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  1. I will read this. I wasn't aware of it until your post.
  2. Or perhaps a different sub. Your mains are pretty efficient and IMO that Marantz should provide more than enough juice. I know metal guys like to shake the room. Crossover might be a place to start which wouldn't cost you a nickel. If that doesn't do the trick, snagging a pair of used mono blocks to run through the system in stereo mode might be just the ticket.
  3. YK Thom

    Happy New Year

    A new year with new opportunities. Have a healthy and happy one.
  4. Pretty crazy. This guy must be single for sure.
  5. IMO the RB 61 II in the general scheme of things. Best sound for the buck I have ever come across. With a few more bucks I would snap up a P17 in a New York minute. I hope to see a return of the Palladium series. 21rst century Klipsch and absolutely beautiful.
  6. Nice to have that sorted. Sounds like you need more difficulties like a hole in the head.
  7. A friend of mine has a Primaluna driving his ProAcs. The thing (and his entire system), sounds fantastic.
  8. " The desire for ownership and control over content is often a driving factor for those who hang onto their music players" Exactly. I prefer to have my own rather than rent digital music.
  9. Do you not have big Boxing Day sales in the states?
  10. Has anyone had experience with these headphones? They look fantastic and I have been reading extremely good reviews. I'm quite content with my current home rig but have decided to acquire a nice high end pair of headphones in 2020, something I have never owned. These might be the ticket. I'm kicking around the choice between the Klipsch HP-3 and the Meze 99 Classics ( which also feature wood ear cups).
  11. Wow, it's been a year already. We are now getting ready for the season. We have to order most of our supplies from the south, doing some decorating tomorrow and will throw on my second favourite ( by a whisker) album.
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