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  1. This amp gets even better!!! with the tubes having around 60 hours on them. Rich
  2. I have an Oliver Sayes 71 SET that I really enjoy, I ordered one, he had it built for me in around 3 months. You can reach him on USAM sonic oil is his name on USAM. Rich
  3. The Amp sounds Awesome!!!! It really amazes me how real the instruments sound. Horns, drums bass guitar, piano you name it. Right now, I have it connected to Lii Audio S10- W15 combo OBs. Had it connected to my LaScalas awesome as well!!! Thanks again Rich
  4. Make a deal buy both pairs. There is nothing like a A/B comparison in your own listening environment. Sell the other pair you don't like. Rich
  5. I am happy for you wuzzzer, this audio hobby of mine going on over 45 years. I quit telling myself that I am done, although I thought I come close to being done a few times Then you read about some new gear on this forum that you have determined that you need one also. Rich
  6. This is my new 300B amp that Curious George here on the forum built me. This amp sounds amazing!!
  7. I got my new amp today, Wow Nick really nailed it on this amp!!! Highs are really smooth. Instruments sound so real !!!. Bass is what I call clean and tight no bloat. Build quality is impeccable. Thanks for this wonderful amp I am really enjoying it Rich
  8. Randy Why do you always think you need to Google for everybody on the forum???
  9. I will be curious to hear you review Alexander, with my 65-year-old ears it was good improvement over my K55V. The Version 2 A55g was a noticeable improvement on some vocals. Especially the Jenefer Warren CD I have it really shines compared to the 1st version of the A55g. Rich
  10. You can ask the seller to request that you change your feedback to positive.
  11. That looks like an open baffle design
  12. I have traded with him before nice guy he buys and sells audio.
  13. I thought I was the only one, I had a 2000 Silverado 82000 miles same thing. I maintained it to the max Chevy dealer had no response? They did all the Maintenace it had a service record to the max.
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