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  1. You don't see the long haired versions that often.
  2. YK Thom

    Hot Hot Hot

    In fact that is the brand in my refrigerator right now! Grace products are available here. Their ginger beer is the best I've ever had and we pick it up for Dark and Stormies every summer. If you make a batch at some future date I'm in for some.
  3. YK Thom

    Hot Hot Hot

    Do you ever make a Scotch Bonnet sauce? I usually always have some around for when we make Jamaican curry - it is pretty rare to ever see fresh ones here in Yellowknife.
  4. Grasshopper, I wish it could be year round, there some up here that do, all about having a wind sheltered spot and a bulb to keep the propane from gelling. I have a smaller footprint unit ( two burners) that operates until -10 (without wind). After that I'm lucky to achieve baking temps so the cover goes on. I'm on the tenth floor of a 17 story condo tower in downtown Yellowknife.
  5. Fingers crossed. Trying a paste rub on the lamb - olive oil,lemon, mustard, rosemary,pepper, garlic and thyme. I've had it in restaurants. My wife likes the tried and true Montreal steak spice.
  6. A very good post, and a very resilient man.
  7. We have had two days of fantastic unseasonably warm temps here in the great white north. Currently -1C, usually -16 to -20 this time of year. When opportunity knocks I'm firing up the BBQ likely for the last time until spring. A small rack of lamb for myself and steak for my wife.
  8. That is a nice acquisition for 40 dollars. I would enjoy something like that for my computer/office.
  9. I belong to an Ohm owners group on FB, this was posted yesterday. I'm hoping Voxx International is the buyer. It would really be something to see what Roy could do with this line and concept. Darrell Keith Top contributor · · Hello all, I know it's been awhile so I thought I'd bring you a little more news. Keep in mind I'm not a spokesman for Ohm but just by chance of a phone call I became connected with the late owner's sister and we've had some wonderful conversation. A sale in the company is forthcoming, but as with any estate upon a person's death the estate has to be settled. It's always time-consuming and never goes as quickly as you want it to. Be patient please, Ohm Acoustics is still a viable company but like I said it's dealing with the estate now it's taking the time. Just trying to bring some good news and please be patient.
  10. She's looking pretty comfortable. I'm glad to see this thread revived, always nice looking at other peoples favourite creatures.
  11. Thanks, she has a disposition to match. Balinese, we got her from a cattery down in Calgary 9 years ago.
  12. I did a little digging and the two options you are looking at appear to have the most bang for the buck in that price range. Between the pair I would be inclined to lean towards the Yamaha as is has both Bluetooth and WiFi. They are both good makes. In a perfect world you would be able to demo them and decide that way, but as we know audio shops are getting harder to find. Another to consider is the MARANTZ NR1200, a bit over your budget but the model has been recently discontinued and you could probably find a deal closer to your budget if you looked around.
  13. That is very reasonable especially considering how much a brand new pair of 111s or IVs cost. Essentially brand new speakers.
  14. I have Amazon Prime and will look this up.
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