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  1. The Sixes are enroute!

    I think all of the electronics are in the right speaker. That is the one that has the AC power cord and has all the controls on it. The right speaker connects to the left with a supplied cable. The Sixes have been very interesting to my customers with most asking "What the heck are those?". And after a quick listen, these customers are quite amazed by the amount of bass they hear from these very small speakers.
  2. DE 120 and Chorus I

    I think if you put in an L-pad and attenuate about 3db, it will sound better than a K-79 with stock diaphragm. But probably not significantly better than just replacing the diaphragm with my titanium diaphragm. Bob Crites
  3. New to Klipsch

    Those are probably all mylar. I don't think I have so far ever encountered a poly cap in a Klipsch speaker. Bob Crites
  4. New to Klipsch

    I will disagree with you about film caps. They age just as quickly as any other caps. Notice the ESR reading on these. They are all film caps from Klipsch crossovers. Bob Crites
  5. New to Klipsch

    Capacitors deteriorate from age whether used or not. I got to find that out back when I was using the GE oil filled caps. They had been in production for many years and once my supplier sent me some with some very old looking boxes. I tested them and found them all to be high in ESR. These had never been out of the boxes, but were bad just from age. Bob Crites
  6. DE 120 and Chorus I

    You would have to attenuate a DE120 a lot to use in a Chorus. It will be much too loud. Bob Crites
  7. Well, obviously have not tested every possible combination, but this adapter is very short and was made by Tonsil to be used with their driver to allow use of some different horns other than the one they sold for use with their driver. Anyway, the adapters turn the Tonsil (as far as mounting goes) into almost the exact thing as the current APT-50.
  8. By the way, there is an adapter that converts the original Tonsil driver to the standard 1 3/8 18 thread. Bob Crites
  9. Just look at this PDF from back when Eminence used the Tonsil driver. And then the Eminence data sheet for the current driver here. http://www.eminence.com/pdf/APT50.pdf eminence apt-50 copy.pdf
  10. The one with the 1 3/8 18 thread is the clone of the original Tonsil driver that had a different thread. The original Tonsil driver that I use looks like this. Sorry this is an old dirty one that was in my junk drawer, but you can see the way the threads work.
  11. K-77 Equivalent Drivers

    I don't know why it says that. Their Sales and Operations Manager says they will stay in production as long as there are orders.
  12. K-77 Equivalent Drivers

    The DE-120 is still in production and no plans to discontinue it according to B & C. I received 50 of them today. Bob Crites
  13. forte II w/ A-55G Mids?

    The K-52H was built by Heppner. Klipsch bought the company or perhaps just their driver tooling and sent the tooling to China to be used for driver production. The also did a large mod to the diaphragm that combined diaphragm and phase plug into one single plastic unit. With Heppner, the phase plug (witches hat) is a separate metal unit that just fits up against the diaphragm. Also, the driver was changed from a thread on to a bolt on and the plastic horns for front mount were made to match the modified driver.
  14. 1984 Cornwall with Plastic Mids?

    The last 2 or 3 years of production, Klipsch started using the new midrange horn and driver in the Cornwall 1. Goes along with the B-3 crossover. Bob Crites
  15. For that attenuation, use all the exact pin numbers as the T2A used. Bob Crites