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  1. YK Thom


    72 year old Yitzhak has just entered his shul and sat down when he sees Hymie, an old friend of his, sitting on the other side of the shul, with a young blonde woman at his side. At the end of the service, as he is leaving, Yitzhak sees Hymie walking away arm in arm with this woman. So he discreetly follows them into the local park and from a distance, watches them cavort around just like youngsters. When they finish locked in each other’s arms, Yitzhak thinks, "Oy, did they enjoy themselves!" Next shabbat, Yitzhak enters his shul, sits down, and again sees Hymie, but this time with a different young woman at his side. And then, later on during the service, Hymie gets the Hagbah aliyah, and is soon holding the Torah above his head and spinning around as if he were 20 years old. So at the end of the service, Yitzhak goes over to Hymie, congratulates him, and asks, "So what's going on with you Hymie? Are you on drugs or what?" Hymie replies, "I don't want to talk about it here. Come with me into the Mens Room and I'll explain." When they get there, Hymie says, "I've recently had a shmeckle transplant, donated by the family of a young man killed in a car accident." When Hymie then shows Yitzhak his 8" strong looking shmeckle, Yitzhak says, "Oy vey, that’s fantastic," and then takes the name of the surgeon who had performed the transplant. Within days, Yitzhak has made an appointment to see the surgeon privately. After hearing the details, Yitzhak asks, "So could I have the same operation?" The surgeon replies, "No problem." Yitzhak asks him, "So how much will such an operation cost me?" "If it's the same as your friend Hymie had, it will cost you $10,000," replies the surgeon. Yitzhak says, "Oy doctor, that's too much. I'm not as rich as Hymie." The surgeon says, "That's OK, I have a number of penises available from $100 upwards. You choose." Yitzhak chooses the cheapest one for $100. Hymie and Yitzhak meet up in shul a few weeks later. Yitzhak shuffles in and Hymie goes over to him, slaps him on the back and quietly says, "So nu? How did the Operation go?" Yitzhak replies, "It went OK, but I don’t really feel any different." So Hymie says, "let’s go to the Men’s Room so that I can have a peep." When Yitzhak takes it out, Hymie gives a bellow of laughter and says, "He gave you my old one!"
  2. This may be the time for you to explore some of the newer Marantz models. The vintage stuff can be great, but it is vintage and repairs down the road are fairly likely. Due to space I have a combo set up as well.
  3. I have a friend in town who drives his ProAcs with a Primaluna. Pretty sweet.
  4. Good point, I was thinking of a solid state replacement.
  5. There are some pretty nice high end amps out there, many of them made of unobtainium. The one you have currently is pretty damn good. I think any changes you may hear would be pretty minor.
  6. I've not heard any of the Focal models, they do get great reviews.
  7. I have been enjoying my Meze 99 Classics for a few years. Great sound and a good price.
  8. 7 Pro has always been my favorite and is the one I miss the most.
  9. I like the sounds of this!
  10. Very interesting thread. I'm not well versed enough in the physics but these two opposites are different designs people swear by. Many high end speakers are narrow and get rave reviews, at the same time there are many wide baffle speakers that get equally great reviews. All the Heritage line are wide baffle, as are Harbeths, Warfdales, Tannoy and Devores. Others like Focal, Sonus Faber, Paradigm and the unfortunately discontinued Palladium line go the other way.
  11. For your space and layout, the RP 502S II looks like the best fit and bang for your buck.
  12. Here you are, one with a room not too dissimilar to your own. https://www.audioresurgence.com/2021/08/klipsch-klipschorn-speaker-review.html
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