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  1. It's possible you don't have enough output from your cartridge, that was my problem with my amp which has a phono preamp. You may need to go with a higher output cartridge.
  2. You might want to consult with a certain Doctor.................I believe his name is Frankenstein - either that or a Staff Sgt that's in charge of launching ICBM's.
  3. I was taught in the Air Force Academy on electronics it's not the voltage but amps that kill you - even a tenth of an amp (0.10 amps!).
  4. MC240 is what I would go with, with what I have heard.
  5. I can almost promise you that you will get them before Christmas this year.
  6. Where are you located? Steve
  7. It says message sent. but I can't find it. Steve
  8. Still looking for Cornscala crossovers? I have a slightly used pair in great condition (my back ups, slightly used means I tested them out in the speaker to make sure they work) that I don't need anymore. Let me know if interested. Cornscala's ROCK! Steve
  9. Your Bryston amp puts out what, 300 watts of power? My HH Scott 299C puts out 30 watts per channel and it could make your ears bleed with Cornwalls at the 7 position on the volume knob. But that's tubes for you!
  10. I'll stick with my Packard, No tickets for meeeeee!
  11. I would think setting it to stereo would be correct, but I'm wondering how it sounds, really?
  12. Your pick of a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II amp should be more than fine. An excellent pick in my opinion.
  13. Not the most attractive pair of speakers I ever saw.
  14. I'm another huge fan of the Bluesound Vault 2 system. Best thing since sliced bread with some cheese and a nice Chardonnay!
  15. That cabinet is the bee's knees! love it!
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