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  1. if i want yo buy tickets i have to fill in an USA adress, is it right that the drawing is olny for USA citizens?
  2. Thanks man. i just startet to decorate the place. The goal is to make it all `20s pub/lounge style with wall paneling etc.
  3. The 60 is a monster also... anyone got experience with the 60 vs the THT (LP) ? Like i said, i can buy a pair of THT LP froms a forum member nearby. I think i will just buy them and see how it goes. That is also a nice way to meet a forum member. i initialy bought some QSC PLX amps but the seller cancelled the sale at the last moment unfortionatly. so now i bought two Crown Macrotech 24x6 amps, Macro-Tech 24x6 Channel 1 (2400): 875 watts into 2 ohms. 745 watts into 4 ohms. 510 watts into 8 ohms. Channel 2 (600): 375 watts into 2 ohms. 335 watts into 4 ohms. 230 watts into 8 ohms. The idea is to use one amp for each side, so one amp will power both a Jubilee LF cabinet and a THT sub. i think this will work out great, but please correct me if i got it wrong. I will receive them today. Maybe they are a little overkill for rhe THT`s but hey... no such thing as too much right?
  4. I would put them vertical in the corners. (Jubs are about 25" out off the back and side Walls)
  5. I have my eye on a pair of THT LP`s with 15"s drivers. I think i`ll just have to give it a go. The nice thing is, i can pack them in wallpaper, the same print i will use on the walls. and put them in the corners. this would really be a low profile. I am just curious in how much of an improvement it will be.
  6. thanks man. very helpfull.
  7. orrrrr... the THTLP (never heard of them untill today)
  8. just asked a question in the subwoofer section regarding the Jubilees https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/168744-sub-for-jubilee-klipschorn/&do=findComment&comment=2706573
  9. Hi guys! any thoughts on the Electro Voice MTL2 (1 or even 2) to acompany the Jubilees? i have an alternative.. that is a set of folded bass horns with 15" drivers. but they are kind of bulky and almost twice the price of a pair of the EV`s (here is a link to the folded horns ad https://www.marktplaats.nl/v/audio-tv-en-foto/luidsprekers/m1787243538-bashoorns?_gl=1*gaclko*_ga*MTIwODg0OTExOS4xNjM3MDA5MjY5*_ga_GYS69R7SLQ*MTY0MjU4NDkwNC4yNi4xLjE2NDI1ODc3OTIuMA.. ) i could fit them in my room, next to the jubilees against the side walls of the room. but i am not convinced that this is way better than the EV`s. i know the EV`s are PA subs. but they have a very good reputation. my use is most for music and music videos. i will use them for HT also but i am not all about HT like some of you. allso.. for now the system will stay a stereo +sub system. there are so many opinions... nice to have some help here. i will pick up 2 amps this week: QSC PLX 1802 for the LF cabinets of the Jubs QSC PLX2402 for the subfwoofer(s) All the best, Sjoerd.
  10. One question about the LF bins guys. I openen mine.. drivers are K31E. But there is a lot of damping material inside surounding the back . Just foam rubber. Is this supposed to be there?
  11. Do i need to make a special topic for this? i dont want to annoy people with being off topic. but if nobody has a problem with it i`ll just put my updates in this topic.
  12. Ok guys i removed the attic floor only on 1 half of the room. This is where the "game/dining" table will stand with a big chandelier above it. Fearing some bad acoustics if i removed all of the attic floor i let the otter half intact. This is where the Jubs will stand. This is still almost 12ft high. Now i first need to do some nice 20's restyling. Old pub style. And then i will come back for some tips regarding DSP/REW All the best!
  13. I unsterdtand your confusion. It is a spererate building connected to my house. When i walk through my front door i have my kitchen and the rest in the home to my left. And the "church" to my right. So it is not an attic room but an entire building from floor to roof. I think the last owner only put the ceiling in there for heating/isolation profits, lighting installation and to give it a cleaner look. There was also some cheap laminate flooring, i removed this last week and was surprised by an old "terra cotta" sort of tiling. You see... for the first owner back in the 60s or 70s this also was a recreative room. They gave it the name "the church". I never knew this people. I think they are past away some time ago. Then a company moved in and used it as a conference room/office. So i understand the choice for laminate flooring and the ceiiling. If i remove the ceiling, i will isolatie the roof from the inside so i dont give up on all my isolatiion. But offcourse it will be harder to keep warm during winter. Luckily there is only one "naked" outside wall. The rest is connected to otter building so wind is not a very big issue here. I think u will put a wood stove in there since im not there every night. And offcourse i'll use some heating to keep frost out. Dont want to ruin my gear.
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