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  1. Louisville, KY. Profile updated. Can help w delivery, too, especially if that gets someone off of the fence...
  2. Slowly cleaning out basement. Same story as with KPT-684 I have posted. Need to make some room and doesn't look like I'm going to use this. Help me thin the herd... $250 OBO
  3. Still hoping to move this on to someone that can use it. Will include a Crown XLS1500 power amp (barely used). $500 takes all.
  4. Thanks. I thought it's priced right. After moving it around the basement many times, I guess I have to admit that it's not going to make it into the system. Add in a little bit of WAF (luckily, the first time this has ever been even a remote issue!), and it's now ready to move on to someone that can use it. I'll also be listing a KPT-484 at some point.
  5. Spring cleaning time and need the room. Hopefully someone can put this to use. KPT-684 box with 2 NIB Eminence Sigma Pro 18A-2 drivers. Crown XLS-1500 amplifier. $500 obo. Can help with delivery near Louisville, KY
  6. PM sent. Very cool offer!
  7. PM sent.
  8. Thanks to all for the help/input. I've picked up a couple of pairs of 101s and even a pair of KPT-100s! In addition to the KP-250s I picked up from Michael, my collection has grown quite a bit. Now I need to finish that basement and set it all up! Thanks again to a great forum! Hope all of you have a great New Year! - Tom
  9. Thank you, Michael! Enjoyed our talk this morning. Looks like I have another project in my future! - Tom
  10. Bump. I'll take another try at this.
  11. Hey, All! I'm looking for a pair of KP-101s, preferably in plywood, to serve as rear channels in a 5.1/5.2 setup. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Very cool. Thank you!
  13. Hi, All. I just picked up 4 KP-250II's and love them. I have a question, though. The banana plug connectors on the binding posts are plugged with rubber plugs. Why? Does Klipsch not recommend the use of banana plug connectors on the pro stuff?
  14. I agree with a lot of the posts here. Pint glasses and nicer shirts that can be worn to work, polos or long sleeve. My old polo always got comments but it finally was worn out and retired. Bought my nephew beer glasses for his 21st birthday and toasted his newly acquired La Scalas. Need some for myself. Looking forward to the new gear!
  15. I'd be interested in the decals. Would it be against forum policy to post souce info here?