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  1. reread what I wrote. I responded to the Wa seller, not the scam.
  2. These are definitely a scam. actual seller is in Washington ... someone posted the ebay ad and here is the craigslist ad: (2) Klipsch La Scala Speakers - Black Birch - electronics - by owner... (craigslist.org) . I have been in contact with the seller in Wa and while I have not seen the speakers in person, I am relatively positive he does have them for sale. When I contacted the Wa seller he was at like 3500 for the pair and I could not get him to budge on price so I moved on. The Houston ad definitely lifted the pics.
  3. Craigslist add down but looks like this is the same pair of La Scalas: Pair of KLIPSCH LA SCALA speakers - Consecutive numbered -original AA crossovers | eBay Anyone know what the history is with the birch and having the klipsch handles?
  4. mac stuff gone. la scala pair down to $2500.
  5. looks like seller has them crossposted on ebay as well: Belle Klipsch Speakers type BK-WO Loudspeakers very good condition | eBay
  6. Klipsch Belles in Montana. No affiliation with seller. Belle Klipsch Speakers type BK-WO Loudspeakers very good condition -... (craigslist.org)
  7. just to put pics here for longevity, this is the $2200 pair in phoenix. this is the $1000 pair in Washington:
  8. hey everyone, thanks but this is what I am talking about. this is a mismatched pair that is someone's project. this isn't what I am looking for. I am looking for cabinets in good shape with internals that haven't been touched or if have been have been done in an appropriate fashion. sequential numbered. The pair linked has mismatched labels so are not of the same vintage. this is definitely not a consecutive pair. seller says one cabinet is partially refinished but its not clear what has been done. on the other hand, these speakers would be reasonable for me to get to as I could either ship with uship or fly to Seattle and drive them back in a rental. The price is good! but there would be a big project here getting these into my living room. I mean shouldn't this mismatched set be going for like 500 or being sold individually? maybe I am making too much of it and this is why I have been searching for a set of La Scalas for so long, haha. I would rather have a perfect pair of raw birch la scalas for 3k then a project at 1k, is that too much to ask? thanks again for the responses and thank you for providing options! this is definitely helping me clarify and I believe zooming in on a set of speakers for me. Happy Friday!
  9. Thanks for the info! I will keep this in mind.
  10. thanks for the links! I am certain on waiting for a pair of La Scala at this point as I know without doubt that fortes, cornwalls will not scratch the itch.
  11. hey guys, thanks again for the replies. My search has been going on longer than two years at this point. For awhile I was not fully decided between cornwalls and la scala so that wasted time when the market was better. Then the st-70 build along with recapping the heresy pair and getting the rythmik sub kept me occupied for a year or so. I think what puts me to la scala is that I know that even if I had a great pair of cornwalls I would still want the la scala, so better to just try and go straight to what I want. what I am seeing now is that anything around the 2k range has cabinets that are clapped out or have had significant modifications done. what I would like to find is a pair of speakers that have really nice looking cabinets so there is probably an element where I am also going to have to accept that whatever I end up with is not going to be pristine as well. but hopefully 4k budget gets me closer. its tough because I see AL5's going for 8k or less so anything over 4k seems like just going to the AL5 may be the better choice. I'll keep bumping this thread until I end up with a pair so we can all see how the journey goes! I'll end up with something. I posted a wanted ad on craigslist locally yesterday with a 4k price so we'll see if that gets any responses. I will take another closer look at UShip as it seems like you guys are recommending that too. To those who reached out with offers to sell what you have, thank you! and keep them coming!
  12. yeah what I am probably going to have to do is bump up my price range from looking for < 3k and just accept that to get to the other side of this I am probably going to be into this for at least 4k and then widen the search area. I'll start looking in Seattle, Denver and Minneapolis as I can easily get to any of those areas to get the speakers back to me. Thanks for the feedback guys!
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