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  1. Hello.....I would appreciate some advice on how to remove the copper badges from my pair of Kg4. Would a hairdryer soften the original adhesive? Will I ever get the original adhesive off the grill cloth? I am using the speakers horizontally and simply want to relocate the badges. Thanks so much
  2. Heresy time capsule

    Sounds nice! Will even be better this fall when as the evening cools off
  3. Heresy time capsule

    Nope...that side is all windows. The speaker placement is not very good for fidelity but will serve for background music and some TV sound. This is all I was allowed to put in the main room. I have another smaller room for a home theater.
  4. Heresy time capsule

    Thanks guys. They will fit inside the far left/right cabinet slots in this photo. As I mentioned, we had planned to have cabinet doors with grill cloth but maybe not anymore! I have yet to hear these particular speakers but will crank them up when our new house is finished in a couple of months.
  5. Heresy time capsule

    The speakers are done and the paint job looks great.....I am very pleased. Steps included sanding, filling a few dents and all edges with bondo, sanding, spray prime, light sanding, spray finish coat, light sanding and a final spray finish coat. They look good enough that my wife said we might not need to use the cabinetry grill cloth we had planned for!
  6. Center channel advice please

    Good idea but I am past that option because my cabinetry is already built....this is a current photo without cabinet doors. The large l/r slots are for the Cornwalls. The middle bottom slot is for a Fitzmaurice THTLP sub. The upper middle slot is for the center speaker. Other slots are for a sink, refridge, open displays and albums. Not shown are two floating shelves on the rear wall for the KG4 surrounds.
  7. Center channel advice please

    OK...I understand and appreciate the advice. I have a pair of Heresys for use elsewhere so I can experiment to compare. I plan to purchase the KG4 regardless.
  8. Center channel advice please

    I am assembling a 5.1 home theater set-up and would appreciate some advice. Currently have Cornwalls for front l/r, KG4s for rear l/r, Fitzmaurice THTLP sub and a KSF-C5 center. I have yet to hear any of this because everything is packed as our new home is being built....just driving me crazy. However, I was searching for a Heresy as a center upgrade when a nice gentleman offered a KG4. Would this serve better than the KSF-C5 or perhaps on par with a Heresy?
  9. Heresy time capsule

    I agree....that looks very nice! My Heresys have been spray primed and lightly sanded. Ready for the finish coats when the painters are spraying this color again. I will post photos when done.
  10. Heresy time capsule

    Hello HDBRbuilder....all very interesting and I appreciate the new information. I already have the speaker boxes nicely taped up for painting. Our inside painter started priming some cabinets and doors this week so things are moving forward........
  11. Heresy time capsule

    Turns out my painter is old school and is using an oil based Sherwin Williams lacquer on the new cabinetry. So, he will use an oil primer and spray this same lacquer on the Heresys. Should be completed in ~3 weeks. I noticed while taping them up that I have lost a wire screw from the terminal....bummer. Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement???
  12. Modified K-horn in Detroit

    I have purchased things here before with no issues...seems to be a well run business. The only costs incurred was the bid amount and shipping. No tax because I live in Arkansas and the items came from elsewhere. No other hidden or obscure charges of any kind. I find their website works well.
  13. Heresy time capsule

    Hi there thebes...thanks so much for the education as I read up you are 100% correct. I am certain we are dealing with old oil base paint on the speakers. I assume my painter is using latex/acrylic in which case we will go with option #1. I suppose there is an outside chance he will use oil base on some of the trim/cabinetry in which case we will go with option #2. Again, I appreciate your input and I will treat these little gems with respect!
  14. Heresy time capsule

    Really!!!! I would love to meet him as well....maybe at the 2018 Pilgrimage which I plan to attend. I wont be a newbie then! Would it be appropriate to ask Mr. Wyatt to add his John Hancock again with the then current date?
  15. Heresy time capsule

    I just used a DeWalt rotary palm sander with both 150 and 80 grit sandpaper. I worked one bottom side pretty aggressively and got through the paint to raw birch but unfortunately this is not something I would want to do all over. However, the sanding beautifully prepared all the surfaces for painting. So, I plan to have the professional painter who is painting our new home spray paint the Heresys in Sherwin Williams "Mindful Gray" to match the walls where the speakers will be. They are all taped up and ready to go!