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  1. A pair of ALK Universal Networks in new condition. 2 years old. $300. Cost includes shipping
  2. Gotta get me a pair of these. Have the CT-120’s need these for my LS
  3. Perhaps i am better off upgrading my system in a different way. Ive just been curious about the LCR configuration
  4. The search continues. Guy says he is not interested in shipping at all
  5. I sent an email to the OP. Lets see what happens
  6. @RandyH000Hopefully the shipping wont be more than the speaker lol
  7. Would the pro version work well as a center with my two 1976 LS’?
  8. @carlthess40i saw this one and it actually matches the other two i have in black. Honestly i was concerned about the shipping. what would you ballpark Florida to Connecticut would be for shipping?
  9. Looking for a single speaker to complete my trifecta. I am in Ct and am will to take a reasonable road trip! TIA
  10. I received the message from the same person who provided me the same email address
  11. I have posted here in the Garage i am looking for a single KP-301. Someone sent me a message in here on Friday Samson269 that they have a friend in Texas that maybe able to help. I emailed the the address provided and the guy said he has a few a pair and was willing to part with one. I felt this to be odd. Says he takes payment via cashapp and zelle. Definitely thought it was fishy
  12. Lol. This is the one i bought lol
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