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  1. Both for about the same cost. Thoughts on these used solely for 2 channel music. I have a modest Sub running as well
  2. Jvitti1970


    thank you Tom. i have even older 1976 Lascalas and they are all original caps and all and after lots of listening ive decided not to change a thing
  3. Jvitti1970


    there is nothing that i do not like actually. was just asking if these upgrades would make them even better
  4. Jvitti1970


    Hey guys i am getting a pair of 301 ll's and have been reading a bit about supposed upgrades : switching out drivers for the DE 120'S AND APT-50'S also i see there is a guy who makes upgraded horn lenses Machined Aluminum Horn Lenses. is anybody familiar with these after market so called upgrades? are they worth it ?
  5. have a chance to get kp-301 ii's at a decent price. how is the sound compared to chorus ii or cornwalls. i have never heard any of the pro line. i know the look it much more rugged but that doesnt concern me
  6. i got a great deal on some vintage Cornwall components and drivers unfortunately the cabinets were trash. im looking for the best place to purchase these ; cabinet maker, ebay,etc? also are these any other materials i would need, filling in the cabinets etc?
  7. not sure if i should go new or used,modern or vintage. i like to listen to my music loud with tons of dynamic oomph. rock ,reggae,Jazz, acoustic and ska are pretty much my musical genres. thanks
  8. Jvitti1970

    Crites CT-120

    What if I want to keep the original tweeter but still rebuild the crossover will the original tweeter not work well with the 4500 or should I use a different network !
  9. Jvitti1970

    Crites CT-120

    ThoughtS on the Bobby Crites CT-120 TWEETER for vintage Lascalas. is it really that much better than the original K-77M?
  10. i have a very large room, basement is about 20x30. i do like to listen at mid to high volumes. my sweet spot chair is about-15 feet away
  11. i have a stereo repair shop locally that can do that for me if its a matter of just changing the caps
  12. those ALK'S look pretty awesome but i know they are expensive. are you familiar with the Super AA swap out or the Universal ?
  13. been debating this ever since i got these speakers about 6 months ago. i have heard many different thoughts and opinions on this. to me these speakers sound awesome so im not sure if the crossovers drift or not. then is the question of which route to go Crites or ALK? ANY AND ALL ADVISE ON THIS TOPIC WILL BE APPRECIATED