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  1. Thanks for the replies,I just ordered one will be here Thursday.
  2. I was wondering if any forum friends have experience with this integrated amp. Thanks rmlowz
  3. I have a set of K510 horns with DE75 drivers B&K Enterprises is making me some crossovers with an L Pad on them for taming down the HF, this was their recommendation.
  4. I guess I confused every body, I was quoting DaveA in a post on what he was bringing to SWAG. I was at his house and listened in amazement !!. I will not be able to attend unfortunately
  5. Quote: I will be bringing my Super MWM's The attendees at the SWAG event are in for a real jaw dropping experience when Dave A fires up the Super MWMs. The organ demo reminded me of being in Saint Patrick's Church in San Francisco again. Never heard anything like it so lifelike.
  6. Packages arrived today, great packing job exactly as described. Thanks Rich
  7. Hello, I did the same thing years ago with a Niles A/B switch
  8. I have the 402-69 with MWMs Bob Crites made me some crossovers and I have been enjoying them for years. Plug and play is what I like Cheers Rich
  9. Merry Christmas forum friends
  10. Hello, Go to a medical supply and get some surgical pliers with a very fine small tip on them. I have had good luck with this method Cheers, Rich
  11. rmlowz

    GSG Devastator

    I have 2 684 subs who is going to put them up for sale first πŸ˜€
  12. I live in a military town, I cringe also, the flags around here on peoples houses are shredded and torn. Displayed all night without a light you name it. I do not get it.
  13. Thanks for the kind words. The theater picture is only have off the barn. The other half is work area where I park my truck etc. I might take it to another level with room treatments. I have thought about partitioning the theater off from the other area maybe someday
  14. I am really enjoying Dolby Atmos with the ceiling speakers.This is a barn system, I enjoy it a lot in the winter with a fireplace I have out there. I am colored blind so I painted the speakers with colors that look like something other than gray to me Cheers, Rich
  15. I also recommend media blasting and a rust inhibiting primer and it will look like new. I would also recommend you paint your 402 horns I.H. red that way everything will match. I don't know about the white stripe on the 402s though? Cheers Rich
  16. I have the Stewart Firehawk in my upstairs theater. It was initially designed and still is for better blacks and better viewing in ambient light. I also have the Stewart ISF Certified Studio Tech 130 screen fabric in my barn theater which is a white screen. I have a Epson 5040 UB on the firehawk and a Epson 3500 on the studio tech 130 The only difference is on the firehawk whites are not true white because of the gray screen. Out in the barn whites are white on the studio tech 130 The firehawk has a little more 3d pop to the picture IMO. In home integration we were stewart filmscreen dealers one of the best screens out there IMO. Rich
  17. I have done business with bkwa1959 he is great person to do business with. I bet these wont last long at that price GLWS Rich
  18. In the early 80s I experienced the same cupped hand demo in various audio shops. I always thought they were talking bad about a product line wishing they were able to be a dealer for.
  19. This looks like my Lepi 2020a maybe a rebadge? Nice sounding amp, I might have to pull it out of the audio storage vault and fire it up again
  20. About 9 to 10 years ago I followed coytees posts also (still do). I sent him a message asking him to call me to talk about his Jubilees. After that conversation I ordered the 402-69s to go on top of my La Scalla II bins now with the MWM-s. Yes, he has helped many forum friends me included with many years of enjoyment. It brings a smile to my face every time I go out to the barn and listen.
  21. Is that what they call a concealed weapons permit carrying the safe in public ?πŸ˜€
  22. Merry Christmas from Clarksville TN. May your next audio purchase be a major upgrade into the new year ☺️
  23. Y Yes, I did ask what my forum friends think and you are one of them. I always have enjoyed reading your replies in posts you keep us laughing!!
  24. I just finished watching this. I thought the sound in Dolby Digital + was outstanding. What do my forum friends think?
  25. I used to work in the industry (home Integration).Acessories4less back then was factory authorized to refurbish the product what failed out of the box. They repaired it and resold the product. It is a pretty big operation out of Apopka Florida. They are the Factory that refurbishes LOL. Not to mention any product names but we shipped failed products directly to them weekly. I have had the same experience they just can't believe that they might have missed something on one of their repairs.
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