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    Front: L&R Stacked Klipsch KG4 on Forte' IIs
    Rear: L&R Stacked Klipsch KG4 on Quartets
    Center: Two KG2s under Sony 55" HDTV
    SUBwoofers: Two Klipsch SUB-12s L & R
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    ADCOM GTP-740 5.1 Surround Controller
    American Audio Q-Spand MkII Input Mixer
    Behringer FBQ-3102 1/3-Octave Room EQ
    Behringer DEQ-2496 Equalizer + Analyzer
    dbx 4BX 4-Band Dynamic Range Expander
    dbx 120X-DS SUBHARMANIAC Synthesizer
    116dB 24Hz>20kHz - No Clipping Allowed!
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  1. Ingenious! Overall dimensions & weight? What's the arrangement of the woofers? Separate front-ported bandpass enclosures? Biamped or triamped? Any construction plans or sketches for us DIY guys? Very interesting!
  2. Long-throw 20° x 40° Mantaray constant-directivity horns. Can you hear me NOW?
  3. Interesting concept for a music bar! Keep me in the loop as your plans take shape, I built 36 nightclub systems 1977-80 in Minneapolis and the upper midwest as Dr. Disco & Associates We flew ALTEC 421/802/32B sealed wedges over the dance floor, triamped w/EVM-18B's tuned to 23Hz - WOW! Distributed 8" ceiling speakers in the bar, restaurant, restrooms 4-zoned to control levels. Seamless integration.
  4. Beware using 8Ω diaphragms on 4Ω Klipsch KG2's! The crossover moves up an octave, and the output level will be down 3dB.
  5. Scam to plug an auction site. I have her direct email. Not too bright.
  6. Thanks for the PM, I never received an email notification. Al got a great deal! Cheers, Steve
  7. BASH 300S 300-watt sub amplifier - donor unit for For Klipsch RW-12D repair. PARTS UNIT, needs repair. Transformer got HOT, discolored PC board. No further testing done. Please make me a reasonable offer! This MAY be the Klipsch SUB-12 amplifier board as well, as the specs are verrrry similar. Board labeled as iNDiGOCANADA 600130 Rev. 0. Email me for photos, I sold my 2MP camera 10 years ago... SCHEMATIC & Service Manual: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1099046/Klipsch-Rw-12.html
  8. Would you consider selling the DEQ-2496 without the dbx microphone? I have 2 Behringer ECM-800's mics, 2 sound systems, and only 1 DEQ-2496. Cheers, Steve
  9. NO BASS w/o an enclosure to trap or reuse the backwave from the woofers. Exercise in futility! Measured similar $3000 Emerald Physics ($300 parts) - nothing below 60Hz w/o doubling the input up an octave or two - 2nd & 3rd HARMONIC DISTORTION prevailed! NO FIRST OCTAVE!
  10. How are these still for sale? ALTEC's best-engineered VOTT ever, finest 288 Tangerine, 500Hz Mantaray horns, holy grail network, 4 X 250W RMS Woofers, ALTEC enclosures.
  11. Unknown flipper listed them at $650 as Quarter Fortes. Ad disappeared...
  12. Guitar amplifier. 1/4" input jacks on front, single small output transformer.
  13. I was #2 on his list, maybe next time... Savvy seller, knew they were a steal at $400.00.
  14. The lower horn appears to be an ALTEC MR931, a 1200-Hz Mantaray constant directivity for 1" drivers. Have a look at the polars! http://lansingheritage.org/html/altec/specs/components/mr931.htm I have 500-Hz MR II 594's with ALTEC 908-8B's on a portable system, stunning performance.
  15. Were there any changes in the mass-loading (fender washers?) of the drone cone between II & III? Seems more important than the flavor of the dust cap. Moving mass determines system tuning. Did Midwest duplicate the original moving mass when they performed the recone? They are very conscientious about their work - I'm a customer since 1977.
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