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  1. And when the amp craps out you'll have some nice paper weights. LOL How you doing Marty?!
  2. Party on Garth! HBD!!!!
  3. CECAA850


    Oh, it happened all right
  4. Had hell getting on Finally found a PC here at work that would eventually connect. @Chad ??
  5. CECAA850


    You can definitely make a good living without going to college.
  6. My uncle died from prostate cancer this year. He had been fighting it for 15 years. We made a trip to Tampa earlier this year to see him. Glad we did.
  7. Absolutely gorgeous house as are all your efforts. I'm positive I couldn't afford it, lol. Also too far away from my grandkids and Portland hasn't gotten a lot of good pub as of late. Again, the house and view are spectacular. I'm sure it won't be on the market long.
  8. You have a Gladiator? Edit, you said hatch not tailgate. Didnt know they would actually fit inside a Jeep.
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