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  1. That looks awesome the hunt payed off. What brand of tubes are you going to use in it first? Rich
  2. If you are thinking about the ST70, I would recommend Will Vincent ST70. Built with upgrades parts, you will have power to spare. It will make your Cornwalls sing IMHO I am really enjoying mine on my Klipsch speakers. Another option is Inspire by Dennis Had Universal Amp . Both amps show up used not that often though. I have no patience I bought new. Although I am very new to tubes and no expert. I believe my S.S amp days are over. You owe it to yourself IMHO to try out tube amps Rich
  3. I received my Inspire 45 this past weekend. I am in awe on how this amp sounds. I have owned and been enjoying the K402s going on 13 years. Longest I have kept any audio gear. I have been playing all my favorite tracks that I am very familiar with . All I can say is IMHO the K402s have NEVER sounded this good! No more pro audio amps for me for the K402s Rich
  4. Dave You only have 24 Spuds left to build when you place the order of 50 let me know I will take a couple of completed Spuds 😀 Rich
  5. If you can stretch your budget, get one of Will Vincent's ST 70s you will not regret it IMHO. I am really enjoying mine. Rich
  6. I had a pair of those back in the day they were the bomb awesome tight Bass clear clean highs. Bought them from A&B TV in Austin TX. They were the NHT dealer back then. The only audio gear that I ever financed Zero % interest for a year. Had speaker payments for a year LOL. Rich
  7. I had the same issue with cabling on BO. I ordered from China on the bay and was surprised it was here in three weeks Rich
  8. I bought this in February. This is the best sounding SS amp I have owned. The reason I am selling is I have since moved on to tube amps. Included is a Square Trade warranty that IS transferable at no additional cost. The warranty to my surprise will even pay shipping both ways There is over two years left if anything goes wrong. It is in Excellent condition. 500.00 plus shipping and fees if any Thanks Rich
  9. Thank you for your replies I ordered a Dennis Had Inspire 45 today cant wait for my new toy Rich
  10. I have one pair of RP-280F in black ash. I don't need to mention how they sound with all the great reviews. I have the original boxes but this is for local pick up only Clarksville TN 37040 shipping would be to expensive. 575.00 for the pair. Thanks Rich
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