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  1. I know who's supposed to be watching the store. I also have a good idea of who the 2 who are active.
  2. Down to 2 now? Great time to ask for a raise.
  3. Richie, tarheel, mookie and rockhound. Founding fathers of the UMF club and patrons of the Sex without Partners society.
  4. There sure is a lot of pot calling the kettle black going on here.
  5. A blast from the past. Where you been boy?
  6. Finally something we can agree on.
  7. If you're looking for a DAC, check out the Bifrost. No need going any higher in their DAC line up. Ask me how I know, LOL.
  8. May of '04 here. Bunch of us old rusties here.
  9. Besides the fact that Chuck is "special" he's been on the forum 15 years today. Bless his heart.
  10. Love the thread. Thanks for the documentation and pictures.
  11. Did somebody say something????
  12. I'm a huge fan of Schiit products. I once made the mistake of selling my Bifrost and ended up getting another one. I'm not surprised that the Aegir is a hit.
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