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  1. quit nursing it ... 8 o'clock was a long time ago.
  2. @wuzzzer hang in there brother ... I know what you're going through. my life has been SERIOUSLY affected in the negative due to this relentless head trip. I don't get like you described as feeling like I'm going to die; but I'll get literally paralyzed by fear to the point where I just don't know what to do. Many simply don't understand what we're going through. I've talked my brother through one of my episodes and when I'm describing it, it does sound silly and the things I'm fearing are technically possibly; but most likely would never happen. That doesn't help in the midst of an attack though. I even had people that are close to me get angry at me when I was having an attack, it's like telling someone with cancer ... just don't have cancer. Telling me to just stop worrying or being fearful is like a slap in the face ... as if we CHOOSE to live this way. of course I'm the butt of family jokes now, I don't think they intend to hurt my feelings; but so far nobody understands how tortuous this all is -- it stopped being funny long ago. I'm glad that you find comfort talking about it and I hope your support system is strong and patient. Loved the Ativan; but am allergic to two other drugs that were given to me to try. Ativan didn't stop any attack; but I'm sure it helped lessen them. I would take one when I was going into a situation where I was uncomfortable and found that it often put me in a good mood ... I felt like the old me ... or would that be the younger me when I was normal (okay, I probably never was normal; but I used to be closer to normal than I am now). Peace and take care ... praying for you my friend.
  3. had a sweet Nakamichi years ago, not the Dragon; but still a nice one.
  4. let's just say it was me and I'm sorry for causing this confusion and you can send the money back to me (in cash or in bourbon).
  5. I loved being inside nice and warm and looking out the window at the white wonderland; but a few days later, it's all slush and mud.
  6. mine says it's in Columbus.
  7. I don't live in the midwest and don't have to drive in snow anymore ... except for a tiny amount sometimes.
  8. is there a such thing as a short drive in a midwest winter? I hate driving in the snow. spent five years living in michigan; but never became comfortable driving in that weather.
  9. I'll answer that later Richie ... I'm trying to find out when replacing the toilet paper in the castle, does the queen use the paper OVER the roll method or let it hang below the roll? the way she does it could end this pandemic.
  10. I don't know the ins & outs of this process; but I'm finding this slow vaccination to be exceedingly disappointing. It's not like we didn't see a vaccine on the horizon, shouldn't they have planned this better? back in my military days, we had plans and exercises for all kinds of different scenarios ... so if they really happened, we weren't at square one in our response. I don't know where the fault ultimately belongs; but you'd think the powers to be would have known all the particulars and planned accordingly.
  11. I'm following a package currently. it's in Ohio and hasn't moved since January 5th. Estimated delivery is still nearly three weeks away!
  12. different but I like the flute.
  13. BigStewMan


    I always liked the Monkees. Mike Nesmith wrote the song Different Drum that was a hit for Linda Ronstadt. Peter was playing guitar with Stephen Stills, and Stills was the one that recommended that Peter audition for the Monkees ... Stills auditioned himself; but we all know now that he didn't get the part.
  14. both these cats are in my top five! yeah, I said top 5.
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