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  1. Kinda surprised but I have only received a few inquiries and only one seemed serious....I figure it is a very small niche market for Fraziers I do have an opportunity to give them to an audiophile who recognizes the uniqueness....in trade he will build a custom subwoofer for me. So, they are just about gone........
  2. I have a pair of vintage Frazier Symphonetta loudspeakers for sale. They have consecutive serial numbers but they are completely different designs....one is a transmission line (similar to a folded horn) and the other has Hemholtz slots. I figure there were actually mono loudspeakers but sold as a pair right at a design change....makes them exceedingly rare. The cabinets and grills are in wonderful original condition. I think the drivers are original but I replaced the caps with some from Crites. I play these with a vintage Knight integrated amp and it sounds sweet. These belong in a Frazier museum if there was one! Please send me a message if you are interested
  3. Ya know, I changed my mind and actually cancelled a pending purchase in an ethical manner. The more I looked at this device the more I realized I had no idea how to work it. And I wasn’t sure what else was needed to make it work. Just seemed like overkill for me. I think I will get a Niles product but one with a button switch for speaker set A and one for speaker set B...nice and simple. I appreciate the advice but I am kinds simple and old school when it comes to my audio.
  4. Thanks USNRET......this little device gets good reviews, appears well made and is readily available new and used....right up my alley! i plan on purchasing one of these and look forward to using both sets of speakers without screwing something up!
  5. I am looking for a quality device to switch between two sets of speakers in my two channel setup. Using a McIntosh MA252 integrated amp with a pair of industrial LaScalas and a pair of Frazier Symphonettas. Don’t want to lose any signal or introduce any deleterious noise. Also don’t need any volume adjustment or ohm selection. Just looking for a well built device with a switch! Any advice????
  6. Yes it is and this is my workshop! I have 40 feet of this ugly industrial grade shelving full of stuff including my stereo. I hung white bedsheets in front of all the shelving which I think helps tidy things up a bit. My LaScalas are in corners about 3 foot off the floor. A couple of big easy chairs finish the decor! I think it sounds good so not much real work happens in my “ workshop”.
  7. Update.....the Sony arrived yesterday in very good shape. Hooked it up and listened to a Harry Connick light jazz CD and highly enjoyed it. No harsh highs or ear fatigue. This fills my needs well and I appreciate all the advice....especially Moray!
  8. Love the recommendations and comments. The Sony must be a sleeper and , as such, it is especially intriguing.....the prices are great. I have a lead on a 981 but it requires shipping which the proud owner doesn’t want to do so we are talking about pony express means. Heck...I think I will get the Sony just on Moray’s recommendation. The 981 might happen but might not and my cds want to spin!
  9. I am looking for a device to play audio cd only. Would like something of similar quality as my 2 channel setup comprised of industrial LaScalas, MA252 and a modified AR-XA turntable. Looking for nice quality used gear that is plug and play. I think an Oppo player would work but I get lost with all the firmware and DAC discussions....also their primary strength seems to be Video which I don’t need. Can I simply use the RCA outputs to connect with the MA252 which has RCA inputs. Would a Oppo 981HD or a 83 be candidates? How about a dedicated NAD or Sony player? Other brands and models? Just looking for advice as I look for something audiophile grade for playing my old cds! Thanks.....Wm
  10. Kazakhstan pies! The small package looked sufficiently suspicious that we had to pick it up at the post office and provide a signature.
  11. I just received the Klipsch pie medallions from Kazakhstan and I am pleased. The replicas are a bit smaller but not particularly noticeable unless they are right beside an original or you are a purist. I hot glued them on and they nicely cover the old glue residue. I’m keeping my single original for a special project in the future. I will post photos separately
  12. OK.....I am not expecting too much but might be surprised. I am planning to attend the Klipsch Pilgrimage and might find some originals there.
  13. Here is a 1973 Heresy pie badge. Would love to buy a matching original one. But I just ordered a pair of plastic ones off eBay for ~$6 as an experiment.
  14. I spoke with the owner within 2 hours of posting. Was within 5 minutes of her house the next morning at 7:15 am and called to get the exact address.. Someone was already looking at them and by 8am they had sold. They did look rough. She also sold a McIntosh receiver that had been damaged in shipping.
  15. I am thinking about bringing a pair of Frazier Symphonetta loudspeakers if there is a real opportunity to sell them. They are sequential in serial numbers but are different in design thus representing a model change. One has been described as a transmission line cabinet and the other as a Helmholtz resonator (slotted ports) cabinet. I have restored the cabinets and recapped with Sonicaps. These are rare birds!
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