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    Mount Airy, Md.
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    master bedroom: panasonic 50" tv
    panasonic dvd player
    marantz low profile receiver
    heresy center speaker
    heresy decorator speakers
    klipsch 4" rear speakers
    klipsch 12" sub

    family room: sony 50" tv
    marantz dvd player
    marantz low profile receiver
    klfc7 center channel
    cornwall 1.5's fronts
    heresy rear channels
    rw 12d subwoofer

    garage: yamaha receiver
    marantz cd player
    ar-18's........(love 'em!)
    Living room
    Chorus ll's in black
    Marantz ma 500's
    Marantz pre amp and Marantz cd changer

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  1. angusruler

    Full Reference System for sale SOCAL

    pics would help ur sale......and satisfy our insatiable urge to see other peoples stuff!
  2. angusruler

    [Sold] Klipsch® RF-7II Speakers in Cherry - Kentucky

    beauties! love the cherry veneer.
  3. angusruler

    When does "X" become an addiction ?

    If ur on a very low dose try and keep it that way. I was on them 4 yrs 4 pain. I became addicted thru no choice of my own. Went thru a couple withdrawls due 2 my pharmacy at the time not having my drug of choice not being in stock. It was the best day of my life when i was prescribed suboxone! The pain sux but at least i joined the human race again.
  4. angusruler

    F/S 1986 LaScalas these are SOLD on 1/14/19

    nice set ups! like the amp rack too.
  5. angusruler


    great! clear is the way to go. maybe even a satin finish? u can always put a gloss coat if need be.
  6. angusruler

    The last Blu-ray you watched.

    deadpool 2........it was great.......funny as hell!
  7. angusruler

    Diana Krall

    elvis and his grandmother.....
  8. angusruler

    Heresy parts build with curved sides.

  9. angusruler


  10. angusruler

    Craziness in Toronto baseball

    the rangers are a bunch of punks. especially that pitcher that relieved hamels. if I was that batter he touched on Toronto, I would have knocked him out!
  11. angusruler

    I respectfully request

    a free society with armed guards. sounds a lot like Cuba, or Russia, or etc. As for naming the perp, who here off the top of their heads can name the perp of Shady Hook? Of Va Tech? of Ft. Hood? How about even the Columbine guys, or after that the Aurora theater shooter? Who can name all or even more than two or three of these guys? off the top of your heads without a search engine? What difference does it make?an armed county cop in schools sounds like cuba?!
  12. angusruler

    I respectfully request

    these atrocities happen in a free society. don't think they can be stopped. maybe shortened by armed guards?
  13. angusruler

    Who is your favorite Post Beatle?

    ringo..."I'm just happy to be here!"
  14. angusruler

    Who is your favorite Post Beatle?

    john. "working class hero"was the first song I heard with the "f" word in it.