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  1. Just saw recent br release of “When Worlds Collide” ……badly done I must say when the opening shot had heavy blue hues and was short on red hues.
  2. Thank you all for your insights, I have a lot to chew on.
  3. Well, for now I have to go with the 2 - 150’s. Can’t wait.
  4. When do these come out, and prices? I just put in an order for 2 - SPL-150’s.
  5. I have Cornwalls and I’m extremely happy using an HH Scott 299C Stereomaster tube amp. Had it rebuilt of course but now I have another 40 years of listening. My Scott was rebuilt by Craig at NOSvalves.com, he’s excellent at redoing them.
  6. The reason I ask is because I’ve read reviews of the new LaScala’s and they implied a more improved sound so if you didn’t have $13,000 to spend on a new set,(which I don’t) then how can I improve on a 40+ year old pair of LaScala’s. First thing I figured was go with a new mid horn (different material, and maybe slightly larger in the new LaScala?) and later start with different drivers, but then I thought maybe it’s the 2 piece cabinet that improves the sound, over the one piece older cabinet? I really don’t know. Steve
  7. Ahh, good question……can the K-401’s even be procured to do an update, or upgrade? Would I have to beg the Chief Bonehead to get a pair of K-401’s and see if it works in a single cabinet LaScala? Steve
  8. Hi just wondered if it’s possible to change the squawker metal horn in a 1970’s to mid 80’s LaScala to the newer horns used today? I’m guessing maybe the crossover will have to be updated also? And is it still a LaScala if it’s updated from 40+ years ago to today’s model LaScala’s? Thanks, Steve
  9. I had Focal Electra 926 for 16 years, Last 12 years using Cornwalls and will never go back!
  10. Not all Klipsch will sound wonderful right from the start, but all will sound fantastic after a while.
  11. About break-in time, I recently bought the Klipsch RP-600m speakers and it took a good minimum of 12 to 15 hours to really open up. Probably a bit more for the 8000 series 2.
  12. Hi, I’d like to see a few more pictures, twin6steve@aol.com is my email and I’m in Indiana also, which helps with no shipping costs. And also are the tweeters B&C DE-20 ? Just wondered since I saw DE-120 instead of DE-20. thanks, Steve
  13. You should have no problem at all with the Marantz, even though the KEF aren’t too sensitive!
  14. Loving my Goldring 1024, mounted on my Empire turntable.
  15. Wow, that Marantz amp would do very well with Cornwalls.
  16. bose 601 series 2. I’m so ashamed. The less said the better.
  17. New gear does NOT sound better! I’ve put my Scott 299C integrated amp (restored by NOS Valves) and actually put it up against numerous solid state amps in the $4000 to $8000 - and some blindfolded testing to boot! The Scott, except in one instance always won. (Another 2 tests couldn’t find a difference in sound). Sure you need to adjust the bias and voltages periodically to keep it at peak performance, but that’s all part of the fun.
  18. Looks like another satisfied customer possibly,……who said this forum is dead?
  19. Try it with Klipsch Cornwalls, you will not believe what depth and richness you will hear-not to mention the enormous sound stage!
  20. So grendel, how do you adjust the line voltage from your outlet to your amp? 120 volts is fine for me, not 128 or whatever.
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