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  1. Use some Vaseline if you have to....................
  2. That Scott amp and those Khorns are a match made in heaven!!! Good luck! 😂
  3. If those are an older pair then they will last long unless I'm missing something. Isn't that about the price for new ones?
  4. Takes a lot of practice to spray lacquer like that! I'm known in these parts as Drippy McHeavyspray.
  5. Craftsmanship is extremely high with these speakers! I have 2 pair of Cornscala's and both systems use H.H. Scott amps (of about 30 watts per channel each) and to me it's a winning combination.
  6. Wow, lettering is great - looks brand new! GLWS!!
  7. Unless I missed it, where are you located? ...Very nice amp, btw.
  8. They seem kinda hard to find......................to me, anyway!
  9. I'm an HH Scott man myself, but boy does that Fisher 500C look amazing and with any Klipsch Heritage it would sound wonderful indeed!
  10. RIP Jerry...........................
  11. My vote is for Jubilees, but which is the consenses of the better system.........2 way or 3 way?
  12. Some deep thinkers here, and possibly on the right track about humans, music and evolution.
  13. Ok, I'll confess, and I'm man enough to admit it - "Allegretto" from Beethoven's 7th - Mozart's "Requiem" and even "She's Leaving Home" by McCartney get's my eyes to water. Sooooo beautiful. Anybody else care to confess? PS - Another fantastic piece that should grab you in a big way is probably the greatest violin masterpiece, imho, "Scene D'Amour" by Bernard Herrmann for the film "Vertigo" now rated the #1 movie of the top 100 films.
  14. I am surprised, however, that McIntosh ever let that tranny pass inspection before sending it out for sale. Unless the tranny had a delayed problem in the windings?
  15. I love that the volume goes to 11!!!!
  16. Dr Morbius

    Friday Update

    Where that house is situated looks to be a perfect spot to set up a small observatory if there is good clear (no trees) to the south. I've been involved with astronomy for over 50 years and I'd love to be there! The things you can see with even a small telescope are amazing and it's all free, courtesy of our Universe. (I just hope there's no large city nearby - light pollution is a big problem).
  17. Dr Morbius

    RIP Hugh Hefner

    Hefner is alive, according to the Russian sites on Facebook !!!
  18. Just to let you know, I had NOS Valves redo my 4 different HH Scott tube amps over a 5 year period and they sound fabulous!!! $125 each is really not a lot of money for heaven! Also for goodness sakes drop the bose and get a pair of Klipsch for those amps, you will not be sorry.
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