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  1. Built Aristocrats from EV blueprints in the 1960's with my Dad. Apparently, Paul Klipsch licensed the Aristocrat design to EV for better pricing. Thunderous sound on a Dynakit Stereo-35 with Jensen 12" + small horns! I have photos of a mahogany EV Aristocrat inside and out, with the magnificent EV SP-12 Alnico woofer with chrome-plated magnet cover! Those were the days!
  2. Hi Rick - Welcome to the Klipsch Forums! Please check your PM - I sent you personal email here a few hours ago, no joy. Thanks, Steve
  3. IMHO - 99% of sibilance from vinyl recordings is from undamped cantilever resonances in the pickup. I cut my teeth on GE Variable Reluctance on Garrard RC-80! I watched Shure M-55E's jump out of the groove! Had a collection of ADC, Empire, M/A, Ortofon, Shure, Stanton all mounted on headshells for quick A/B/C in 1974. Best overall was ADC XLM Mk II - better trackability than Shure Supertrack!
  4. Easy to inflate speaker sensitivity (dB/W) +3dB by stating output at 2.83 Volts, calling them 8Ω speakers, plopping in 4Ω woofers. My Forte' II's, Quartets, and KG4's all measure under 4Ω DCR. Passive radiators don't double the AC impedance to 8 Ω - ever!
  5. K-25-K is no longer needed - but thanks everybody for your help! Going with brand new woofers - a matched pair w/warranties.
  6. Thanks 314, nothing to trade. What would you like for them?
  7. Wanted: single K-25-K 12" 4Ω Forte' II woofer - Will take 2 if you have them. PayPal/Visa/MC ok.
  8. Not mine, no connection, just spotted the ad: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/minneapolis-free-ev-subs/7057941256.html " We have 16 @ Electro-voice TL4050 sub-woofers that we are looking to part ways with, each cabinet has been stripped of its driver. Prior to being stripped each sub-woofer was tested and all were in working condition. "
  9. Thanks iaRIVR, maybe next time! The store delivered them yesterday. Matched pair, in factory shipping cartons with styrofoam packing!
  10. UPDATE: After grilling both "managers" I learned about the 2" rip in one KD-15 cone thus explaining the $200 bargain pricing! I pointed out their ad made NO mention of the damage and had NO photo of the back showing the gash in the passive radiator. They offered a $40 delivery (50 mile round trip) to compensate, so I accepted. I plan to repair the tear with 3M Micropore Surgical Tape and BSC adhesive from SpringfieldSpeakerRepair.com or Permatex RTV. Last resort is to order two brand new KD-15's from Klipsch Parts, replace them both, and sell the originals here on Garage Sale.
  11. Thanks wvu80 for your Heritage used price spreadsheet! Very valuable contribution to the knowledge base, fun to use!
  12. $214.24 with MN sales tax. I'm looking for someone to deliver them from Music Go Round in Woodbury, MN (494 & Valley Creek Dr 55125) to me at 44th & France Av. S in Edina MN 55424. I don't drive, so I'm paying CA$H money! Room full of Klipsch to enjoy here upon arrival!
  13. Thank you Ari KG4GUY for the heads-up! You are awesome again & again sir! I just snagged them, paid for them online, free pickup, 20 miles away in St. Paul. Perhaps a St.Paul forum member could levitate them to Edina ??? - I don't drive.
  14. What are you planning for HF? You might go active Xover, instead of buying boxes of caps & coils & resistors to roll your own. Cheaper in the long run, less frustration, instant grarification! I've had good luck w/cheap Behringer Xovers & EQ's: https://www.amazon.com/Behringer-Effect-Processor-CX2310-V2/dp/B07J37C68Z?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-ffab-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B07J37C68Z
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