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  1. You can buy the kit new from Dave also.
  2. This Tube Magic D2 has ALL the factory upgrades including the GE tube. Works Flawlessly Excellent sound! Check out the reviews online. Pay Pal Friends and Family only, plus freight to the lower 48. $125.00 Thanks Rich
  3. Glad you are enjoying your new 300B Shakeydeal. I owned La Scala IIs for 13 years. Always enjoyed them. For me though, I quit saying endgame years ago.😀
  4. I have a Cambridge Audio MXN10. One thing I like about this streamer is I have 4 TB of FLAC files that I connect to it. The app works flawlessly with it. Then get a Geshelli Labs with the AKM 4499 chip. I think I like this combo better than my MHDT Havanna DAC. IMO
  5. Went to many of his concerts back in the party days. First concert was in the Astrodome in Houston. His music was always fun to listen to and put you in a different frame of mind LOL.
  6. Audio Classics just did a great job on my MAC MC2100.
  7. In an earlier post I stated I have two Denis Had amps I enjoy a lot 45/2A3 and a Universal. What I don't get is when Dennis Had builds the next amp for someone else it is always the best one to date that he has built. Made changes etc, than on the last type of amp he built. What you have is inferior from the latest greatest build. I guess it's a good way for a person to keep buying from him to get the Holy Grail amp LOL.
  8. Furman Elite for the surge protector. It has been great. We have a lot of power outages-surges here in this part of TN.
  9. Welcome, You will get a better response on Audio Karma in the Klipsch corner. Mods and cloning posts are no longer allowed here.
  10. I am guessing 10k, Christmas may come early this year.
  11. 1 Recording quality 2 DAC 3 Amp
  12. I have a MHDT Havanna DAC here in the listening room in the house. I always wondered about the AKM4499 chip I ordered a Geshelli J2 today for a barn system, we will see.
  13. I grew up in Warren till 8th Grade my dad always had it on while driving around town also. After AM Got into Rock with WRIF FM. Moved out in the country 80-acre hobby farm near Port Huron MI. Had to get a FM amp-booster to listen then LOL
  14. CKLW I remember it well!!! Walking home from school with my AM radio.
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