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  1. New chapter in my life

    The most miserable people I have ever met were senior management types. Once they are retired no one listens to them anymore and they can’t cant give orders. They are also the most reluctant to retire as their identities are too tied to thier jobs. My soon soon to retire GM is a case in point. He will be gone in a couple months and is terrified of the prospect. He and his wife (nurse retiring in June), will be moving down south to New Brunswick. He keeps telling me that he can’t do “nothing”. His concept of doing something is working. He claims he will grab a part time gig which I predict he will last in until coffee the first morning. If he is not in charge he is not happy, a senior working part time is not going to be in charge of anything. He has zero hobbies or interests, work has been his whole life.The happiest retirees I’ve known were regular guys who realize they have just won the lottery of time. Time to do what you want, when you want and how you want. No more orders being taken.
  2. Need a small (tiny) center for my RB-61 ii

    The RC 52II will work great with the 61s - I had that configuration for a few years before I purchased an RC 62II. They are discontinued but readily available. If your couch is about five feet or so away a 42will work as well. The 52 is your best bet and will match very well. Aprox 6” Tall so it will fit and front ported to boot.
  3. Static? Pops

    I may have solved this. Emphasis on may. I notice that my KW-100 does not have grounding, two prong only. Over the course of the weekend I have been unplugging the sub prior to turning the system on. The sub is plugged into a different outlet than the rest of the system due to its location. The issue disappears. Going to try a new surge protector for that outlet. The existant one may be fried.
  4. What's an audiophile?

    A love of good sound. Period.

    You have two good options, keep them up front to double duty as two channels for music when you aren’t watching TV or move them to another room with a new receiver. The 61s are fantastic for TV front mains.
  6. Curious to find out. I still use a KW100 which I am more than happy with.
  7. New chapter in my life

    All about finding what works best for you. Never get yourself to tied to your job - if anything were to ever happen they would have your replacement before your body cooled and carry on as if you never happened.
  8. We have hardwood floors in our listening/TV/living room. We have a large Persian style carpet (11x7), that goes from the edge of the couch right to the speakers. Works like a charm and looks nice to boot.
  9. Thoughts on Lascala and PWK's philosophy

    I have question regarding the folded horn bass bin of LaScalas and KHorns. I have Googled folded horns and looked at numerous images of other styles that seem to have more folds or pathways inside. Some almost like a labyrinth. Would the addition of such pieces increase the bass level that some find missing? I don’t really understand the physics of this.
  10. La Scala Screen cover

    First time I’ve seen a LaScala with a full grille. Marvel is right, they do look like a pregnant Cornwall.
  11. In the end it’s preference and all about listening to the music, rather than listening to the equipment IMO. I’m all for whatever enhances the listening experience.
  12. Static? Pops

    Thanks all. I lean towards a grounding issue and our known local power issues. As mentioned this does not happen all the time, just occasionally but much more frequent in the winter. I just checked and don’t have speaker wive and power cables crossing. As far as on and off, I have the receiver set so that when turned on the volume is zero. These odd pops happen prevolume. I have been turning it off with volume still going though. I don’t have another amp to try. Perhaps a conditioner is required although I know very little about them. Time for some research.
  13. Static? Pops

    Marantz SR 5008
  14. Static? Pops

    I have a question regarding an issue I have been having on and off. Sometimes when I turn on my receiver I will get a pop/snap sort of discharge out of my speakers. Most often but not always the centre - the sub will do it as well. I have on occasion unplugged everything from the outlets and replugged. Many times that seems to take care of things for a while. It does seem more frequent in the winter, a very dry time. I have replaced my power bar/ surge protector. I know we have serious power issues here. A lot of brown outs, surges and fairly frequent power outs. Not sure what to do and am wondering if these power conditioners I hear about might make a difference?
  15. Cornwall II's for sale near me

    Probably the only Heritage model that looks better with its grills on, however the mid horn gives it the sound.