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  1. I’ve been to umpteen auto shows over the years, the Toronto Auto Show most often. Have never experienced an audio show. Might be a good thing, I have a feeling they could be financially dangerous for me.
  2. 16c and sunny, until forest fire smoke started drifting in and made things a little hazy. Was able to get the bike on the road for the first ride of the year.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=807227452966328&set=a.103251846697229&type=3&eid=ARDPLq572p8Fvq1-eUe-I4c_FGBLo7vj4hAptoj_h7MFqAfoQiaqz3XkVD2V20JBHBfVME0A1XWWuRUr
  3. Who knew? I guess that says it all.
  4. The Belle is IMO the most beautiful of all the Heritage speakers, rivalled only by the modern Palladium series which were magnificent looking. The return of the Forte seems to be successful and was a very good idea. Bringing back a modern Belle would be icing on the cake. They have a look that works with the decor of many homes, nailing down the all important WAF that helps drive sales.
  5. Jazz FM out of Toronto.
  6. I find the noisiest tend to be some of the Harley’s and I really don’t care for it. I live right downtown in a high rise condo so our street creates an echo canyon that will drown out music or TV. I ride a Yamaha VStar, not silent but not obnoxious either. I would definitely try an electric bike provided it had the appropriate range.
  7. Very sad news indeed.
  8. There are a fairly large number of people using an AVR for all their power needs at the heart of their systems. I am one as well. I am curious as to how people have been doing their settings with regards to D-Max (and it’s equivalents), as well as Dynamic Volume. Is there a sweet spot or are you making adjustments when switching from 5.1 TV and such to music? the only regular alteration I have been making is to crossovers, which I drop from 60 for my mains to 40 for music.
  9. Seems like a game changer. I am also one who has never had a pair of proper corners over the years so just dreamt of of Khorns. I would be crowned King of England before my wife would allow false corners to be built and placed in the living room.
  10. YK Thom


    My general manager is a hardcore biker. He rides one of those fat bikes to work all winter. He picked up an e bike a couple months ago. It cost more than my (used), VStar. Pretty impressive bike.
  11. I thought the review was well done. I hope the magazine continues and expands it reviews of speakers and equipment that tens of thousands rather than hundreds actually purchase.
  12. I picked up the issue yesterday and read the review this morning. Very well done and they were quite impressed. I haven’t heard this model but if it is similar to its predecessor model (which I take away from the review), it is definitely a keeper punching well above its price point.
  13. Good news and I hope it points to a more practical direction for the magazine. It is nice to read the some articles about ultra high end exotics, but for too long that has instead been the primary focus. More gear that average consumer can actually buy is something that has been a steady demand coming from numerous readers on the letters page. for some reason this earlier post reappeared.
  14. Looks great, I bet it sounds even better. A nice Tuesday night.
  15. A new pair will be my retirement gift to myself.
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