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  1. Wow, things are inexpensive down there.
  2. Definitely one to consider, a Lenovo or a new Optiplex from Dell.
  3. Something along this line looks good, but I'd need WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities (which I have currently). I think we (my former employer and myself) bought the one I have in 2014. I used it for three years in the office and then had it cleaned and gifted to me. My old boss replaced all computers every three years and sent the old ones home with us afterwards.
  4. I took a look a look at my system specs Optiplex 7010 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3475S CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz 8.00 GB (7.89 GB usable) 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor I have no idea what generation this is, still works fine and has yet to give me any issues. I still think a new model next year is probably worth it.
  5. "It should be a free upgrade to Win 11 if your computer is a certain age or newer. " My computer does not support 11 - an age thing. I was referring to a new computer. The one I have has been very good - my first solid state drive. They make a difference.
  6. I don't know, I'm thinking the costs involved would make a new purchase the better choice. I'm sure the new sound cards and such are that much better than what I already have.
  7. "when they pull the plug on Win 10 I am out of luck. I think that is late 2024 so I have my window of time [ correction, October 2025]. " Thanks for the heads up on this. I figured the clock was ticking but hadn't heard a specific timeline. I'll most likely go with another Dell business class machine sometime in '23.
  8. It may be time, mine is of a similar vintage (Dell) and I'm having the same thoughts. Home computers tend to last longer than your machine at work but once you get past a decade... I note that your last Windows update was 10 in 2021. My system is using 10 and I recently discovered that it cannot be be upgraded to 11.
  9. Seems to be an appreciation for multichannel music - I haven't really heard it.
  10. There is some of that, however I know a good number of people switching back. Over time the novelty has worn off, weariness of a room full of speakers and not that many good movies anymore. I'm in that boat myself.
  11. Ideally for me anyway, would be the release of a three channel "stereo" amp. It could be called TV mode or something along those lines. I can live without the rear speakers very easily but value the centre when watching TV (and movies). Many of us watched TV with audio going through a two channel revievers for years before the advent of 5.1. Stereo was fine until I got hooked on having a centre. As more people drift from HT systems one would think a demand for a product like this would materialize.
  12. I agree. In a perfect world ( one with unlimited financial resources) we could have separate systems for differing purposes. For many of us, living space, and dual purposes demand solutions. There are a number of AVRs that sound great in two channel mode. I added mono blocks to my system and truth be told I hear a nickel's worth of difference. The blocks are now set aside for some unknown future use. My trusty old Marantz AVR gets the job done in a very enjoyable fashion in my space. Down the road who knows? I'll deal with that later.
  13. Looking forward to hearing this.
  14. Looks like Ft Myers is right in the direct path.
  15. Not only do my L/C/R not match, they are not even the same brand or design. Using Ohm Walsh Tall 2000 for L/R and a Klipsch RC62 II for a centre. They work together extremely well.
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