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  1. Also may considering trading for a mint pair of Forte ll
  2. Up for sale a pair of Black Ash Chorus l floor standing Klipsch speaker Good condition (one riser has some minor damage) anything else is just some where and tear over the years . Drivers and crossovers all original and in great shape! $850 cash only, local pick up here in Westbrook Ct, 06498. No shipping Thank You
  3. Currently am enjoying a 2 channel system with vintage LaScala’s ALK Crossovers and Crites CT-120 Tweeters, Parasound P6 and A23 combo with an Infinity Alpha series 12” Sub. Source is 80% Amazon HD Stream through a laptop and the P6 USB 20% CD. My question is what would you do to improve this system? More mods to the LaScala’s mids? A bigger badder sub.??I like bass but not necessarily a bass head lol A better music streaming system: stand alone music streamer DAC?? Any thoughts suggestions and opinions would be welcomed
  4. Im in CT i got a pair of black 1976 LS all original. $2500 and they are yours!
  5. Very cool. So you do not miss any of the other P6 features? How do you connect your sub?
  6. Very interesting device! Sound quality tops the P6?
  7. Very interesting device! Sound quality tops the P6?
  8. Very interesting device! Sound quality tops the P6?
  9. I have one of these and love it! GLWS! What Preamp/ DAC do you use?
  10. @oldtimer only the 3’rd and 4the gen Forte top the Chorus l. The Chorus ll will five Forte lll and IV a run for its money!
  11. $1000 for a pair of Black Ash Chorus l Very good condition! One riser has some damage that can be easily fixed if you are at all handy. I am not lol Local pick up only here in Connecticut. Cash and carry only
  12. Jvitti1970

    CF-4s - $2700

    Same dude has Quartets for $900. Very high as well
  13. @tube fanatic Thanks for the insight! My present listening room is small. Im using Chorus l’s in 12x12 space. Down the road when my listening room in larger I will have the tube amp connected to my LaScala’s I like mid to moderate volumes. I listen to everything from reggae to jazz. I am about 8-10’ away when listening
  14. Looking to dive down the rabbit hole pair my LaScala’s with a tube amp. Been told SET is the way to go. New to this. $1000 budget.
  15. Thanks guys the MAHL Tweeters are very interesting! Is Ebay the place to buy them?
  16. Hey Guys would the titanium tweeter diaphragms be a worthwhile mod for Chorus l’s?
  17. Wow!! Tell me more about this 9.2 Heritage system! What speakers, power , ETC?
  18. Moderator or Admin please delete this post ASAP. Thank you
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