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  1. "It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they've been fooled". Mark Twain
  2. Would like to check the drivers on my CF-2s. Drivers are k-1029 8". Anyone know what ohms they should measure?
  3. Just added a Darlington Labs MP-7 to my system. Best upgrade ever. I just had to share.
  4. Mine behaves the same. A non issue for me though since access is not restricted and I'd much rather power off manually anyway. I wouldn't leave it on though. I think there was a discussion here about burnt caps or boards and the like from them being left powered on all the time. Hopefully someone who knows more will chime in.
  5. Right. It's probably close enough. Chasing shadows at this point. At least I've done the legwork and I always get good advice here so when it's time to upgrade I'll be in a much better place. Thanks for your help!
  6. So I found the cartridge resonance evaluator on vinyl engine. https://www.vinylengine.com/cartridge_resonance_evaluator.php?eff_mass=12&submit=Submit I also read that Japanese brands like Audio Technica rate their dynamic compliance at 100hz not 10 like most calculations are determined. So when I refer to the chart from the link above and enter 14g for my arm mass using the compliance of 10 for my 8g cart I am barely in the green at 11hz. But if I take into consideration the rating at 100hz and multiply by ten I get a dynamic compliance of 20 for the cart and that puts me at the very bottom at 8hz. Am I trying to improve the rabbit hole or just digging in circles? 🤔
  7. Thanks for the detailed info and link in your previous reply! I'm working with the other variables mentioned in those as well. Just needed some confirmation that I'm moving in the right direction and that I understand cart compliance and tonearm mass and their relation to each other. I actually have the cart mounted to a headshell that brings the mass of my arm to 14g right now. The ATHS1 headshell I'm using for that cart also accepts a screw in weight so I've picked up a 2g weight which brings the total mass of the arm to 16g. Much easier than changing headshells. Will be working with that this week and will take note of any changes. Thanks again!
  8. From what I've read a low compliance cart has a value less than 11 X 10-6 cm/dyne. My cart has a value of 10. The arm on the sl1200gr is 12g with the headshell attached making it a medium mass arm. From what I gather I need to add three grams to my arm to get the mass up to 15 grams for my cart and arm to be a better match. Can this be accomished by getting a heavier headshell and am I on the right track and would the gains in audio quality be worth the effort? Still in a learning curve. Thanks!
  9. Update, Ordered a 4x lighted magnifier on a stand and I had missed the overhang using the jig by a longshot on the initial setup. Corrected that with a big improvement in sound but still seemed it was lacking full soundstage. Played with VTF first and settled on 1.92g for now, 2.0g recommended. A little better. The big improvement came with VTA. The vm750 cart is 17.3mm tall with a tracking angle of 23⁰ not the usual 22⁰. The chart in manual says set VTA dail to "0" since that is the minimum cart height without modifications. Arm was still not level and still to high in back. Bass was very broad and open not tight and punchy like it should be so I added a 3mm thick leather mat on top of the stock rubber and wow, there's an orchestra under all that and all the instruments fell into their proper place with correct VTA. That's the warmth and soundstage the Shibata is known for. I had to work at the setup compared to my previous tables but the effort is definitely worth the reward. I have to say the Technics jig is pretty good. It sounds good. Can it be better? I'm about to start that endeavor and so begins the perpetual tweak, In Search of the Lost Chord.
  10. Virgin run with headshell tool yielded so so results with the new shibata stylus. No skips or tracking errors accross four LPs played just some groove distortion and pretty sure that can be fixed with a better cart alignment. My eyes aren't the greatest so going to pick up a lighted magnifying glass to help me see better. Thinking of buying a protractor as well. Any recommendations for one? Looking at the DB Systems protractor. I like that one only because it's not paper and I don't have to punch a hole in the spindle location which in my opinion leaves room for many errors.
  11. New $29 AT headshell with the new VM750sh cart, dead quiet. Technics headshell that came with table with old Ortofon cart, dead quiet. I guess the VM cart did not like the Technics headshell. It will remain a mystery. Big shout out to all of you! Always get good advice here. Appreciate all of you. Will post video of table up and running when I have time. Thanks again!!
  12. Update. TT was dead quiet in the local shops system. Kevin and Sound Exchange in Houston are the best. He loaned me a headshell and cart to bring home and try and that solved the buzz in my system. So it's either cart or headshell that my system doesn't like. Im guessing cart. So relieved it's nothing major with the table. Heading back up to the shop to purchase new headshell. Boy, what an introduction into Technics and in general good turntables.
  13. Good information to have. Thank you!
  14. I'd like to thank everyone for offering up ideas. Good stuff here. This whole thing has me flustered and I don't think I mentioned what got me to where I'm at so.... The sl1200gr is brand new from Best Buy. Don't ask I got lucky one day and the add to cart option was there so I did and four days later it was at the door. As of right now the TT is plugged into its own wall outlet using the three prong plug with the small ground wire running from TT ground lug to the amps built in phono stage ground lug. The Amp has a two prong plug as does the sub so both of those are plugged into a power strip from a different wall outlet located 8 feet away. Same circuit breaker I'm sure. This gives me least amount of buzz and only in right channel. Ground lift the TT power cord with a cheater and that yields the same result. I've plugged the A/C cords in every imaginable way and this setup is the quietest and any other combination results in very loud buzz at low volume especially when the amp and TT share an a/c outlet or strip. I've tried three pairs of RCA cables as well and moved my amp down in the rack so there's an empty shelf between amp and TT. I'm at a loss. Going to get an extra headshell tomorrow so I can mount the old cart and try that. The way I'm feeling though I might just lug the whole table up to his shop so we can verify it either is or isn't the table using his system. I'll keep y"all posted. Thanks again guys.
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