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  1. YK Thom

    crazy Heresy veneer

    Very unique, hard to believe they would consider those B stock. Were their several pairs on the floor those would be the ones I'd gravitate towards.
  2. YK Thom

    Super Heresys at 105db

    The speakers look great, but that is some crazy high volume.
  3. YK Thom

    Moving La Scala II upstairs solo?

    Most definitely a two man job.
  4. YK Thom

    Bookshelf vs floorstanding

    A very subjective question with a few factors to consider. Both floor standers and stand mounts with a sub have strengths and disadvantages. Another factor to consider is straight up aesthetics in your unit. Although the actual floor foot print of a nice stand and a floor standing speaker will be similar, the standmounts look like they take up less space and are not as visually dominating in a room. Your plan appears to be that of a condo (I live in one), if this is the case, the reality is that you will never be playing them as loud as would someone in an actual house. Neighbors beside, above and below change the equation.
  5. YK Thom

    Klipsch vs Cerwin Vega?

    I had a nice pair of Interface Ca back in the 80s. They must have been a different generation as my cabinets didn’t look like that.
  6. YK Thom

    Need a good laugh and a WTF for today?

    Strange. It made the news up here as well. I’m thinking drugs may be a factor.
  7. YK Thom

    Amplifier suited for RF7ii

    Exactly. This sounds like a room issue to me. A square room with bare walls and floors is going to defeat just about anything else. First order of business would be to get a large area carpet.
  8. YK Thom

    Great local FM stations

    CJRT Jazz FM 91.1 Toronto. Canada’s premier jazz station. Always on our FM radios when we used to live in the south. We listen most of the weekend up here via our Apple TV routed through our system. A great Saturday afternoon Latin Jazz programme is always a weekly highlight for us.
  9. Have listened to tube amps but have never owned one. Perhaps one of these days if I stumble across one that puts out a fair bit of power. A low watt unit would not work well with my Ohms.
  10. A worthwhile upgrade. It is a great centre. You won’t be disappointed, especially at that price!
  11. YK Thom

    Car Thread

    Still driving my Jeep Jk I bought new in 08. Well suited for the area and have only 67,000 km on it.
  12. YK Thom

    Praise for Klipsch and Horns.

    Interesting chat.
  13. YK Thom

    Best Integrated Amp Under $2000

    First negative thing I’ve ever heard about them. However they are now made in Canada and not China, so the QC issues should be a thing of the past. Ohm Accoustics has been using them at the audio shows this year with thier displays.
  14. YK Thom

    Best Integrated Amp Under $2000

    I have heard nothing but good things about the Peachtree line up. The 300 has phono as well as a built in DAC.
  15. YK Thom

    Tekton Design speakers

    Here is a review of one of their floorstanders. https://hometheaterreview.com/tekton-design-double-impact-floorstanding-speaker-reviewed/ I would very much like to hear a pair of these. I enjoy listening to different designs.