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  1. Another longtime UFO conspiracy nut is Stanton Friedman. I have a friend could pass for his twin when Friedman was younger. If I want to get my friend's goat I just have to call him 'Stanton'. The real Stanton can be found pontificating here: https://listverse.com/2017/06/22/10-signs-that-aliens-could-be-contributing-to-our-world/ Wb
  2. I call it 'The Curse of the Curse of Oak Island'. Watched it once; been drinking to forget. Better curse can be watched here: Wb
  3. Do you mean Suifenhe City in the Province of Heilongjiang (SE China)? I've seen nothing about shutting down their Province of Hubei where the city of Wuhan is situated. What I've read on-line today is that people are fleeing from Wuhan like fleeing is going out of style! Wb
  4. I just got in from picking, smashing and shoveling the ice pack that's been residing below my driveway for the last several months and all along the front of the house to the city sewer. I'm all set for tomorrow's blast. ☃️ Wb
  5. When I want some 'freedom' from my wife's most annoying fog-horned voice sister I just put on some Janis Joplin and she runs for her life out of here. Amazing what an excess of tobacco and Southern Comfort will do to your vocal chords. 🏇 Wb
  6. The conspiracy nut on the TV? He's overdue for his once every 12 months visit with his barber. 🚫 Wb
  7. Too bad you can't custom order a pair made with Baltic Birch and the veneer of your choice (not so limited). I'd be a buyer. Wb
  8. Serology testing should be coming shortly and that will determine who has antibodies and whom does not. The reason to get a flu shot now is symptoms can be close to those related to the Wuhan Virus and to keep you from catching this season's flu strain(s). It should also keep you the heck away from over-crowded and busy ER's, less than plentiful hospital beds and contributes to herd immunity. Your potentially mild case of the flu can kill someone exposed to you who has not been vaccinated because they are immune compromised and could not get the shot for this legitimate reason. Wb
  9. Getting between my wife (who is a retired medical professional and had to be tested for virus early on as she had a number of the symptoms) and her first grandchild, now two months old is like getting between a mother Grizzly and her cub. Yes, everyone has PC's and phones here too. Logic goes out the window, but I still keep my distance. Wb
  10. Except to say: If you did not get your annual flu shot last fall, get it now if you can. Wb
  11. Sadly, in spite of our relatively recent history which includes the Spanish Flu, Polio, SARS, Ebola, MERS, etc., most medical schools no longer teach anymore the histories of Edward Jenner, Sabin and Salk. Nor do they teach about Banting, Best and the other researchers that developed insulin and then sold the patent for $1. This needs to change! Wb
  12. Look here if you want to know how a potentially deadly pandemic with no available vaccine or provenly successful treatment is available: See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_coronavirus_pandemic_in_Taiwan Wb
  13. If it's packaged it is on the label. If it is fruit like apples, pears, oranges, etc.. There are no stickers on them. I quit buying smoked oysters as soon as I found every can coming from China. Wb
  14. Check the other thread. I'm sure that there are people with green thumbs that will post recommendations. There is also the Old Farmers Almanac, online Youtube and other sources written by knowledgeable persons for do it yourselfers. Wb
  15. My suggestion is to purchase the 2020 version of the Old Farmers Almanac. It is split into geographic zones and has all kind of information on what, how and when to plant. You should be able to grow almost anything at your elevation given decent soil and varmint control. Wb
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