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  1. I have some DE10 tweeters with DaveA lenses I am going to try. I also have DE120 tweeters. Although I like the K77s that's what I am listening to now. I am using a CSW clone. I will try my ALK CSW-450 also. Rich
  2. Hello Nick I have this combo on top of my Lascala's, with the 300b amp you built me. This amp and combo really shines! I am going to build a baffle that will go on my Belle bass bin clone, for the horn and tweeter lens. When I get it finished, I will post a pic. Rich
  3. I just got this combo of horns and drivers. I have been listening for the last three days. Wow! talk about a BIG soundstage, with detail and clarity and no harshness. I was late to the party in getting these. I don't regret it they are keepers for sure. Rich
  4. I have several preamps Mapletree, Schitt Audio and a Cary clone. My favorite lately is my Transcendent Grounded Grid Preamp. Most transparent of all of them. You can get them used very reasonable. Rich
  5. If they were mine, I would send them back. In 2007 I got some new black K horns that were not painted on the edges. I always regrated not sending them back, instead of me finishing the paint job it was very obvious. I don't know how it got past QC. It was not freight damage the paint was missing in a lot of places. Rich
  6. You can buy with confidence and trust from bkwa1959 Rich
  7. Oliver built me a 71A that I really enjoy! but I can't say it will be the last amp I buy LOL
  8. I have all I will need and then some LOL. for all my tube amps. The pair of Gold Lion 300B tubes I bought for the amp you built me went up 150.00 for the pair.
  9. What tubes does your new amp take? Just curious?
  10. I have a DH Inspire Universal and a 45/2A3 DH Inspire Like Curious George stated that I enjoy. Although of all the tube amps I have Curious Geroge's 300B is my favorite. Rich
  11. Knoxville has changed since the last time I was there 😀
  12. Try remotecentral.com for the codes Rich
  13. rmlowz

    NFL 2022

    He Just retired it is official
  14. I was curious what sub do you have with the LaScalas? Thanks Rich
  15. WOW a piece of Art that I bet sounds awesome!!! Rich
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