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    Family system: VPI Cliffwood, McIntosh MA7900 into Custom Cornscalas (2way).

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  1. Dave still makes and sells as kits. They fit perfectly. Big, heavy horn but sounds amazing and worth the effort.
  2. If its the same guy in SD that did my integrated, he is amazing and this is worth every penny.
  3. Thanks guys. Im going to do another shiny Cornscala 12" woofer next and a Altec 604.
  4. Don’t know. I told klunghorn what driver I intended to use.
  5. Yes it does. I’ve used as a 2way and like a lot.
  6. Its on both. I have the radian 1.4 on the multicell crossed at 500hz and the radian 1" on the multicell HF horn crossed at 4600hz
  7. Radian 745NEOPB 1.4" Aluminum Compression Driver 8 Ohm https://www.parts-express.com/Radian-745NEOPB-1.4-Compression-Driver-8-Ohm-294-701
  8. The radian 1.4” in on the large 1505 style multicell and the the radian 1” in on the HF multicell. I had to clearance the the inside of the mid bin to accept the larger radian. I was using the Dayton 250P… copy of a selenium 220 with polymide the radian has more extention without being harsh.
  9. Oh its a small room 11x11 with equipment in the closet but it does sound great
  10. Finally done and man an Im pleased.
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