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  1. I'll have what they're smoking.
  2. Dammit! Wish you were closer Mike. We'd share a beer. Or should I call you Shirley?
  3. Take your cocktail and get back on the front porch where you belong.
  4. Why you.....................................................................
  5. Did you start already? You've totally lost me. Let me go home to my Pumpkinator and reread this.
  6. and out?
  7. I can't imagine what you could have done in that condo to pass the time. Glad it's cleared up!
  8. And don't call me Roger!
  9. Whimpy does not approve.
  10. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
  11. Good luck then. If you PM me next October and remind me, I'll send you a bottle. I'd be absolutely amazed if your beer store had one but if they do you're in for a treat. Don't get it too cold or you'll lose some of the flavor.
  12. I suddenly dislike you as well.
  13. ECHO, got it.
  14. You'll probably have to wait till November if they can even get it. Where are you located?
  15. Then it's TGIT you turd. I've got to work tomorrow.