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  1. Jim is Breaking Bad.
  2. I say Del Taco...although i admit that i could be slightly biased. Have both out buddy from Indy is mad about El Pollo Loco--his favorite place. It's not bad. More pricey than the other fast food chains if price matters.
  3. so sad.
  4. quite possibly.
  5. i let it be known that i was moving to Oregon and now the Ducks are in the Final Four -- You’re Welcome Oregon.
  6. sure does Neil; but, i’m what they called “Old Guard,” so you have to go back further in time. I was on THIS Mackinaw ...
  7. i’m starting to think Wisconsin can really do some damage. My dog (Villanova) is out of the fight -- not opposed to seeing UCLA or Wisconsin go all the way.
  8. Some Fosters Lager and some other stuff that is legal here.
  9. you mean that hippie Tarheel?
  10. Good luck with that ignoring thing Elden ... you know you can’t look away.
  11. if you’re not having a double -- i’ll take the other one.
  12. ChuckAB3 the distinguished gentlemen from Colorado.
  13. Way to go Elden ... due diligence paid off. I wish you a complete recovery.
  14. i should get a puppy. No offense intended ... or was there?
  15. but he was a spy.