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    SUBwoofers: Two Klipsch SUB-12s L & R
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    ADCOM GTP-740 5.1 Surround Controller
    American Audio Q-Spand MkII Input Mixer
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    dbx 4BX 4-Band Dynamic Range Expander
    dbx 120X-DS SUBHARMANIAC Synthesizer
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  1. I was #2 on his list, maybe next time... Savvy seller, knew they were a steal at $400.00.
  2. The lower horn appears to be an ALTEC MR931, a 1200-Hz Mantaray constant directivity for 1" drivers. Have a look at the polars! http://lansingheritage.org/html/altec/specs/components/mr931.htm I have 500-Hz MR II 594's with ALTEC 908-8B's on a portable system, stunning performance.
  3. Were there any changes in the mass-loading (fender washers?) of the drone cone between II & III? Seems more important than the flavor of the dust cap. Moving mass determines system tuning. Did Midwest duplicate the original moving mass when they performed the recone? They are very conscientious about their work - I'm a customer since 1977.
  4. You might change the headline to indicate you are selling DIAPHRAGMS, not Drivers for $40.00. Cheers & good luck!
  5. Piece of cake, just do it. An ALTEC buddy had to saw his A4 dual-15" 210 bass horns in half to get them upstairs to his apartment. Awesome project, lots of helpers. Marantz 7 driving Model 9 One-Eyed Monsters. Literally took your breath away in a 12'x16' room!
  6. Hmmm... Got rack ears? Might jump on it! Steve in Minneapolis
  7. I compared a pair of T-5000's to JBL 4430's on Patricia Barber, all 3 in the room preferred the Tangents! Wish I'd kept them!
  8. I have a single ALTEC 421-8H II with a perfect Waldom W5527 cone in Minneapolis, if anyone is looking.
  9. 105 dB at what FREQUENCY at what DISTANCE? What was the input POWER requires to achieve 105dB? What is a "reference level peak"? Hmmm... Engineering minds want to know...
  10. After 12+ years, my favorite is stacked KG4's + SUB-12's. I have ceiling corner locations on the short wall, with the stack on top of Forte' II's. I invert the bottom KG4's to produce a line-array of four 8" between horns near the ceiling and at seated ear-level. Room coverage is spectacular, and easily throws 30' into my kitchen/office. Titanium HF diaphragms from Midwest Speaker. Parallel wiring - series sounds awful - be careful of 2Ω load! ADCOM 7400 100W/ch handles them OK, 200W/ch GFA-555 is much better. Friends love it, newbies are awed by the gigantic immersive soundfield. You can easily build this for under $1200 at current prices. Photos to your direct email, they are all way over 2MB! Good luck!
  11. Try the Minnesota Public Radio app on Android & Apple phones & tablets - MPR Radio - 8 streams! The Current is fun, great Classical, Radio Heartland.
  12. $5.00 1/8" stereo miniplug > stereo RCA cable or adaptor - and you are in business! Plug it direct into your power amp - the Chromecast app has a remote volume control! Perfect for esoteric audiophiles that eschew noisy preamps and unnecessary tone controls.
  13. Looks like Google is killing this because it can’t spy on you! All their other Home devices have microphones inside! Just ordered 3 direct from Gurgle at $15 + tax w/ free shipping. This will be the end of a great product. It beats all my analog and HDRadio tuners, and Spotify Premium on direct A/B shootouts! I'm NOT selling these, sorry I jumped the gun without pointing toward Google.com! https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/01/16/you-can-still-grab-a-15-chromecast-audio-from-google-while-they-last-which-probably-wont-be-long/
  14. Fabulous WiFi > Analog 1/8" mini output DAC. Closeout at $15 each, FREE shipping if you buy 3! I've compared mine to SONY & Sangean HDRadio tunas & Spotify Premium - easily whips them all! SOLD OUT at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, everywhere else.
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