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  1. Thanks they were a bargain for sure.
  2. Thanks for the great information, I am going to try some others just dont know which ones yet. My Mapletree preamp takes 12SN7 or 6SN7. I like the 6SN7 tube in the pre better than the 12SN7 ? Rich
  3. Thanks for your reply yes the price is crazy for sure I was wondering if was worth the money. I just got some GE 6SN7GTB NOS coin bases they sound really nice. Although I have heard that coin bases are not as good as the regular version. Rich
  4. I was wondering if any forum members have tried these and what they thought of the sound? Thanks Rich
  5. Right this minuite on my Univeral SET I am listening to Gold Lion KT88s with my Lii Audio S10s and W15s combo with Lii Audio Filters. I am really enjoying the open baffle technology as of the last three years or so. Sounds Amazing!!! Rich
  6. Thats great Jim you have had great experiences with Casper mine was very negative. If you google Vacume Tube Valley who worked on it last they were highly praised back for excellent work. I was not impressed with his correspondence in emails or what he had to say Rich
  7. I have a 299C that I wanted Casper to rebuild he noticed some caps that were changed by Vacume Tube Valley by Charlie Kittleson in 1999. He would not touch it. I would think if the guy REALLY knows his industry why would some caps scare him off?? I even offered to pay additional. I would not recommend him at all. The amp sounds awesome it is one of my favorite. I just wanted a rebuild to get that last bit of great sound ! Rich
  8. If I remember correctly there is no bottom plate the woofers come out of the back panel??
  9. Alan has one for sale on the Bay now Rich
  10. the ebay link is out will try ZXPC
  11. Do you buy them all Randy? they are sold out
  12. This is on the list for one my winter projects, I will do the bottom design, Easy and inexpensive to build worth a try and reversible. Rich
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