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  1. You get any pistachio brittle? Soooooo good.
  2. Head mushroom picker.
  3. It's about to get real.
  4. Only 87%? I would have guessed higher.
  5. It would be better for you to come here for training.
  6. Thanks.
  7. Yes. It's a glue down solid floor. The planks are half inch thick tongue and groove which makes the last row a challenge especially with a door.
  8. The wife does all the painting. I do everything else.
  9. Of course the last piece is a PITA. I had to rip a little one inch chunk so that the T moulding would span the 2 floors.
  10. Done
  11. The clay works well when you get the hang of it. It'll leave a very glassy finish. Once you're done, it's as clean as it will ever be do put a coat of wax on it. The reason they want you to throw the bar away if you drop it is because it will pick up sand or dirt and scratch the finish. Getting ready to put the last 3 rows of flooring down.
  12. Steve, the countryside is gorgeous.
  13. Those are called "Mike sized".
  14. One cup in each hand.
  15. A real man can carry 2 cups of coffee and a half a dozen doughnuts at the same time.