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  1. yeah I know I could find the answer myself, just trying to engage with others, that whole conversation thing -- I've been told that I need to do that more often. I suck at it; but thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm the guy that politely turns down 99% of invitations -- sometimes I get scolded for that. even passed on a chance for a Queen concert once and everyone here knows how much I love their music. some things don't come easy.
  2. I completed a course with Villanova ... how is their basketball team doing ... any good?
  3. I use it every night as a sleep aid. I have four herniated disks and arthritis in my neck, hip, and hands ... pain everyday and sleeping is hard because I can't get in a position that doesn't cause pain. Eating a gummy before bedtime helps me sleep better. Last night, I only had 1 and a half gummies and I really wouldn't want to be much higher than that. Those days of massive excess are behind me ... I'm not a young man anymore. My doctor tried to prescribe me Gabypentin. The pharmacist asks if I've ever taken it and I say no. she says that it slows down the central nervous system. I tell her that I have asthma and sleep apnea and could that slow down my nervous system to the point that I wake up dead ... she says yes that it possible. So, I didn't take any. I don't think marijuana is as hard on the body as many narcotics.
  4. that is a good point. Before my brother got ill, he was a manager of a major grocery store and that company's policy regarding shoplifting was NOT to stop the person, just call the police. When I was in college, a professor told us of (can't recall the name associated to it) but to paraphrase, no matter how unbelievable a premise is, you will find roughly 12% that will believe it. I'd be curious what the percentage of anti-maskers is? I personally don't know of anyone that refuses to wear one ... I have a few relatives that refuse to be vaccinated though. If we view protection protocols as a service to others, it's not that much to ask. I love my guitars; but If I was actually hurting people by playing them ... I'd quit in a heartbeat. self-pleasure needs to be knocked down a few notches for the GG. (for those of you that aren't fans of the show MONK, the GG means the greater good).
  5. Carl's alright too. the man knows his bourbon.
  6. I will too; but I've got a hefty case of OCD -- and not the funny one that people laugh about ... the type that steals all the joy from life. I do worry about my kids and grandkids. every one of them lives in a major city that has at some point been a hot spot.
  7. well that's over an ounce of pot and at today's potency, that should last a person a good while until they're totally spacemen. While I support medical marijuana use, my friends were surprised a few years ago when it was on the ballot in California (recreational use) and I was against it. Don't try to figure me out.
  8. so do I. I'm pro-mask. other than the hassle of my glasses fogging up, the mask isn't limiting a single bit. if I can protect myself and others, why not? I'd be in favor of a paper bag over the head mandate in a few instances. ok, that was a mean joke.
  9. just be you ... we're not always going to be liked and that's okay too. for the record, I think you're alright.
  10. what are you talking about BABY!!!!!!!!!! haven't heard Dick Vitale in a long while; but does he still say BABY?
  11. does a dry county mean you just can't buy it there or you can't consume it either?
  12. I guess that is better than what it does to wood??? Humid around here -- just not hot enough to give my breathing fits. doors kinda stick and have to yank on then to open though. But, if the metal sweats, I guess you'd have to be careful not to put any electronics close to the walls. I'm not a contractor so I'm just guessing.
  13. I'm a couple years younger than the age they are down to; but I have an underlying health condition that qualifies me.
  14. when I made my appointment, they specified that I'd be getting the Pfizer one at the location that I selected.
  15. not to be nit picking; but you should have posted this in the Right This Minute thread.
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