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  1. Go Mac you will never look back !!
  2. Welcome my friend , great place to get info .first budget, then size of listening area and type music your pops likes .Does he still have any vinyl . There are deals to be had on great used gear if your open for that .Good luck and enjoy the journey !!
  3. Heresy speaker love tube power ,go on line and look for a clean used jolida intergerated any wattage will work with those beautiful speakers good luck and enjoy my friend
  4. Had the heresy III they sound amazing with tubes ,purchased the LAScalas II (new) cheaper then a new pr of Cornwall IV !! Good deals are out there !!
  5. Lol being a retired firefighter/paramedic I would not cut those beautiful speakers ,I would shake the child out !! Lol
  6. Cornwall latest version is 6000.00, wow ,,,,,,, don't tell anyone but I purchased my New La Scals from audio classics (yes new ) shipped to me in Ca much less than the price of new Cornwallis !! Just saying
  7. Well my friend first let me say the la Scalas II will work in a small room without a doubt period !! My room is 10x13 I love them and so will you !! As for a used mkt price I'm not sure I purchased mine from Audio classics where I buy all my used Mac stuff ,call them they are very fair and you will have a warranty . Here is pic of my setup !!
  8. Ok I found the posters but not the light , I guess I'm going to have to go back to that audio store and accidentally put them inside my coat !! ,, taking orders if anyone is interested ......lol
  9. Thx to all with great info ,I will keep you posted !! Man I love my La Scalas
  10. ok thx to all i hope i get to purchase these items and place them in my audioroom
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