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  1. is that a coffee bean? I’d be ascared of it because it looks like chocolate. chocolate is pure evil.
  2. Congrats. I can’t make out the title of the book.
  3. serious coffee drinkers grind it one bean at a time. But, i applaud your efficiency.
  4. Hey @WillyBob whatever became of the tire psi saga? Two beers and a glass of Bourbon and man starts wondering about scientific stuff. Peace Brother.
  5. i didn’t even know they had saturdays there ... i thought they had to go somewhere to have a weekend.
  6. Loves Ketchup, Mustard, and is British ... how in the world can she be an “Ex?” Sounds like the perfect woman. Next you’re going to tell me that she’d ask me to turn the music up louder and for me to buy more guitars.
  7. that’s cool ... can i have her number? 🤣
  8. BigStewMan

    NFL 2019

    exactly -- people forget that. One of his former teammates recently compared him to Lamar Jackson. That’s laughable. Kap is a 32 year old that hasn’t played in what ... three years, and who had previously lost his job to Blaine Gabbart ( a not very good QB), was never in MVP discussions, and actually never even made a Pro Bowl. i think i see the resemblance. steve young (my favorite QB of all time) said yesterday that, in the workout, of course he’ll look strong and fast and throw the football. Not putting words in Mr. Young’s mouth; but i sensed him implying “so what. that’s not going to show anyone that he can see the field, read the defense and make good decisions. Probably every QB bust in history looked decent in a workout where they are controlling the show. Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Jim Druckenmiller, Akili Smith, et al ... those guys were drafted for a reason. I agree with @USNRET this is a PR stunt and i can’t see any team signing him unless they are going to pull a PR stunt themselves. Oh yeah, didn’t Kap demand in excess of $20 million to sign with the defunct Alliance of American Football league? Even if an NFL team signed him, no way they give him anywhere near that amount. I say a week after this workout, more people will be talking about Burger King's Impossible Whopper.
  9. BigStewMan

    NFL 2019

    "Can i have your attention Please ... there is a car in the parking lot with a Denver Bronco bumper sticker. will the owner please ... oh never mind."
  10. BigStewMan

    NFL 2019

    Texas is well represented on this forum and Carl has just fired the first shot.
  11. when i got married, my ex-wife wanted me to taste the food before i put ketchup on it. I told her that if i use ketchup to consider that a compliment because i’m not going to waste perfectly good ketchup on crappy food.
  12. i’ve heard it said that any food on a stick is good food; but, i think i’ll pass.
  13. BigStewMan

    NFL 2019

    Bill, you must have gotten your pain meds refilled, you’re just talking silly now. Since the Raiders hail from (a few more games anyway) the land of my birth, i can attest to the first class character of all involved in that organization. Did you know that the Raiders are the only NFL team never to have committed a penalty? It’s true ... look it up, just not in the biased NFL rulebook. I’ve been there ... that beautiful gray cement structure, the barbed wire, the sound of gunshots interrupting the noise of the freeway traffic. Always felt safe there ... Just passionate people cheering on the gentlemen wearing silver & black. When i was a kid, we were given green Oakland A's baseball bats there on “Bat Day.” Imagine that ... a stadium filled with people holding baseball bats. I love this time of year ... you know why? Because the Autumn Wind is a Raider.
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