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  1. Maybe it is the times. I have been spending a lot more time on the computer listening with headphones through the red. Found a deal on the Meze 99 Classics and just pulled the trigger. This should be interesting.
  2. Gorgeous speakers in a tie for the nicest looking Klipsch products of all time with the Palladium in a photo finish. These look near mint.
  3. Effective, in fact a part of what creates the large sweet spot for my Ohms. The 45 degree angle of the super tweeters are designed to intersect in front of you. Be fun to try it with LaSacalas.
  4. Thanks, funny enough I am using right now as I type. I will order a tail for the summer use with the phone on the baloney. I can pick up one of the Apple ones right here in town. Nice to see the Canadian prices, I should get one quick considering how fast the dollar is falling.
  5. Great review, I like his style and have watched other reviews of his.
  6. Holy cow, just for a bang for the buck scale, a six pack of beer here costs $22!
  7. Looks really good in your room. Nice score, and the copper is an added bonus.
  8. I hadn't heard this about the east.
  9. They have just (today) officially closed the NWT borders. Only NWT residents allowed to cross and exceptions for medical people and supplies. Air Canada has suspended flights in and out of the Territory. People who had been abroad have to quarantine for two weeks at home and with the new just announced ruing, even people travelling within Canada. We got back from a trip to Ottawa last week and must stay home and quarantine ourselves for the next week - it was back dated two weeks! Fortunately I had already gone to the beer store.
  10. YK Thom

    RIP Kenny Rogers

    He had an amazing life long career.
  11. So far there have been few cases up here in Canada, mainly in Toronto and Vancouver, with one presumptive case in both Edmonton and Calgary. Here in the arctic they aren't taking any chances and just announced that the Arctic Winter Games ( being held in Whitehorse Yukon), have been cancelled. https://cabinradio.ca/31467/news/arctic-winter-games-cancelled-over-coronavirus-concerns/
  12. Thanks for the information. I didn't realize that Fostex were a collaborator on these. They are beautifully designed. I will now have to keep my eye out for a deal. They are well over $1500 CDN ( and up) in Canada. I have never spent anywhere near this kind of money for a set of cans. With any luck I'll be able to source a walnut pair sometime this year.
  13. It most definitively has. I'm really pleased with it. For now I'm tethered to the desktop but will pick up some adapter cables in order to use it with the IPad and or my Samsung phone. Would there be any benefit in purchasing their versions which they call Dragon Tails or do you think regular connections would be pretty much the same thing?
  14. My Dragonfly arrived yesterday and I was using it last night. I'm pretty impressed so far. I have been using Monster Inspiration headphones which I like for the most part, however they seemed to require the noise cancelling feature engaged for a little boost of clarity. With the DF they now sound much clearer and detailed even in unpowered mode. Going to use it over the weekend and play through a variety of music.
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