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  1. Keep your KLF-30's! You will miss the 1st-octave BASS missing on LaScalas, and you may be sensitive to the phase shift delay in the folded bass horn as it crosses into the midrange horn, like I am. Unless you can biamp and delay the mids & highs for phase coherence (time arrival) which can be easily dialed in by ear, I think you will be disappointed. You will gain a couple of dB loudness, at the expense of deep bass extension and phasing anomalies.
  2. T-Mobile offered me a $50 unlimited, taxes & fees included package because I'm a good 3+ year cellular customer. Their cellsite is one block, delivers 180 to 200 MB download, 60 upload on my $200 Motorola G8 Power.
  3. Measure the DC resistance at the input terminals with the amplifier disconnected, should be 5 - 6 Ω. If it's reading open circuit, maybe the kids jiggled a connection loose at the crossover.
  4. MC-2200/2205 IS 200W w/Autoformers, is an order of magnitude beyond 1's gen McIntosh MC-2100/2105 SS amps. Really woke up my Forte II's. I sold the MC-2100 when an ADCOM GFA-555 kicked it out the back door. Flabby bass, smeared upper highs, mids were beautiful. MA-6100 integrated sounded better at 60W.
  5. I just sold the Oak Chorus II's in Minneapolis tonight. Thanks to all here for your advice, I do appreciate it! Buyer was knocked out with the sound! His wife & daughter approved, and his Mom helped carry them out! Smiles all around, another happy new Klipsch owner! 😁
  6. Properly VOICING a speaker for an application determines how succesful the design will be. ALTEC used Western Electric research to VOICE speakers to shout dialog thru movie screens. PWK understood Living Room acoustics, properly VOICED Klipsch speakers for home listening. JBL just wanted to sell more speakers, tweaked the Boom & Squeak to make them sell faster! Who is winning? Hmmm...
  7. Subjective opinion debates about loudspeakers will go on for another 75 years! Folded bass corner horns have -720° phase shift, disconcerting to many listeners. Some don't hear it, some don't care, just want +6dB output for their 3W tube amps. Quartets, Forte' II's and Chorus II's are time-aligned, a huge difference for my ears.
  8. UPDATE Thursday 2/25/21 - 10PM CST Oak Chorus II's will arrive 3PM tomorrow when I will test them on a Marantz 5002 and shoot photos on a Sony/Zeiss camera. Woofer & Passive cones are flawless. Sides are gorgeous. Tops are smooth, have water marks. No risers or badges. Shoot me your direct email with an offer, I'll send cellphone photos from the 2nd owner. Better photos tomorrow. I see local prices have gone crazy - $1000 Forte II's on Facebook yesterday, $1800 Heresy HBR's on CL tonight! https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/ele/d/saint-paul-klipsch-speakers/7282951221.html Please send your phone # and best time to call along with your questions - I talk much faster than I type! Cheers, Steve
  9. Install AudioTool on your phone or tablet, have a look at the analyzer while playing test tones from a CD. Keep in mind, most music contains almost nothing below 32 Hz.
  10. Damping factor only applies to amplifier control of a woofer. Once a cap blocks DC to a midrange, DF is irrelevant. Parallel 8 ohms will lose 3dB but maintain crossover. Give it a try!
  11. Thanks for your (mostly) instructive and helpful comments! I'm expecting delivery in a few days, when I will post photos of these speakers. Musician owner assures me they are firing on all 8 cylinders. They will be tested here w/pink noise on a 1/12 octave audio spectrum analyzer. I can supply - or install - Titanium HF diaphragms - I stock them here for Klipsch Heritage and KG upgrades. Opens the air above the music. Again, I can't offer a price yet since I don't know my cost! Innuendo like "We already know what they are worth to us" is meaningless jive BS without a serious offer. We all have the same Heritage Excel database. I will post a FOR SALE ad when they are ready to go. Thanks guys!
  12. I have a chance to buy back a pair of Klipsch Chorus II's that I sold to a local friend a few years ago. What should I offer the owner, and what to expect to sell them for, to be fair to everybody involved? They will need a new home - no room to keep them here - I have Klipsch stacked to the ceiling times 4! I can demo them on my ADCOM system and instantly A/B compare them with my Forte II's and Quartets. Thanks to all, I've been enjoying the Klipsch Forums for many years!
  13. USAF 3-bomber flyover 2021 SB 2021 redux: fun videos! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=2021+flyover
  14. Heresy's are sealed boxes, so they won't unload below resonance like a ported speaker. You could add a series capacitor to block lower bass frequencies the Heresy can't reproduce to take a load off your amplifier. Choose a value so Xc = 8Ω at 30 Hz or whereever you like. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=capacitive+reactance+chart&t=ffab&atb=v1-1&iax=images&ia=images&iai=http%3A%2F%2Flevetiere.pagesperso-orange.fr%2Flevetiere%2FFiches_techniques%2FEntrees%2F2010%2F9%2F26_Reactance_Chart_files%2FReactanceChart.png
  15. Wow, sweet deal! Wish I had the room and the $2K! 45 years years ago I had the 18" EV theater sub corner horn (scaled up 20% from 15" K-horn) built in 1949-1950 by EV. Removed adaptor baffle for blown 15", tried CTS 18", ripped it apart in a week with a McIntosh MC-60 tube amplifier. Swapped in EVM-18B, unreal improvement. Response was flat, up 1dB @ 20 Hz on a Urei Sonipulse analyzer! Played thunderstorm recordings as the girls got off the bus - looking for the clouds on a bright sunny day. Nothing like 20 Hz to 40 Hz bottom octave, you either have it or you want it!
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