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  1. The Mesquite was first mounted with screws from the inside of the horn like Danley does...once that was done we removed the Mesquite and then glued them in place and tightened down the screws. All 4 sides of the horn mesquite are glued and screwed to the horn. We did this as it is permanent. I have another pair I debating on adding the Mesquite to, but i have also thought about selling them and the Mesquite makes these very heavy. If I keep them I will use them for my surrounds. I do not get the bass spl out of the Celestions without a cabinet, but also am not getting I the spl out of the compression driver either. I went cabinetless because I have the bass horn for 20hz performance. I was getting 20hz with the cabinet too, but I felt I a was driving it to hard, as sometimes the woofer complained. I still hit 90db on peaks when listening to my music @13' away with a passive Denafrips Athena stereo preamp. The volume works basically like a faucet...you do not get to full power until it is wide open. Wide open on the preamp is 60 and I hit 90s @10 on the volume control. Currently I am only using the Celestion woofers for the 200 to 500hz. The compression driver goes up to 20khz, and the bass horn goes down to 20hz.
  2. When I made my first pair...I made them cabinetless and liked the sound, but I had lost the bass impact, so we added cabinets. I decided this time I would use a 15" horn (lilmikes f20), for the bass (I was getting 20-20,000 with the MEHs in cabinets, but on some music it was obviously being pushed to hard). I figured this way I would get the advantages of a OB in the mids and the impact of a horn. I also decided to remove the MDF panels and go with 1" Mesquite to help stiffen the horn. The Mesquite is screwed on and glued to the horn. They are Heavy....I am guessing around 150lbs each. I just got them up yesterday and today I am going to use REW to autotune them from the MLP as a 3 way.right now I am noticing increased clarity in the mids and highs over the EV DH1As.
  3. Thank yo..your link helped me do it with Xconsole... just selected PEQ then clicked on one of the bottom arrows in the GUI.
  4. I have the xp4080 and would like to make a high shelf for my Celestion axi2050 driver. I know how to do hp and lp, but I cannot see how to make a HS with Xilica. I read somewhere you d o it on the I put, but I see nothing for a high shelf.
  5. I just had my f20s made with 3/4" BB plywood and then skinned with 1/2" Mesquite. (I have the recommended 3 internal braces and doing the knuckle test...they are solid. The 1/2 Mesquite added about 100lbs to each f20.
  6. The new rack is almost done and will have conventional door frames made out of Mesquite wood with Grill cloth in the center of the the door frames. I also have 2 F20 subs that are almost complete...they are made of 3/4" Baltic Birch plywood with a 1/2" Mesquite hardwood skin. The subs should be completed this week or next...with the rack being completed a week or two later.
  7. Per Chief Bonehead...There are plenty of other diy forums. So go there. They are not allowed here anymore
  8. Exactly, but they choose to just delete whatever they want...it is their forum, and we all can leave anytime and then they cannot say anything about what we post. I do not post much here since the Forum Nazis have taken over.
  9. I just made a few posts in the F20 thread and Chief bonehead closed the thread...literally a few minutes after I posted.
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