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  1. They are both exceptional speakers, in the end it comes down to a preference for two or three way sound. I lean towards three way. An RF 7 model with a tweeter and mid-range horn set up in a similar fashion to the Palladium series would be killer.
  2. I've never flown in this type of aircraft.
  3. Now that is a big pup! Nice
  4. Golda relaxing while listening to Steely Dan. Seems to be her favourite.
  5. I enjoy these videos with two pairs back to back playing the same music. Gives you a taste of the overall characteristics.
  6. I noticed that the reviewer commented on the Lascalas not imaging well like many modern speakers do. Not the first time I have heard this, why would this be the case? Is it the wide baffle? I've read that the wide baffle Orangutans and the other apes series from Devore image well. The horns themselves or are they just incorrect?
  7. That was a good review. His mention of the Rex brought back some memories. Have been there many times over the years.
  8. Very interesting, when you think about speaker tech is very old. Something completely different is bound to be discovered at some point.
  9. YK Thom

    Stupid News

    One of the last guys I'd be giving a hard time about anything.
  10. The orange is iconic, however, were I to run into a pair I'd prefer brown. It would go with the wood furniture I have and maintain marital harmony.
  11. It is really something that a specialty operation like this can exist. Says everything you need to know about the Heritage line. Enjoy your Fortes!
  12. Thanks, I seem to remember you were in Ontario. I'll be heading down there in late July for the covid delayed memorial service for my brother. Will be on the other side of TO for a bit (Oshawa). That is not all that far away. I haven't had a chance to see them in person. Can't really afford a pair right now but they are right at the top of my retirement gift to myself list in a couple years. I'd like to check them and the Forte IVs out.
  13. That seems to do the trick. Fortunately it was very minor. Where did you buy the Cornwalls? Did they have a pair on hand to view and listen to?
  14. This could be a real game changer.
  15. I always got a real kick out of him, sad news indeed.
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