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  1. So I was reading a post here from a guy that was selling his Khorns and he commented that his current room in his new home would not accommodate the Khorns. He went on to say the corner spacing was 13 or 14 feet and at that distance they would not sound good at all!!....Yet I have seen some rooms that look like they are in the 11-14 feet range and have not heard negative comments regarding this....SO...What say you Khorn owners.....Will a room width of 12-14 feet provide the best sound that Khorns are capable of or do they need room width of 19ft??.. plus? Here is a quote from the seller: "I know I will miss them a lot but the reality is I will not have 2 corners far enough apart. I found 2 perfect corners but they are only 13ft apart and I have tried that distance before and to me you really need about 19 feet for the Khorns to sound their best. " Cheers
  2. Yes understanding the nuts and bolts can be tricky....I still dont know how I get earth shattering bass from my active sub on my Goldenear Triton 1's (set at 1 ocklock) when these components Three - 5˝ x 9˝ Long-Throw Quadratic Subwoofer Bass Drivers, coupled to: Four - 7˝ x 10˝ Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiators is all thats driving the sub. I mean the bass is crazy...rattles the walls on the far side of the house and thats set almost at default setting...
  3. Yes I have 1 good corner and the other needs a corner "side" so I will be building false corners which also gives me the luxury of additional toe-in/toe-out adjustment. I'm currently looking for build options.... Cheers Don
  4. So for curiosity sakes, why does the 401 horn have allot of critics??? Does it have a tendency to sound a certain way??
  5. I just committed to them..they're mine now!
  6. I have one corner and can come up with something too create a corner on the other side. Currently I am running some Goldenear triton ones and I’ve been looking at Cornwall‘s for the last couple weeks as I really wanted to experience the whole Klipsch sound . Then low and behold the owner of the local shop that I do business with was telling me about the K horns that he had and I should check them out. I’m assuming I would be happier with these then the Cornwall’s, not sure though.
  7. Thank you for your offer that is very very nice of you. I found these in kind of the out-of-the-way shop that not very many people know about, I went there yesterday and All kinds of current and collectible audio equipment definitely a audiophiles paradise.
  8. OK so a couple of comments ; you say that with most systems that you always have a sub in the mix but with the K horn‘s none is needed. I’ve heard others say that Lescala which has similar numbers people have commented that they were very weak at the bottom end . That’s comforting to hear that this particular cabinet is solid in the-base department . Do most people stick with the stock drivers? I know with the Cornwall’s that the 55G and the selenium 405 our common upgrades as and the 120 for the high-end is very popular as well . I ask this because the speakers were just offered up to me out of the blue so I don’t know much about the history of these cabinets and what is commonly done and not done .
  9. Don’t think your text made it in the last replyDon’t think your text made it in the last reply
  10. OK thank you, he is asking 2500 for them. My question is these are made to put in the room corners therefore the width of your speakers determines your listing area or sweet spot and there’s no adjustment to speaker adjustment unless you build faux corners correct??
  11. I’m in Phoenix. The grill cloth is it’s like a course black cloths let me see if I can post a picture
  12. Need some info please...... I am looking at a used pair of Klipschorns and was wondering if someone could tell what year and wood finish this is and if you were buying him what’s fair market value? I’m told these are original somewhere in the 80s I believe and no hot rodding has been done . They are in immaculate condition not a mark anywhere that I can see. Type is KBWO Serial # 13S34 Appreciate yall’s help !
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