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  1. Don't mean to be a buttinsky but if you go to your first post and hit EDIT you can change the price in the title of your thread. It may help your sale bu showing the reduced price in the heading.
  2. I'm thinking I may want a small bottle of runt juice (don't know the name yet). Holler when one is available and I'll send some Euros your way.
  3. Did you think this was a PM?
  4. CECAA850

    Safe Space

    Agreed but my point was that it's not worth it to Klipsch and it's their sandbox.
  5. CECAA850

    Safe Space

    Then why is it closed? Obviously it didn't work for those providing the service.
  6. Creepy and I was still too late.
  7. CECAA850


    All kidding aside, mine's the real deal.
  8. CECAA850


    I've got a hand signed PWK T-shirt that I'd be willing to trade for a pair of those new fangled Jube things. My T-shirt can never be replaced or honestly replicated (so priceless) and those speakers get cranked out all the time. I know that you've got the juice to make that happen.
  9. Actually he was referring to me. I wanted to point something out prior to him shipping me something but I was too late.
  10. But your avatar is on your web site and stl is in your username. duh, LOL.
  11. That's what happens when you put your personal information on the web where the riffraff can see it.
  12. Yes, you can't get rid of me that easily.
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