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  1. Old thread but an update... After a month and a half or so later we finally got our schedules to match. Living up north work travel is very common and we have been out of sync. The RB61 IIs were delivered a week ago. He is absolutely blown away and has given his former speakers that these replaced to another friend (domino effect). He is something of a musician and frequents one of the pubs with open mic nights as a participant. The live sound is not what he was used to or expecting. He has been texting me all week as he tweaks the positioning and can't believe the difference is sound and detail. Another member of the Klipsch tribe is born.
  2. Very elegant looking stand, kudos.
  3. Rather than better or worse quite often we are referring to our preferences. Certain speakers have characteristics we either favour or don't. Room size and intended usage are very important, in fact that is how I bought my Ohms. They have different models matched to cubic feet of room. Usage matters as well, if your goal is moderate to high listening or reference level movie watching. Myself I don't care for reference levels even at the theatre. Too loud for my tastes, perfect for many others though.
  4. Maybe it's a Canadian thing...I have never even heard of salt on watermelon. So no!
  5. I'm assuming it must be a sideline hobby/business, the numbers don't add up for a full time enterprise.
  6. Much like Gary P, I would most likely revert to my actual name, Thom Jarvis. The YK is a reference to Yellowknife. My current avatar is a photo of me.
  7. It was pretty impressive, the singer's mic died, the crowd took care of it.
  8. Well there is 13 minutes and 17 seconds of my life mispent on what amounts to a repetitive anti Klipsch rant.
  9. Thanks, I will look into this. I am finding most of the streaming services are not available here. I put it down to the restrictiveness of the CRTC which oversees broadcast (over air, sattalite and cable), and now foriegn internet media access. Protectionism at its "finest".
  10. Thanks, I've never heard of Vudu, going to see if they are available in Canada.
  11. I am unapologetically old school and seriously miss our local video stores. We had two and the last one closed a year ago. We rented movies weekly. Since then we have had Netflix and view through our Apple TV. We just don't find it particularly good. It seems to offer old movies which we have already seen. Long gone are the new release Tuesdays we looked forward to each week. Are there better options for more current movies you would recommend?
  12. Congrats on the purchase. Knew guys who had them years ago (one of them still does). Always wanted one.
  13. Having a couple pints with my father at the pub directly across the street from my condo (Kilt and Castle). He made his way up to Yellowknife for a visit September 2015.
  14. You will never be disappointed with the RC62 II. They are fairly large and fill a room with ease. They are also incredibly neutral, to the point they seem to work very well with nonmatching speakers. I am now using Ohm Walsh Tall 2000s (about as different from Klipsch in design as you can get), my RC centre works flawlessly with them. They can be had new in the box pretty reasonably, quite a few still floating around.
  15. It was Tom Sholz. He was for all intents and purposes Boston along with singer Brad Delp. He was also an engineer, he invented and released the Rockman back in the 80s. A buddy at the time had one and used it for guitar practicing.