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  1. Great pics
  2. Hi Neil Hanging in there, Pluto home prices have taken a hit, but I think its a still sound investment and now that the travel time has been cut down to approximately 9 1/5 years, it now really makes for a nice vacation if you have 18 or so years worth saved up. Hope all is well with you.
  3. to sum up crap recordings are crap. Good music is good music and can be appreciated by the listener under multiple recording methods. If we assume we have a good recording method and a recording which is great music which is dynamic enough to show the difference, then In my opinion, FLAC audio files of 3000+ kbps/96 Hz played via a file on a hard drive (No Jitter) via a decent DAC sounds the best. The DAC manufacturer is not the most important assuming they handle 96.0 Hz and are properly functioning (mp3 vs FLAC 96.0 Hz is way more important than a $400.00 DAC vs a $3500 DAC) , but in that area of the music listening chain, I think for me its been the best. Top Notch
  4. Not sure but if you could they would be epic
  5. Top Notch
  6. they are audio speakers
  7. inoculations would cure that, those uber religious folks who are opposed to vaccines are to blame
  8. I stream stuff now
  9. Never met her, but I am sure she has parents who love, go easy
  10. Music is known to sound good on Klipsch
  11. Top Notch!
  12. Thaddeus you are not alone. An adventure for sure. I which I had stopped working in my current vocation a few times. Life and happiness cannot be underestimated.
  13. Top Notch!
  14. If its the one inch analog master tape, you can't get much better depending upon the recording.