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  1. Trippigs

    2018 Pilgrimage Photos.

    Sorry to have missed all the fun. Please keep the pictures coming!
  2. Trippigs


    Thanks for the confirmation. I am a big boy so it is good to see the larger sizes....I think I will get a white one
  3. Trippigs


    Just submitted my payment.....looking forward to the festivities!
  4. Trippigs

    McIntosh MA252 Tube solid state integrated

    The McIntosh arrived today and I wanted to share a few photos. The vendor suggested I relocate the components to a new spot to shorten the speaker wires and to provide better air circulation. I just listened to The Beatles White Album and can tell the bass is more pronounced than with my vintage Knight tube amp. And I can tell the bump from 15wpc to 105wpc. I am not too verbose about audio but I like this McIntosh. Also, I think it is beautiful!
  5. Trippigs

    McIntosh MA252 Tube solid state integrated

    The light blanket I am currently using is a cotton baby blanket so I will continue using it for now. An a/c is not in cards at this point because I don’t want to cut into the walls and the windows will accept on. However, a free standing dehumidifier could work. Thanks for all the comments
  6. Trippigs

    McIntosh MA252 Tube solid state integrated

    The workshop was just completed in December 2017 and it was very well insulated so this should help mitigate both concerns. However, this is central Arkansas where 20 degrees to 90 degrees is typical and summertime humidity is generally oppressive @ >80%. I don’t yet have a good feel for what the year round conditions will be inside but it was very cold in January 2018 and I was able to tinker around out there without being miserable. I will likely install a small gas heater but really don’t want to mess with AC or dehumidifier unless I have to. So cold conditions can be managed pretty easily but that leaves heat and humidity. Is there any type of removable cover to put on the McIntosh that would help?
  7. Trippigs

    McIntosh MA252 Tube solid state integrated

    I recently purchased one and am waiting on it to arrive. The vendor in North Little Rock will deliver to Hot Springs and set it up. Never had any McIntosh equipment so I am pretty excited. Going to use this with Industrial LaScalas and a modified vintage AR turntable. This 2 channel setup is in my workshop which is new, clean, dry and insulated but doesn’t currently have heat and air. I do have natural gas run to it so I will likely install a small gas heater before next winter. Would you worry about using the McIntosh in this environment? I am currently using a vintage Knight tube amp and just cover it up with a light blanket when not in use.....seems to work ok.
  8. Trippigs

    Crossover testing

    Yep...you are right. Bob would rebuild my AL3 crossovers for $160. I travel through Russellville on occasion and might take the opportunity to meet Bob and drop the crossovers off as well. Thanks to all for the feedback and suggestions
  9. Trippigs

    Crossover testing

    Definitely above my skill set. I previously spoke with Bob Crites and purchased his CT 120 tweeters. We discussed getting new replacement crossovers as well but I did not ask about testing the original ones. Normally I would be skeptical about asking someone who sells new products to test my old products for function....but not with Bob as his sterling reputation is well deserved.
  10. Trippigs

    Crossover testing

    Well heck....I don’t happen to have that testing equipment laying around! I appreciate your reply and will go to plan B which is to keep what I have until I feel adventurous.
  11. Trippigs

    Crossover testing

    Is there any way to test the preformance of a crossover with a multimeter? I have a pair of 1985 vintage Industrial LaScala loudspeakers and the AL3 crossovers are original. I understand they are not likely to be in spec but would like to determine this empirically rather than sonically. Any thoughts?
  12. Trippigs

    Acoustic Research Turntable Advice Needed

    I also use an AR-XA with a Syrinx LE1 tonearm. Purchased it from an enthusiast who tweaked it with a new motor, wiring, cabling, platter polishing, base painting, plinth refinishing , dust cover polishing, new springs and washers, etc. i was a little leery it would be temperamental because this is my first modified turntable. But alas, it is very basic and reliable so I love it.
  13. Trippigs

    Cornwall’s in Little Rock, AR

    On Craigslist for $1200 no affiliations
  14. Trippigs

    Music Hall CD 25.2 - SOLD

    Lost240 i sent you another e-mail. Thanks
  15. Trippigs

    Music Hall CD 25.2 - SOLD

    Hello Lost240 i just sent an email to you