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  1. welcome to the forum, i will follow up on your project...very nice to see this old gear still being respected!
  2. I understand, but with the Jubilee, that is not necessary due to the digital crossover. So, once the gain is matched, it will adjust evenly when you turn the dial on the preamp.
  3. i got this advice recently from a dealer. not perse class D but he did advise me to use the same amps. and maybe go for horizontal bi amping. so that the character of the amp covers the whole spectrum. food for thought
  4. at this moment i drive my LF cabinets with a Hypex 500wpc class D amp, just did a comparrison with one of my Crown K2 amps but for now my impression was that the hypex has better low end and more punch. for the 402`s i am switching between the First watt J2 and tubes. not sure what i like best yet. both the J2 and the LM219IA are 25 watt amps. i am a tube guy but you need a really really good tube amp to keep up with the J2. will try my Mc275 on the horns next week, and after that a Sun Audio 2A3 from a friend of mine. something in me doesnt want to part with tubes but the J2 is no nonsense and top sounding.
  5. you have a well trained eye for the drinks
  6. but the copper plate should have said... 2nd jubilee owner in NL lol.
  7. and .. it is not a listening room offcourse.
  8. i am definitly sure it will sound great. its more that they wont reach their full potential. but i have to admit does look rad
  9. dutch prince: https://www.atube-highfidelity.nl/nieuws/bernhard-van-oranje-kiest-voor-klipsch-mcintosh/ (translation) BERNHARD VAN ORANJE CHOOSES KLIPSCH AND MCINTOSH Alongside the Hifi Rose RS150B and high-end cabling from Audioquest THE BEGINNING A project for an installation like this doesn't come together in just a few days. The initial encounter dates back to March 2022 when Bernhard visited our old showroom on Argonweg in Almere to listen to the Klipsch Klipschorns. Why Klipsch? Well, during a trip to America, he had experienced the combination of Klipsch + McIntosh, and both the looks and sound had stayed with him. After a thorough listening session, the initial impression of the Klipschorns was positive. By that time, we had moved into our new showroom on Televisieweg, where we were the only ones in the Netherlands to have the Klipsch Jubilee's. Considering Bernhard's preferences and the dimensions of the room where the speakers were going to be placed, we couldn't recommend anything else but to give the Jubilee's a try. So, as the saying goes, it was done, and we continued with a listening session featuring the Jubilee's in our new showroom. The Jubilee's, in comparison to the Klipschorns, showcased remarkable versatility. While the Klipschorns excelled in genres like Diana Krall in a live concert or Jazz from Miles Davis and Mozart's Requiem, the Jubilee's, without any adjustments to the equipment or settings, could make Armin van Buuren and Martin Garrix sound like the best nightclub installation you've ever heard. They delivered power, bass, and dynamics you'd desire, yet maintained the softness and finesse of a hi-fi set, allowing you to enjoy high volumes without discomfort after just 2 minutes. Where the Klipschorns made a good impression, the Jubilee's were practically a no-brainer, and this set was nearly perfection in every sense of the word. After finalizing the order, we proudly and enthusiastically went to Amsterdam multiple times to install and fine-tune this set. We also collaborated with other parties extensively to seamlessly integrate the installation into the bar/wall unit where it now stands beautifully. THE SET To fill a space of approximately 8x12 with a ceiling about 6 meters high with grand and beautiful sound, there's arguably no speaker better suited than the Klipsch Jubilee. The flagship model of Klipsch leaves nothing to the imagination. Despite being beautifully integrated into a colossal bar by a furniture maker, they might seem somewhat manageable in size. However, don't be deceived by the dimensions of these powerhouses (DxWxH): 76,127,175 cm. The Klipsch Jubilee's, with their external active crossover, require at least 2 stereo power amplifiers to independently drive the mid/high and low frequencies of both speakers. When you think of iconic, reliable, and powerful, you usually think of only one brand... McIntosh. With the C53 serving as the preamplifier and the MC462 and MC312 as the power amplifiers, there is extreme control over the sound, even at very high volumes. The MC462, with 2x 450 watts, handles the low frequencies. As mentioned, these massive cabinets can produce an immense amount of pressure and low-end. To continuously do this for hours on end, no amplifier suits better than the MC462. Additionally, the MC312 is the amplifier for the mid/high frequencies with 2x 300 watts, more than sufficient for the highly efficient Klipsch drivers with the mega horn. In addition to musicality, the set had to be an eye-catcher. Despite the large space they occupy, you're immediately drawn to the cabinet with all the McIntosh equipment and their dancing VU meters upon entering. Equally impressive is the Hifi Rose RS150B. This streamer with a full-size touchscreen display uniquely and addictively displays the album art of the current music. For cabling, we looked at the top segment of Audioquest, from Robin Hood to Black Beauty, and also Monsoon and NRG. A set like this would not be complete without reliable and high-quality cabling. LIST OF EQUIPMENT The set consists of: Klipsch Jubilee McIntosh C53 McIntosh MC462 McIntosh MC312 Hifi Rose RS150B Audioquest Niagara 3000 Audioquest Robin Hood Audioquest Black Beauty Audioquest Monsoon THE FIRST SET OF KLIPSCH JUBILEE At the time of Bernhard's order, the Klipsch Jubilee had just been released. Not only were we the first to have this set ready for demonstration in the Netherlands, but we were also proud to deliver the first consumer set! To immortalize this, we captured it with a plaque and in style. In this way, the already extremely exclusive set gains an extra touch of personality and uniqueness.
  10. Line Magnetic LM-219A (not using this at the moment) currently driving the jubs: Cambridge CXN v2 streamer Mcintosh c220 Preamp First Watt j2, playing on the 402`s 2x mono Hypex Nc500mp playing on the LF bins
  11. you must be one of the only, if not the only one using a sealed sub in stead of a hornloaded. Have you also used a hornloaded? or is this your first try. very curious on how it sounds. i currently use two THTLP subs.
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