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  1. Wait a few years. You might start to get a nightly reminder that a few glasses of the juice should help alleviate. As to the sauce: I agree; it should be loving made, carefully cooled and then quickly thrown in the trash with any cucumbers. Wb
  2. Tired of Margarita's, so I found this today. Made from just real Alberta grown Rye, no corn or barley in this Whisky. Don't know if it's going to help the wife sleep but it can't hurt. Wb
  3. Me too. Only I'd probably set the place on fire with my soldering gun. Wb
  4. I bought the wife a Lodge Frying Pan and Hibachi BBQ. Made in the USA and the wife can't throw either without hitting her own foot first. She has a baker's rolling-pin but I can move pretty quickly still. When in doubt; follow August Escoffier or Julia Childs recipes. Like falling off a log, unless you go to great lengths to burn everything you cook. Point at something on the menu. They have pictures in the IHOP I was last at. Also, while pointing; rub your stomach. The server will figure it out. Failing that, if desperation sets in, I'd go for a military meal... ready to eat. Pretty difficult to screw that up. Wb
  5. Already ate mine. That was back on October 14th and I don't believe it included an entire giant dead bird. Wb
  6. Was anyone shooting at him at the time? Given the choice of driving some old brass guy around 2,000 miles away and San Francisco. Which would you take today? Wb
  7. 82 Degrees F here in the desert today. Cooling down to highs in the mid-70's from tomorrow. It'll be like a hot summer day back north. 🌞 Wb
  8. I think of my late father and uncles all five of which served during WWII in all three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces (one enlisted underage). Three in the RCAF (two on Lancaster Bombers), one in the RCN (fighting German E-Boats in the English Channel on a Canadian Corvette, than a Destroyer and later on, directly off the French Coast) and one in the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division (this last uncle lived to return from the war only to die in the 1970's from an accumulation of what was in now called PTSD and the injuries he incurred in France, Italy and Belgium). None of my uncles, or my father would even mention the war in front of their families until two did so very late in their lives. My Uncle Ron, while dying in Hospice with Dementia, was reliving his time in the RCN which involved frequent night time battles against U-Boats and the best PT boats of the war in the ETO. Fortunately, the Germans could never build enough E-Boats. My father, always a gentleman, only briefly mentioned the war when he was sharing a hospital room, near the end of his life, with an Ex-German Navy man who had moved to Canada afterwards. Lots of German POW's settled in Alberta after the war. As did many Poles, who had fought against the Germans with the British and Canadian Armed Forces. It was interesting to watch as they hardly spoke in two weeks spent in a tiny two bed room that should have, and had previously been, a single bed room. Wb
  9. Above looks pretty good to me. Must not have been sipping on good Rye when the above was done. 😉 Wb
  10. I suspect “speed was a factor” is an understatement. Bad or poorly trained non-professional drivers and quick or fast cars make for a toxic mix. The driver and passenger of the person driving fortunately didn’t kill or injure someone else too. Do they do post fatality blood testing there? Wb
  11. Exactly that and soon. Before they 'forget' your issue, as corporations tend to do. Wb
  12. And find all the fast cars, motorbikes and women again. Wb
  13. ^^^ Above brings back memories of my childhood^^^. I had a friend who was a neighbor and friend of my parents two doors down from their first home. As dad was always working 6 days a week and Jerry had no boys of his own, he kind of adopted me and he being a machinist was into automobile engines. Especially small block Chevy's. He taught me a lot of things by allowing me to come to his machine shop and work on stuff. I never touched the Rochester FI system shown but knew how to rebuild for performance pretty much everything else with an engine and carb by the time I was 15 or 16. I really liked the Rochester Quadrajet which Jerry called the most FI like carb on the market. I also got into Mopars and could rebuild their Thermoquads which were also easily modified for performance. The weak link on the old Carter Thermoquads was the plastic main body which tended to warp with time and heat. Wb
  14. Here's an early Fuel Injected Corvette from the car show earlier here today. Probably interesting to work on. Wb
  15. I could loan you one of the family woman. In ten minutes or less you’re stuff would all be at Goodwill and your closet filled with their shoes and clothing. I have to hide my NOS shoes, tubes, etc. in the basement under things too heavy for them to lift. If I wasn’t feeding them they’d turn on me like a pack of wolves, then dispose of my stuff. BTW: By this, I really mean all of your stuff! Wb
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