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  1. Pictures and prices will help with your sale.
  2. It does because bags are expensive and many times the entire dash has to be replaced along with the steering wheel. There's the bags themselves, seat belt tensioners (basically a charge that pulls you seat belt tight when it explodes) windshield (as the passenger bag usually takes it out) knee bolster bags (keeps you from sliding under the dash if you belt doesn't hold), modules, and sensors which are one time use. It adds up fast.
  3. Been in 3 vehicles with air bag deployment and was glad the vehicles had them. Air bags work of a decelerometer. The vehicle has to decelerate at a certain rate for them to deploy. Hitting a deer won't slow you down fast enough for them to go off. People ask why they don't go off in accidents and I always ask them if they walked away from the wreck and or didn't get hurt. If the answer is yes, then the air bags weren't needed.
  4. If the engine and transaxle are intact, they probably won't total it. It's too new. If you keep it ask them for depreciated value.. That should be monies above and beyond the price of the repair. Your carfax will show an accident which will devalue the vehicle come trade in or sale time. You need to get that value now on this claim because once you settle this claim and the check is cashed, they won't open it back up again.
  5. Dang Lyle that sucks. Look on the bright side, at least you weren't the deer.
  6. I've had very good luck with Raymond James. Over the years I've come to find out that it's more about your agent than it is the particular company he (or she) works for.
  7. Great price for a fantastic set of speakers.
  8. CECAA850

    NFL 2019

    The Ravens certainly slapped around my Texans. Got to give them props. They seem to be the real deal with very few weak spots in their roster.
  9. CECAA850

    NFL 2019

    I agree with all of the above. He can do whatever he wants however when I interview a new hire I do it under my terms. If a prospective employee wants to dictate his own interview terms then there's no way in hell I'd hire him.
  10. CECAA850

    NFL 2019

    The media blitz that hiring Kap would bring would be more distracting than anything any other team has to endure at this point. To think otherwise is ludicrous.
  11. CECAA850

    NFL 2019

    Who would want the dog and pony show that hiring him would bring? Making throws with no defense to read or guys bearing down on him means very little. He has other things going against him also. For starters he was a back up quality quarterback when he left the league. He's also wanting to join a team so late in the year that he'd barely get the play book down before the end of the season. I wouldn't give up a roster spot for him.
  12. Dark chocolate covered espresso beans. My favorite. Around here they're called buzz beans.
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