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  1. Sounds odd. The settings are generally memorized and just need to be reengaged. Could you not put it back on before you shut it down?
  2. Didn’t think of that. I haven’t spun vinyl in over thirty years. Good point. Very neat though.
  3. Used to enjoy going to them when I was a kid with my parents. Went with friends and or a girlfriend through high school in the late seventies up to about 81. I haven't seen one around in a long time. A real shame as I enjoyed them - especially once they started broadcasting the sound on FM. If you had a half decent system in your car it was pretty good. I guess these days with the value of land one would have to be outside of or on the very fringe of a city. This is something I would support making a comeback.
  4. There is no way on G-d’s green earth these products are worth that kind of money. My nose nearly bleeds thinking of the markups involved.
  5. YK Thom


    Just started vaping a few weeks ago. Picked up one of the new pod systems for $20.00. Very small, about the size of a couple smokes bundled together. Charges up with a micro USB. They sell packs of two profiled pods that have been lasting me a week. Nice little rig called Logic, from Britain. Just introduced into the Canadian market this spring. I see it as my gateway to quitting. Two or three little puffs and I’m good to go whereas before I would smoke a whole cigarette. Harmless? I doubt it, far less harmful? Absolutely. The amount of. money bleeding out has dropped drastically. $21 a day for one pack vs $10 a week for a two pack of pods.
  6. They made the jump to present audio in a more natural and reflected manner. The way natural sound is produced and heard.
  7. One of those puppies will be a lot better than the flashlight function on my cell phone. Going to get one.
  8. Another totally out of the box option would be to consider in-walls.
  9. I’d have to keep them low for sure.
  10. A question: why would the venerable JBL L100 (and it’s modern reincarnation) have stands designed for them? They were low, about eight inches tall and slanted back.
  11. Conceptually the two way version reminds me of a modern interpretation of Altec 19, not too shabby.
  12. Have wanted a pair for a few years now. Could be a retirement project a few years down the road.
  13. I’ve never noticed much difference aside from the CDs not having surface noise which used to drive me up the wall back when I was a vinyl guy in the pre-CD universe.
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