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  1. Help to ID Klipschorns

    Very neat old pic.
  2. Your First Three Cars

    '76 Fiat 128, 77 Datsun B210, Chev Monza (late 70s). The Fiat was the most fun and the one I have the best memories of, the Datsun was quick and never broke down, the Monza was a dog.
  3. A Correlated History of Earth

    Very interesting, I may order one for my spare room.
  4. They may image better as the Khorn was originally designed to be a solo mono speaker. I have yet to hear a pair of LaScalas so I can't say for sure. My impressions of the Khorns were really about the clarity. I was younger and my listening tastes and habits were still pretty unrefined.
  5. Thank You Mr. Walter Becker; RIP

    Were it not for Steely Dan I may not have veered off into discovering the jazz world when I did. It was the jazz inflection in some of their music that broke me out of the 4/4 time blues box that I and most rock fans were living in at the time.
  6. Thank You Mr. Walter Becker; RIP

    I didn't see this thread before posting essentially the same thing. How does one remove it?
  7. Pick ONE, and ONLY one, Steely Dan LP

    Aja for sure, it was probably the most balanced of all their works.
  8. Walter Becker RIP

    The 2017 losses continue to mount; I just read Walter Becker, co founder of Steely Dan passed away yesterday (Sept 3). Always enjoyed Steely Dan and when I was young they acted as my gateway to discovering jazz. Going to be playing discs from my Steely Dan collection today.
  9. Belle Klipsch..new to me

    I agree, they are IMO the best looking of the lot. Quite possibly the best looking speaker of all time.
  10. Shout Out To Texas Coast!

    I have been watching this from the far north, incredible destruction.
  11. why does modern music sound so...

    I think two things are converging at the moment. The young people are more singles than album oriented these days at the same time the record labels are in decline. Crappy quick hit singles are a revenue source.
  12. Interesting thoughts from all. I love the sound of the Khorn but the reality of my living space rules them out. I enjoyed stand mounted RB61 IIs for several years in this space but found they could be a bit harsh on with some recordings. I started searching for a deal on the RF7 IIs thinking a full sized floor stander in my room would be nice full and remove the need for a sub (I'm not a wall rumble kind of guy and neither are my neighbors). Stumbled across Ohm Accoustics, a brand I was always curious about; took the plunge and haven't looked back. I find the clarity the Klipsch have is there with a more realistic presentation of the sort of music I listen to - predominantly jazz at moderate, sometimes high moderate levels. The large Klipsch do amazingly well with rock music because of the volume levels available and the fact that such music is always played through horn equipped PA systems, which the Heritage models in particular share many similarities. Seems the secret to great Klipsch sound with the Heritage series is tubes - which add a certain amount of distortion, albeit pleasant distortion. It seems with solid state the Klipsch can be too revealing of flaws which makes sense as they were originally designed to operate in a world that was powered by tubes.
  13. Opinion on this used car

    I have owned a few Hyundais. They are well made and hold up well.
  14. Top Ten Vintage Speakers on Ebay (inc RB-51 II)

    Good luck with your hunt. They don't seem to pop up very often.
  15. Top Ten Vintage Speakers on Ebay (inc RB-51 II)

    Surprised the old Electro-Voice Interface D doesn't pop up on the lists. Fantastic sounding speakers. Would love to come across a restored pair some day.