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  1. obviously the Ketchup thread, then any thread where you guys say nice things about the way, where is that thread, don’t think i’ve seen it. Actually most of you are a pretty nice bunch. Too bad we’re all not closer geographically -- i’d let you all take turns buying me dinner.
  2. you are the luckiest people on the face of the earth!
  3. about 900 miles.
  4. No i haven’t. I do have a 60” Samsung that I’m very happy with.
  5. i haven’t boughten any pistachios recently so not sure the price these days; but, i was looking at some almonds the other day -- pretty much have to get a loan to buy them anymore. Not sure of this; but, heard someone say that almonds require a heck of a lot of water to grow--maybe that is why they’re so expensive?
  6. yeah, i’ll “like” it again.
  7. that’s sounds real good.
  8. don’t miss those days. I used to live 13 miles from work and it took an hour to get home. The joys of the 405 Freeway in SoCal. Now that i’m retired different things affect my commute. things like, “do i really want to put on shoes?.”
  9. oh, i have my Chuck Taylors too, don’t worry!
  10. good catch Brian. And i thought my Dad was strict.
  11. I’ve no idea how this photo ended up on my phone. But, you can see that, like a good child of the 60s, i’m still rockin the PF Flyers.
  12. When I lived in Grand Haven, Michigan, the next town to the south was Holland. The “V” part of the phonebook was the largest. I saw bumper stickers that read, “If yer ain’t Dutch, yer ain’t much." Pissed off one year because the local affiliate delayed the start of the NBA Finals broadcast until they finished airing the local Tulip Festival parade.
  13. @USNRET yeah, i knew you were joking. Did think you were teasing me; but, It’s all good. we used to soak tennis balls in gasoline, light them on fire, and throw them around. We didn’t have a ranch. I did visit one of Jack Palance’s ranches a few times. My Pops knew the caretakers and we’d go visit -- first place I ever road a horse.
  14. Mike ... you really did drop your man card like you wrote about earlier -- picking apart everything I say. I’m from the concrete jungle, anybody that lives and/or works outside of the city is a farmer. You speak of ranches as if they are people.
  15. Hey Mark -- have they made you an Honorary Farmer yet?