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  1. I already own Version 21 of this software and have received an email today offering me a discount on the upcoming Version 26. I'm wondering if the latest version is worth upgrading to? Wb
  2. That’s one place I would not want to be. Especially when they’re oil wells were still burning after Saddam’s army had their scorched earth retreat. Wb
  3. Our place in Arizona was flooded from the unit above it last year. We were not there at the time but were planning on driving down a week after this happened. Everything in the condo was destroyed by water and/or mold... except for my speakers, TV and stereo which was in the living room and it took months to repair and renovate. We were lucky that our place is watched and checked regularly when we are not there so the water leak was found fairly quickly and stopped at the source. Still, I spent weeks and weeks living in hotels while part of the reconstruction work was done. It was so hot there last summer that even my iPhone would shut down from being over heated. Scottsdale in June and July is not for me. Given the choice between Hell and Arizona I'm thinking Hell is likely colder in the summer months. Wb
  4. Dated my share of good looking women from Junior high school on. Sowed my wild oats and it was a lot of fun... while it lasted. I came to find out the less my mother liked a girl I brought home the more fun to be had. She disliked most of them (unless they knew how to ride a horse) but along with my father ended up loving my (afraid of horses) spouse like they did my sister. That said, sometimes I think it would be nice if women came with an off switch but that probably results from living with three of them. Two with tin ears. 😉 Wb
  5. I have a old buddy from High School days who used to custom make hardwood cases, in the wood of your choice, very reasonably & quickly for the older Marantz, Scott and Fisher Amps. All I had to do was provide him with the case measurements or model number after the first few. I feel really lucky to own several of his cases on my Scott, Fisher and Marantz amps/receivers. He is an electrical engineer by training and wood working was his hobby. He is about to retire back to an acreage in Alberta from Washington via Montana, but not to Calgary. He sold all of his wood shop equipment off before moving from western Washington to western Montana. As he is a instrumentation wizard he can fix anything I've ever owned in Audio Equipment tube or solid state and like most good engineers meticulously. He just does not feel the need to do this kind of work. I plan to help him build a new shop at his acreage here probably in the spring. I'm hoping he decides to work on audio equipment in it but I have not asked him what he is planning. Most shoemakers don't like to work with leather as a hobby and I guess most instrumentation engineers avoid work too similar to their day job. Wb
  6. Yes hoping so to. Who was time to post here when exicting events are in progress! Wb
  7. How much veneer did you end up buying size wise? What backing, etc. I've always wanted to redo my Belles in matched grain Rosewood but I am certainly not skilled in the art of wood working. Wb
  8. I like your analogy when it comes to speakers sitting in a family room for years. However, when looking for a lifetime partner I preferred to find a woman with a good brain, compassion, sense of humor, common sense and pleasant personality. Someone I could talk to for the next 50 or 60 years and never get bored. As TV Judge Judy says 'beauty fades, dumb is forever'. Wb
  9. Ditto. Hopefully, all goes well. I hope you're daughter's close to a full term healthy child if she needs induction. Wb
  10. I suspect only the Japanese give their Wagyu cattle daily massage therapy. They treat their cattle better than most husbands and wives treat each other (there and here). Wb
  11. I've got all my fingers crossed as things could be going a bit better. Victoria is just home with a NG feeding tube after ten days in Antipartum isolation at the hospital. I've not been this nervous since Victoria was born 29 years ago. She's now trapped at her home but in good hands as her mother is a retired labor & delivery nurse and we have six other family medically trained family members to help out with advice and hands-on care. Her sister is coming next month from Toronto and will probably stay in Victoria's spare room just in case a significant medical issue comes up in the middle of the night as they tend to do. Statistically, the baby should have a 50/50 chance of being born. Wb
  12. What grade did you get and how'd you end up preparing it? Smoked, or cooktop, then oven, or? 🔪 I buy Prime when I'm in the south and Alberta (Canada) AAA when up here (no eastern Canada beef wanted here). I examine and select based on marbleing as AAA is kind of between US Prime and Choice. Wb
  13. The mom and her sister listened to classical at that age and through their early childhood. Really good for developing your math skills. Victoria plays the violin, Melisssa the flute. I bought the entire Deutsch Grammophon classical collection but may have to figure some way to jam it onto my daughter's iPhone or purchase vinyl as kids are into USB based turntables now. When here it will be music by CD though. Wife hates the 1812 Overture though. Something about my making 'the pictures/paintings rattle on the walls when the cannons go off and the bells ring'. 🔔🔔🔔 Wb
  14. My iPhone's calendar agrees for some reason. Wb
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