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  1. Connect an analog AC voltmeter across your speaker leads at the amplifier. 2.83 volts = one watt. 28.3 volts = 100 watts.
  2. Two ALTEC 806's on two H-811B horns are almost worth the asking price. Those Alnico UTAH 15's really deliver the low end too, insanely low resonance. I remember rocking out to the Seeburg at the pizza parlor at I.S.U. Ames in 1966!
  3. Seeburg DDS-1's with Altec H-811 horn and dual 15" Utah Drivers
  4. I heard a pair in a large meeting room with 20+ people at the MN Audio Society meeting 5? years ago. Astonishing sound - they did everything right!
  5. Update on this fraudster: I spoke with him 11/25, he agreed to have them delivered to me 10 miles away. I offered PayPal - he said no, I'll save them for you. Long story, many emails, SMS, call attempts, and now the ad is gone. This kid is a flake. Let's rattle his cage! Colin Waters 641-751-9224 waters.p.colin@gmail.com
  6. Wire Nuts are color-coded for wire capacity. Get an assortment kit like mine from Spamazon. Grey and Blue should work fine for 2-8 #22 copper. Whysoever are you feeding speakers with #22? You'll kill any damping factor, flab out the bass. Any SS amp will sound like a tube amp with an extra 1Ω between the source and the load! My Fulton Brown #12 AU/CU needs the REDS!
  7. They HUM because they don't know the WORDS... 😁
  8. Wish it was me! I'm in Minneapolis, have CL Alerts enabled, never got notified, so they sold in 20-30 minutes! Maybe they would like to double their money?
  9. Hello KG4 fans - greetings from Minneapolis - Eight KG4's here, I've blown a couple over 15 years, fuzzy-buzzy bass. I found replacements online, saved the fuzzies just in case. These are 30 watt 8Ω woofers, wired in parallel, 3.8Ω DCR at the terminals! Difficult load for marginal amplifiers! When they clip the flat-topping square wave DC pulses overheat the voice coil. Sometimes they get unglued and rattle around in the magnet gap. My solution was simple: turn down Bass -6dB (1/4 power) on the KG4 amplifier, turn UP the gain on a SUB-12 crossed at 40 Hz! Amazing difference in dynamic headroom, and I haven't smoked a woofer in 12 years! Try it, you'll like it!
  10. They remind me of the '60s Bob Heil Troughs + EV Horn + 4 piezos. Cute!
  11. Consider the venerable ALTEC Mantaray MR II 594! I bought 2 pair from Mike ColterPhoto, A/B comparison w/511B/802D vs. 594/908-8B, on A7 828 cabs w/N500-8A crossovers. 5 guys ran outside - "What did you DO?" I hot-swapped HF, absolutely amazing what 50 years of engineering, research & development does for the audible results.
  12. Excellent website! A+ review after my 8 transactions - Howard is a smooth operator! I suggest joining now, so that you're not a newbie when you want to buy or sell something. You'll receive their very interesting Saturday emails with the week's latest Featured ads. Tip: you can Feature your ad for $15, resulting in hundreds of views in a couple of days.
  13. Fabulous receiver - I just performed a tuner alignment on a 2252B for a friend - I was very impressed with the amplifier.
  14. HiFi Heaven

    Altec A7's

    Which components do you have? ALTEC sold A-7's for over 40 years with several enclosure changes 825 > 828 variants, and dozens of driver/crossover loads from the early 30 watt 803 to the 150 watt 421-8H II in the 1236 PA version. See www.LansingHeritage.org for more. I can help you identify what you have with photos - I was the ALTEC-PRO factory rep 1974-75 and I'm still messing with them here in Minneapolis!
  15. Here's a pair for sale in Hastings, MN: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/ele/d/hastings-seeburg-dds1-speakers/7092070057.html
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