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  1. justinsweber

    Bob's 600Hz horn

    Bob Crites has a new 600hz horn. Has anyone tried. It would be a nice upgrade to anyone with a K701 (Plastic horn) with bolt on driver. Super cool for doing Bob!
  2. justinsweber

    ACA have sold

    I liked enough to have the ACAs come home.
  3. justinsweber

    These look interesting

    I would have though he would put them in the top hat. I left room. but to each their own :-).
  4. justinsweber

    These look interesting

    They are. He added the ES5800 and the tweeter. Loves them.
  5. justinsweber

    Sunn speakers ??? Khorn copy ???

    I contine to have a soft spot for the LS. The Khorn can sound amazing, but placement is a real consideration. I have Jub clones. Likely the best speaker Ive very head... ALK crossovers and all, but the sheer size killed them off. Folded horns have a legitimate place in the order of things, but when balancing size and performance the size question becomes the weak link. The Sunn speaker looks like some bad PA close stuff I see all the time with DJs.
  6. justinsweber

    Sunn speakers ??? Khorn copy ???

    I have 3 pair of the mino punches. They were easily better than k horns but not match to the jubs. With the CSW45O that is jub/mini punch compatible they tied the Jubs. Dig deeper. JWCs design is horn loaded with a tratrix flair and ported. Total pain in the *** to built but a real contenter to the jub/k402 combo. And more importantly... so much smaller. 104db if I recall.
  7. justinsweber

    Tubes or SS for all-horn Klipsch Heritage

    Ive grown to appreciate pull designs more and more. SET amps (forgive the implication) are like a C*ck tease. All the tone/sound you could ask, but never enough of it. Well designed SET amps can be just as quite as any other design, its the lack of significant horsepower that becomes a consideration. If in a small room or not trying to see how loudly you can play, SET amps are incredibly pleasing. But, a P-P amp has some feedback which will provide its own benefits. All the sonic benefits you find tubes in general are offered in great abundance with P-P designs. Im not a fan of Parallel Push Pull or Parallel SET but there are reasons for that... Ill leave it at the KISS approach as rule outs. Class A SS badass. SET Badass but not enough for most of us. P-P Tube... just right. (Dynaco ST35/ ST70, Rogue Chronus, MC275, nearly any KT88 P-P or EL84 P-P )
  8. justinsweber

    Sold ampsandsound agartha early prototype - $600

    Different amimals all together. Though I respect pass designs. I’m decidedly a tube guy. Sold guys
  9. justinsweber

    WTB LaScalas in LA,OC or SD area.

    Donating these to my daughters school. Need a pair or scalas for refurb. Thanks justin 323-868-9722
  10. Selling off an early prototype of the Agartha. Bases on the the GSE from DIYaudio. 6B4Gs for output tubes, 6AX5 rectifier and 6SL6 front end. All NOS, ALL US tubes. Includes functioning VU matters. 5watts SE tube goodness. Price is firm. Justin 323-868-9722
  11. justinsweber

    Anyone selling an integrated amp?

    Sansui AU717 :-).
  12. justinsweber


    Massdrop is great but delayed gratification for sure.
  13. Parks Audio - Budgie MC Cartridge Step Up Transformer . Transformers made by CineMag CMQEE-3440AH and are simular to Bob's Devices units at a much lower price. The Budgie Step Up Transformer (SUT) now showcases the fantastic Cinemag CMQEE-3440AH transformer. These transformers are constructed with superior laminations that Cinemag has reserved over the years for devices requiring the lowest distortion and highest clarity. In fact these are the same laminations that are used in the top of the line CM1254 and CM1131 transformers. It has two gain settings and a ground lift switch for maximum flexibility. 3440AH is basically the 3440A built with better laminations. The sound from the Blue version is a step above the Red version. Switchable for 1:16 (24 dB gain) or 1:30 (30 dB gain). Into a standard 47k phono preamp, the effective input impedance of the low gain (1:16 ratio) is 184 ohms. At 1:30, the effective input impedance is 52 ohms. Justin 323-868-9722 $360 with shipping.
  14. justinsweber

    Amp Camp Amp

    This looks interesting too. http://r.ebay.com/lM5Phs