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  1. Can't say that I've ever been on reddit .
  2. Had a great weekend. Daughter, son in law and grandaughter came for the weekend. Saturday morning we worked on raising a section of the slab for my gsrage. Once work was over it was time to play. We pulled apart 2 LSI top hats then fired up the 396s in the garage. We then had company, ate and cranked up the patio system. It was a great day. We hurt this poor little bottle though.
  3. Roger, the Lil Wrecker tapped horn I built has an fs of 17hz but was about 26 cubic ft. A convenational horn good to 15hz would be enormous.
  4. LSIs. My son in law just got a pair. Supposedly the seller has another set. If so I'll get them and rebuild both sets. Both the tweeters were gone in the first ones. Holler if you ever want to hear a pair of 396's. I finally fired mine up this weekend.
  5. Yes. They were the II versons and ultimately went for 800.
  6. @minermark This should alert him to your post.
  7. Yes. Definitely not stock pieces. Who knows what they did inside.
  8. 3.5 V should be fine.I have 6 pro amps in use at home and all are being driven with consumer lever electronics.
  9. What pizza?
  10. I wouldn't think they would have near enough excursion.
  11. No you're not.
  12. Ahhh the crystal.
  13. I aspire to be in a righteous clique. Color me disappointed.
  14. Possibly made by Gary Shinall?