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  1. Why am I thinking this is either a price misprint or a scam? Hmm.
  2. Those look great! I see in your sig you have KLF-30's. In your experience, how do they compare? Thanks!
  3. And probably less expensive also. I had a ST70 for a few years and never had any hum issues.
  4. Where are you located and how much are you asking?
  5. Agreed! However, if running a Heritage center speaker (e.g. La Scala) in a Home Theater setup, one might consider two of the new Heritage subs to give a more balanced aesthetic! 😉
  6. After spending the past year looking for a single used La Scala to use as a center channel in our home theater, I was lucky to find a pair of La Scalas (1978) for sale locally this past weekend at a great price. Overall, they are in average cosmetic condition and the drivers seem to work as they should. Regarding cosmetics, there are some chips and marks in the veneer on the edges and top plate. Also, they appear to be stained a dark walnut color. I believe they were originally raw birch based on the unfinished sections inside the bass bin cavity as well as looking up information on the serial numbers. This is something that I’ll have to remedy sooner than later because the contrasting colors stand out. Any ideas on what to do regarding the finish for someone who doesn’t have wood working or wood finishing skills? Painting black maybe? Are there vinyl wraps that could work and look nice? As far as the crossovers, do they need to be replaced and/or updated? The tweeters are the DE-120 and I have the originals also. Any other ideas or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!
  7. @PrestonTom Thank you for your reply. Good news! This weekend I saw a FB ad for a "vintage stereo package" that included a set of La Scalas located a mere 45 minutes from me in Virginia Beach and reasonably priced. Reached out and now they're in my garage! They'll need a little cosmetic work but they work great for now. I'll post some info and pics in the larger forum.
  8. H.T. is in the main living space and looks will matter, unfortunately. Ideally, I'd locate a La Scala (or a pair) that needs some cosmetic and/or other work and priced accordingly. I could re-veneer or paint them as well as fix any issues with operation. I did have one lined up at the end of last year but that fell through after waiting a few months.
  9. Don’t have a La Scala. This would be the center between my 1985 walnut oil Khorns.
  10. Thanks for the link! Would the Belle work as well as a La Scala in the center position as far as timbre matching?
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