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  1. Enjoy. Those Quicksilvers are great amps.
  2. Thanks ! I know the term end game is so overused but I don’t see myself ever replacing them.
  3. Thanks Fido ! I can’t wait for it’s companion preamp to arrive. It will be a DHT based on the 205d tube with a Khozmo remote control encoder volume control. It is a relay / ladder that only places one resistor in the path with each volume increment. Should pair nicely with the amp
  4. You get an heirloom piece when you have a Toolshed built for you. I can't even count how many nights I have been up til midnight or 1 AM listening to this amp... was absolutely worth the money and I don't part with that kind of money easily. Amazing combo with Forte IV
  5. I have been loving my Forte IV since they came out in early 2021. I believe I received one of the first pairs , I think my dealer actually gave me the pair he planned to demo as I had pre ordered them when I tried to buy Forte III They are great speakers , the better the electronics the better they sound. They really respond well to quality amps. I am using a 300b amp with mine and I have never experienced such great sound at home. In fact , they are so good that I blindly bought a custom 300b. What a combo !!! They sound so good together I am having a custom preamp built to compliment the amp. I’d love a pair of Lascala but they are huge. The Forte IV are the perfect size. I have had them for almost two years and replacing them is the last thing on my mind. They replaced a pair of Heresy III which were excellent but the Forte is next level performance
  6. I was listening to the late great Boston band Morphine the other night and thought the same thing.... the Forte IV is the first speaker where I am not thinking about my NEXT speaker... even if they aren't my "last" speaker it's unlikely I will ever sell them. They are a lot of speaker for the money.
  7. I wanted to revive this thread after spending a few months with my Toolshed Transcendence 300b amp. I have it paired with Forte IVs and was originally using it with a Zesto Leto preamp. The amp is equipped with the optional CTC vintage power transformer, Hitachi Fine Met Amorphous OPT , Mundorf sio caps, Jupiter caps, Khozmo stepped attenuators and outfitted with new Western Electric 300b power tubes, Amperex 7788 input tubes and a Raytheon 274b rectifier. The quality, fit , and finish of this amp is not fully appreciated until you see it first hand. It is a work of art that sounds just as good as it looks, maybe better. Pics do not do this amp justice !!!! The inside is nicely laid out, very high quality hand made turret boards and clever use of mounting hardware and stand offs. There is no plastic in this amp, no zip ties, no double face tape everything is securely mounted with hardware. I was surprised how mechanically quiet and free of noise this amp is. It is remarkably quiet , Zero hum or noise from the chassis and a black , quiet background free of noise or hum. This for me is crucial. I have sold a few pieces of gear that sounded good but had even the slightest hint of self noise. I have never had a SET amp, my last few amps were all push pull pentode types, EL34, 6L6 , etc. This amp has a purity and transparency that I have never experienced first hand. It is well balanced top to bottom. Obviously it's midrange is amazing but it really surprised me in the bass region. It is deep, tight , and never flabby like they are "supposed" to be. I rarely turn my sub on since getting this amp, it's low end is so good for most material, the sub muddies up the low end. I'm not going to try to sound like a reviewer, I will say this was the best audio component purchase I have ever made in 40 plus years of enjoying hi fi. This amp is so good I am having Matt build me the companion DHT preamp. Www.toolshedamps.com https://i.postimg.cc/7YRx8SXQ/B25-B2495-3-AF4-4807-ACCF-DFA55-D0549-D6.jpg
  8. Forgive me, I believe the newest version of horn mono uses 5 way binding posts
  9. I would put the sound and build quality up against any of the big boys, the stuff is that good for the price you pay.
  10. The Quicksilver Horn Mono and Mid Monos are huge value propositions. I have a pair of Mid Monos that I just took out of service. Amazing amps for the money. Either amp is fantastic. The only negative about the Horn Mono is it's screw down speaker terminals . The price of either new is a bargain and used Quicksilver is among the best values in used gear you will ever find. Built like a tank, super reliable.... safe bets
  11. You can not go wrong with those amps, or anything made by Quicksilver
  12. Congrats. I love my Forte IV. I never really worried about break in. I put my tuner on and just let it play for many hours without listening critically. I do this every time I make a change to the system. I really believe "break in" is half acclimation and half mechanical / surround compliance with speakers. Thats why just playing FM takes the analytical judgment out of the equation. Then after a week or so listening casualty I will form opinion.
  13. Thanks , It really is a great sounding amp. I’m having the matching preamp built now. The Forte IV get better with every upgrade.
  14. I have had both. Buy the Forte if possible. I went in to buy my daughter a soundbar. While there I wanted to listen to the Heresy IV. I did and they were great. Better than the III , but I ended up coming back a few weeks later with my III in trade toward Forte IV. Best move ever
  15. yes low crossover and if possible steep slope. I use a SMS 1 crossover/eq and you barely hear the sub with most material when dialed in right. But when called upon , it rocks without muddling up the Forte's great overall bass
  16. I have had the Heresy III and traded them for the Forte IV. Heresy are great, no doubt. They are the exact same footprint , the Forte needs to be away from the front wall. A foot , two feet, it depends on the room. I rarely use my REL sub since getting the Forte. Maybe for movies, but they go pretty low . I think the sub is unnecessary with most material with these speakers. They have made me stop thinking about whats better.... I don't have too much space in this room and these are a perfect fit.
  17. Thats some holy grail stuff for sure. Enjoy
  18. I have had the Forte IV since the week they came out. I love them, big step up from the Heresy III which was great in it's own right. The Forte IV is much more refined than your granpappie's Klipsch. Paired with a Toolshed Amps 300b , I have spent many late nights listening to them. Listening right now actually....
  19. Yes the Mid Monos are killer amps for sure. I honestly don't think there is anything even near their price quite like them. I just pulled a pair out of service and am wondering whether or not to keep or sell. Common sense says sell but I think I may regret that some day. Huge value amps for the money
  20. Forte II , maybe Cornwall if timing and luck is on your side. Heresy III , which are very good but need a sub to sound full range
  21. very fine auto sandpaper can remove fine scratches in clear coat. 1500 grit in the direction of the grain should leave the same satin sheen. Too shiny , lightly hit it with 1200.
  22. Thanks ! Matt really delivered as promised. It has amazing clarity and transparency. Bass is much better than I expected, it feels lower than my QS through the Forte , has great slam and dynamics for its 7 or so watts with a speaker like the Forte . Such a great match with my Zesto preamp. I think I am done with hardware. (At least amps and pre).
  23. Yes, the Forte IV is a great speaker at lower volumes . I think I had one of the first pairs along with Fido and after a year and a half I am still loving them. They sound great with any good amp and phenomenal if the components paired with them are of high quality. Could this be my last speaker? Possibly, they are that good. I just retired my Quicksilver Mid Monos and am driving them with a Toolshed 300b and is sounds amazing. Not that it didn’t before, but with WE 300b there are layers of detail that were masked before. These speakers are awesome with the right amp.
  24. Thanks for the kind words, The Toolshed amp sounds better than it looks... Amazing clarity that I have never experienced in a Push Pull amp. Layers and layers of detail . Dead silent background and zero mechanical noise or hum. I am really enjoying this through my Forte IV, perfect combination.
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