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  1. Both the K-77D and K-77F were made by Daiichi in the Philippines.
  2. There is much more to that than Dean said. I could probably build a type A crossover from scratch quicker than I could turn an E-2 into a type A. Lots of rewiring on the terminal strips (which are fragile by that age and likely to break) and also the inductor is wrong value and would have to be replaced. And with what the guy is selling that pair of E-2 for, probably cheaper to buy a new pair of type A.
  3. Dean you need to take a good look at the E-2 schematic.
  4. Normally autotransformers are used to attenuate or reduce the output of a driver. In the case of the CF-4 the autotransformer is installed backward and it effectively boosts the output by 4db. Bob Crites
  5. I have had better luck with just single runs of coat hangers. Twist too many together and you get something similar to a toroidal flux inductor and those are dangerous.
  6. This thread almost makes me want to go dig out those coat hangers again. Bob Crites
  7. I guess you mean the z-bracket holes compared to the K77D mounting holes? I am not certain about that. Would have to get some out to compare them. Bob Crites
  8. Actually, I do not think you could. Your corners of the cutout are rounded. I think they would have to be squared off to have that horn fit. They stopped squaring off the corners at some point before yours were produced. Some people have used them by doing some file work on the corners.
  9. This picture shows the newer K-77D and the K-77F with z-brackets installed behind it. Bob Crites
  10. Hole size is decreased in 2018 Lascala II. Not sure exactly what year they reduced the size. First of the Lascala IIs used the K-77F with standard size horn used by all earlier K-77M tweeters allowing the entire horn to extend through the motor board with z-brackets. Even after the change to the K-77D for some number of years the larger hole was maintained and earlier tweeters could be fitted to those holes using z-brackets. As of 2018 (and perhaps some years earlier), only the K-77D could fit in the holes and no way to use the earlier K-77F or K-77M tweeters. Attached is a picture of the K-77D installed in a 2018 Lascala II. Bob Crites K77D_in_2018_Lascala.pdf
  11. @simon Send me an email at bobcrites@mac.com Thanks, Bob Crites
  12. The version you have was made after 2010. All made earlier than that were made by Tonsil in Poland and have the internal threads.
  13. I have a B&C price list. There are 4 versions of the DE75 listed. One of those is the DE75PK. I can find data sheets for all of them except the DE75PK. I suspect that is the one Klipsch uses. Bob Crites
  14. Our buddy Terry Cruse sent me a K-33 out of a Cornwall to see why it did not work many years ago. He had just reached (I believe) 124 db and suddenly the woofer was just silent. When I cut into it found the voice coil had come out of the magnet gap and then just impacted back into the top of the magnet assembly crushing it in the process. Might be what happened to yours. Bob Crites
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