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  1. CECAA850

    Order from Crutchfield NOT Klipsch

    You should have seen that prior to submitting payment I would have thought. Tax collected isn't a company policy rather the law depending on where you live and where you order from.
  2. CECAA850

    2018 Pilgrimage Photos.

    My wife and oldest daughter are talking about next year as well.
  3. My Anthem preamp actually has a sub out. When I remodeled my bedroom, I sold it and the amp so it's sub-less now. I've thought about building one that fits under the bed as there's really no good place in the room to put one. The old one sat on my RH speaker as it was a 19" cube but looked like crap in that location. You definitely don't have to have 2 subs, just cross it over as low as you can.
  4. That's an entirely different conversation.
  5. I have a pair of those as well. Roy voiced them too. They're pretty remarkable speakers as the sheer amount of crystal clear SPL they put out is staggering.
  6. I also agree. That's why you lose horn loading of the bass bin around 100Hz.
  7. I'd give that to the Lascala as well, I think they're better looking than the F3.
  8. Agreed, the wires and soldering don't look stock but it certainly wouldn't be an issue to me.
  9. Here's why I was serious (trade details dependent). They have a smaller footprint which to me makes placement a little easier. I like how Roy voiced these, as a matter of fact, I like how Roy voices everything he works on. The mids aren't as shouty. I like the extension. The Lascalas always need a sub to sound right to MY ears (YMMV). The F3's can get by without one. There are a few things the Lascalas do better like drums and mid bass slam but overall I have a SLIGHT preference for the F3's over the Lascalas. For those that like the typical Heritage sound the Lascalas would win.
  10. CECAA850

    Klipsch Subwoofers lacking the 'WOW" FACTOR

    I was thinking that if you had 2 horns with the same volume cabinet that the tapped horn would be the more efficient of the 2.
  11. And they have Crites tweeters and the original ALK universals.
  12. The tops aren't black, that's glass.
  13. CECAA850

    Klipsch Subwoofers lacking the 'WOW" FACTOR

    I've used Elmers wood glue on many projects as well.