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    Cornscalas (were Cornwalls circa 1983)

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  1. Not the most attractive pair of speakers I ever saw.
  2. I'm another huge fan of the Bluesound Vault 2 system. Best thing since sliced bread with some cheese and a nice Chardonnay!
  3. That cabinet is the bee's knees! love it!
  4. I stand corrected, LK72 is the kit version of the 299C the LK72B is the kit version of the 299D!!!
  5. What Scott amp is that, if I may ask?
  6. The LK-72 is the kit version of the 299D, not the 299C. As such it would be most excellent with your Cornwalls as my son has the 299D and a pair of Cornscalas. Hard to beat with systems costing $30,000 and up.
  7. Use some Vaseline if you have to....................
  8. That Scott amp and those Khorns are a match made in heaven!!! Good luck! 😂
  9. If those are an older pair then they will last long unless I'm missing something. Isn't that about the price for new ones?
  10. Takes a lot of practice to spray lacquer like that! I'm known in these parts as Drippy McHeavyspray.
  11. Craftsmanship is extremely high with these speakers! I have 2 pair of Cornscala's and both systems use H.H. Scott amps (of about 30 watts per channel each) and to me it's a winning combination.
  12. Wow, lettering is great - looks brand new! GLWS!!
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