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  1. DECIDED NOT TO SELL. Feel like ill have sellers regret! DONT JUDGE ME đŸ¤£đŸ¤£
  2. @Westcoastdrums thoughts on modifying the home version vintage LS @jimjimbo has given me some great info and id like to pick your brain as well
  3. I have my 1976 home versions up for sale right now. Not getting too many bites. Looks like instead of getting the KI-396’s i will be going with a dull restore of the LaScala’s
  4. Location is Ivoryton Connecticut 06442
  5. Moderators Please delete first posting for this sale.
  6. As difficult as it is for me I’m putting up for sale my 1976 La Scala‘s . Looking to replace with the mighty Ki-396. They are all original black lacquer finish. AA networks. Home version. Looking to get $1200. Pick up only. Bring a helper. Absolutely no shipping . They are in decent shape for their age. Play loud and clear. i have the original laser cut copper badges! Quote
  7. 1976 all original LaScala’s in Connecticut Pretty good condition all around. AA Networks. Nothing has been modified. Pick up only. $1300 Selling only to get KI-396. Cannot afford both unfortunately More photos to come
  8. @CECAA850 what are you doing for LSl mods?
  9. @CECAA850 which sound do you prefer? restored LaScala’s with new Crites drivers or the 396’s
  10. Presently own a pair of 1976 LaScala’s. Debating on whether to do a full restore networks and all drivers or selling them original and getting a pair of 396 Both speakers are at their best with a sub. My question is for people that own both or have had the opportunity to listen extensively to both. how does the 510 horn and compression driver in the 396 sound compared to the vintage LS mid and tweeter? thanks guys!
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