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  1. BigStewMan


    i have a new found respect for you.
  2. not sure about the weather ... my neck and head hurt too bad. Two herniated disks in my neck and the pain is worse than usual. Now to go with the pain, my arm feels like it has electricity running through it. weather is the least of my worries ... I’ll take snow right now if i could be pain free (if there is such a thing).
  3. when i was 16, i don’t remember why; but, i was driving my Dad’s car and left a dead rattler in the trunk. He found it when he went to get his golf clubs out of the trunk. I remember him calmly telling me, “by the way, you can never drive my car again." When i was about 13 or so, we went rattle snake hunting -- caught one too. Brought it home (alive) and called the hospital because we (best friend and me) wanted to sell the venom to the hospital. Whoever was on the phone at the hospital said that they get their anti-venom from a laboratory. So, i ask for the telephone number of the lab. Dad got stung by a scorpion that was in our garage. Five minutes later, his thumb had doubled in size.
  4. That will be a tough list to make. 1. A Night at the Opera -- Queen 2. Live Killers - Queen 3. Wish You Were Here -- Pink Floyd 4. Close to the Edge - Yes 5. News of the World - Queen 6. You Get What You Play For -- REO Speedwagon 7. All the Best --Glen Campbell 8. The Millennium Collection -- Mantovani 9. Pieces, Aquarius, Capercorn & Jones, Ltd. - The Monkees 10. The Grand Piano Tour -- Rick Wakeman I also think A Night at the Opera is on the bubble because I’ll need something Christian to listen to -- need to get my spiritual lift.
  5. Years ago, one of my children spent seven days in the hospital. Her pediatrician was on the insurance company's list of “approved” physicians. So, then they deny four days of the claim, saying that they determined that my child should have only spent three days inpatient. My reaction was (1) nobody from the insurance company examined my daughter; and (2) i chose that doctor from their approved list of physicians -- so they trust the doctor enough to approve him; but, not enough to pay for the treatment as he deemed necessary.
  6. i’ve seen 3/4ths of the Floyd. Saw Roger Waters and Nick Mason, then later saw David Gilmour. Sadly, never saw Richard Wright.
  7. You’re only half right with those statements. Yes, i see everything in the game of politics; i’m a rather cynical person -- i get that. But, it’s not media generated. I surely don’t watch the news programs and really only skim news websites headlines, reading only if something really catches my attention. often the headlines will just spur me into my own research. I think my cynicism plays a huge role in that -- i just came to believe that the media is peddling a product and i’ve chosen not to buy it. Whether it’s liberal or conservative -- i grew tired of being presented information with a slant to lead the viewer to the opinion that THEY wanted us to come to. It’s probably pie-in-the-sky; but, i’d rather just be given the actual facts and let me come to my own conclusions. I haven’t checked this out; but, i’ve heard that Reuters and the AP are the most factual and least biased. oh, now it’s all my fault 😀
  8. i would too. “IF” the money went solely for those purposes. I fear it wouldn’t which is why i’m not eager to give them more.
  9. is there a such thing as weather or is that just something that the media wants us to believe?
  10. my first job was setting up and tearing down mobile homes. i lived in the high desert at the time. black widows galore. nothing like crawling under a mobile home that has been sitting in the desert for years. sat around drinking beer after work one time, drove half-hour to get home, while in the shower the water washed a black widow out of my hair. I screamed and my roommate came running thinking i was hurt or something ... then he said i was acting like a girl.
  11. with this crowd? you & I both have seen threads turn political real fast ... this thread is walking around with a bullseye and nobody is shooting at it -- i think that’s good; but, it does surprise me.
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