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  1. Interesting. Not sure where I heard it first, but I thought it was "heresy" because not all 3 drivers were horn-loaded.
  2. Refreshing for me to see, Thaddeus. The last pair of speakers I sold on the forum trying to "pay it forward" were flipped on Facebook for twice the price. Gotta say that was disappointing.
  3. Nicely done, Thaddeus!!! An example of why I keep coming to this forum.
  4. I've replied thru PM. Let's try to work it out. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. Yep it's a great sub. I guess I'm just a bit old school and a front-firing JTR 118HT became available locally right after I bought the SVS. Worked with Jeff at JTR to get a second one and am very happy. Thought about throwing the SVS in the back of the listening area and might still if it doesn't sell. We'll see...
  6. Bump up. I'd prefer not to ship but willing to drive if it helps get this delivered into another Klipsch household.
  7. Clearing more space in the basement. Great sub but ended up going with a pair of JTR 118HTs. Details can be found here: https://www.svsound.com/collections/4000-series/products/pc-4000 Not much use. Great condition. $1000. Located in Louisville, KY.
  8. LOL. Lots of replies/PMs. I thought I had priced them fairly for a quick move. The forum has always been good to me so I'm trying to return the favor without taking too much of a hit. I'll reply in the order received but may not be until tonight. To answer Dave A: I have 3 KPT-456's (you and I have talked on the phone a couple of times) across the front and am pretty happy for now.
  9. The effort to clear up floor space continues... Love these speakers but since going with Klipsch pro stuff in the home theater, I guess it's time to move them on to another forum member. I'll post the pics and answer any questions. The damage on the tops is from the person I bought them from (moving incident when roommates "helped load the truck"). I just put the glass tops on them as shown in the pics. It's tough for me to sell so I'll post now before I think about too much. $1100 Location: Louisville, KY.
  10. Pls help free up my basement floor space. KPT-484. Bought but have never really used it. $100. Location: Louisville, KY.
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