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  1. @carlthess40 my LS are 43yrs young and still going super strong all original!!
  2. @Hawkeye you realize that the Crites stuff does not add value to your speakers?
  3. @Schu about how much $$ do you think it would take to get these up and running?
  4. Looking for a kg4.2 to go with the other one I have. any finish will do
  5. I have one. Looking to complete the pair
  6. @NiceSystem talked to the guy in newyork his single kg4.2 has damage on the top of cabinet he covered with marble and one of the woofers has a cut in it
  7. One KG4.2 given to me now id like to find another
  8. Honest opinions from people that have owned both
  9. @Godataloss black lacquer. Not industrials
  10. @Westcoastdrums were you referring to my comment?
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