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  1. better to go a little over the rating or under I have spoken to him about the tweets and mids upgrades.has me excited! I know he uses sonicaps though for his networks and thought they were entry level caps
  2. @jimjimbo seems like the 2's are easier to find than the 13....brands should all be the same?
  3. In looking at the original schematics for the AA networks the 3 caps are rated two at 2uF and one at 13uF. Do the new caps need to exactly match these ratings?
  4. Jvitti1970


    How do i take this down? Cant figure out how to delete post
  5. Jvitti1970


    Decided not to sell. Worried i will regret it. I will restore them and enjoy for many years to come
  6. Jvitti1970


    Ill get some more photos up soon
  7. Jvitti1970


    Im in the NewHaven area
  8. Jvitti1970


    What does this all have to do with the sale of my speakers?
  9. Jvitti1970


    Ive been thinking about lots of scenarios. Decided to move them
  10. @jimjimbo I am seeking the ultimate recipe of goodness for my '76 LS. They presently sound pretty good but at 43 yrs old I'm sure I can make them even better!!
  11. @jimjimbo the Crites route is most likely what I'm gonna do along with the woofers you mentioned. I was just curious about the new stuff in production
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