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  1. YK Thom

    Some Tuesday night spinning...

    Looks great, I bet it sounds even better. A nice Tuesday night.
  2. YK Thom

    Beyond the Specs: Klipschorn AK6

    A new pair will be my retirement gift to myself.
  3. YK Thom

    Tannoy Westminster

    Fortunately I’ll be in YK watching at the pub across the street. Really looking forward to checking this place out. Had I known about it last week I would have made the time. Fortunately I get down to Ottawa a couple times of year and this place is now on my radar. The wife might be surprised if I return with a 2000 series Marantz instead of the couple dozen knishes and a few salamis from the Rideau Bakery that I usually bring back.
  4. YK Thom

    Tannoy Westminster

    Thanks, I’ll check it out. edit: I see they have a fair bit of vintage equipment for sale. Going now for sure.
  5. YK Thom

    Klipsch Palladium or RF-7 III

    Good question, I don’t recall seeing advertising. Would be nice to see a successor line taking the flagship role but priced within reach of a larger market group. It is a crowded market and a brand’s top tier offerings needs to be visible.
  6. YK Thom

    Klipsch Palladium or RF-7 III

    I hope we see trickle down from the Palladium line in future offerings. Styling cues would be a nice addition. They were a magnificent looking series. The tweeter and midhorn in that configuration looked great and according to Stereophile sounded fantastic earning a class A rating.
  7. YK Thom

    Klipsch RP600 to be reviewed by stereophile

    Good news and I hope it points to a more practical direction for the magazine. It is nice to read the some articles about ultra high end exotics, but for too long that has instead been the primary focus. More gear that average consumer can actually buy is something that has been a steady demand coming from numerous readers on the letters page.
  8. YK Thom

    Tannoy Westminster

    Are they downtown? I was in Ottawa last week and will be returning in April. Would like to check them out.
  9. YK Thom

    Klipsch Palladium or RF-7 III

    Money no object I would gravitate to the Palladium. In fact I came close to purchasing a pair of the stand mounts. Still regret not buying them. The Jubes are too large and industrial for my living space not to mention there would be zero chance I would get spousal buy in.
  10. YK Thom

    Moto Guzzi Audace

    One of my regular riding buddies has one. He hasn’t had a lick of trouble with it. Fantastic bikes. He is thinking of getting a new one and I have an eye on his soon to be former bike.
  11. I would recommend against it.
  12. YK Thom

    Peter Tork passes at 77

    I think there are now only two left.
  13. YK Thom

    My new listening room/artist's studio

    I thought it looked like either eastern Ontario or Quebec. Infloor heating is very nice. Heading down for meetings in Gatineau next week.
  14. Have always been a fan of the Marantz sound. You won’t be disappointed.
  15. YK Thom

    My new listening room/artist's studio

    Being a Yellowknifer and seeing snow and bush, my thoughts turn to heating systems. What are you using? Are you in Canada?