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  1. Thanks, I do have headphones but would like a way to ramp up the quality of sound as well as begin to digitize my CDs. Ideally looking for something not too expensive - under 300 for sure. I am somewhat familiar with MP3 type files but they don't sound that good to me. I have never heard of Exact Copy. Going to google that one up.
  2. During the course of my unsuccessful run for Territorial MLA in September, I finally ceased procrastinating and set my den up as a proper office. It had previously been a little used sitting/reading room. Now that I find myself sitting in front of a proper computer rather than an IPad sound is now a concern. When we are listening to music through the regular system things are fine. Ohms are one of those speakers that somehow manage to sound good in the room next door. However when I'm noodling around in here and my wife is watching TV it is a different matter. The den opens onto the living room, taking a separate system with speakers off the table. Too close together. Therefore my option is headphones. I'm hoping this is in the right section. I could use some advise regarding small headphone amps (ideally with a DAC), and recommendations on how to best rip albums from my CD collection. I have Windows 10 (which I loath). I have read up a wee bit on the Dragonfly units which might be nice for use on the balcony in the summer as well if I can figure the best way to download files and perhaps access them from my new Galaxy 10 phone (android). I know less than bupkis about file ripping and the better formats to use. I suddenly feel old.
  3. Yes indeed, you could easily sell the plans and parts list for these.
  4. A very good interview. He also has a magnificent home system.
  5. All this Thanksgiving talk is giving me the crazy idea to do another one.
  6. 65 inches is a pretty good size.
  7. Sounds like a good system. If you have things set to small and run the sub (either or), you should be more than fine. Enjoy
  8. I had one back in the day. Wish it was in the storage room rather than lost to the sands of time.
  9. Bryston amps are extremely good and very popular here in Canada. I wish I could say there was one in my near future.
  10. Golda, my listening partner.
  11. You don’t seem to want to spend any money or particularly care what is there. Just buy a blue tooth speaker, perhaps a Klipsch Three or Bose Sound Touch or SoundLink and be done with it.
  12. They are most definitely number 1 on my want list, eclipsing even the Khorns. Placement and usability are the key elements. My wife gave tacit approval for Khorns a few years back, but our condo could not properly utilize them. Chances are when we retire and move, corner issues will yet again be an issue. Keep in mind the original Khorn era was that of single speaker mono. The new IV seems to have it all.
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