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  1. Why don't you kids just get AudioTool and some kind of 10-12-15-31 band EQ? Seems like a lot of work to swap X-over caps vs. nudging a slider on a graphic EQ. But WTH do I know? Some guys like swapping 12AX7 tubes until they pass out.
  2. Back to Favorite Receivers topic... McIntosh MAC-4100 was amazing, fabulous in every way. Maybe I can steal one here from you guys? Hmmm...
  3. I use AudioTool 61-band RTA on my Moto/Lenovo devices w/pink noise to EQ any system, any room. You opinionated devotees of commercial parochial EQ schemes that don't work should try my ideas. Flatten 40-2000, roll off -3dB/octave above 2KHz, add Fletcher-Munson Loudness below 100dB. Paul Klipsch got it, first guy to understand loudspeaker voicing for living rooms, not auditoriums.
  4. We subjectively prefer the louder of 2 speakers in A/B comparisons, so equal-volume comparisons are mandatory. Back in 1972, ADVE\T built a slick speaker switcher device for Sound of Music which I dubbed "The Lie Detector". Allowed 2 of 8 stereo pairs of speakers to be selectively A/B compared at the same volume because it switched in preamp-level screwdriver trim pots in the signal path to attenuate each speaker to match SPL in the listening room. Very interesting when we compare sonics instead of decibels.
  5. Agreed! Speakers are mostly linear transducers at 1% (-20dB below) rated power. Distortion rises exponentially over 10% (-10dB) as moving parts become non-linear. Gain compression can often reach 6+dB at full power, when 75% is wasted as heat. The trick is to juggle your budget, room space, and Fletcher-Munson until you smile!
  6. KLF-20's are remarkably better than KLF-10's - amazing 3D projection in stock form - give them 200 watts and stand back!
  7. Sealed systems can be EQ'd very low with good design. Bag End InfraSub 18 goes to 8 Hz, limited by cone excursion. Vented systems have 3dB more output down to box tuning frequency. 30 Hz includes 99% of musical frequencies.
  8. MAC-4100 has 30 Hz EQ knob! I had one briefly, very well behaved controls, PowerGuard limiter is a plus if you rock out! One just sold on Minneapolis CL for $800. Wish I was the buyer...
  9. Measure with AudioTool 1/12-octave RTA ($8) and call me in the morning.
  10. ... what might take months. Use AUDIOTOOL on your phone or tablet to see the audio spectrum w/ 12 bands per octave. Have a blast, tell us what you learn in the process!
  11. Hello Dave - Any 50W L-pad will do the job for home listening. You are only dropping 9dB, at a few watts max. Your 150W HF driver (?) is made for ballpark PA systems which are tri-amped, not for passive systems. If you insist on using it consider electronic crossovers where you can play with levels by spinning a knob instead of endless experimenting with resistors, capacitors, driver phasing & time-correction. You can do in 10 minutes
  12. Woofer looks like a Jensen Flex-air from the late 1960's - decent woofer in a large box - I had a pair in the Rectilinear III's way back.
  13. Remember DAMPING FACTOR is halved when bridging any amplifier, so even with 2X the power, you have 1/2 the control over the woofer. Some old tube amps (Scott?) had Damping Controls that actually inserted series resistance to allow woofers to boom away undamped!
  14. Howdy Juniper - and all the ALTEC fans here that have graduated to Klipsch for home listening! ALTEC 604's are nearfield Monitor Speakers, never intended or voiced for home music playback. ALTEC 604-HPLN (High Power Less Network) had 421 8Ω woofer LF + 16Ω HF diaphragm, so the Sound 80 mix-masters could achieve 110+dB at the console. Those were the days! I was there.
  15. AudioTool by J.J.Bunn. 1/12 octave RTA, RT60 on a handclap, sine sweep & pink noise built in. Amazing for $8! Instructions are a short course in Audio Engineering. Android & iOS versions.
  16. Hard to beat these amazing 60° x 120° bullet horns with 3.3uF 1st-order crossover caps ready to go for $30! PYLE PDBT78. Hot enough for ALTEC 418B's @ 100dB/w, might have to pad them down for your Heresy's...
  17. I'm sorry, they are long gone. I have 1" Tangerine ferrite ALTEC 902-8B & 908-8B driver pairs, and a single Alnico 16" 416-8A.
  18. Some guys would rather spend thousands on harmonic distortion generators, phase shifters, band pass attenuators AKA transformers! Same guys that eschew tone controls because all of their recordings are perfect and they love listening to the bad engineering. Same guys have perfect loudspeakers in acoustically perfect rooms so no is EQ required.
  19. Polyfill from a cheap pillow works too.
  20. When I heard RF7's I was impressed by the fast articulation, like JBL 4312's, that quickly became irritating and then annoying. Voiced to sell in a showroom I think, not to enjoy for decades in a living room. I'll be keeping my Forte' II's and Quartets, thanks.
  21. Why are you folks so fixated on a wimpy mundane relic? HK outsourced production to Funai - the beginning of the end for HK. Contemporary Pioneer & Kenwoods blow them away.
  22. Welcome to Dave Seitz! I've known this character for 30+ years, sold him those CTS 18W54C "Loose Goose" woofers way back when! They have a very floppy treated cloth surround, extremely low free-air resonance around 20 Hz (!) Maybe someone here has more info on how to best use these in a K-horn type enclosure?
  23. Looks simple - just reheat the solder under the board while you stuff the flying L3 lead back where it belongs. Grip the wire with a hemostat or needle nose pliers w/rubber bands to avoud blisters on your fingers! Then reflow the PC board with fresh solder.
  24. Fabulous classic! If all the switches & controls are cleaned & quiet, and the autocorrelator & peak unlimiter work OK, the 4000 is a tour de force of features and performance, including an SQ matrix surround decoder which musically blows away any Dolby processing, IMHO.
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