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  1. Alan has one for sale on the Bay now Rich
  2. Do you buy them all Randy? they are sold out
  3. This is on the list for one my winter projects, I will do the bottom design, Easy and inexpensive to build worth a try and reversible. Rich
  4. I did not know that when I bought my K402s they only offered one driver what ever was current at that time
  5. Dtel he is AlmostGod he should be fine LOL
  6. I have extra maple ply and paint to modifiy for the K510s if needed, not enough room for the tweeter assembly use the included top tweeter stands.
  7. The dimensions for the Belle clone internal is to spec per plans. The outside is a little biger because of the trim Bass Bin 19 inches deep x 23 1/2 inches high and 30 1/2 inches wide Top Section 30 1/2 inches wide x 14 1/2 inches high x 19 1/2 inches deep Thanks Rich
  8. Hello Coytee You know me I am old school plug and play. Unless you want to come and measure set everything up. I will buy all the equipment and steak dinner. I told you I would buy when you come to town LOL Cheers Rich
  9. I have one pair on order, thought I would bring this to the top because I could use another pair Thanks Rich
  10. Thanks Schu, A lot of work but they need to go to new home. I might regret selling them LOL Rich
  11. I am moving in a different direction with my audio barn system. The seperate top section was designed for Dave Harris 400 horns but could easily be modified on the inside for the horn of your choice. I will supply the 3/4 maple and the paint. The new owners can put the final coat on after they move them to their new home. They are textured with Duratex to give them a Leather look in appearance. I applied Sherwin Williams Industrial Coating a very Dark Blue top coat. I was trying to achieve a rustic look with the texture and rough cut trim for a theme in my barn. I think I did just that!. 450.00 Firm for all, you can not build them for this not even close. Thanks RIch
  12. I have used the Art Clean Box in and out of my systems through the years. I have had great success. One thing that it does that is not advertised is get rid of ground loop hum
  13. rmlowz

    KY La Scalas

    Yes I have been in contact with the seller they are 2400.00 for the pair. Only 54 minute drive for me. I just bought a pair of LaScala originals for a winter project from NY
  14. rmlowz

    KY La Scalas

    How nice of the seller to seperate them in case you only need one for a center etc at 2400.00 each crazy times for sure
  15. Considering what the networks cost new that was a deal at 2600.
  16. rmlowz


    Experienced Tech to build one of TubeFanatic (Maynard) Designs Thanks Rich
  17. I keep checking the Bay
  18. anyone have a set to spare
  19. If I still lived in Austin they would be mine. We would go through that town on the way to the coast.
  20. There is a long wait for a new one. Try and find a used one, I would look into a Decware SET tube amp.
  21. I contacted him he decided to keep them I told him good decision
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