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  1. That's actually a prototype. It's a 1502 which is a slightly smaller version of the 1802 with a 15 inch driver. It a about 5 inches smaller in every dimension when compared to the 1802.
  2. Me too. We saved a cabin for you.
  3. The Whimpy effect.
  4. How do you relate the cheeseburger to a future appearance?
  5. I see someone already went there. That's what I get for responding when I'm 2 pages behind. Must be the hotel coffee.
  6. Look behind him.
  7. Some are, some arent. Depends on what one wants.
  8. Yes, good times. We're keeping our fingers crossed regarding the weather today. 60% chance of rain.
  9. There's four 1802s off to the sides still in boxes to be hooked up as well.
  10. I'm looking at them right now with a 1502 sub between them. They should be fired up shortly.
  11. Fur a price.
  12. The mid horn now has Roy's "mumps". They sounded fantastic.
  13. That one yes. The ones we just listened to were fully functional and SWEET!
  14. Touring the factory since 9 this morning. I was up at 6. We're breaking for lunch now.
  15. He was actually a pretty cool guy. He really appreciates the grass roots support the forum members provide.