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  1. Never met her, but I am sure she has parents who love, go easy
  2. Music is known to sound good on Klipsch
  3. Top Notch!
  4. Thaddeus you are not alone. An adventure for sure. I which I had stopped working in my current vocation a few times. Life and happiness cannot be underestimated.
  5. Top Notch!
  6. If its the one inch analog master tape, you can't get much better depending upon the recording.
  7. I brought a Tapatalk purifier
  8. If it were a locker room a whole bunch of shenanigans would go down and Billy Bush would be fire again.
  9. I think you have had too much coffee
  10. You got to sell that truck. Just saying,
  11. I can't wait 24 hours, can you give us at least a hint?
  12. He was awesome
  13. I use a Fonzi meter attached to a Richie Cunningham
  14. Thank you