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  1. Looks like it was taken during.
  2. How exactly does that work? You laying on a mirror or something?
  3. Takes about 3 slushies to get the feet going.
  4. I must admit. That was pretty sly.
  5. If you're at the north pole and go south a mile then west a mile and then north a mile you're right back where you started.
  6. No. Why do you think that? I was just answering a question.
  7. J&J was a one shot only vaccine. Dont know about the other.
  8. My daughter told me that he passed at dinner. RIP Dusty. Loved your work.
  9. And when you get hit you shake it off and act like it didn't hurt even though your knees buckled.
  10. He's ok most times. And thanks. He needed it.
  11. Hes already retired and not looking for a full time job.
  12. Not gonna happen. Both times something like that was tried, they were ultimately shut down.
  13. Nice. It'll match your walker.
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