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  1. I just ordered a Panasonic UB820 which supposedly is as good with video as the Oppo 203...new on Amazon $399. It could also workout for a nice backup until you can find a Oppo for the price you want.
  2. From what I have heard the class D amps are best at bass.
  3. I am currently working on some 2' cube synergy horns with 2 15" Celestion woofers. I currently have them installed in a pair of k402 MEHs, and the performance was so good, it gave me an idea...what if I make another horn 2' wide x 36" high and the same depth as the k402? Now the idea is 2 put 2 15" Celestions on each side of the horn (stacked on top of each other), and then 2 stacked on top of each other on the throat of the horn. Then run the ports as normal with 2 oval ports per woofer. The rear area where the compression driver normally would go would need to be 6" wide instead of 2" wide....with 2 slots side by side or 1 large port that would, give the same compression ratio as the MEH ports do. By going this way I would have 6 15" woofers for each MEH, and I am assuming 6db more output at 20Hz with a total of 8 woofers per channel vs 2. I came up with this idea when I saw a DIY sub that Pass had made that was an open baffle...with a stack of woofers on each side feeding a "U". I kept looking at it and how similar it was to my first OB k402 MEH. I would not go OB, but enclose the wood horn the same as my mini MEHs will be, but instead of 24" high...make it 36" high. This would then put my Mini MEHs at close to ear level, and make them closer to being flat from 20hzto 20khz (with over 100db efficiency for 20hz to 20khz). I could also just make the sub with 2 or 3 woofers and get a 3db increase and take up less height. I do not have the software nor do I know how to calculate the outcome...just going by the performance of my MEHs, and adding 3db for every doubling of the number of woofer drivers. Ideas, problems, comments?
  4. So is Klipsch using AudioQuest wiring now? I remember back in 1981 when I got my first pair of La Scalas (Brand New), i removed all the wiring and replaced it with 12 gauge Monster Cable and we def heard a difference. I believe that wires can make a difference, but I believe that the differences in wire are because of Impedance, Capacitance and Resistance. I have some MilSpec Silver clad wire i have been wanting to try out, but I need to use a lot of wires connected together to get up to 12 gauge...from 20gauge. LOL
  5. How about seeing if you can get a wood shop to make you some 1/8" wood strip in piece wide enough for you speaker? Sent from my SM-G985F using Tapatalk
  6. I will tell you one thing...my old projector did not look dim to me when it would be over 2k hours, but when I replaced the bulb it obviously was very dim. We become accustomed to stuff over time and do not notice it geting dim. One thing you could do is to look at one of the inexpensive ultra short projectors. I have seen some under $1k that they appear to have a great picture.
  7. I used to hit over 2k in hours per year with my old projector. 😅 My current TV just hit 1 year old and it is at 4062 hours.
  8. How do you plan on attaching the flare... I ask this because I am thinking of extending mine to give me the flare all the way to the stock horns flat front outside edge. The only think I could think of was to make a picture frame and route the inside to match the flare, but then where and how do I attach it temporarily?
  9. I would get a new projector. I am sure you can get a better projector now for around $1k... I think you can even get a 4k projector for around $1k new. Check out this one... BenQ TK800M HDR XPR 4K UHD DLP Home Theater Projector ($1099 at BHPhoto) Not sure how it compares, but I would think after so long it would be better. Bulbs do sometimes explode when they go past the recommended hours of usage. I seem to recall I had one do that (years ago), but I was luck enough to be able to remove all the bits. I have read that sometimes people are not that lucky.
  10. I had the Krell HT Standard/Krell Showcase preamp. and while it had the signature Krell sound it was an ergonomic nightmare to use. It was not logical to use and was like each department was assigned an area and no one communicated with anyone else. I kept it for a couple of months and sold it I would see if... 1: You can demo it for functionality and sound 2: You can return it for a full refund if you do not like the way it works or sounds. 3: If it has ever been serviced (electronics tend to need servicing due to age).
  11. Speakons are what I use...XLRs are for balanced connections, like from your preamp to your power amp...are you running powered speakers with balanced connectors?
  12. Looks great...yours? I have a friend that has a VPI turntable, and he loves it. The best I have ever had was a Gyrodec with a Sumiko modified SME arm.
  13. A Merry Christmas to all! Sent from my SM-G985F using Tapatalk
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