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  1. It was Tom Sholz. He was for all intents and purposes Boston along with singer Brad Delp. He was also an engineer, he invented and released the Rockman back in the 80s. A buddy at the time had one and used it for guitar practicing.
  2. Now that you mention it. Sounds great in my Jeep, sounds great at the pub through Bose 201s but just ok at home. Perhaps it was mixed more for radio play or something back in the day.
  3. I've googled pictures of the Jensen as well as the Klipsch Shorthorn and Rebel, they seem to fall in-between and have elements of each. Very funky looking speakers and if they sound good (or could sound good), they would be worth restoring. Those cabinets are very nice and furniture grade by the look of the pictures.
  4. After we left Ottawa we headed over to Victoria BC. Cindy has been there before but this was the first visit for me. We were off to see her elderly aunt who has had some health issues but seems fine now. A popular site in the area are the Butchart Gardens. This place is very famous in Canada; it is a massive classic Victorian style garden park on the estate of a turn of the last century industrialist. The family still owns and operates it. The climate in Victoria is warmer than anywhere else in the country - they barely get winter at all and temps rarely fall below freezing. People plant and maintain palms in this area. You wouldn't even know you were in Canada, crazy.
  5. I agree and recall when I was younger and would have appreciated something like this myself. He will most likely have them for years to come. He is already considering a new two channel receiver to replace his Sony sometime this year. I am much happier giving them to him than selling them through YK Trader ( a local online buy and sell site), for the couple hundred dollars I may have got for them. I know this guy and know they will be used a lot.
  6. Thanks, he is a very nice guy and has been a friend for a few years. He tried offering me some money but I wasn't having any of it. A few of my other friends are in the same boat with their parents. Seems we are getting to that age (mid fifties), and this is something we all have to deal with.
  7. My father lives at the old family cottage outside of Minden. It is in Ontario cottage country and is very nice in the summer. A lot of connected lakes and a lot of wildlife. We saw more white tail deer and turkeys than you could shake a stick at (as the old expression goes), this trip. Something new (I haven't been down this way in many years), was the addition of these turtle crossing signs. This region provides habitat to most of Canada's turtle species, many of them endangered. Before we moved back north, my wife and I would drive around the back-roads during turtle breeding season and move them off the roads. A lot were killed by traffic each year.
  8. It is, at the least an entire city block, built in 1909. It is an official national historic site.
  9. After spending a great week with my father, my wife and I had a couple days in Ottawa before we had to zip over to Victoria BC to see her elderly aunt. We stayed at the Chateau Laurier for the first time ever (thanks to a ridiculously good deal via Hotels.com!). Trust me, not where we normally stay. Worked out cheaper than our usual haunt - the Lord Elgin Hotel. It is as magnificent as it looks. There is a lot of history in that hotel. Took these photos on the way back to the hotel from one of our favorite pubs in Ottawa, Darcy McGee's.
  10. Just got back from a trip to southern Canada Monday. My father is faring poorly and is now in his final months. We went down to spend a week at his place in Ontario (Minden), via Ottawa. A very nice visit and realistically the final one. We had a young man we know house sit/cat sit whilst we were away. He was bar none the best we have ever had. The place was as clean and well tended upon our return as it had been at departure. He is something of a musician in his spare time and a music lover in general. Like many younger folk he has a pretty minimal system that he is working on improving but progress has been limited to funds and his contract renewals. This being the case we decided that we will give him the set of RB61IIs and stands that were displaced from the living room by the Ohm Walsh Talls I acquired towards the end of last year. He is very excited and was absolutely gobsmacked when I brought this up. He'll be coming by this Saturday and will transport them to his place. It seemed to me a good use of them, as they are now just sitting doing nothing in the spare room and realistically will not be used in the future. It will be satisfying to have them singing again and helping out a budding audiophile. This is a shot of one of said beasts standing alongside the Ohms upon delivery. Another shot from the holiday season of 2015.
  11. I would have to agree with RoboKlipsch re the RB51 or 61s. They can be had for some pretty reasonable prices. All things being equal, the 51s being a bit smaller may be easier to incorporate into the room.
  12. One of the great things the guys at Ohm Accoustics did was a variant of this. Corner caps over styrofoam and pressboard with another layer over top. All the way from Brooklyn NY to the NWT. Check out the photos one my Ohm Wash Something different thread.
  13. I'd keep them, you can order brand new updated cans from Ohm Accoustics. You'll be glad you did.
  14. That would have been a great show. You are fortunate to have seen it.