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  1. thankyou , i just received my new M5 si yesterday , once i hook it up and play with it ,i will let you guys here know what i think !!!
  2. perfect im just done with macintosh gear and over analyzing my music . I sold all my mac stuff and the only thing i kept was my beautiful LaScalas !!! so im moving onto a system that i can just enjoy my music !!! thankyou for your input
  3. Is anybody used musical fidelity integrated amps with klipsch La Scala’s, I’m looking at the integrated amp M5SE wondered if anybody’s used that unit with klipsch La Scala’s or a Musical Fidelity Integrated amp at all with the heritage line
  4. First let me say #1)tubes and klipsch La Scalas sound very magical. #2)The Macintosh MC275 iconic tube amp , Has been in existence since 1961 obviously there are changes since then i e speaker terminals power cord etc. etc. but the base of the iconic Mac 275 has not change. You’d be hard-pressed to find something that sounds better! I get it they’re very expensive and you can usually get a used one at about half the price of a new one or even less. when you hooked up your La Scala‘s what was your friend was it solid state or was that tube also? There’s a lot of rule of thought regarding how to get the tube sound without breaking the bank. One way is get a nice solid-state a.m. and get a tube Preamp .... save you a little money powers very expensive if it’s tube and you still get that tubes out from the preamp there may be ones out there that don’t agree with me and that’s fine this is all subject to your taste. I’m sorry your first purchase with Amazon regarding a tube amp didn’t go well, but a dealership was nice enough to allow you to audition a Mac MC 275. To get that amps Full experience with your speakers you would need a tube preamp, with that said if you would have a tube preamp then you’re comparing apples to apples oranges to oranges solid-state to tube. Not all people like the sound of tube they sound very warm you get the feeling of the instruments they’re not harsh they’re not sterile in the way they reproduce the music they have a lot of warmth and nuances as if it was a live concert.... good luck on your journey regarding Finding a good integrated receiver/amplifier.Enjoy the video my friend
  5. I know I'm a little late on this topic ,but I had to respond to this topic!! Your klipsch La Scalas are a beautiful speaker that's very easy to run with almost any amp ,! With that said ,what makes your La Scalas sound magical is Tube power !! Klipsch La Scalas with tubes is a match made in heaven "period " you will not be disappointed at all...... I pr my Las Scalas with my Mac 275 iconic tube amp ....... Go find a nice tube amp in your buget and enjoy
  6. How about a used Macintosh
  7. Tubes all day !! Or anything MacIntosh old /new !! Mac and klipsch very magical
  8. La Scalas are the best speaker I have ever owned ,pr them up with Mac tubes and you have reach audio bliss !! Enjoy them my friend
  9. My mac mc275 tube amp plays it very life like ..... That comb with the LaScalas is unbelievable ,!!
  10. Mc275 and c2300 (all used ) go to audio classics !,
  11. Wow u are a lucky kid ,enjoy your cool stuff !!
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