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  1. YK Thom

    Unknown Klipsch Speakers

    I’d grab those Ohm C2s in a heartbeat. They don’t turn up often. Ohm still sells all the parts for them on their website. The Synergy and the C2 are not even in the same league. https://ohmspeaker.com/legacy-products/c2/
  2. YK Thom

    New ? Bass / midbass on 2 way speaker setup

    Out of depth here, but wouldn’t the addition of a super tweeter to a full range driver offer more benifet?
  3. YK Thom

    Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2019 nominees

    Nice to see Devo, Roxy Music and The Cure up for consideration.
  4. YK Thom

    Subwoofers for Heresy III's

    I have noticed over the years many here seem to recommend almost every brand of sub but Klipsch. Is there some reason for this?
  5. YK Thom

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks. Not sure why ours is when it is, always just assumed it was tied to the harvest season which is earlier here because of latitude. It is always the second Monday in October rather than a specified date, ensuring a long weekend
  6. YK Thom

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks! It will be here before you know it.
  7. YK Thom

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Is it a stat holiday?
  8. YK Thom

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving long weekend to one and all north of the border. Although Monday is officially Thanksgiving, many if not most have thier dinner on the Sunday. My bird is now in the oven and I’ll soon start sipping wine and working on the rest of the menu. Feels like a Bill Evans kind of Sunday, and the discs are already pulled and ready to be played. Thanksgiving Monday will be devoted to a couple pints, leftovers and a CFL double header. Calgary squaring off against Montreal followed by the big one: Edmonton vs Saskatchewan. Columbus Day greetings to all my American friends.
  9. It is not unknown for the odd receiver to have an HDMI board problem. The RCA cable idea might bear fruit.
  10. YK Thom

    What would you do ? A question of Bass......

    Might be overkill for the room, and the room accounts for a goodly percentage of what you are hearing.
  11. YK Thom

    Rocky Mtn Audio Fest La Scala AK5's

    Have never attended an audio show. One of these days.
  12. YK Thom

    Approximate valuation of 2009 Khorns

    It’s strange isn’t it? Generally for antique furniture oak is highly prized.Odd it doesn’t translate to speakers.
  13. YK Thom

    Cd versus vinyl side by side

    A lot of romance surrounding vinyl. Had a massive collection at one point. Was an early CD adopter and always preferred them. Still buy all sorts. Don’t miss snap crackle and pop, new stylus and or cartridge purchases , static guns, antistatic sleeves, disc washer brushes or getting up after 20-25 minutes to flip the damn things. Folks can jump on the bandwagon, I jumped off it in 1983 with a little help from an NAD player.
  14. YK Thom

    How many beers did you have in college?

    I’m Canadian, even the metric system does not have a unit able to measure the amount of beer we drank in those days.
  15. YK Thom

    HELP! Frankenstein Heresy HWL woes

    I was thinking the same thing. Score.