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  1. Fantastic. I would jump on a program and performance like that if were available locally. I have no doubt you will enjoy it immensely.
  2. YK Thom

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    Perhaps the full range singe drive concept does benifet from a super tweeter to handle the upper reaches. All good as far as I’m concerned and to what I am listening to as I type. Volume is a different issue I suppose. I like many live in a condo, so attempting to reach band PA levels is unrealistic, and undesirable. For many the focus is realism, accuracy and realism at moderate spls.
  3. YK Thom

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    What are they like for detail, imaging and realism.
  4. YK Thom

    Floor speaker choice

    They sound quite similar. Depending on the size of your room I would go with the six inch as your Paradigm will be picking up the bottom. I find them to be quick, detailed and accurate.
  5. YK Thom

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    Just investigated your links. I’m getting some ideas...wife might not like them. I have zero wood working skills but one of my buddies makes furniture as a sideline. In fact he made my AVR unit which was a replica of one I wanted but was too expensive to ship up from the states.
  6. YK Thom

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    Nice! I thought they might be full range drivers. They have a look reminiscent of some of the classic Tannoys. I would most likely appreciate the sound. Since I got the Ohms I now have a thing for a single driver sound, or near in the Ohm’s case as they do have a small super tweeter.
  7. YK Thom

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    Looks nice in the room and plenty of surface space. What are those speakers you have?
  8. YK Thom


    Ones I have used were powered with a cup /can under the gun.
  9. YK Thom

    Vintage Stereo Console

    They were very heavy and built for the ages. Back in 83 I bought a pair of the Interface Cs, the Ds being out of my range. They were quite expensive at the time. My late cousin Paul bought a pair of the Ds from the same fellow I purchased by Cs from. A very unique and eccentric Yellowknifer named Gordon Clee. He ran a funky audio video shop out of the log cabin he lived down in Old Town. He carried EV speakers, both home audio and pro, mics, Proton TVs, Nakamichi and NAD. His main revenue stream was PA rentals and operations. Most bands and events would hire him and his EV progear. We got together every Saturday night for about eight years taking turns buying a bottle of scotch which we would drink whilst listening to tunes in his showroom/living room. People would drop buy for a drink or two while getting out of the cold on their way up to new town where the bars and pubs were. His wood stove was always blazing. He had been an English professor for a time at the University of Toronto but hated acedemic life. Wrote a lot of articles for a lot of magazines. Sadly he is now long gone ( he was in his fifties back then, I was in my early twenties). Learned a lot about audio and was introduced to Jazz which became a lifelong passion from him. My cousin Paul perished in a home fire in the early 90s and his Ds were also lost in the fire.
  10. YK Thom

    Vintage Stereo Console

    Wow, they don’t turn up very often, especially not in such great condition. Were I in your neck of the woods with a few spare bucks I’d buy those in a New York minute. One of my dreams/goals is to get a pair sometime before I shuffle off this mortal coil. The finest speaker EV ever made IMO.
  11. YK Thom

    Vintage Stereo Console

    The Interface Ds are quite possibly the finest speaker I’ve ever heard ( acoustic memory being short and all). I’m surprised no one has developed speakers along this concept since. They were in K Horn country for sure. My Ohms also direct bass energy downwards through the column to a vent underneath. Works like a charm and in my room has pretty much made a sub unneccesary. .
  12. YK Thom

    Vintage Stereo Console

    Are you thinking a downfiring woofer like the old EV Interface Ds?
  13. I have always thought that the LS were inefficient from a bass vs size perspective. They take up a lot of real estate to still require a sub.Its performance gives away its origin as a PA speaker from era requiring maximum volume from relatively low watt tube amps. Magnificent and very distinctive looking ( best looking of all Klipsch speakers IMO).
  14. YK Thom

    Great Song / Terrible Recording

    Iggy and the Stooges, Raw Power. Great tracks but the entire album sounds so thin and screechy it is almost impossible to enjoy.
  15. YK Thom


    A cup gun paint sprayer would put on a smooth finish.