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  1. My oasis from the world. Music studio is around the corner. This has the main seating, 65" Sony XBR, Denon AVR-540BT, KLF-30 mains, KLF-20 surrounds, KLF-C7 center, and Samsung Blu-Ray. Fabric walls and acoustic ceiling tiles. Great space for cold winter evenings when the game is on - or the movies require a certain "volume". Of course a nice beverage by the Fireplace adds a bit as well.
  2. Crunchman - are these still available? I'm an hour N of Detroit.
  3. So the Amp does not work. Removed it from the cabinet. Now, either I need this one repaired or I need to find someone who wants the cabinet/speaker etc. Any suggestions.
  4. Fotog

    amp swap

    I am looking for a working KSW150 amp.
  5. I am the original owner of this sub and the fuse removed is the original fuse. The markings on the fuse clearly state "T3.15L" "250V". Unless the high end store I purchased this KSW-150 from placed a different fuse in it, this fuse came from Klipsch. Thank you all for the council and advice. It is the reason I asked and am happy to get your feedback. Again - Thanks.
  6. Thanks klipschfancf4. The original fuse I believe has a thicker wire then the replacements I bought but it is merely my perception and could be totally wrong. I will check the yellow pages. No speaker wires touching and no excessive volume (I get enough bass from the KLF30's - just use the KSW150 for "color"). I recall the sub had a burnt smell when the fuse blew - so I suspected it was bigger than just a fuse but thought I would start there. Thanks again for the guidance.
  7. Thank you CECAA850. Wouldn't have a clue what to even look for. Not even sure where to take it. The only place around here selling Klipsch products anymore is Best Buy. All the higher end "audio" stores have gone out of business. Any thoughts on who to call? Would a guitar amplifier service be able to look at it? Or is it simply better to buy another?
  8. Ok...picked up a 2pk of Bussman 3 amp fuses at Home Depot. Package says for electronics etc. and for applications of 3 amps and 250V. Put one in my sub and I get power for about 5 seconds and the new fuse blows. Any ideas?
  9. The amp board says 3A 250V. I will check Home Depot. Thank you for the feedback.
  10. Very possible I am mis-reading it. The fuse says "T3.15L" then 250V.
  11. Where do I find a replacement fuse for my KSW 150? Been to Radio Shack and a local automotive store. The fuse that came out says 3.15A 250V. I interpret that as 3 amps and 250 volts.
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