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  1. I unsterdtand your confusion. It is a spererate building connected to my house. When i walk through my front door i have my kitchen and the rest in the home to my left. And the "church" to my right. So it is not an attic room but an entire building from floor to roof. I think the last owner only put the ceiling in there for heating/isolation profits, lighting installation and to give it a cleaner look. There was also some cheap laminate flooring, i removed this last week and was surprised by an old "terra cotta" sort of tiling. You see... for the first owner back in the 60s or 70s this also was a recreative room. They gave it the name "the church". I never knew this people. I think they are past away some time ago. Then a company moved in and used it as a conference room/office. So i understand the choice for laminate flooring and the ceiiling. If i remove the ceiling, i will isolatie the roof from the inside so i dont give up on all my isolatiion. But offcourse it will be harder to keep warm during winter. Luckily there is only one "naked" outside wall. The rest is connected to otter building so wind is not a very big issue here. I think u will put a wood stove in there since im not there every night. And offcourse i'll use some heating to keep frost out. Dont want to ruin my gear.
  2. Hi guys, long time ago. I have a burning question. I finally have entrance to my new mancave/music room so it is time for some construction and decoration. No my question is about room acoustics in combination with the jubilees. My (wooden) ceiling at the moment is 11.87ft high (362 cm). If i would remove the ceiling.. which Would be awesome for the looks of the room, the Total hight of the room in the point of the roof would be almost 18ft high. This is the reason we call this room "the church" I am not sure what an open room with a pointy roof would do to the room acoustics. The jubilees are made to shine in places with high ceilings i would think. Any thoughts? In the picture you can see the open hatch to the attic. The plan is to remove the whole ceiling. Tank you all. I hope to start my jubilee adventure somewhere halfway 2022. So by then i will need some support regarding REW etc. Greetings from the Netherlands.
  3. There are passive xovers. Werner Jagush makes them. I have a pair for my 3way jubs. Never tried them yet. I also have Werner Jagush 2way xovers for my 2way Cornscalas
  4. Hey guys! It has been a long time since i posted something here. The jubs were sealed in and stored due to the lack of a listening room. i only tested them at my parents house for a couple of times but have not used REW yet. so lately i was busy with all sorts of things. Including buying myself a new house, couldnt be more happy at this moment. attached to this house is my dream listening room/entertainment room as a separate building. measurements are roughly: 26ft long and 19ft wide, walls are about 8,8ft high and then the roofing starts until it meets the ceiling which is 12ft high. between the ceiling and the roof is a small attic. Something tells me this must be like a temple for the Jubs! At this moment i am renting this specific room out as a conference room to a local company becouse we are still renewing the house, so my focus is not on music on relaxing at this moment. the planning is that i get this room available for myself around sept. `21 so i will keep following the threads here and around sept i will come back with my questions about dialing in the jubs. i attached some pictures of my church here: How do you think the jubs will perform in this room? and do you think i should consider changing my 3ways in 2 way using only the 402 horn for mid/high or should i still use the 510 for a HF in 3way. all the best, Oilyboy
  5. Hey Guys!, You havent heard of me for a while, Thank you for all responds to my question(s). I nearly even got a visit from @Born2RockU since he litteraly passed my house lol. His time window was to small on his last trip But i am certain we`ll meet on some of his next trips. Unfortionatly i lack the time and space at this moment to further play with my Jubs so i will put them in storage for the coming time. When i have a place for myself that allows them to bloom i wil start with the REW, still havent done that. And i cant wait to be honest. I did buy me some MOSFET monoblocks this week from a guy here in the Netherlands who builds these himself. they deliver 150 Watts, nicely built with oversized Power supply and High damping factor. I am planning to use these for the LF cabinets and then swap between my different tube amps to find out which suits the MF/HF best. choices are between: Mcintosch MC275, Welbourne labs DRD 45, Dared VP 300B, Sun Audio 2a3 Clone, Eastern Electric MiniMax, and whatever comes around in the future. Do you guys prefer a certain tipe of tube to go with the MF/HF drivers an horns? Preamp will be a MC220 and for the active crossover i will still use the Apex Intelli X2. only downside is the fan which i really rear. is this better with the Xilicas?. Thanks guys speak to you soon!
  6. Hey man! Tanks a lot. thats so funny, i live 10 minutes near Hoek van Holland 😮 your wife must know where i come from (De Lier) I have allready contacted Roy a while ago. The problem with my Jubs is that in the past they are sold in an execution auction. the story goes that during the auction someone stole the name plate / sticker. Or … is there never a sticker/nameplate/serial number on jubs?? before buying i had my doubts on weither they were authentic at first. but when i saw them at the sellers place i was quite sure they were the real deal. after i send some pictures Roy confirmed they are Genue, and confirmed it is a KPT 535 system. So .. the drivers are Always the same on de 535? Thanks guys! and Born2Rocku … we`ll keep in touch man!
  7. Can somebody please upload a picture of their KPT 535B MF and HF drivers? i cant find any stamps in or on mine.
  8. Yep its me, i came across that topic at the time, the day before i picked them up, which was allready planned fot a week lol😂
  9. Hello everybody!, My name is Sjoerd, i`m from the Netherlands. i have recently bought me a 2nd hand pair of 3-way KPT 535 B Jubs. As far as i know i am the only owner in europe to have a pair of 3 way jubs. I bought them with a pair of Werner Jagush passive crossovers (have not used them yet) and an active Apex Intelli-X2 active crossover. Is there a solid reason i should consider to drive them 2 way in stead of 3 way? i only use them for music. between the MF and HF horn there allready is a small passive crossover (from factory?) see pictures below. at this moment my setup is like this: Bluesound Node 2i streamer/Turntable Vincent tube preamp Apex Crossover MF/HF go to Welbourne Laboratories DRD45 tube monoblocks LF go to Ayon Orion integrated KT88 tube amp via pre in (using it as a power amp not the integrated part) i get pretty decent sound at this moment, it depens on which music i play. but i do have the feeling that i am not even half way there. I have used Khorns (AK5) before the Jubs and even though the jubs sound so much richer and fuller i am not there yet. can you guys provide me with some good tips? wether to use the passive xover or go 2 way or stick to the 3way ? thank you ! and all the best.
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