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  1. Keeping it bundled for now but will let you know If I change my mind.
  2. Bump. Somebody come get this and help me free up some space...
  3. Louisville, KY. Profile updated. Can help w delivery, too, especially if that gets someone off of the fence...
  4. Slowly cleaning out basement. Same story as with KPT-684 I have posted. Need to make some room and doesn't look like I'm going to use this. Help me thin the herd... $250 OBO
  5. Still hoping to move this on to someone that can use it. Will include a Crown XLS1500 power amp (barely used). $500 takes all.
  6. Thanks. I thought it's priced right. After moving it around the basement many times, I guess I have to admit that it's not going to make it into the system. Add in a little bit of WAF (luckily, the first time this has ever been even a remote issue!), and it's now ready to move on to someone that can use it. I'll also be listing a KPT-484 at some point.
  7. Spring cleaning time and need the room. Hopefully someone can put this to use. KPT-684 box with 2 NIB Eminence Sigma Pro 18A-2 drivers. Crown XLS-1500 amplifier. $500 obo. Can help with delivery near Louisville, KY
  8. PM sent. Very cool offer!
  9. PM sent.
  10. Thanks to all for the help/input. I've picked up a couple of pairs of 101s and even a pair of KPT-100s! In addition to the KP-250s I picked up from Michael, my collection has grown quite a bit. Now I need to finish that basement and set it all up! Thanks again to a great forum! Hope all of you have a great New Year! - Tom
  11. Thank you, Michael! Enjoyed our talk this morning. Looks like I have another project in my future! - Tom
  12. Bump. I'll take another try at this.
  13. Hey, All! I'm looking for a pair of KP-101s, preferably in plywood, to serve as rear channels in a 5.1/5.2 setup. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Very cool. Thank you!
  15. Hi, All. I just picked up 4 KP-250II's and love them. I have a question, though. The banana plug connectors on the binding posts are plugged with rubber plugs. Why? Does Klipsch not recommend the use of banana plug connectors on the pro stuff?