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  1. Wolfbane

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    ^^^ These are a work of art ^^^ Wb
  2. Wolfbane

    Moving La Scala II upstairs solo?

    I own Belles and have never taken them apart. I'd guess around 80lbs for just the bottoms. Wb
  3. Wolfbane

    Moving La Scala II upstairs solo?

    Do you own or can you borrow a fridge mover with secure straps? Wb
  4. see: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5b117b8fe17ba3988bfb6e8e/t/5c3123d621c67cd27404369c/1546724315811/KHMA+Klipschorn+ME+2019-BROCHURE.pdf Wb
  5. Wolfbane

    When does "X" become an addiction ?

    If you are on a low prescribed dose and you are not exceeding it you are not dependent. Legitimate painkillers exist as there is a demonstrated need. Horses for courses. Wb
  6. Wolfbane

    In memory of Boxx

    Sorely missed - RIP. Wb
  7. Wolfbane

    Was Tesla Ripped Off?

    In this case Marconi used 17 of Tesla's patents. Certainly qualifies him as an opportunist. Wb
  8. I've run amps using all the tubes you list except the 300B's. EL84 PP amps sound great with Klipsch speakers. As to Quad I have no experience or educated opinion. Wb
  9. Wolfbane

    Useless Vinyl Junk!!!

    The author, in the title no less, says that vinyl LP's are 'worthless'. Nothing nebulous about that. I bet he wrote the article while listening to music through his iPhone connected to a blue tooth speaker. Wb
  10. My Belles sound great with as little as 2 watts. If I feel the need for more power there is always the 16WPC 211 Monoblock Amps to warm the place up with. Wb
  11. Wolfbane

    Was Tesla Ripped Off?

    IMHO; Nicola Tesla, the real Tesla, was ripped off both by Westinghouse and by Marconi. Westinghouse over the royalties on VAC and Marconi by accepting credit as the 'inventor' of radio. Wb
  12. Wolfbane

    Useless Vinyl Junk!!!

    What idiots come up with these lists? See: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/personalfinance/30-collectibles-that-are-now-worthless/ss-BBRFNn4?li=AAqARMz&ocid=mailsignout#image=2 Wb
  13. They became 'priceless'. Wb
  14. Hi Tzm, Klipsch Nirvana, BB or MDF (actually BB). The time to listen to or have background music for as many as 12 hours straight some days. Switched out my EML Solid Plate 45's for EML Balloon 45's and no snow to speak of to have to shovel. What's not to like about this time of year - this year? Wb
  15. Wolfbane


    Very nice!! Wb