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  1. Scrum or Pink Slime ... it all ends up in hamburger.
  2. i do love bloody mary’s ...rarely have one but great tasting.
  3. nah, cause you’d only have done it because we told you to. signed, The Man who said there is no such thing as altruism
  4. well it is a rather intimidating invitation ..." The Pilgrimage: i know we’ve never met; but, come visit us in the backwoods of Arkansas. There is nobody around for miles and miles ... all you hear are the croaking of the frogs, the hum of flying insects, and banjo music.”
  5. why you two would want me at the pilgrimage. i’m not very exciting.
  6. do you even need to ask? actually, i’m out of the good red vitamin stuff and out of Molson too. Going dry for a couple of days since i fly back to California tomorrow and i know that the place i’m going to stay has alcohol and it’s a celebratory atmosphere.
  7. BigStewMan

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    that was about the time that i was wearing out the Candy-O album.
  8. Captain Kangaroo was a legitimate Captain; unlike that imposter Commander Crunch (aka Capt Crunch).
  9. I just ate some Pringles ... now what?
  10. BigStewMan

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    RIP Mr. Ocasek ... i like The Cars ... weird lyrics often (especially some tunes off Candy-O) but good music nonetheless.
  11. BigStewMan

    NFL 2019

    Raiders looked okay ... except for the second quarter.
  12. I think forum member @Coytee lives in Tennessee ... perhaps he can help? sorry, slow morning.
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