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  1. rmlowz

    What I Got Today!

    Congratulations Joe That says a lot coming from a guy that has owned and tested a lot of gear rmlowz
  2. You have a great Integrated amplifier with great speakers IMO. What do you not like about you set up? rmlowz
  3. I have been having a lot of fun with my new Inspire Universal SET rmlowz
  4. rmlowz


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  5. I have a CE Labs 1 in 4 out RCA amplifier. Has anyone used this? I need to split out from my 1 output tube preamp going into the LF amp and then into my tube amp for the HF. I was wondering about if it could change the sound quality. I would want it to be neutral of coarse rmlowz
  6. rmlowz


    Thanks Rivernuggets pleasure doing business with you Rich
  7. The seller has had them up for sale in various other places for at least a year now.
  8. rmlowz


    The 3/4 inch has sold the 1 inch is still available Thanks
  9. rmlowz

    Wrecker Subs

    Sale Pending on the MicroWrecker LiLWrecker still available
  10. rmlowz

    Wrecker Subs

    LiLWrecker and MicroWrecker subs built per spec with Eminence Lab 15 equivalents New builds with 1/2 hour on each for testing. I am going in a different direction on my system. These subs have output to spare!! Very clean and tight bass 350.00 each OBO Local Pick Up Only Clarksville TN Thanks
  11. rmlowz


    P.M. replied to
  12. rmlowz


    I guess Summer time is not KPT-684 season?
  13. rmlowz


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