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  1. Good advice. I recently had the crossovers rebuilt by crites on my 1996 Forte ii.
  2. My Darling 1626 3/4watt amp is a good match too. 75dB-80dB with good bass.
  3. Quicksilver Horn Mono w/KT88 Psvane Treasures
  4. I used both on my La Scalas. I like the Quicksilver better. 25watt vs 2watt. And I can roll in tubes like kt88 and 6l6. It comes with el34. Last time I checked the horn monos were $1495. Same as I paid a few years ago. And I read decwares wait list is extremely long.
  5. No chance of blowing anything anymore. Now I'm using 25watt tube amplifiers.
  6. If you see a hafler transnova, clean, and a good price give it a shot. I ran into a guy that had one hooked up to Heresys and it sounded great!
  7. I miss the haflers. Lots of power. Clean sound. Sold them to let someone else enjoy.
  8. I was using 2 hafler 9270 ss amps bridged in mono putting out I believe 400watts per channel with my La Scalas years ago. I think it was pumping out 120+ decibels!!
  9. I listen to everything from Mozart to Metallica. Classical, jazz, and blues sound excellent through tubes. When playing hard rock or heavy metal solid state to me seems to sound better.
  10. I switched over to tubes about 6 years ago. I was using my 2watt decware to power my La Scalas. Then 2 1/2 years ago I replaced the decware with 25watt Quicksilver horn mono amps. Love em!!
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