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  1. wvu80 could help. He tracks prices across the country.
  2. I'm scheduled to pick them up tomorrow as Don and I already agreed to a deal.
  3. The pictures turned out poor but the speakers look better in person.
  4. This one may be better resolution. Unfortunately I can't upload regular phone pictures due to the website limit.
  5. I am in Mesa and have been on the fence about selling my Cornwalls but would do so to a good owner. They are in much better condition than the ones in Flagstaff, you discussed on this thread. They were built in 89 and have consecutive serial #s. The crossovers were rebuilt prior to my purchase but I sent them to Bob Crites (well known around here - google) who sold the upgrade kit. He tested them and verified they are as good as new. I also installed new titanium domes for the tweeters but I still have the old ones that I'll include, if desired. I have some pictures I'll post soon. If I sell I would want $1,000 firm and you would have to pick up. Full disclosure: one woofer cone is caved but that is only a cosmetic thing and doesn't affect performance in the slightest. Since it didn't affect performance I decided not to do anything about it, but it looks extremely easy to do. I have grills for both. Let me know your thoughts.
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