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  1. You guys probably favor north of the border and I'm more south. I see exceptions for me on both sides though.
  2. I have a store pick Elijah Craig and also a Buffalo Trace. They're very good IMO. Whoever they use to pick them out seems to like the same things I do. They're getting a good reputation as far as their picks go so they sell out almost immediately.
  3. CECAA850

    French Press

    Around here they're called buzz beans. Dark chocolate and espresso beans are my favorite.
  4. Good thing you didn't get all 3 then. Lol. Funny how different people like different things.
  5. This is a huge multi store company. They have several tasters that go and buy barrels. Normally when they get one they sell out in a day. Their store pics are always much better than the normal offerings for some reason.
  6. Not a huge Eagle rare fan. A local store went to the distillery and tasted a bunch of barrels and bought the one they preferred (store pick). It's MUCH better IMO than the standard bottle they offer.
  7. Several of those you'll never see on the shelf. You have to be diligent and lucky to get them at msrp.
  8. Funny story on the Ezra Brooks. There was a spirit competition in California. They ranked probably 50 to 70 bourbons. This 16 dollar bottle came in 2nd so I had to try it. To me it's nothing special. It's better on the nose than it is on the pallet.
  9. Ok. Looking at the stash. Knob Creek Bookers 2016 05. Blantons Wild Turkey single barrel. Belle Meade Belle Meade cognac cask Michters small batch Makers Mark cask strength. Elijah Craig small batch Elijah Craig barrel proof. Buffalo Trace (store pick x2) Amador Larceny Bullet barrel strength Widow Jane 10 year Colonel Taylor Small Batch Colonel Taylor single barrel George T Stagg William Larue Weller Eagle Rare (store pick) Weller 12 x 7 Old Forester 1910 x2 Ezra Brooks
  10. I think that the issue is with image size. The forum software has always resized my pictures in the past and now it doesn't appear to be doing that . My theory is that the -200 error pops up when the image is too large.
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