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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/181366185553631/permalink/1200893426934230/?sale_post_id=1200893426934230 no affiliation
  2. Klipschorns high sensitivity requires a deserving preamp with tone controls. That was the bottom line for taming the upper frequencies in my case. I tried Melose 110b, rolled many 6DJ8 varieties. Then tried my Aric Audio Unlimited with Telefunken 12AU7’s better. But still not quite there. In desperation pulled out the Dynaco PAS 2. NOW, getting somewhere. Bound and determined to make them work with the MC30’s I bought and rebuilt for my birthday present to myself last month. I knew damn well if these speakers could sound so good with a Marantz 2220b I had just completed a rebuild, I had to make them work with my 30’s. Because the 2220b sounded remarkably good even with the tone controls straight up 12:00. BTW, I have a McIntosh C20 preamp/MC75 mono’s/Belle Klipsch L and R front/CF4’S L & R rear (those driven with a Dynaco ST-70). I rely on the bass, treble and loudness contour heavily on that C20. IMHO There is no perfect room, treatment nor magic fairy dust capacitors, cables etc. for fixing a “bright” speakers’ with horns. I’m hooked on Klipsch Heritage, Epic, Legend and some of the kg series. Just not straight wire gain. Must have tone controls OR room Correlation. As in the Jubes. I don’t know why preamplifier manufacturers have all gone that way. At least I have never found one that worked for me. Last but not least, I am not going to say none are out there, CJ, AR and other high end preamps must be doing something right as they get high praises. But also look at the “other” brands of speakers they are usually pair with. YMMV I am a faithful Klipsch Fanatic and will remain the way. And have found what works for MY tastes. Have a great day gents, I’m going to turn on some music. Loud music! Jimmy
  3. For a total black silent background, I had resort to something better. If you are handy with a soldering iron and a bit creative. Look at the CNC MM for moving magnet or the other MC phono amplifier. Boards available already assembled or DIY. Lots of threads about it on Audiokarma. Phone stage in my C-20 just too much noise. Tube rolling helped but didn’t get me there
  4. Oh, forgot to mention .. $600.00
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2624534647829734/ Good deal for someone includes a Klipsch sub too No affiliation
  6. I’ve been eyeballing these. Behind the glass. Ace the place What’s your bottom dollar? $700.00? I can drop the cash there Monday. Or PayPal.
  7. And these are still up? I'm surprised.
  8. I wouldn't mind trying it on my Klipshorns. Or CF4's. I would be a cheap foray into tubes.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/845988259206703/ Need work for sure No affiliation.
  10. Found mine in Texas one week ago. Same price.
  11. Thanks Diz, for adding the photo, I didn't check the link.
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