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    Klipsch Line Arrays in Bi-Amped 5.2 System
    Front: L&R Stacked Klipsch KG4 on Forte' IIs
    Rear: L&R Stacked Klipsch KG4 on Quartets
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    SUBwoofers: Two Klipsch SUB-12s L & R
    ADCOM GFA-555 + GSP-6 Front L & R
    ADCOM GFA-7400 Center+Rear Power
    ADCOM GTP-740 5.1 Surround Controller
    American Audio Q-Spand MkII Input Mixer
    Behringer FBQ-3102 1/3-Octave Room EQ
    Behringer DEQ-2496 Equalizer + Analyzer
    dbx 4BX 4-Band Dynamic Range Expander
    dbx 120X-DS SUBHARMANIAC Synthesizer
    116dB 24Hz>20kHz - No Clipping Allowed!
    Eats K-Horns for Breakfast, Jubilees 4 Lunch!

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  1. How do you have a "flat response system" without EQ for speakers, room, components? You need to get a grip on acoustics. AudioTool will calibrate your ears & your room.
  2. I bought these for a Ham-Radio mag-loop antenna project that never materialized, so these rare vintage cables are now for sale. #4 AWG stranded silver-plated copper conductors in clear PVC jackets with FULTON logo clearly visible on both 28'8" lengths. Each cable weighs 8 pounds, measures 0.011Ω DCR for the ultimate damping factor for eliminating resonant bass overhang. Listed elsewhere for $995/pair, happy to offer 20% discount to Klipsch Forum members. Please email for hi-res photos that I can't seem to post here.
  3. Glad you sold them, Mike. Too bad you didn't know - and the buyer didn't care - about what's behind the curtain.
  4. Series Z1 Z2 or Z3? What AWG size? Pure copper or CCA copper-clad aluminum? Thanks!
  5. KG 4.2's have MUCH more bass output than any Heresy. Also the .2 series have passive radiators for better bass extension than the port on the .5 models.
  6. Hi Camplo - so -30dB would be 1% distortion? Did I get that right?
  7. Why don't you kids just get AudioTool and some kind of 10-12-15-31 band EQ? Seems like a lot of work to swap X-over caps vs. nudging a slider on a graphic EQ. But WTH do I know? Some guys like swapping 12AX7 tubes until they pass out.
  8. Back to Favorite Receivers topic... McIntosh MAC-4100 was amazing, fabulous in every way. Maybe I can steal one here from you guys? Hmmm...
  9. I use AudioTool 61-band RTA on my Moto/Lenovo devices w/pink noise to EQ any system, any room. You opinionated devotees of commercial parochial EQ schemes that don't work should try my ideas. Flatten 40-2000, roll off -3dB/octave above 2KHz, add Fletcher-Munson Loudness below 100dB. Paul Klipsch got it, first guy to understand loudspeaker voicing for living rooms, not auditoriums.
  10. We subjectively prefer the louder of 2 speakers in A/B comparisons, so equal-volume comparisons are mandatory. Back in 1972, ADVE\T built a slick speaker switcher device for Sound of Music which I dubbed "The Lie Detector". Allowed 2 of 8 stereo pairs of speakers to be selectively A/B compared at the same volume because it switched in preamp-level screwdriver trim pots in the signal path to attenuate each speaker to match SPL in the listening room. Very interesting when we compare sonics instead of decibels.
  11. Agreed! Speakers are mostly linear transducers at 1% (-20dB below) rated power. Distortion rises exponentially over 10% (-10dB) as moving parts become non-linear. Gain compression can often reach 6+dB at full power, when 75% is wasted as heat. The trick is to juggle your budget, room space, and Fletcher-Munson until you smile!
  12. KLF-20's are remarkably better than KLF-10's - amazing 3D projection in stock form - give them 200 watts and stand back!
  13. Sealed systems can be EQ'd very low with good design. Bag End InfraSub 18 goes to 8 Hz, limited by cone excursion. Vented systems have 3dB more output down to box tuning frequency. 30 Hz includes 99% of musical frequencies.
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