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  1. I remember when I was little and we'd drive to FL from NY. I'd lay on top of the package tray (panel on top of the rear seat that goes from the top of the rear seat rearward to the glass) and sleep while my father drove. The sun felt great in the winter. They didn't have seat belts in the rear then. Other times we'd kneel on the rear floorboard facing the seat back and lay our torsos on the seat bottom and sleep. It took my mother a long time to get used to having a car with seat belts. When she'd drive and I'd be in the passenger front seat she'd reflexively put her arm across my chest when she hit the brakes. I guess that was the only way they had to keep the kids off the dash during hard braking.
  2. There's currently no known definition for my shape.
  3. Sounds like something my urologist would say.
  4. Like a leaky heater box on a Corvair or VW.
  5. That still works, or at least it did when my kids were small.
  6. I still prefer my cars to be used as instruments of driving as opposed to entertainment. I don't even need a radio if the exhaust sounds good. That's music enough to my ears.
  7. I'm still getting the 200 error when I post from my phone. Wonder when @Chad will fix that?
  8. Just ask @MetropolisLakeOutfitters if he can sell you a KPT-402 and a KPT-Grand than if that's all you need. The 415 refers to the bass cab only, it's complete by itself as long as it has 4 drivers in it.
  9. Or people that want you to pay with Wal Mart cards.
  10. If you framed your question as above it's no wonder they're confused. You state that you acquired one pair of each woofers. Which woofers? Are you referring to the drivers or the cabinets with drivers? Are you looking for the mid and high horns complete with drivers?
  11. CECAA850

    foreign language

    My Latin teacher in high school.
  12. What exactly are you trying to find out?
  13. Try the rotating your stock method. Works for grocery stores. Newest in the back.
  14. A good bartender always keeps tabs on his patrons.
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