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  1. Malcolm Young: Rock in Peace

    Another addition to a growing list we lost in 2017. Too young to die of complications from dementia.
  2. JBL Studio 590s

    They also do well in commercial venue placement. In the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta it seems to be about 60/40 JBL to Klipsch in the stores, restaurant and pubs.several of the large women’s stores use the large white wall mount Klipsch.
  3. JBL Studio 590s

    I agree. I've been to more than a few homes and have yet see/hear a centre as good as my RC 62. Haven't heard one of the 64s but they look magnificent. Mind you I don't play movies or television at what people refer to as reference levels - to damn loud for me and the neighbors. I really thought I would hear a big noticeable difference when I swapped out the RB61 IIs for the Ohms, but no mismatch to my ears. My wife likes it and one of my audio buddies was surprised as well.
  4. JBL Studio 590s

    Perhaps that is the case with my set up - RC 62 II between a pair of Ohm Acoustics 2000s. The Klipsch is dead neutral and very clear, seems to blend incredibly well with the extra wide sound stage the Ohms put out. Works so well in fact I have decided to forgo purchasing an Ohm centre.
  5. JBL Studio 590s

    For some reason the larger Klipsch centres seem to blend well with other brands.
  6. Led Zeppelin 2!

    Damn, it might be our provider but none of the videos would play.
  7. A shot I found online. Piano Black has a very nice mirror like quality to it.
  8. A piano finish is timeless and very classy looking. It won’t look out of place in any room.
  9. forum

    That is a shame but I guess comfort is key. As for myself I really enjoy this forum, and very much appreciate the feel of camaraderie here - whether it be music, equipment or general interest discussions. I also seem to learn something new each time I sign in. A very nice crew from all over.
  10. Anyone do one of those DNA tests?

    I would say that the ethnic determination tests offered on TV are bullocks on stilts. However proper DNA tests done through a your Dr and a certified lab are another creature altogether. My wife and her biological father confirmed their relationship about 15 years ago with a 99% match. It was the development of a serious medical condition my wife developed that caused her mother to “spill the beans”. Her so called father that she had known was a worthless pos that sexually abused her as a child and led to a divorce back when she was 7. After a couple years of very pleasant phone calls and getting to know him and his family (all grown), we finally met each other in northern Alberta (Peace River). As soon as he opened the door it was a no brainer, the remblance was beyond striking. Turns out he had always suspected but my wife’s mother had lied to him for years. We have been very welcome members of the wider family ever since.

    Enjoyed them for years, however Waters ruined it for me. I banished them from my home and system several years ago by giving my entire collection to a coworker.
  12. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    The look is very striking. I hope they sound really good as well.
  13. Resurrecting Macassar Ebony Fortes

    They look great, remind me a bit of the Palladium look.
  14. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    Nice! Looking forward to seeing these unboxed. They have a very impressive distinctive look.
  15. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    I was very interested in a pair from this series a year ago but was unable to hear them. I have on weekends up until a year ago, worked the local FM station, we had a great set of JBL monitors in the broadcast studio ( prettynice pair of Tannoys in prod). They rocked. Only ever heard them with classic rock/80s as that was our playlist but really liked the overall JBL sound. Similar in many ways to the Klipsch sound.