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  1. Vintage Mac reciever and enjoy !! Save the rest of the money for music !!
  2. Buy them and don't look back ,you will love them...especially with tube gear
  3. I paid for my LaScalas II new $5,000.00 OTD with shipping to me frm NY To Ca.
  4. I purchased my La Scalas II (new)from Audio Classic (cheaper than the Cornwall III) I never looked back !!
  5. Beautiful my friend !!! Enjoy them in good health
  6. Great review ,beautiful speaker !! Hard to believe a company still makes speakers that are as good as they look !! Thankyou klipsch !!
  7. Mac and klipsch is a match made in heaven ,ck out audio classics talk to Ryan he can help you ,your heresyIII will love you for it !!
  8. Go Mac you will never look back !!
  9. Welcome my friend , great place to get info .first budget, then size of listening area and type music your pops likes .Does he still have any vinyl . There are deals to be had on great used gear if your open for that .Good luck and enjoy the journey !!
  10. Heresy speaker love tube power ,go on line and look for a clean used jolida intergerated any wattage will work with those beautiful speakers good luck and enjoy my friend
  11. Had the heresy III they sound amazing with tubes ,purchased the LAScalas II (new) cheaper then a new pr of Cornwall IV !! Good deals are out there !!
  12. Lol being a retired firefighter/paramedic I would not cut those beautiful speakers ,I would shake the child out !! Lol
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