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  1. And pretty much everything by the Bangles. Susanna Hoffs has been playing them all her career. My personal favourite has always been the venerable Telecaster. Just something about the tone with both pickups engaged that really works for me. A true workhorse and very easy to customize to your tastes.
  2. I remember in the late 70s they tried something like this, much smaller spaces with a few different movies playing. They seemed to fizzle out. Perhaps that model (on a per square foot basis), may make more sense now.
  3. You might enjoy the RB 81II or 61.
  4. I would love to hear a pair in my room but suspect they would be too much. However, I hope to obtain a pair in the next couple years as a self retirement gift to see me out. When we pack it in and move down south a large listening/TV room will be a priority.
  5. Look to the future. You mentioned that the Cornwalls are within the budget. You will probably never outgrow them as they can fill larger rooms.
  6. Down in the states they always have their Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday of November for some reason. A lot of people who can, take the Friday off for a nice long weekend. Ours is always the second Monday of October so it is a guaranteed three day weekend.
  7. It is getting cool. No snow ...yet. It may be coming this afternoon. 1 degree right now, -4 tonight.
  8. Thank you kindly! For the first time in years my wife and I are not hosting a dinner and are instead going to large one hosted by friends. Should be a great afternoon.
  9. Congratulations they look fantastic.
  10. Perhaps Monday will be the day.
  11. You can't go wrong with the RB 61 IIs.
  12. The AW-650s are really nice. We noticed several pub patios in Ottawa were using them last time we were down. Sounded very good indeed. As well quite a few women's clothing stores in the West Edmonton Mall have them wall mounted near the ceilings. The bracket is adjustable. My wife gets a kick out of me noticing them.
  13. Sounds like it is time to audition some speakers. As you are used to a large floorstander the new Forte or Cornwall might be a good place to start.
  14. This is the first I have heard of this. Going by the demo vido in the link the difference is VERY noticeable.
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