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  1. Ebay is Dennis's best contact radioman731 he ships all over the world. I have two of his amps a Universal and 45 that I really enjoy. He just had a amp on the bay a few weeks ago. You will see more soon I am sure Rich
  2. then you just saved yourself 6k
  3. If you ever plan on finishing off the basement it will be a lot more spacious looking with 9 foot walls. Listening room, home theater etc Just my two cents
  4. I was told this week by a experienced wood refinisher is to use gel stain you get a better looking even finish with the finish not looking blotchy.
  5. Thank You SoundsGreat I am glad you are enjoying your new Cambridge Integrated. It was a pleasure doing business with you Thanks again Rich
  6. Bob has helped me greatly in my projects through the years. Always enjoyed talking with him. The Audio community is going to miss him. RIP Bob
  7. You can find more info on AVS Lilmike over there designed this. It plays with authority for sure. I made some subs during lockdown to keep busy. I then realized I had to many LOL Rich
  8. rmlowz

    KPT-904s SOLD

    Nothing sorry about it, Let someone else enjoy them Cheers Rich
  9. rmlowz

    KPT-904s SOLD

    I decided to let someone else enjoy them Rich
  10. It was a internet hoax he is still with us
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