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  1. Trippigs

    The "Russian Guy" is now putting out... (Badges)

    Here is a 1973 Heresy pie badge. Would love to buy a matching original one. But I just ordered a pair of plastic ones off eBay for ~$6 as an experiment.
  2. Trippigs

    Cornwalls Arkansas $350

    I spoke with the owner within 2 hours of posting. Was within 5 minutes of her house the next morning at 7:15 am and called to get the exact address.. Someone was already looking at them and by 8am they had sold. They did look rough. She also sold a McIntosh receiver that had been damaged in shipping.
  3. Trippigs

    Hope Pilgrimage Garage Sale and Swap Meet

    I am thinking about bringing a pair of Frazier Symphonetta loudspeakers if there is a real opportunity to sell them. They are sequential in serial numbers but are different in design thus representing a model change. One has been described as a transmission line cabinet and the other as a Helmholtz resonator (slotted ports) cabinet. I have restored the cabinets and recapped with Sonicaps. These are rare birds!
  4. Trippigs

    2019 PILGRIMAGE DATES APRIL 25-28, 2019

    Funds sent.....looking forward to this fun outing
  5. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    I decided to very carefully remove the bottom of the doghouse cabinet to take a look inside.....18 old screws! Once inside I found the capacitor was not original so I replaced it with the new Sonicap. I believe both drivers are working but I have not done any critical listening. I plan to hook up a better source before doing so........currently using an old beater Pioneer receiver because I did not to damage anything better while testing the Frazier’s. Check out Frazier’s version of a doghouse!
  6. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    I purchased two new Sonicap capacitors (3uf/200vdc) from Bob Crites who recommended these as replacements for the vintage Tiger capacitors. Ordered them yesterday and they arrived today.....very nice company. Just installed the new capacitor in the slotted cabinet. Wow...a huge improvements! I don’t think the tweeter was working at all with the old cap. now the doghouse cabinet tweeter is still working with whatever capacitor is there. Getting to the capacitor is a major task because the entire bottom of the cabinet has to be removed. I don’t want to chip the edges of the cabinet so I am going to leave it as is for now. I might take this on later.
  7. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    I took a closer look at the capacitor and it is a Tiger 3mfd - 50vdc. A Sonicap 3mfd - 200vdc was recommended by an expert as a replacement so that is what I plan to do. Stay tuned!
  8. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    Hello Glens....thanks so much for the great explanation. I now understand the function of the big cap and the lack of a crossover. Earlier I was a bit concerned that the crossover had been removed and never replaced. I will look into replacing the capacitor
  9. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    Marvel.....those 8 nuts/bolts hold the speaker grill on. Probably one reason they are both still present. Today I took the grill off the slotted cabinet to get a look at the mid/high driver. To my surprise the black cone is attached to the back of the screen with brads and it is not designed to be removed. And it appears to be made of wood! So, I still have not seen the mid/high driver. Something else interesting is that their is no crossover present. Earlier you said the big “capacitor” might be a splitter. Could you please help me understand that? The cabinets cleaned up nicely with Howard’s products. Thanks.....Wm
  10. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    It is a bit early to make any statements. They are designed for corner placement which I have not done yet. And need to hook them up to a better source. Currently they are just sitting on a large table hence bit light on the bottom end.
  11. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    Just finished up the wiring and both cabinets are working. Equal volumes and I assume full range. I am using a very modest Pioneer receiver for testing but I am encouraged. Started cleaning the cabinets and really not much work will be needed to have them looking great. The mahogany veneer on top, front and sides is thick and attractive. The backs have no veneer but are nice plywood with great patina. Flipped the doghouse cabinet over for the first time and there are maybe 16 screws holding the bottom on...this provides access to driver inside the doghouse. I will not open this up unless it is needed. thanks for everyone’s help
  12. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    Hi Marvel....there are only 4 bolts holding the woofer on. They are at ~2pm,4pm,8pm and 10pm The other 4 holes in the driver are not being used.
  13. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    Great....thank you....I will try this later this afternoon after some baseball. Yep, the unusual cone shaped piece behind the tweeter is hard plastic. The woofer came free very easily....it was not attached or adhered to the plastic cone. The woofer and cone just fit together like spoons.
  14. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    Well I read up a bit and concluded I could indeed experiment with removing the audio transformer which I did. Tidied up some wires and Bingo....the cabinet came alive! I explored a bit more and removed the 10” woofer to clean. Unfortunately I also pulled a wire coming from the mid/high driver loose and no sure where it goes. I put blue tape on it and would really appreciate any advice y’all have. PS....the back side of the mid/high driver is very strange to me
  15. Trippigs

    Frazier Symphonetta

    I don’t really know why there are transformers....I just thought they were factory. Obviously I am not well versed in electronics. The drivers are advertised as 16 ohm. So, I can remove the transformers and wire back appropriately? I would like that.