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  1. Love my Epics and after 22 years with them I have zero desire to search for anything else. I had my Xovers repaired by Bob Crites who is a member here a couple years ago. Believe it or not they can sound better and Bob can make it happen. Congrats on your purchase!
  2. I bet that electron microscope is a chick magnet filled with positive electrons.
  3. My previous home took on water during tropical storm Allison. I lost all of my furnishings and had 51k in flood damage repairs to the structure and replacing appliances and furnishings. I hauled my Epics up into the attic to save them. Even though the insurance would have covered the cost for them they couldn't have replaced them. That may be the reason I have a bad back some 18 years later. Those things weigh a ton. I still have them and Crites repaired the Xovers about a year ago. Was it worth it, you betcha!
  4. I have a R10SW sitting right beside my rack. My table is on a Pangea Vulcan rack with spiked feet setting on half inch saucers on a wood floor. No issues with feedback or tracking at high volume 120wpc. The rack also comes with polyurethane gaskets that are placed between the shelves for isolation. It's a great rack for the money. You can pick one up online at Audio Advisor for $100.
  5. I watched an interview with John Lennon and Paul McCartney on AXS tv a few years back. Both of them said they prefer the mono releases of their work because of its similarity to a live performance. The white album in mono sounds fantastic. Better to my ears than the stereo version so I went out and bought The Doors self titled first LP in mono. It sounded like crap. There's obviously a lot of variation in recording studios and mastering but if done right mono can't be beat.
  6. I mounted an led light bar under the middle shelf to make cueing up easier when playing LPs
  7. It's a Pangea Vulcan Rack. I bought it online at Audio Advisor. They sell the saucers for the spiked feet as well.
  8. Not at all. It's a solid cherrywood hutch. Very sturdy and the 120wpc amp has seen 80 percent on the volume scale more than once. I have the sub set to front fire so the rack gets very little feedback as well.
  9. The 10" sub is perfect for the CF 2s. Took some fiddling to get the gain and frequency adjusted just right.
  10. Thanks! I couldn't see just throwing it out after the rear projection tv went out. We upgraded to a 60" led tv in the den and moved the hutch into the formal living area and turned it into a music room. Very happy with the way it turned out.
  11. Thanks. The 2s need the sub since I changed amps. The Rotel is much brighter than the old Kenwood separates I had that used to drive them.
  12. Rotel RA-1570 integrated amp Project Debut Carbon Esprit TT Ortofon Blue Cart Very old Kenwood CD Player Klipsch Epic CF-2s Crites Xovers Klipsch R10SWi Subwoofer Repurposed 55" Entertainment center Not top of line by any means but sure gets the job done.
  13. Thanks! The backwards year threw me off. Might have some CF-4s by this weekend if can get price right. He's asking $700. The cabinets are a little rough on top. Mostly gless rings. The feet are missing also but he says they function properly and all original. The question will be what to do with my CF-2s that I've had since new. Just had XOs done on them by Bob about a year ago. Guess I could stack the twos on top of the fours. Lol
  14. Ran across a pair of Epic CF-4 for sale. Seller says version one and pics indicate the long tubes. I forgot how the date codes work on serial numbers. Can someone help me out? Thanks!
  15. Thought about that but have since ordered the Kord cable in 12 gauge. Have that installed now and sounds just as good as the 8 gauge stuff and much easier to work with. At least now I know that a larger cable size is not always better unless it's needed to combat signal loss over long runs.
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