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  1. Would also entertain trades. tell me what you got!??
  2. RP-600M. Sorry for the confusion
  3. RP-600m. Immaculate condition.Ebony finish. I plugged these in and listened to them for literally 2 hours to realize although they sound great this speaker is just a little to small for me I still have all packing materials and original box. Purchased from PHT in Kentucky. $425 shipped to your door or pick up locally in Connecticut for $375.
  4. Still for sale. Anyone??
  5. Also may considering trading for a mint pair of Forte ll
  6. Up for sale a pair of Black Ash Chorus l floor standing Klipsch speaker Good condition (one riser has some minor damage) anything else is just some where and tear over the years . Drivers and crossovers all original and in great shape! $850 cash only, local pick up here in Westbrook Ct, 06498. No shipping Thank You
  7. Currently am enjoying a 2 channel system with vintage LaScala’s ALK Crossovers and Crites CT-120 Tweeters, Parasound P6 and A23 combo with an Infinity Alpha series 12” Sub. Source is 80% Amazon HD Stream through a laptop and the P6 USB 20% CD. My question is what would you do to improve this system? More mods to the LaScala’s mids? A bigger badder sub.??I like bass but not necessarily a bass head lol A better music streaming system: stand alone music streamer DAC?? Any thoughts suggestions and opinions would be welcomed
  8. Im in CT i got a pair of black 1976 LS all original. $2500 and they are yours!
  9. Very cool. So you do not miss any of the other P6 features? How do you connect your sub?
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