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  1. well i i have pr of the heresy III matched withmac MC 275 tube amp/mac c2300 tube preamp , love them but heard the La Scalas and was hooked !! so the heresy III will be replaced but kept for future system !! cant wait to hear the La scalas II with my tubes!!
  2. Well I did it I purchased the LaScalas II in cherry !! i cant wait to hear them with my mac mc275 tube amp !! review to follow !!
  3. what are you running the La Scalas with? do u think my mac mc275 (75st/ch) tube will run then at decent volumes ?
  4. Saw it yesterday , love mine but thinking about a pr of La Scala II might sell my HeresyIII ( less than yr old ?
  5. beautiful systems !! retired life is good !! u will love it
  6. oh yes ,love the classic look !! my next purchase might be a La Scala
  7. thankyou ,i sure am !! i to have a mac tube preamp C2300 !! everything sounds so smooth and detailed !!
  8. ok i set up my martin Logan sub(balance force 210 ) to my Heresy III , OMG mac tubes/klipsch /sub ,what a match made in music heaven !! im a converted klipsch fan for good !!
  9. did some critical listening today only on the vinyl as the source., The combination of the Mac mc 275 VI tube amp and the klipsch Heresy III sounded very smooth and silky the details on the music was amazing the imaging and the vocals were dead on Point. Even though the speakers and the amp are not truly broken in yet the marriage between the two is a match made in heaven. The speakers love tube power and it shows right away it is amazing how efficient the speakers truly are with a very little power running through them. I’ve been an electrostatic guy for a long time and even though I downsized because of my room size I did not compromise at all on performance, it’s amazing how much I missed not having a full range dynamic speaker especially like the klipsch Heresy III.
  10. Received my Heresy III yesterday ( again thx Mark) and inboxed my Mac mc 275. Took my time even though I was very excited to listen !! I have not done any critical listening ,but just put on music to make sure everything was connected correctly. First impression is WOW !! A full review soon .thx to all who responded .Here are some pics enjoy
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