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  1. Congratulations, They sure get great reviews Rich
  2. As you know a lot of great amps out there. One of my amps is a Will Vincent ST70 IMHO it will bring your speakers up about 4 notches, Clean highs no harshness Huge mids with excellent deep Bass. I can listen for hours on end. Just my two cents Rich
  3. Use it 1/4 cup to gallon of water. I have used it for years without any problems at all. Never heard of it Ruining anything.
  4. That is the only product I have used on all my speakers, all the heritage stuff I have owned etc. it even made my K402 horns that I had look a deeper black. I remember my Mom always using it on all the wood furniture when I was a kid LOL Rich
  5. 90 days warranty B stock non transferable Rich
  6. I know this is a long shot but I thought I would try Thanks Rich
  7. I don't know if he is you can email him and ask him Schu. I know he is shipping me what I ordered soon. Rich
  8. fastlaneaudio@aol.com I just ordered a pair and Dave's tweeter lenses also Rich
  9. The sad part is poor Schu he has been wanting to get Jubes for a number of years now.
  10. Sheet Rock saw, and hope the speakers were centered in the ceiling joyce so you don't run into lumber. Klipsch should have included a cutout piece for the diameter. Rich
  11. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Rich
  12. Yes Pete, there are three versions this is the third version. I did not know that there were three versions. I was told this by a forum member that came by last fall. He informed me that it was the third version. Rich
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