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  1. BigStewMan


    Thought i’d violate my forum ban and let you all know that my brother had successful cancer surgery today. It was an eight hour ordeal; but, they managed to save 1/3 of his Esophagus and tested areas around where they cut out the tumor and they have tested clean. He’s in ICU for a few days, then a week in a regular room. Feeding tube for a month or so ... but alive. Surgeons and hospital staff were top notch! The hospital is a magnet hospital and that clearly is evident in the care he has received. I praise Jesus for answering my prayer and the prayers of many, many others ... some of you included. Thank you. My brother is quite a likable guy and the support has been inspiring -- i’m happy that he’s loved by so many. Praying that the tissues meld together nicely, that there are no leaks, and no infections. Since you were notified of this situation when I found out, i wanted to let you know that the outcome looks great. Alright ... time to go away again. Peace. Steve oh yeah ... i hope you all are doing super good.
  2. BigStewMan


    Greetings folks. I thought I’d temporarily lift my self-imposed ban to tell you all that the Lord has smiled on my family today. Brother’s cancer is localized and has NOT spread. Next step is meeting with the Oncologist to devise a treatment plan. Still a serious surgery ahead; but grateful for this bit of good news. Thank you for your prayers. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Praising God for this good news, so today is still Thanksgiving to me. Kindly, Steve
  3. BigStewMan


    Fortunately, I became aware of a post in this thread and I want to set the record straight. NO, I’m not suicidal, not even close. For the life of me, I can’t see how my original post could be interpreted as a suicide note. I didn’t want to cause a scene; but, to avoid further speculation … a while back there were a couple of posts that crossed a line with me and that made me reevaluate whether I wanted to continue participating on the forum. I decided that I didn’t want to continue posting ... a month later, I’m comfortable with that decision. Several forum members have my personal contact info and have told me that I have a lot of friends on the forum. Yesterday, I decided that I should post a formal goodbye so I didn’t insult those that I’ve talked to often over the years by just disappearing from the forum. That’s kinda like moving and not telling any of your friends that you left town. That’s all there is, so please no drama, and remember this is a public forum. The forum was a fun place to spend some lonely hours after my divorce. I ended up making some friends and sticking around for nearly 12 years; but, it isn’t my life. My life is fine, I have friends, I have family, I have enough money to live on, I have a wall full of guitars to play, trips planned, and other projects in the works. There you have it ... the real story from the person that made this decision. It’s rather boring now, isn’t it? Thanks for letting me clear the air, and again best wishes to you all. Steve
  4. BigStewMan


    Hey Folks … I’ve been gone a month now and won’t be coming back. I’ve had some good conversations with many of you and realized that it would be a jerk move on my part to disappear forever without saying goodbye. Thank you for the friendship that many of you showed me. No use trying to explain, the “why” isn’t important to anyone but me -- it’s just a decision that I’ve made and a month later, still feel it was a necessary one. So, I wish you all good health and happiness. Peace! Steve
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