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  1. Very British is good ... I met the british actress Rhona Mitra several years ago after one of her premieres. She was kind enough to stop and chat for a few minutes ... okay, she was VERY attractive so that did create a king of the nerds meets the prom queen moment.
  2. @MarvelHey Bruce, your story is very similar to a close friend of mine. He met his wife online. She is also from the Philippines and was working in China .... teaching. He went to China and visited her, they fell in love and it took about 3 1/2 years to get her to the USA legally; but they're married 10 years now and loving it. Best regards to you and your bride.
  3. know where you're at dude ... never dabbled in online dating; but I was married for over 25 years and ended up divorced. A large chunk of our lives tossed aside. Good luck to you my friend. Online or traditional.
  4. @Thaddeus Smithhey fella, what's your sign?
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    thank you Mr. Waters.
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    Slow Forum

    okay, I'm a liar. the computer froze for about a minute after that last post.
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    Slow Forum

    I just logged on a few minutes ago; but lightening fast for me. Now perhaps the member's are slow, I'm not exactly sure what you were getting at.
  8. Hi George ... you are correct, I love that album. Very well made. And if you're going to have a narrator on an album, you can't get much better than Richard Burton. I owe my liking of that album to my big brother ... he had it first. Just like I'm a fan of YES because of him too.
  9. you are one the sharpest dudes on the forum. I LOVE Doc Martin and have seen the first nine seasons more than once. Looking forward to the 10th and final season that should start airing this fall. I actually communicated with itv over in the UK and begged them to make another season after rumors were that season nine would be it. Not saying that my letter was the deciding factor; but they're doing "one more" season, so draw your own conclusions. My favorite character on that show is PC Joe Penhale. But, so many great characters on that show ... Bert Large is epic.
  10. Just wanted to say a special Hello George ... @MicroMara Hope you are doing well my friend. Hope all the rest of you are doing great. Unboxed my new 12-string guitar today ... maybe play it some tomorrow. Naturally, now that I own it, the "next" guitar is already on the horizon, but I think I'll wait until after my move to buy another. I only have 10 or 11, my bass playing buddy has well over 50 basses. His house looks like you walked into Guitar Center with all the bass guitars hanging on the walls and on stands in nearly every room. In his defense, he's a rather good bass player and has INCREDIBLE stage presence.
  11. very interesting story about how Head East got it's band name. You're a professor, so I'm sure you've heard it. One of the band's members said that a roadie, who lived with the band, stayed up all night frying on acid and when the sun rose, he thought it was telling him the band's name should be Head East. The band liked the uniqueness of the name and decided to use it.
  12. I've been only Klipsch since 1985; but that loyalty isn't absolute. They don't treat me well, I'll buy something else. Thankfully, I've not had any problem with them.
  13. Ran into Norm once at a basketball game ... either Clippers or Lakers, I don't recall. Probably Lakers as I've seen them a lot and have only been to one Clippers game (when they were playing the Lakers). Loved the guy. RIP Mr. MacDonald.
  14. Same things happen in sports ... remember when Notre Dame was dominant in college football -- years of losing and/or mediocrity made them irrelevant to the younger crowd that had never seen them "win." Very true; but the history is there, albeit I sympathize since we have too many that try to influence the future by misrepresenting the past. I don't fault a person if they're initially duped; but there comes a time where we have to say to them "Come On, Man." A threat for sure and I agree that there are hints of dictatorship all over what's going on these days. I think the biggest threat is that even the most righteous leader can't make a person "want" to know the truth and live according to it. I'm fully convinced that people believe what they want to believe. They'll only listen to those that tickle their ears. "This guy's saying exactly what I was thinking so I must be right." Far too much of that going on. Critical thinking is a lost art. Hey, anyone up for a game of Follow the Leader?
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