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  1. Tweed Heresy grills

    I have never installed any fabric, so I don't know. Far as I know it installs just like any other fabric. Bob Crites
  2. Tweed Heresy grills

    Send me an email at bobcrites@mac.com
  3. Tweed Heresy grills

    Here is a relatively new fabric called "Cane". It is really an imitation meant to look like cane. Bob Crites
  4. Well, this is a bit complicated. Originally the APT-50 Eminence sold was the Tonsil driver. So, yes I started out using the APT-50. When Eminence had a clone made of the Tonsil driver, they sent me a sample and it was junk, just plain not usable. So, I contacted Tonsil in Poland and had them make that original driver for me, so I have always used the Tonsil driver. The APT-50 that Eminence sells now is not interchangeable at all with the Tonsil driver. Even the mounting threads are different. Bob Crites
  5. Actually that is Al's fault. You just repeated what he says on his website. He can't seem to get that figured out and make the correction on his website. Bob Crites
  6. Mike, The CT125 has NEVER used the driver you show in this post. That driver is pure junk. The CT125 uses a driver made by Tonsil in Poland. The one you show is a clone of the original Tonsil driver Eminence had made in Asia. Bob Crites
  7. Crites website

    Well, I think this is fixed now. Seems it was a hack of the server on Godaddy. Specifically looks like a hack to redirect traffic to a different website, but the hackers were fairly inept and redirected to a non-existent website. Whoever those worthless turkeys are, they owe me about 4 hours of my Saturday back that it took me to get this fixed. Anyway, a Google search for Crites Speakers now gives working links. Bob Crites
  8. Crites website

    But, it is google, bing and yahoo. What is common there?
  9. Crites website

    Godaddy is hosting. Talked to them a lot this morning. They cannot find anything wrong on their side. What makes this really strange is that only the major search engines like google, bing or Yahoo show this problem. Try any minor search engine like duckduckgo or dogpile or AOL and no problem with any of them. I am very confused.
  10. Crites website

    Also works on a search on www.dogpile.com This is strange
  11. Quick KG4 woofer question

    Yes, parallel.
  12. Some of the tweeter diaphragm had that and some did not. Probably only phenolic made by one of the companies that made them for Klipsch. Bob Crites
  13. This is wrong at least for the diaphragm the OP is talking about. That fiber or anything else touching that extremely delicate titanium dome will damage it. Even a fluffy cotton ball will damage it. Bob Crites
  14. The Sixes, opinions

    I have a pair of The Sixes. I am truly amazed at how good those little speakers sound. Bob Crites