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  1. So I’m looking at a pair of brand new inThe crates circa 70s/80s La Scala’s. They are finished in Raw birch, as I understand these are or were sold as entry level price point La Scala’s however I actually find this finish very clean and sexy but I’m wondering to preserve and protect the finish and put a little zip in the finish what most people end up doing to finish them off Cheers
  2. Beautiful cabinets. Very nice play by play on your upgrades, good info to know. Have you tried any type of finishing to the Raw birch, whether it be a tongue oil or one of many different natural sealer’s, oil’s etc.? I asked this as I am looking at a pair of circa 70s/80s la Scala‘s that are brand new in the crate never fired up and the rawness or just natural look of the cabinets are pretty sexy in my opinion however I would think he would want to put some type of finishing oil or something to Preserve the wood. One question I had for you is every panel natural birch plywood or are there any panels that have a veneer on them? Thanks again for the great info got a love this form Cheers
  3. LSBR , LaScala raw birch..... I assume these are not a veneer? If not do you recommend finishing these off with a tongue oil or sealer or???? Is raw birch a desired finish?? Are they hard to come by?? What time period we’re these offered? Thanks for the info!! Cheers
  4. If you could put any woofer/driver in a La Scala what would you select. ....K33, K34 or something else. Cheers
  5. Beautiful pair of AA style crossovers by Dean G. . They are currently in a pair of LaScalas that I am selling and currently I do have a offer on the scholars but the potential buyer would like to buy without crossovers. So here’s an opportunity to grab a pair of Dean’s crossovers NOW !! I waited almost 2 month for these as Deans crossovers are very popular. These are barely broken in and sound amazing! Must sell !! $625
  6. '. **SOLD** Pair of beautiful vintage La Scala‘s consecutive serial numbers with upgrades. Beautiful custom wood work front of cabinets. Custom Dean G crossovers, DaveA upgraded tweeter 120 drivers with beautiful machine aluminum horns. ( tweeter performance much improved!!) . New tweeters are barely broken in! Bass bin are loaded with the more desirable pro line Klipsch K34 woofer. Other cool details I can discuss with you. Sound amazing. Original tweeters are available. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. Exterior of cabinets have been sanded and stained and interior of base been have been sanded are finished in black, As this was original factory finish. Will also entertain selling DeanG crossovers by themselves. These are literally brand new, probably have 20 hours on them. Crossovers built with midrange at -6db. Details available Crossovers-$750 Cheers........ $2600 obo
  7. Dr. Feickert protractor NG, mint condition used once. One of the best protractors to set up your turntable list for $249 first $200 or best takes it!!
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