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  1. The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they called Gitche Gumee. The lake it is said, never gives up her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy. I have things to say; but they would blow your mind. So, I'll just say "Hey."
  2. sorry for your loss. I once met an incredibly beautiful and successful actress of both television and the big screen. within minutes we were holding hands. seriously ... well, shaking hands involves a minutes of hand holding right? anyway, she was number one in my book and we met in a theatre after one of her premieres -- she stuck around and chatted for awhile ... I did okay at first, then realized what was going on and it turned into a King of the Geeks meets the Prom Queen moment. I made it home okay though.
  3. Peace to you Bruce. Hey, my ex-wife just moved to Tennessee. if you run into her tell her that I'm doing fine ... no better than fine, I'm doing better than anyone's ever done before.
  4. BigStewMan

    What I Got Today!

    I wish I didn't like to eat Goat meat.
  5. I'd better put Elden @dtel on speed dial ... I plugged in my guitar, turned on the amp ... NOTHING. No sound! I tried everything. I was upset that this relatively new VOX amp was shot, then about five minutes later I realized that I'd plugged into the guitar; but not into the amp. After I plugged into the amp, it worked fine. Just thinking of Elden fixes things (that statement needs Christy's @dtel's wife confirmation though).
  6. I wanted to come up with something funny; but I got nothing ... so I'll just say horseboat.
  7. I tried to use bitcoin at the local market and It didn't work.
  8. maybe some bright person in the world has invented Ketchup coffee? Now there's a million dollar idea ... take it and run with it my friend, and I hope life is treating you well. I can't compete I'm serious coffee discussions as I drink decaf because of a heart rhythm issue and I've eliminated caffeine from my life. But I've found a Hazelnut Creme Decaf that tastes pretty good ... I think it's made by Kiva.
  9. I was more afraid of Mr. Bubbles than I was getting the Pfizer shots. If Bill Gates has me microchipped now ... then he's in for a very boring time "tracking": me. Bottom line ... we all have to be comfortable with the decisions we make. I'm fine with my decision to be vaccinated. Funny how debating this vaccine is very similar to debating politics ... I don't think any of us will change anyone else's mind.
  10. BigStewMan

    What Is Wrong

    Love this quote from the late Oswald Chambers ... "We interpret what we see in the light of what we believe." The rest of the story is that some people believe some pretty messed up stuff. RIP. Common Decency.
  11. well, If you provided peppers for @oldtimer Goblin's Ghost sauce then I send you a hearty "Well Done." That stuff was great.
  12. maybe on a good day. PTSD has kicked the crap out of me and I just can't make peace with it.
  13. hey ... I just bought a six pack of Bitburger ... paid $12; but that's what I wanted. My brother used to live in Bitburg, Germany so when he moved back the States, he introduced me to Bitburger. Good stuff.
  14. Great news about TommyBoy ... my imagination had me thinking the worst. thanks for the update and I hope Iowa is treating you well.
  15. Close ... my first was a Fender Telecaster though (not counting the toy guitar that I got at age five). I actually just bought my first Gibson a couple of months ago ... a Les Paul nonetheless ... the guitar that I said I'd never buy and now I own a very beautiful one. Go figure. Stupid heavy; but sounds really nice and has incredible sustain.
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