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  1. I am selling my heresy iII,In walnut they were ordered them in January ,I Purchased them from another member on klipsch community forum , they were only a few days old original boxes original certificates selling them because I Purchased a pair of La Scala’s. I live in Northern California preferably local purchase really don’t want to ship them. ,There in pristine condition you probably have saw them on my posts in the past, 1600 or best offer
  2. if I’m selling my pr heresy iII That were manufactured back in January 2019 where do I post it?
  3. bluejeans cable company ,hands dwn $for$ most bang for the buck
  4. i have heresyiii for only few weeks w/sub , but it doesn’t compare after listening to LaScalas ,hands dwn La ScalaII ,,call ryan st audio classics hell of a deal shipped to you my friend .takecare ,,,ret oc fireman !!
  5. just ordered my speaker cable from bluejeans cable company, nice at fair price
  6. my system now i use monster cable M1.5 with my heresyIII ,is this a over kill, or should i use the same for my La Scalas II ?
  7. ,,, is the internal wiring for the La Scala II audio quest ,like the La Scala 5s ? And if the did ,shouldn't I go with that company's speaker wire ,would it make the difference with my Mac mc 275 amp? Thanks to all who has responded ,your very helpful .and
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