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  1. rmlowz


    Buy both subs I will include a Crown XLS-1500
  2. rmlowz


    I have two of these, new coat of Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Enamel, both. excellent condition. One is 1 inch plywood and one is 3/4 in plywood construction. 600 each here is a picture of one more pictures can be emailed per request. It would be hard to find something with this kind of performance for the money IMO. Local pick up only here in the beautiful Clarksville TN.
  3. The add states new never used they sure look like it if only closer
  4. I just got done making these for my upstairs room, I think I am going to make another for a center for my K402- MWMS out in the barn. They sound great a lot better than my LaScalla IIs that I had for 11 years here is a pic of one of them
  5. rmlowz

    QSC amps

    I recently bought two QSC-CX302 amps for sub projects after listening to them in two channel also, they have a more refined sound with more mid bass punch than my Crowns
  6. That is a great deal 650 euro (705.00 USD) for the X3600 here in the US they are 750.00 for a refurbished unit. The 3600 would give you preout jacks for adding more power if needed, all the latest codecs. I think you would notice an improvement over your X1300
  7. Auralex has free room analysis software on there site. It will tell you where to place the panels. It is under the support drop down menu.
  8. I have been listening to this amp for several days. I agree very neutral, smooth the instruments sound very separated just like on a stage playing. I bought it for a K510 build project I have going almost finished.
  9. Thanks for the replies,I just ordered one will be here Thursday.
  10. I was wondering if any forum friends have experience with this integrated amp. Thanks rmlowz
  11. I have a set of K510 horns with DE75 drivers B&K Enterprises is making me some crossovers with an L Pad on them for taming down the HF, this was their recommendation.
  12. I guess I confused every body, I was quoting DaveA in a post on what he was bringing to SWAG. I was at his house and listened in amazement !!. I will not be able to attend unfortunately
  13. Quote: I will be bringing my Super MWM's The attendees at the SWAG event are in for a real jaw dropping experience when Dave A fires up the Super MWMs. The organ demo reminded me of being in Saint Patrick's Church in San Francisco again. Never heard anything like it so lifelike.
  14. Packages arrived today, great packing job exactly as described. Thanks Rich
  15. Hello, I did the same thing years ago with a Niles A/B switch
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