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  1. Fix what's broken first then fix what's worn out. Start by ohming all drivers as described above.
  2. Finally using it to it's potential. Good deal.
  3. Running a conduit now is a smart decision.
  4. I would think this ^^^^^
  5. I'm sure we'll have one in the garage sale section soon, lol.
  6. That's too funny, at the bottom they warn about buying counterfeit covers.
  7. I'll never use an electric again. I got tired of the mess and use of counter space and got one of these. https://www.walmart.com/ip/J-A-Henckels-International-Stainless-Steel-Can-Opener/171351883
  8. Global warming is worse than I thought.
  9. I saw that yesterday. Rip. Loved them back in the day, especially the first album. It was really different at the time. After that not so much.
  10. I'll make up for it tomorrow, trust me. I've got a 1.75l bottle of Weller 12 that I opened last weekend calling my name. It's been staring at me all week.
  11. Frigging retirees. It's not the weekend yet! I'm only grumpy because I don't drink on weeknights.
  12. As opposed to the not so distinguished one from North Carolina.
  13. Not Tarheel Great news Eldon! Gotta love a second opinion. Remember you are your best advocate.
  14. Yea, my sidekick Skidmarks.