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  1. ah, the fabulous forum, one of the iconic concert venues. Have been to MANY a show there. Was talking to Brian May of Queen several years back -- he loves the Forum. I do too; but for different reasons. It is easy to get in and out of and fairly simple to get back to the freeway (you really don't want to make a wrong turn and go deep into some of neighborhoods of Inglewood). I prefer the Hollywood Bowl; but that place can be a total pain in the butt -- especially after the show. Irvine Meadows was another good one -- an amphitheater, right off the freeway, easy access and I always preferred outdoor venues.
  2. I tend to agree with you Zen -- nobody is saying that masks are foolproof; but it doesn't take an Einstein to see that a mask will provide some protection. the argument against wearing masks has zero credibility in my opinion. I'm more cynical than many; but I'll take the vaccine when available. Having chronic asthma, I've spent many hours lying in an emergency room not being able to breath comfortably -- if more people actually experienced struggling to breathe, they'd probably want to do whatever it took to not be in that position again even forfeiting their "right" to be unmasked. To me, this isn't an issue of government control, it's just common sense -- and even more, common decency to those that share this world with us. Peace.
  3. what have the romans ever done for us?
  4. Stay well Buddy. Good luck with the move. I'm right there with you .... I haven't eaten out for seven months and that's a world record for me. I do admit the cans of chili and cans of Chef Boyardee Raviolis are getting old. My sister in LA gets home delivery from restaurants most every night and they've not gotten sick. I'll venture out on Tuesday to get my flu shot and hopefully will be brave enough to hit the liquor store on the way home. Need some tequila and bourbon as I'm getting tired of beer & wine (which is all that is sold at grocery stores in this pathetic excuse for a state). I order my groceries on line and drive up and they put them in the back of the truck for me ... haven't been inside a store since March. was a bit discouraged earlier when the tv news came on before I could get a chance to change channels and they said that the virus cases are rising at an unprecedented rate. Sucks to think that after seven months, we're in no better position yet. Give Dawn my regards and you two stay well. Steve
  5. you're spot on that myriad things affect the final sound ... type of wood, strings, pickups, amp. are you asking if, for instance, all Rickenbacker 330s with the same strings, same pickups and all ran through the same amp with the same settings will sound similar? Most likely. I have a VOX amp that has pre-set tones that many famous musicians use ... i.e. if you want Brian May's sound click this button. However, if you want to sound like Brian exactly ... are you using a treble booster? Same gauge strings? Even stuff like Brian uses a coin and not a pick, he can use the serrated edge of the coin to get a particular sound that a person using a pick or their fingers won't get. Personally, I RARELY use a pick -- I use my thumb or finger. I like the feel of the string on my finger; but you won't always get the same sound. A lot of variables go into the final sound. Some things are a constant ... mahogany wood is mahogany wood, maple is maple, rosewood is rosewood, size is size. Construction does present some constants.
  6. which is proof that "all is NOT good here." 😃
  7. peace my friend to you and the boss.
  8. it has been one that I've wanted for a long, long time. But, I will admit, I think I'm leaning towards the Duesenberg Rusty Steel. But, I like killing time and the Variax is a lot of fun because you can get so many sounds out of it ... multiple tunings, banjo, sitar, resonator, 12 string, Just a lot of fun to play with.
  9. Telecaster on the top and Variax on the bottom.
  10. Here you go Gilbert ... From top to bottom ... Rickenbacker, Gibson Firebird (I mistakenly said reverse firebird in original post), Taylor 12 string, Duesenberg Caribou, Duesenberg Rusty Steel.
  11. was driving my daughter to high school once upon a time and she said "when I get in your truck, I never know what kind of music is going to play next." It's Queen, then Glen Campbell, then Nat King Cole, then Pink Floyd, then Tommy Dorsey, etc... I'm all over the place.
  12. Golly! Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.
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