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  1. With a room that size I'd lean towards the stand mounts. Down the road when you move they will most likely be fine there as well. Seems a lot of apartments have smaller living rooms than they used to. At some point they could be moved to the back as rears in a surround set up.
  2. I have a feeling the Threes are destined to become a classic. I hope to hear a pair later this year while down south.
  3. It should sound very good. It is large, capable, very clear and neutral (uncoloured), and punches well above its price point. In fact I use one with my Ohm Accoustics 2000 Talls and somehow it blends flawlessly.
  4. A very impressive video and that motor boat has some serious power. As for the forty foot jumps....nope. Alabama looks very nice, going to have to make my way there at some point.
  5. Both the Denon and Marantz are good choices. I have been a Marantz fan for many years so would be inclined to lean towards it. You will have more than enough power for most rooms and still have the option of adding more through the preouts down the road should you find it needed.
  6. I'm with you. I had a pretty extensive vinyl collection back in the 80s but became an early CD adherent back in 84 ( NAD player). I like the sound and don't miss the never ending work of turntables. Have yet to jump into the digital file world, the formats change to often for my liking and I don't want to buy another copy of the White Album to quote Tommy Lee Jones. I do however listen to some pretty good good sounding internet radio through my Apple TV from time to time.
  7. Wow! If you feel a little envy from the north it's just me.
  8. Thank you kindly. You have been all over the country.
  9. Thanks Teaman, we are all Canadian, although some of us have four seasons, some of us just have Winter and Not Winter.
  10. Very much the same sort of celebration.
  11. Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians on the forum and happy impending Fourth of July to my American friends!
  12. You will be fine, my fronts are 6ohm Ohm Walsh, everything else is 8ohm Klipsch, works and sounds fine.
  13. I'd like to watch this at some point.
  14. My two cents: Marantz and Klipsch go together like chocolate and peanut butter.
  15. Absolutely brilliant!