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  1. I will be wall mounting my TV this week. The extra foot and a half will enable me to position my speakers a bit closer to the wall.
  2. I find them sounding quite similar really, which makes sense as they are similar concepts/designs. The JBLs are quite attractive to my old eyes. I assume they come with grilles? Dollar for dollar the Cornwalls are a better value for the shade of difference between them. Addition: I just re-watched (listened), with my Meze Classics. I had initially watched using my JBL Charge 4 which I use as my computer speaker when it isn't outside on the deck. The Cornwalls have some more there there. I would imagine that is because of the separate horn tweeter. Just seems a bit more clear and defined to me. Truth be told I could live quite happily with either, but the Cornwalls would be my preference.
  3. Seems you have the kit side of the equation down nicely. Source is really the only thing left to tackle.
  4. I don't think the actual amps sound much different from each other - they are basically sending out electrical power. What does sound different is the pre-amp processors.
  5. The lads on this site may know where to obtain something along these lines or plans to construct something similar that would be a proper fit for a Quartet.
  6. You could try it, although I doubt it will be a value add. I hope you have been enjoying them.
  7. Each has 120. Your Quartets are quite efficient, (97.5 db). You won't be using anywhere near that much juice before you get blown out of the room..
  8. It takes a bit of noodling around to get things perfect. 1' can make a difference. A big woofer and large passive radiator means you don't need to rush out for a new sub anytime soon - if ever, depending on how you listen. Too bad there isn't a Blue Bomber game on this afternoon, your day would be complete!
  9. Sounds like a good score. You will start noticing details in music you never noticed before. The guys are going to want photos! Unlike the 6000s you now have the midrange horn which is the real game changer.
  10. Congratulations!!! I noticed that were off the site and wondered if you pulled the trigger. Welcome to the community and the madness. Are they in good overall condition? If not they are real wood veneer and are very easy to restore. Rotel makes some very fine amps, should be good match up.
  11. If you like them - and I'm sure you will, I'd offer 750 and see where he goes. You will officially be going down the Klipsch rabbit hole at that point. It can become a lifetime addiction. Take heed upon what you enter as we say. https://d2um2qdswy1tb0.cloudfront.net/product-specsheets/Quartet-Brochure.pdf
  12. Let us know what you think, many folks like them. I have never heard a pair myself. If they don't turn your crank you still have option one. If you sort of like them, you could take your time and stumble into a pair of Heritage models. Klipsch speakers are built for the ages, 25 years is not an issue. They can also be upgraded with various replacement parts. There is a whole sub industry involved with this. Many say the Quartets sound like Heresies but with bass. Canuck Audio Mart is worth checking out as well. Good luck!
  13. He is correct, I just took a quick peek and saw a guy in Brandon selling a pair of Quartets.
  14. I haven't heard anything negative. I take it you aren't in Winnipeg. I'm up in Yellowknife and ordered mine from Electronics For Less Canada out of Richmond Hill Ontario. Easy to deal with and free shipping. You will have a system that seriously punches above its price point. They can give you some advice.
  15. I haven't used one, but there are several on the market. One will give you sub placement freedom.
  16. Were it me, I would lean towards the 6000s. The Klipsch 6" drivers are very fast and pleasing to my ears. I have some of the older RB 61s (stand mount) and loved them in my room. I still use a pair as rears for my home theatre set up but may move them to my home office. If you plan on using a sub/subs, this may be the way to go. They are quite similar in most regards, with the 8000 digging a little lower. A sub makes that a moot point. Horn tweeter and two six inch mids coupled with a sub (try rolling them off at 60), will sound fantastic.
  17. Budget issues are a sad fact of life. I suggest you try and demo a pair of the 8000 and see what you think. They are quite good. If you are not adverse to preowned, the RF 7s do pop up.
  18. You will really like the RP-8000f; you will love the RF7s.
  19. People with AVRs are doing this - myself included. Still doesn't diminish my dream of a three channel unit. I think a market is there, especially with those who prefer two channel audio but would also like a centre for watching TV and movies.
  20. That will work for TV just fine. I'm hoping to move away from current AVR to different unit. A three channel would press all the buttons with a theoretically better sound in two channel stereo.
  21. Good points all, which kind of reinforces my wish for dedicated three channel units.
  22. I would very much like to see three channel receivers or preamps become a common offering. Stereo for music and the centre engaged for TV and movies. I know several people who have dropped 5.1 and are now using 3.1 set ups. Unless you are an absolute movie buff HT can be overkill (IMO).
  23. Thank you very much - this is very informative and will be the route I take. This post should be stickied someplace. I've made a copy of it for future reference. All the best, Thom
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