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  1. I drink Modelo when the store is out of Molson. Modelo has the foil cap and it drives me nuts!
  2. seems that most like it out of a glass ... do you notice a taste difference or do you just like being fancy?
  3. I know this isn't the joke thread; but sometimes a good laugh will get you guys off your caffeine high. so a blind man accidentally walks into a women's bar and says to the girl bartender, '' you wanna hear a blonde joke?" and the bartender says " well sir the lady next to you is a blonde weight lifter, the two waitresses are both blonde and in a girls wrestling team the other bartender is blonde as well as me are both body builders. Now sir are you sure you wanna tell that joke still?" and the man says "no. not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times
  4. What do you call a cow who’s just given birth? De-calf-inated.
  5. BigStewMan

    What I Got Today!

    glad you are alright ... hope the pain goes away quickly.
  6. a big reason for it ... not gonna lie. but, my favorite beers have been Canadian. Molson Golden, Moosehead, a long time ago there was some stuff called Yukon Gold that was alright.
  7. ocd is strange. two very similar situations can result in one bothering me and the other not at all. can't drink if the worker touches the rim of the cup, but can still use those ketchup packs -- same hands touched both.
  8. ? not my photo -- just a stock one of the boat I was stationed on.
  9. not a bad cover of one my favorite Queen songs.
  10. that's water ... it's just VERY cold water. besides, not a lot of boats offer you the opportunity to stop, get off and walk around for awhile.
  11. BigStewMan

    Beer Drinkers

    I watched a tv show about beer and the "experts" were saying that beer tastes better from a glass as opposed to directly from a bottle or can. My brother has always poured into a glass. I've been doing both and found that I like it better directly from the bottle. Obviously, I'd rather have it on tap, but the kegerator didn't make the move with me. What is your preference?
  12. Coffee, Cables, Cocktails, and Canada.
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