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  1. How much veneer did you end up buying size wise? What backing, etc. I've always wanted to redo my Belles in matched grain Rosewood but I am certainly not skilled in the art of wood working. Wb
  2. I like your analogy when it comes to speakers sitting in a family room for years. However, when looking for a lifetime partner I preferred to find a woman with a good brain, compassion, sense of humor, common sense and pleasant personality. Someone I could talk to for the next 50 or 60 years and never get bored. As TV Judge Judy says 'beauty fades, dumb is forever'. Wb
  3. Ditto. Hopefully, all goes well. I hope you're daughter's close to a full term healthy child if she needs induction. Wb
  4. Naturally. Sake too. Wb
  5. I suspect only the Japanese give their Wagyu cattle daily massage therapy. They treat their cattle better than most husbands and wives treat each other (there and here). Wb
  6. I've got all my fingers crossed as things could be going a bit better. Victoria is just home with a NG feeding tube after ten days in Antipartum isolation at the hospital. I've not been this nervous since Victoria was born 29 years ago. She's now trapped at her home but in good hands as her mother is a retired labor & delivery nurse and we have six other family medically trained family members to help out with advice and hands-on care. Her sister is coming next month from Toronto and will probably stay in Victoria's spare room just in case a significant medical issue comes up in the middle of the night as they tend to do. Statistically, the baby should have a 50/50 chance of being born. Wb
  7. What grade did you get and how'd you end up preparing it? Smoked, or cooktop, then oven, or? πŸ”ͺ I buy Prime when I'm in the south and Alberta (Canada) AAA when up here (no eastern Canada beef wanted here). I examine and select based on marbleing as AAA is kind of between US Prime and Choice. Wb
  8. The mom and her sister listened to classical at that age and through their early childhood. Really good for developing your math skills. Victoria plays the violin, Melisssa the flute. I bought the entire Deutsch Grammophon classical collection but may have to figure some way to jam it onto my daughter's iPhone or purchase vinyl as kids are into USB based turntables now. When here it will be music by CD though. Wife hates the 1812 Overture though. Something about my making 'the pictures/paintings rattle on the walls when the cannons go off and the bells ring'. πŸ””πŸ””πŸ”” Wb
  9. My iPhone's calendar agrees for some reason. Wb
  10. You have the proper version of Oh Canada there. Not the new PC version written by a politician pandering for votes a few years back. Fortunately, it back fired when they tried to do this in France to their national anthem La Marseillaise. 🎼 La Marseillaise has never been popular with Germans, something about drenching the soil with Prussian blood does not sit well in Berlin. ☠️ Wb
  11. I'm convinced that the idiots that wrote the spelling alogrithms for my iPhone simply can't spell. I never trust it but sometimes get caught with it writing nonsense if I'm writing or responding quickly to someone. 😊 Wb
  12. Sounds like 'Poppa was a rolling stone'. 'Wherever he laid his hat was his home'. That's 25 beyond what I'd call comfortably affordable today. Back 40 or not! 😩 Wb
  13. The, so far, the bane of my upgraded 1982 Belles, as well as my previous 1979 Cornwalls, was the song 'April in Paris' on the Jass Masters 24 CD. Especially at the 4:20, 5:00 and 6:10 mark(s) of this six minute 30 second recording by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Note Ella's voice sounds like an angel's. It's Louis horn when he hits some really high notes that make the speakers screech. I have a lot of both artists music and it is just this one song on this recording that Klipsch speakers can't abide. I don't know if someone fell asleep in the studio while re-mastering this or if I just got a crap one-off copy. Wb
  14. So far, genetically, its been one or the other. Her paternal Grandparents had two girls and five boys survive. Four girls and one boy on the maternal side. Only three of the siblings made it to adulthood (all female). I don't think we will see children being born in these kind of numbers anymore in North America. No Ranch or Farm Work in this generation. Wb
  15. Always start with the smaller tubes when tube rolling, then the power tubes and lastly the rectifier if your amp id tube rectified. My Yamamoto Amp loves EML tubes and I use both their power and rectifier tubes. This amps smaller (drive circuit) tubes are 717A/VT269 mushroom tubes, so that limits the choice pretty much to Western Electric tubes made in the 1940's. I like the 717A tubes WE made for the US Navy. You only live once; buy the best sounding tubes you can afford. Wb
  16. Thanks. First child and first grand child. She should weight about 16 ounces at this stage. I've been trying to fatten Victoria up as she is tall and rail thin and should be gaining more weight right now. Wb
  17. To me the main thing is to find out which universities are still bastions of free thought (the initial purpose of these institutions; but quickly disappearing). Support academic freedom and allow persons of all political or social beliefs to come on to the campus and present their point of view safely. They should also teach critical thinking and deductive reasoning, even for those seeking a BA undergrad degree. Oberlin College in Ohio, is a good example of a higher education institution that has lost its way in the last decade and will disappear completely if they continue on the path that they have chosen to seek out (see: Gibson's Bakery v. Oberlin and Dean Raimondo in the recent news). My youngest daughter did her first undergrad degree at the University of Victoria and had one professor actually announce in class to his students this 'don't ever tell me if you are from Alberta or you won't do well in this class'. Being just 18, she stayed quiet at first and did very well in this fool's class. However, when the UVIC Alumni Association makes their annual phone call looking for a donation they never get one from her. Wb
  18. Thanks, It will have to come from the roast beef or ham as it was decided no Turkey for dinner here this year. I think beef is high in tryptophan but ham not so much. Wb
  19. Thanks all. But no one guessing? Hint; around here it’s either female or it gets fixed by one of the female’s. Me excepted... so far. 🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞🀞 Wb
  20. Turkey day in the GWN. Columbus Day in the south. We we get our turkey earlier! Wb
  21. Are you using a dust mask when cutting leaves with your mower? Helps a lot! Lucky you: We haven't seen 70 degrees F for a couple of months. Wb
  22. Victoria's first and just under 1/2 way there. πŸ™ Anyone care to guess the sex? 😊 Wb
  23. We will have to send in the Anne Murray Division to sing and 'dance' at the H J Heinz plant. I believe they march with a company of Scottish Pipers leading the way. Should be enough to drive out all the staff without actually damaging anything.πŸ˜‰ You could always try French's ketchup if it happens. 🍟 Wb
  24. Well that's going to be one car I won't likely ever own. My C4 was fun but relatively under powered in comparison. Wb
  25. This is how they'd deal with this guy 20 years ago:
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