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  1. i think too many people have already decided what they want to believe and search out whichever news source tickles their ears. People don’t want to know the truth, they want to have their opinions validated. Shameful that people cheat themselves in this way.
  2. Sadly, i’ve seen that numerous times including a teenage relative. When they turn off life support, it’s not gory, but it sure is horrifying just watching the monitors and watching the numbers move towards zero. hang in there Neil.
  3. hard, but effective drug. have taken it many times for my Asthma flare-ups. Prednisone saved me from shoulder surgery. I was about five days away from the surgery date and my asthma went nuts. doctor gave me some prednisone and two days later, for the first time in a year, i could lift my arm above my waist. A year of chronic inflammation was gone. called the surgeon and canceled the surgery. He was going to shave off some of the bones to make more room.
  4. strange episode. i wonder if Kim will get killed?
  5. i have had breathing problems most of my life. Besides, some of us aren’t grasping this life as if this is all there is. I’ve thought of this very much for several years. i've given my instructions to my brother and i’m confident that he and my children will honor it.
  6. shameless post just because 14000 is a better number than 13999. Actually, second time at 14,000 as i lost a bunch of post in that episode a few years ago.
  7. if i get it, chances are that it will take me. i don’t mind dying alone. at least i’d have the peace of mind knowing that i wasn’t spreading it to my loved ones ... although living in the same house, chances are that they’d already been exposed. My kids all live far away ... i would tell them NOT to come up here. i already told my brother that if i got it and it got to the point of me having to go to the hospital, NO VENTILATOR. I will either live or die without it. if it gets that bad, then just let my clock run out.
  8. i’ve tried. OCD makes it difficult.
  9. a couple of decades ago, i’m listening to this gal tell about UFOs. Her source was this drunk guy at a bar. I think he was in the air force or something. my position was that she should listen to her own story and stop believing everything after “this drunk guy at the bar said ..."
  10. Chuck, you eat like a king. it would take me a week to put together a full meal. Yesterday all i had was a bowl of mashed potatoes. Today was a pre-made meatloaf cooked in the microwave. Day before yesterday was a bowl of rice. Lately, i’ve been a one-course meal guy. in a all seriousness, i do admire those of you that take care of yourselves in a normal way. By the way, what’s it like to be normal? it’s been so long.
  11. I made it my life's work a very long time ago to learn everything that I don't know. 😃 or, to fit more with modern society ... if I don't know it, then it isn't true.
  12. I understand that and wasn't suggesting they were the problem -- their government is. my point was the people are human bodies just like the rest of the world, so with that many people in close quarters, their numbers shouldn't be less. They don't have magical immunities that the rest of us don't have.
  13. maybe the true superpower was the world's level of ignorance?
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