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  1. I grew up listening to AM radio. My dad did not watch TV except for the news. Our current kitchen radio: Wb
  2. Hard to believe that it’s been almost four years since he passed away from liver cancer. Unlikely we will see his equal in today’s music industry. Wb
  3. see: https://members.tortoisemedia.com/2019/11/21/the-final-bow/content.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab Wb
  4. I still use my CDP and Blue Ray Players, also my Sony Minidisc Players. Seems I'm not alone: https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/2019/11/22/20972630/retro-tech-gadgets-walkman-dvds Wb
  5. I assume you mean one device at a time? You cannot, I believe pair any bluetooth device to two devices at once. Wb
  6. GT40 vs new Ford GT race car compared: https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/11/29/driving-the-ford-gts-that-won-le-mans-50-years-apart?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Daily_News_Monday_Dec_2 Wb
  7. I assume this is for a single speaker and not the pair price? see: https://www.acousticsounddesign.com/klipsch-speakers/109-klipsch-ak5-wl-walnut-floorstanding-speaker?filter=78 Wb
  8. There is a store here that is local and claim to sell more than 850 different brands of whisky. I'll be checking it out for a friend later this week. Wb
  9. Wolfbane

    A$$ Removal

    And leaking A$$ $ilicone. Next stop Cellulite City where the water tower reads 5 gallons. Wb
  10. Wolfbane

    A$$ Removal

    The unanswered question: Just what exactly does this $ilicone A$$ woman 'model'? Wb
  11. Wolfbane

    A$$ Removal

    See: https://www.zerohedge.com/health/woman-needs-her-***-amputated-after-enhancing-it-illegal-injections Wb
  12. He probably planned on launching them to the buyer via sling shot at $20. Wb
  13. I'd probably get shot for that. French Beef Stew wants Thyme, the beef and vegetables... and one chopped up tomato which is removed is as close as this will ever come to Ketchup. Excoffier invented, or not WRT Ketchup! Wb
  14. Spent most of the day making Beef Stew for my daughter Melissa. That's what she wants as her last dinner before flying back to Toronto and work tomorrow (over going out for dinner). I usually use Sirloin steak cutup, this time a mix of Sirloin and Striploin. Wb
  15. The late tube guru Alan Douglas, described the 2A3 as two 45 tubes in one bottle. I believe that is exactly how this tube was originally developed. Almost twice the output of 45 tubes in SET amps but without the detail and sparkle of a good 45 tube in my Yamamoto. Great for listening to Rock but not as good sounding for more complex Jazz, piano and guitar instrumentals. That said, I’ve only briefly heard one pair of new NOS RCA monoplate 2A3 tubes in the Yamamoto. The dual plate 2A3’s are more common with RCA having made most NOS 2A3’s. Wb
  16. As of a few years back the designer of the AVVT Tube is either living in Germany or the Czech Republic. He seems to have had his fill of designing audio tubes and moved on to do something else. The early ones were failing with fireworks. Good tubes if you can find a later production set. True, with some exceptions. Lots of junk was being sold straight out of China via Ebay. They had warranties that were rarely honoured, plus the shipping cost back and forth to China by parcel post is pretty high. The exceptions are pretty expensive though, come with warranties by some NA based sellers, who do lots of burning in and testing to select the best made 'new manufacture' tubes. Many of us stocked up several years back and have good supplies of NOS tubes. Billions of tubes were made, but most since the 1950's were made for TVs and not audio. I believe that you are correct; many of the type of materials used into the 1980's are not available for use now. Especially in the EU, Japan and NA. Wb
  17. Years ago I worked with an ‘old guy’ that had two hearing aids. Old technology compared to what you can get today. He had to adjust the volume on them if he could not hear what you said. One day to bug him we decided that every time we spoke to him we would Just mouth the words, making no sound. Had him adjusting the volume on his hearing aids all day. He could not read lips. Finally we figured he’d turned them up to max volume and we commenced speaking to him really loudly and he’d practically jump in the air. He spent the whole day turning the damn things up, then down, then up in response to our foolishness. I don’t think he found this to be funny. We did. Wb
  18. I also believe that you can hear if a component to a piece of audio equipment impacts the resulting sound quality. For me it was a change to a Rectification tube that changed my mind. If you can hear it, who cares if no one else notices? Most people say that a change out of rectifiers will not change how your system sounds. Wb
  19. This is an Elekit? I guess I don't understand why would you need to replace so many resistors (fairly new looking too)? Required or desired? Wb
  20. Went from powder like sand that I didn’t have to shovel to snow in less than two days. More snow coming over the next couple of days. Glad I have a snowblower. Wb
  21. Probably smart to just wait. At the pace of medical technology advancement today your solution could be in the fairly near term. Wb
  22. Sucked then. Sucks now. Formula 1 will deny that it occurs in their series today. It still happens with code words and all. Wb
  23. Agree: Pretty foolish and will end up making sure that those who actually have a need for a Service Animal will run into increasing intolerance at the local restaurant, food store, etc.. How did you destroy your hearing to this extent? By PM if you want. Wb
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