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  1. Welcome back Q-Man. I went Atmos 7.2.4 myself in the basement HT mancave. My budget is pretty sensitive so I got a lot of bang-for-the-buck from used Klipsch Pro speakers, 2 KPT-110s for side surrounds, 2 KP-102s for back surrounds, and 4 KI-102s for ceiling Atmos. I mounted the ceiling speakers to an "X" made of 2x4s bolted to the joists in 2 places along which they can slide for experimentation with placement angles. Just getting it running this week. New processor is a used Anthem AVM60 (my 2nd one- also have one in the living room) bought through a local dealer who gave a 1 year warranty.
  2. Looks great! I plan to mount my KI-102s on a 7' ceiling - so even lower. Did you consider modding the mounting brackets or the way they anchor into the joists so that the overhead pair could rotate and be aimed at the MLP? Those very different choices of Atmos mixes are exactly two of ones I'll be using for first demos 👍
  3. Looking for a used pair of KI-102s or KP-102s for surround duty.
  4. Good call! I disconnected the transformer and pulled it out then connected the xover directly to the input cup as you described. What a difference in efficiency/sensitivity/load on the amp - Aww Hell! It's much louder! Looking forward to ceiling mounting my 4 much like you did your 6.
  5. How did you make out with your transformer bypasses? Get the straight skinny from the Chief? Turns out my KI-102s have transformers after all. I paired one with a KP-102 and thought it had a problem until I adjusted the preamp balance and realized that it's just less sensitive than the KP-102. I had opened one up and found this:
  6. Thanks. So, would any of the many options for new diaphragms available on ebay, amazon and even from Crites be suitable (mostly titanium) or should I look for "mylar" (phenolic?) The 3 terminals is just a double of the positive one I believe. I just have the 2 KP-102s but am thinking I should replace diaphragms on both. Where to get ferrofluid?
  7. Watched a couple videos that made it look easy then took apart the bad unit. Seems it's more delicate than I realized. I appear to have severed hair thin connections in the diaphragm.
  8. Good to know Geoff thanks! As I googled in various ways about the tweeter, I thought I’d touched on something P-audio when I started using the term “cross reference“. I’m curious how you knew about this copy of this Klipsch tweeter. Are there some cross referencing sources that you go to or better yet one master source? Oops, maybe discussion of this sort is frowned upon now, because it directs people to purchases other than Klipsch.
  9. Thank you gentlemen. I also emailed KGI.service@klipsch.com
  10. Not sure. I measured the resistance across both tweeter inputs and both working and not working units are at 8.4 ohms. Besides sounding very "dull" and the problem following the tweeter when I swapped them between the two KP-102s, this is how I know there's a problem: The first two higher level sweeps are the KP-102s. The red one has the bad tweeter. I also checked it by disconnecting the woofer. The "bad" tweeter only made a very low sound during the REW sweep by itself. Is there a way to measure the diaphragm directly?
  11. Recently bought pair of KP-102s have one blown tweeter. Anyone have one? I guess I actually only need the 1" CD not the horn/lens.
  12. Now them there is propa corners for the pair! Nice meeting you and your wife Keith. Thanks for showing their new home. I can almost hear the John Lee Hooker up loud on them now!
  13. By this do you mean aligning the drivers within a system, so that the woofers are aligned with the tweeters? Maybe you mean the left speaker with the center speaker and being sure that that pair is in phase and then aligning the right speaker with the center speaker and being sure that that pair is in phase etc.?
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