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  1. Turntable Recommendations

    I agree with the Thorens recommendation unless you get fanatical. I purchased a TD160 brand new in 1976 and used it till last year. A fellow offer me more than I could turn down so I sold it....in original box with COD sticker and all packaging. Never had any professional service done except oiling. They are indeed built very well.
  2. Knight KG250 integrated amp

    Well how about.....that is smart and I would have never thought about this opportunity. Here are a couple of photos of my workshop setup which is were the Knight equipment resides along with the modified ARXA table and industrial LaScalas. Our home builder made this heavyweight cabinet from leftover wood!
  3. Heathkit tube amps

    This is likely more than what I want to tackle. Might think differently if I had restoration skills.....otherwise paying going shop rates isn’t too appealing. However, a bit intrigued about purchasing for resale. I would have escaped the furniture shop with less expense by purchasing the amps rather than what my wife bought!
  4. Knight KG250 integrated amp

    Hi Maynard i am in Hot Springs,AR and certainly would appreciate a name or two. Just last week I took some lightening damaged audio equipment (Hafler DH200 and DH101) to a local technician for an evaluation.....report was not good for my needs so I am selling them. I also took the KG250 and a Knight KG-765 AM-FM-MX for him to check out. He cleaned the KG250 selector switch , straighten some tube pins and pronounced both as working OK. He is a very nice and experienced fellow but I don’t think tubes are his thing.
  5. Heathkit tube amps

    Yesterday I found a pair of Heathkit tube amps in an upscale vintage furniture shop. There is a Heathkit WA-1 and a Heathkit W-2M......they are $200 for the pair. The owner wasn’t present so I couldn’t ask any questions. Might these mono amps be run together as stereo?
  6. Knight KG250 integrated amp

    This is the first tube equipment I have owned. Purchased it about a year ago and have used it sparingly because we moved. Had a little trouble with the rotary selector switch but a shot of Detox seems to fix it. Yesterday it popped while running it with LaScalas and an AR XA table. The KG was fully warmed it when the popping first happened. It continued at the average of three times per album side. The pops come through the speakers which is concerning. Any ideas as to what is causing this???
  7. Lightening hit

    Turns out that State Farm will replace the tweeters and crossovers in the LaScalas. Spoke with Bob Crites today and will order a pair of Type AL3 crossovers and pair of CT120 tweeters. Haven’t decided on replacements for the Haflers

    Hi there...I have a pair of K-77m tweeters with square magnets that I just removed from industrial La Scalas. They both click with a small battery but I don’t hear much when playing music. I think one might need a new diaphragm. I plan on ordering a pair of CT 120 tweeters from Bob Crites. I am in Hot Springs and travel to Little Rock pretty often. Would enjoy meeting you and seeing your speakers
  9. Lightening hit

    Pretty neat....reflecting on listening to WLS and KAAY late at night when I was a kid.
  10. Lightening hit

    State Farm is doing great. They will pay a depreciated value up front and , if I buy new replacement stuff, a second payment equal to the difference between the depreciated value and the replacement costs.....in essence full value replacement. We have 5 years to file which addresses the delayed failure possibility. They allow replacement of out of production stuff with like quality and specs......so I can buy something new and equivalent to the Hafler gear. I will contact Bob Crites for some CT 125 tweeters. What would you buy to replace the Hafler DH200, DH101 and a Pioneer SA 7500I?
  11. Lightening hit

    This 2 channel setup is in my workshop so I don’t know if they made any noise when the lightening hit.....they could have screamed and I would not have heard anything over the bang. We have a house-wide power surge system that absorbed some of the current but not all. I will look into a lightening rod since we are on a ridge top with a metal roof. The electrician said the current traveled the ATT cable to the house where it jumped to the slab rebar and ran through the house. So the current kind of bypassed the electrical service box and transformer. Has anyone ever heard of such?
  12. Lightening hit

    Lightening hit our new home last week and costs to get back to normal are currently estimated at $20,000+. It came in on an ATT internet cable which had not yet been buried. Nobody was hurt so we are fortunate. We have been with our insurance agency for 34 years and I am pretty comfortable they will treat us fairly. It damaged my beloved DH200 power amp and matching DH101 preamp which I have had since 1980. It blew fuses in my LaScala Industrials....not yet sure if anything else was damaged there. Also not yet sure about my modified AR-XA turntable. My question is what to do about the Hafler gear.....repair or replace? There are upgrade kits available if I repair. I figure insurance might pay ~$400 for replacement......what are some good choices? Thanks.......Wm
  13. Pegboard cabinet door grills

    Today I installed some gray grill cloth from Parts Express. It was easy to work with and is relatively opaque.....just stretched and stapled. And very inexpensive.....I just thought I needed something pricy!
  14. Pegboard cabinet door grills

    Here Is a photo of the cabinetry. The big space on the bottom is for low profile table tuba subwoofer. Thanks for the comments on grill covers
  15. Pegboard cabinet door grills

    You bet........I will post some photos tomorrow afternoon when we return home. Today we saw the Arkansas Razorbacks play baseball and basketball which was a blast