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  1. This is the first I have heard of this. Going by the demo vido in the link the difference is VERY noticeable.
  2. Good point, even though they are 4 ohm they aren't sucking a lot of juice. If they were rated in the 80s for efficiency I wouldn't even consider it.
  3. I would be cautious and really keep an eye on how hot the Sansui is getting.
  4. Anybody have one of these? I see they are discontinued and a Canadian dealer is selling open box for $199 Cdn. Still trying to sort out something for on the balcony this summer. Wifi and Blue tooth from what I see.
  5. Would like to have a pair Palladium P-39F, IMO the most beautiful speaker Klipsch has ever produced.
  6. A somewhat related question: I have been streaming some of the internet radio stations from my computer (desktop), through my Apple TV and then into the system. Does Apple TV put through the 320 bit rate I am sending it? I just signed up with Jazzradio.com. I am very much a newby with this sort of thing.
  7. Nice! Our roads are now clear except for the crazy amount of gravel they laid down during the winter. The street sweeping trucks started yesterday. Takes a couple weeks but once the gavel is collected I'll get my motorbike on the road. That was a long bloody winter this year.
  8. I have had it on the back burner for the past little while. We cleaned up the balcony and had our first BBQ of the year yesterday. We are finally in + temperatures and the snow is melting like crazy. Still unsure what to do. I am now seriously considering a One or Three table top. It would only be used in the condo or the balcony, a full on portable wouldn't be required.
  9. My Meze 99 Classics arrived in the post yesterday. I unboxed them this morning. Much lighter than they look, and considerably lighter than my Monster Inspiration cans. I am listening through them as I type. I am very impressed. Nice well balanced and detailed sound. The bass is not as aggressive as the Inspirations but is very tight and clean. Going to be doing some A/B listening later in the day. Bottom line: right out of the box I am thoroughly impressed and very pleased. These are keepers.
  10. An amazing collection of equipment, congrats!
  11. This might be the sort of thing. I have a pair of Meze headphones on the way. I'm not sold on blue tooth headphones.
  12. I'm looking for a small type devise I could use on the balcony this summer with headphones. CD comparability would be good, although I may be looking at this all wrong. Maybe it is some sort of thing that could pick up blue tooth or wifi from my computer.
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