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  1. Looking to create a LCR set up. Any finish. Something from late 70’s -80’s im in CT. Prefer in my area North East
  2. North east tri state area. Looking for an orphan pro Heresy. Thanks
  3. @Deang i’ll probably get them and if i dont like them I could always flip
  4. @DeangOh yes I have played with this feature of Al’s Networks and its been since i swapped out the originals for these ive been really liking the over all sound of the mids and highs. So much as to im second guessing myself about “upgrading “ to tje Crites
  5. Anyone have this set up running with LaScala’s? Are the Crites driver’s excessively bright?
  6. Looking for a mint pair of Forte ll or Chorus ll preferably Walnut finish here in the Northeast. I don’t mind taking a road trip for a beautiful pair
  7. @PeterP it isnt really what ive chosen its what i presently have. Im needing a bit more output i think the size of the room plays a big part
  8. Looking to upgrade my sub. Currently running an older 10” Infinity with LaScala’s. Room is large about 20x30. Im not a huge bass head but like the bass to hit fairly hard.. i listen to a lot of reggae. Not interested in HT only music for now. Budget is about $1000. Considering brands like HSU, SVS, Rhythmik, and PowerSoumd
  9. @AB3CX MIkeInterested from ct
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