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  1. Considering what the networks cost new that was a deal at 2600.
  2. rmlowz


    Experienced Tech to build one of TubeFanatic (Maynard) Designs Thanks Rich
  3. rmlowz

    WTB ALK CSW-450

    I keep checking the Bay
  4. rmlowz

    WTB ALK CSW-450

    anyone have a set to spare
  5. If I still lived in Austin they would be mine. We would go through that town on the way to the coast.
  6. There is a long wait for a new one. Try and find a used one, I would look into a Decware SET tube amp.
  7. I contacted him he decided to keep them I told him good decision
  8. Nice set up CANT, I think horns look good gold.
  9. Ok thanks I have communicated with Al K He recommended the CSW-450 with the Harris 400 horn which I will order in July unless what you have is the same? Rich
  10. Thanks for the offer I am plug and play. I really like the simplicity of crossovers. Bob Crites even built me a nice pair when I had my K402s for many years. Rich
  11. Thanks Dean it is the B crossover only correct not B-2 etc?
  12. Hello sootshe, Thanks I have talked to Michael he said he has not tested my configuration so he does not know how his crossovers will perform. If I cant find anything I will get in line for a build with ALK or others.
  13. I I have a message in with Michael, but this in not technically a CornScala except for the Bass bin which Bob give me the dimensions for a few years ago. Thanks for your help Rich
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