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    SUBwoofers: Two Klipsch SUB-12s L & R
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    dbx 120X-DS SUBHARMANIAC Synthesizer
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  1. I have an empty ALTEC 9849-8D oak veneer single cabinet in Edina, MN 55424 for $25: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/minneapolis-vintage-1974-altec-oak/7357338675.html
  2. Hi guys - I'm a huge fan of the vintage FM tuners & receivers. I sold them at retail 1966 > 1974 in Minneapolis, all the big brands. Alignment is the magic that restores classic 1970's analog tuner performance! Like 50 year old sportscars, they need a tune-up. Major improvements in sensititivity & selectivity, less noise & distortion. I get 42+ stations on a 31" wire antenna when I'm done! EZ enough to DIY - most mfr's Service Manuals have alignment charts - you'll need tiny hex & nylon screwdrivers and some time. Let me know if I can help - PM me with your Tuner/Receiver model # - and your name & phone # - I talk much faster than I type!
  3. DLK and Omega were trade names of Don Kliewer who built them as house-brand speakers for Schaak Electronics in Mpls/St.Paul MN. Midwest Speaker Repair in Roseville, MN can help you with these - talk to the owner Joe at 651-645-7174.
  4. Highly recommended - latest model - sound quality blew me away - 3D soundstage on old Rock CD's! $200 w/ remote control! https://www.adj.com/ucd-100-mkiii
  5. Here's one in Minnesota, NO affiliation. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/ele/d/stillwater-marantz-2230-professionally/7335291217.html I sold Marantz new at Sound of Music in Minneapolis 1970-74 - 2230's & 2270's flew out the door!
  6. Maybe it's just the cognac...
  7. Damping factor of the amplifier (speaker load impedance/amplifier impedance) diminishes as the speaker wire resistance increases. ADCOM 400 DF = 0.02Ω internal impedance. Add your speaker wire resistance and recalulate - you will be amazed how most systems have meager 40-50 DF's even with #16 or #14 speaker wiring! Do the math on your system! Look up the Ω/foot on your wire gauge, multiply by TWICE the cable length to calculate the round-trip electrical resistance, you will see! #12 silver-plated FULTON is magic!
  8. Flip the wires from the amplifier to the crossover inputs on both speakers. You can wire SPDT switches ($5 each) to do this quickly to A/B compare.
  9. Reverse the input phase to BOTH speakers - this will invert the ABSOLUTE PHASE of your system. You may find the sound is closer to what you remember.
  10. Many Klipsch 8Ω-labeled systems use 4Ω woofers to boost bass output measurements by +3dB. OK on horn-loaded systems where the acoustical loading increases the AC impedance at the amplifier. Questionable game of specsmanship when the marketing guys, not the engineers, write the spec sheets. Early KG4's were labeled 4Ω, quickly changed to 6Ω. Two 8Ω woofers in parallel are 4Ω, not 6Ω or 8Ω, kids! My Quartets, Forte II's, and Chorus II's - all sold as 8Ω speakers - have 4Ω woofers to generate that big BASS! Transistor amps deliver twice the current at 4Ω, tube amps limp along with transformer limitations & distortion. Measure DCR at the speaker terminals to see what you have for a load - the AC impedance won't be much higher.
  11. Keep your KLF-30's! You will miss the 1st-octave BASS missing on LaScalas, and you may be sensitive to the phase shift delay in the folded bass horn as it crosses into the midrange horn, like I am. Unless you can biamp and delay the mids & highs for phase coherence (time arrival) which can be easily dialed in by ear, I think you will be disappointed. You will gain a couple of dB loudness, at the expense of deep bass extension and phasing anomalies.
  12. T-Mobile offered me a $50 unlimited, taxes & fees included package because I'm a good 3+ year cellular customer. Their cellsite is one block, delivers 180 to 200 MB download, 60 upload on my $200 Motorola G8 Power.
  13. Measure the DC resistance at the input terminals with the amplifier disconnected, should be 5 - 6 Ω. If it's reading open circuit, maybe the kids jiggled a connection loose at the crossover.
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