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  1. Thanks for contributions and shared links. oh no Shakeydeal. I do have a Cambridge streamer. And use it for Tidal and to Airplay. I am curious to do something. its more a question of airplay managed from iPhone versus airplay from Apple Tv. because I enjoy the onscreen interface. Both are iOS devices and Airplay to Cambridge the same question goes for Tidal on Apple Tv versus Tidal on phone. Are there a quality differences when airplayed. Just for info. My Apple TV and my Cambridge are hardwired to network.
  2. I hope my question makes sense: i have a stereo system with a tube amp and Cambridge Cxn v2.Cornwall IV speakers i stream via my iPad or iPhone. Apple music and Tidal. Happiness. i also have in same room a home cinema(dolby via, marantz 8015) on my home cinema i have a apple tv, i like the navigation and my way around apple tv’s interface. my question is; if i stream music via apple tv and have menu and apple music up on my AV and choose my music to go via Cambridge and tube, is is a bad practice and is it worse than streaming with iphone or ipad? short question. Is it same to stream via Iphone to your streamer as with Apple tv?
  3. Hi All, I have the luxury of having my own music room. Kids moved out. I have a 5.5 meter frontwall by 6.5 meter long room. Frontwall will be speakers. Console with equipment on the side. Behind me a desk for my Computer and my photography work. I am now at a point where I have to consider hard woord flooring (with a rug) or a carpet with under felt. This room is on first floor above a garage, and has a concrete slab. I prefer not to have carpet. I think it might make music too dull, plus we are in a hot weather conditions. Another question is the ceiling. I am fitting bulkheads around with a square of perforated ceiling in middel (2x2 meter). Is that good or bad idea? I am based in Africa so I do not have acces to all the fancy sound specialist here. i would appreciate some comments. I have a Klipsch Cornwall 4 with Cary amp.
  4. Thank you all for the replies. The answer was what I was hoping for. Another question is, how big sin is it to have another set of speakers next to your Cornwalls .I have two systems, a Dolby and Stereo. Two 600m on floor standers and a centre on a floor stander. I have tried to have an all in one system before but found it difficult the achieve great results. My Dolby is driven by Marantz 8015 and Stereo by the Cary tubes. should I maybe rather consider in-wall for LRC for my Atmos? Thank you again for replies and kind welcome notes.
  5. I am changing my listening room and want to place my equipment on sidewall, not between speakers. The room is 5.7 meter wide and 6.6 meter deep. why do we always place it middle. I know speaker cables would be shorter, but if they are 6 feet longer does it really matter? I am using Cornwall 4 and Cary 80HS the reason i can’t test is because my stuff is in storage while remodelling. please tell me it will be okey. I am keen for different layout in my room. Thanks for great forum.
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