-). JWC... there is a video up on your Bins and some Altec 1505 horns I did... I think you'll like.
  6. Re sound. They have a different sound (Coaxial) vs multi horn. In terms of absolute performance, I’d place them on par with the very best Cornscala I ever made.
  7. Sorry for late reply. I’ve tried a bunch of amps and enjoyed. My fav paining is my Bryce amps. They are SE but have fixed bias. Their bass is aa but unreal. I also think ALKs crossover does a lot to help things. The GPA crossover did some phase adjustments without telling you and was more or less unlistenable as a result. Cabinet work was from a guy on eBay but we reworked it a bunch. Veneer work was Us. It’s an engineered Rosewood in a satin finish. I’ll try to shot a video in the next several days. I’m in process of remaining part of my office so everything is broken down.
  8. Freshly completed Altec 612a Monitor cabs, Rosewood veneer, wonderful full size grills with Neo magnets. Drivers are new GPA Altec 604s (brand new) Crossovers are custom ampsandsound 4th/4th Linkwitz Riley with autoformer for HF attenuation. HF can be attenuated in 1db increments crossing at 1500hz. The speaker is flawless and sounds amazing. If you know, then you know. Happy though ship via road freight from 92656. Will require 1 single large pallet. Speakers weight 100-150 each. I have $6250 in parts. Asking $5000.
  9. A have a ton of exp. Feel free to call me 949-636-9076.
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