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  1. I have yet to hear a pair but they must obviously share many sonic characteristics of the top tier Tannoys. Like Klipsch, Tannoys are very fine speakers that have a multi-generational history. Would be nice to have the means to own both.
  2. He was an unusual but iconic part of the 80s. RIP
  3. Another for consideration ( space being an issue) is the the Bluesound Power Node. This has chops. Pretty much a just add speakers solution. https://www.bluesound.com/products/powernode/
  4. I would take a look/listen to the NAD C338 and the NAD D3020 V2.
  5. I think they will be fine on your desk. A really nice sounding model that should work great as near field monitors. This would be my strategy.
  6. As you have mentioned that the room will be your dedicated listening room you should be fine. I had initially thought it was your living room. The space is not huge but you will be able to set up with the system and seating in mind rather than the other way. I'd just try and have the seating as far back is possible. Good luck.
  7. I depends on how the building was constructed. I have lived for a decade in a high rise condo tower. It is steel girder and concrete construction. I do have a sub but don't really blast it, the sound and vibration do not seem to travel beyond the unit. Even a stick built building should be fine without a sub or one dialed back. The highs and mids won't travel far. It is usually the bass thump that can get the neighbors excited. Keep in mind your bass will probably seem just fine in a smaller room and a goodly numbers of your future neighbors may be partially deaf anyway. Depending on your room layout the Khorns may be the ones to hang onto - they do take up less usable space than the LaScalas do/will. I recommend holding out for a corner unit (as I have) which eliminates having someone right next door.
  8. Just Googled up a photo . Never heard of this model before, looks very interesting.
  9. That might be tight depending on your other furnishings.
  10. You can't go wrong, Nova Scotia is one of the nicest provinces. Try and spend a day or so in Halifax. Beautiful, historic and chock a block with fantastic restaurants. I occasionally get there for business.
  11. Looks good. I have seen others putting them on even higher stands to get the treble up to ear height. I suppose that would still be considered heresy by some - pun intended - but with the widespread acceptance and use of subs with Heresys it seems to work very well.
  12. I see the Fortes as the Goldilocks model, the perfect Klipsch product for the most people. Great sound, great looks and they are far less room restrictive than other heritage models (LaScala, Khorn and Cornwall).
  13. A long and storied career.
  14. Amazing, nice to see such a high profile European recognize and opt for an iconic American brand and design. Some pretty heavy duty bona fides for Klipsch in general and the Jubilee specifically.
  15. YK Thom


    One for today that I "borrowed" from a Jewish humour group I belong to on FB: Chaim comes to his rabbi with a problem he’s been having lately: — Rabbi, as you know, I’ve been working at Katz’ Deli for the past few years. But lately, I’ve been overcome with an immense desire to stick my penis into the pickle slicer. All I can think about is fulfilling this dream of mine. The rabbi is disturbed and suggests to Chaim to join Talmudic studies at the synagogue a few times a week to see if the wisdom of Talmud may help him overcome such a peculiar desire. After a few weeks, Chaim comes to rabbi again. He clearly lost a few pounds, his forehead is sweaty, and he shares with rabbi that even though the study helped to dull his obsession a little initially, but it came back with a vengeance and the only thing he really can think of is sticking his penis into the pickle slicer at work. Rabbi thinks hard about it and finally says: Chaim, since the desire in you is so powerful and it consumes you so much, then perhaps the best course of action would be to follow up on it. So Chaim leaves, and comes back next afternoon proclaiming: — Rabbi, Rabbi! I did it! I stuck my penis into the pickle slicer! Rabbi looks at him in disbelief and asks him: — Are you OK, Chaim? — Yes, yes, I am more than OK! It was the best experience in my life! I did get fired from Katz’ Deli, but it was absolutely worth it! — And what about the pickle slicer? — Well, she got fired too.
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