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  1. Can’t get link copied and pasted....
  2. Pasadena No affiliation listed as fair condition Facebook Marketplace Ad
  3. Thanks @henry4841MC 30’s pushing CF4’S back wall, MC 75’s on the Belles.
  4. Personally I believe a ST-70 is worth putting a good notched plate GZ-34 in. Sometimes can pick up a decent used Hammond labeled. Of course does not have to be notched plate. I have picked up some Valvo NOS a bit cheaper then Mullard, Amperex, etc.
  5. Now if I could only be as lucky. I’m missing one also. Also think the factory copyright one looks better.
  6. Ok, so finally got a little spare time. Someone has been in these before. Wires are labeled. And some type of dampening material throughout the box. What is this stuff? And the glue there now look redone at some point? I put blue painters tape around the back, pushed into the seam a bit, just in case the Gorilla Wood Glue tries to seep through. One top, from a corner, to maybe half way down same side all that was loose. That’s the area I focused on now. Will see how it holds. Found the 12” driver mounting screws loose as well. I don’t like skimping, but I’ve too many irons in the fire atm.
  7. Sick of hearing the greats leaving us. Jim McCarty once got pissed, thought Tim was playing too much “lead” on bass. RIP Tim B.
  8. Trying to do the math. Guess it doesn’t matter much..it was October 1970 IIRC Sam Houston Colosseum. First concert of my life. Mom took my best friend and myself. Black Sabbath opened. They were good. From our balcony box seats situated stage left, just perfect to see the largest guitar slinger I’d ever seen waddle up the steps to the stage. It was Leslie West. Needless to say Mountain did headline for a reason. That evening in this huge venue Mountain blew Sabbath back across the pond. I could write a short novel about everything from that night. I will remember it well etched into my brain! RIP big man Leslie. You’re playing style and vibrato is timeless and incredible. Oh, and the Marshall’s not arriving, leaving borrowed Sunn Colosseum Leads. Yes I was there.
  9. Thanks to all for suggestions and photos. At the moment I’m in no rush to repair these. I still have @avguytx 3’s. My main concern either leaving all intact, just adding glue than knocking the panel out. With examining pics of just how little glue these left the factory, not too worried now. Didn’t know what can of worms I’d open. Bits and pieces of back and sides stuck together here and there. I think I will add the extra Oak reinforcement and screws. Excellent to know the front baffles are removable as well.
  10. Thanks @EpicKlipschFan sounds like a plan. After digging back into the Epic threads I also found the info. Might as well do some crossover and port extension work at the very least while down.
  11. @RandyH000 so I could remove the drivers, crossover, sound absorption foam then apply the glue around the perimeter of the back. From the inside? If so and the whole panel is still very much intact would I still need clamps or weight?
  12. I found out during a living room remodel of sorts so let me explain while keeping it short and to the point. Moved all the big gear out to paint. I had the MC75’s driving Belles up front and Dynaco ST-70 on the rear CF4’S. C20 pre. Since the main sound imaging comes from the front I didn’t notice too much about the rear. I threw together a temporary fresh rebuild Fisher 400 and the CF4’S when I noticed the cabinet rattle. I’m much better with a soldering iron than woodworking. How do I approach removing the back from one has about 1/2 side maybe midway loose glue? I have KLF30’s that get little use, but took a pounding before I got them. No glue problems with them. I don’t think I’ve read the CF series have this? Ver. 3 or 4
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/181366185553631/permalink/1200893426934230/?sale_post_id=1200893426934230 no affiliation
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