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  1. Does anyone have a single all original Kd-RB ( raw birch decorator ) for sale? A 1979 model has become available but I don’t want a single so I’m looking for another. I am in 71901 but don’t mind a road trip. Thanks
  2. I saw it listed as well ....disappeared before the sale officially started.
  3. I agree with crunchman and appreciate his warning. Underhanded to use someone’s photos.....unethical as well.
  4. Trippigs


    it is the 36” variety. I had room for the big boy so it was an easy choice. Really enjoying playing around with the setup. Pleased so far
  5. Trippigs


    Well, picked the sub up this morning and just finished my first listening....Santana....wow! The builder is a superb craftsman and an audiophile which is a great combination. He is also meticulous and honest so I am very pleased. Will dial in setup as time passes but first impression is impressive..it blends in well without overpowering. Gonna enjoy this awhile!
  6. I just learned about this yesterday and have read the whole thread.....sounds like a blast. Please put me down as an attendee. I will bring a Bill Fitzmaurice THLPT subwoofer (36” variety with a 15” inch driver) if there is interest. Also could bring a nice Knight KG250 integrated tube amp to sell or trade. Can’t wait!
  7. Trippigs


    Hi pbphoto....thanks for your answer. I will purchase a nice y-RCA to use...should have just taken the SA100 manual at face value. Still excited about receiving the subwoofer!
  8. Trippigs


    So, do I use a single RCA or a Y RCA. I think a single RCA from McIntosh sub out to the SA100 left in is correct but I am not 100% sure. Just being extra careful!
  9. Trippigs


    Jason.....I appreciate the manner in which you phrase the financial aspect of things...very considerate. I’m blessed that the cost is not a factor in this case. However, the DSP strikes me as the proverbial black box device even though I understand the science. But, I have followed your postings for some time now and you just don’t post bs or even marginal bs! So I still may follow your recommendation after playing around with what I have...likely just tune to my liking with a nice vintage Pioneer 12 band equalizer (SG 9800). Thanks.....Wm
  10. Trippigs


    Aaahhh..ok. I bought the SA100 a couple of years ago but have never opened the package. Too late to return but a reasonable candidate for resale. Never messed with a DSP but maybe it is time. Are we talking a minor tweak or does a DSP move the dial?
  11. Trippigs


    Hello.....I am a couple of weeks away from receiving my Bill Fitzmaurice THLPT which is being built. It is a 36” cabinet with a 15” Dayton Audio RSS39HF-4 (15”) driver. It will be matched up with a McIntosh MA 252 integrated amp, a pair of industrial Klipsch LaScalas and a Dayton Audio SA100 plate subwoofer amp. I am getting pretty excited! My question is this.....should I connect the MA252 to the SA100 with a single RCA cable or do I need a split RCA cable. Of course I want to use the entire wattage produced by the SA100 and I read conflicting advice on how to achieve this. PS....the THLPT is beautiful and I will post pictures upon receipt. Thanks......Wm
  12. Did this tube amp come out of? I saw it last night in a Mississippi juke joint where it was on display with a bunch of Delta artifacts. Maybe a large organ???
  13. Kinda surprised but I have only received a few inquiries and only one seemed serious....I figure it is a very small niche market for Fraziers I do have an opportunity to give them to an audiophile who recognizes the uniqueness....in trade he will build a custom subwoofer for me. So, they are just about gone........
  14. I have a pair of vintage Frazier Symphonetta loudspeakers for sale. They have consecutive serial numbers but they are completely different designs....one is a transmission line (similar to a folded horn) and the other has Hemholtz slots. I figure there were actually mono loudspeakers but sold as a pair right at a design change....makes them exceedingly rare. The cabinets and grills are in wonderful original condition. I think the drivers are original but I replaced the caps with some from Crites. I play these with a vintage Knight integrated amp and it sounds sweet. These belong in a Frazier museum if there was one! Please send me a message if you are interested
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