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  1. Temperature

    They will be fine - think about car audio. I have a Jeep with an Infinity set up and the vehicle is not parked in a heated space. It’s -38 here today and they sound fine. I’ve had this vehicle for eight winters here and can’t hear any difference from the day I brought it home new.
  2. R.I.P. Ray Thomas / Moody Blues

    This is the first I have heard of this. I’m hoping 2018 won’t see as many losses as we had in 2017.
  3. Creampuffs Not So Excellent Adventure

    You have to love Florida cars. They are highly sought in Ontario Canada. My father had a nice older Cadillac Deville he kept at his Florida Winter residence. He had one of the newer sportier Caddilacs for a short time and hated it. He is as old school as they come and as far as he is concerned a Caddy isn’t a Caddy unless it a big *** land yacht. I drove it several times over a few years during visits. Florida has great smooth highways and this thing was like driving a smooth couch through the state. When his health gave out he had to sell the place but drove the Florida Caddy back to his home in Ontario and enjoyed for several more years. His crew of buddies at Tim Hortons loved the thing and one of them bought it. Low mileage, not a mark on it.
  4. Palladium 39s would be magnificent or mint Electo-Voice Interface Ds.
  5. Klipschorn- label

    Fair enough, we tend to see things through our own prism here. You will have no trouble whatsoever moving these. Good luck with your sale.
  6. Klipschorn- label

    Well that was quick. Those would never have left my family, however I find it odd he doesn’t remember them.
  7. Devialet speaker system

    Down the road if they begin working on their soundstage and other delivery aspects you may see them and others using new tech take off. Physics can be fought with DSP and essentially unlimited cheap power. The future of sound is going to be interesting. What we see currently are essentially refinements of century old loudspeaker concepts. 10, 20, 30 years from now who knows?
  8. Muddy Spoken Words In Movies

    Interesting thread. I also use the RC62 centre. I find it very clear and neutral for dialogue, however I have found Audessey generally sets it a bit low, so I have adjusted it. I have to agree with statements about the soundtracks, they are not created equal. I find many have background and effect sounds far too high in relation to dialogue. Others are just mixed funky. We watched a couple movies yesterday and I had to slightly alter the centre levels with both of them. Once we are finished, I move it back to where we leave it for regular TV.
  9. Devialet speaker system

    I can see some serious trickle down tech coming out of these as the company grows. The built in hybrid class A/D amps are interesting. I think 20 years from now (or less), self powered speakers will be the norm.
  10. Devialet speaker system

    They are supposed to really be something else .Something like 30 patents involved, 14hz to 27khz range. A whole lot of new science in these. Would love to hear a pair. edit: 108 patents.
  11. New RP-280F or Used La Scala's?

    The LaScalas are a real find, I would recommend you snap them up before someone else does.
  12. Nice to read and I must admit I’m not shocked. The Klipsch stand mounts punch well above their price point and are one the best values out there.
  13. There may be hope yet!

    A definitive restoration for hearing loss would be a blessing for many.
  14. I miss Radio Shack

    I miss it as well. In Canada they were all transformed into The Source years ago. Not even remotely similar, pretty much a cell phone and accessory store.
  15. Happy Birthday

    A Christmas baby, perfect , you will never forget it.