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  1. Definitely worth upgrading. The Marantz is a fine unit that will serve you well for years. It might be a different story if you didn’t already possess a CD library.
  2. We have a Robbie Burn's night dinner at my lodge every year. I actually really like haggis with gravy.
  3. Thanks, it's a V STAR 650. Just about the right size for around here. Got the saddle bags back on this weekend. A bunch of us are heading down the Ingraham Trail this coming weekend. Should be a hoot. https://www.nwtparks.ca/explore/ingraham-trail
  4. 27 c. today ( that's 80 in English). Looks like we are in the 20s until the weekend! Summer was late but it has arrived. We had a false start the end of May, nice and mild. Got the bike out for the first time May 24 and took this shot down at the government dock in Old Town.
  5. The latter part of October most years.
  6. A beautiful 25 degrees (Celsius), nicest day so far this year. Went for a super nice ride on the motor bike today.
  7. Having the tweeters on the inside could also help create a wider soundstage. My Ohm Walsh do a version of this by having the super tweeters aimed at a 45 degree angle coming to a focus just in front of the listening position.
  8. Seems like a nice girl. Is she on Florida’s gulf coast?
  9. I love the Gulf coast of Florida and that wonderful highway that goes down south and cuts across the Everglades park. Just glorious down there. If everything works out we hope to be able to spend out retirement winters there. It has it all, friendly people, topography as well as a lot of businesses geared to the senior’s market.
  10. Looks like they would be fine on their sides after all.
  11. Thought the review was positive overall (picked up the issue last week). I find that their reviews can be flavoured by who writes them. On another note they have been obviously listening to readers calling for reviews of affordable gear. As nice as it is to read an article about a super car speaker now and then, I like reading about products that I would and could purchase.
  12. From what I see it is on when you turn them on and has to be disabled before you start playing. I don't see anything that leaves it off permanently.
  13. All I see when I read the sheets is that the sub reset button is to be held down for three seconds to disengage the EQ, which they describe as being similar to the old “loudness” control. The same procedure for turning it back on. It apparently only boosts when at low volumes and then cuts itself back as volume is increased.
  14. Sorry about that, I didn’t realize these were the powered units. I had erroneously assumed it was a receiver/AVR setting issue.
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