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    Astronomy, Classic Cars, HP Lovecraft, Star Trek, Beautiful women…….
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    Cornscalas (were Cornwalls circa 1983)

    HH Scott 272 Intergrated Amp (circa 1962)

    Empire 298 Turntable (circa 1963)

    Marantz CD6004 CD player (circa 2012)

    HH Scott 296 Intergrated Amp (circa 1964)

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  1. Dr Morbius

    2019 LaScala AL-5 ME Edition (They are here)

    Takes a lot of practice to spray lacquer like that! I'm known in these parts as Drippy McHeavyspray.
  2. Dr Morbius


    Craftsmanship is extremely high with these speakers! I have 2 pair of Cornscala's and both systems use H.H. Scott amps (of about 30 watts per channel each) and to me it's a winning combination.
  3. Dr Morbius

    HH Scott 200 tube amp SOLD

    Wow, lettering is great - looks brand new! GLWS!!
  4. Dr Morbius

    Klipsch Chorus II - Black - Original Owner

    Darn, too far for me!
  5. Pretty sure these sound fantastic! GLWS!!!
  6. Dr Morbius

    Line Magnetic 518ia SOLD!

    Unless I missed it, where are you located? ...Very nice amp, btw.
  7. Dr Morbius

    SOLD McIntosh MC2000 Interest to buy?

    Good deal I'd say!
  8. Dr Morbius

    WTB: Chorus II's

    They seem kinda hard to find......................to me, anyway!
  9. Dr Morbius

    Got a Fisher 500C for my Cornwall II's

    I'm an HH Scott man myself, but boy does that Fisher 500C look amazing and with any Klipsch Heritage it would sound wonderful indeed!
  10. Dr Morbius

    RIP Jerry Van Dyke

    RIP Jerry...........................
  11. My vote is for Jubilees, but which is the consenses of the better system.........2 way or 3 way?
  12. Dr Morbius

    Meaningful music

    Some deep thinkers here, and possibly on the right track about humans, music and evolution.
  13. Dr Morbius

    Meaningful music

    Ok, I'll confess, and I'm man enough to admit it - "Allegretto" from Beethoven's 7th - Mozart's "Requiem" and even "She's Leaving Home" by McCartney get's my eyes to water. Sooooo beautiful. Anybody else care to confess? PS - Another fantastic piece that should grab you in a big way is probably the greatest violin masterpiece, imho, "Scene D'Amour" by Bernard Herrmann for the film "Vertigo" now rated the #1 movie of the top 100 films.
  14. Dr Morbius

    Tubes bad in 80 days on new Mc275? Are they BS'ing me?

    I am surprised, however, that McIntosh ever let that tranny pass inspection before sending it out for sale. Unless the tranny had a delayed problem in the windings?
  15. Dr Morbius

    Tool Shed's finest integrated amp

    I love that the volume goes to 11!!!!