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  1. Delicious2


    Two different things entirely is perhaps what you meant to say. This has been my experience also. It is possible and very desirable to focus one's system audibly almost like one focuses a lens visibly. If it's my goal to have optimum focus for 1 listening position for both 2 channel and multichannel (music and soundtracks with video), I don't see why this isn't possible as long as the presence of the additional equipment in the room doesn't compromise the 2 channel experience. In other words as long as the presence of the additional speakers, projector and especially screen don't limit the ability to achieve excellent 2 channel sound-field presence, continuity, depth, envelopment etc. and don't limit the the ability to achieve excellent 2 channel image focus. I've learned that the presence, position, symmetry and absorbant, reflective, diffusive qualities of objects in the room should not be underestimated.
  2. Delicious2

    Belle Klipsch Pair in MA $999

    thanks for the heads up!
  3. Delicious2


    I'm getting into this at a total room design level with Quest Acoustical Interiors now. Just started a project with them for design of my HT/2 channel music/multi-channel music room. Hopefully Shawn Byrne won't mind if I quote our recent email exchange about this question: I asked: “Whats the difference between designing a HT/surround music/2 channel music room and designing a mixing studio? I know part of the answer I think but is there a continuum of design decisions that lead in one direction or the other. Both are small room acoustic designs but perhaps the studio emphasizes clarity and focus of every detail of the mix whereas the HT obviously integrates video and emphasizes sound-stage and envelopment. Thoughts?” Shawn replied: "That is partially correct. The main differences really have to do with setup and goals. In a home theater, we are focusing on providing a good experience for all listeners. In a two channel system, we are more focused on a single listener, and in a mixing environment, your more concerned with the near-field. These don’t mix well together. However, you can have a great sounding two channel system in a theater, but the design is focused for the enjoyment of all listeners; not just one." To answer your more basic question, many AVR and AVPs have a "bypass" option that removes all dsp/bass management etc. for pure 2 channel.
  4. Delicious2

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    Hold your breath... $3500
  5. Delicious2

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    "Yep exactly how mine looked too. Well at least as far as the diaphragms go. Wiring may have been a "tad" different. Definitely different now cuz I replaced the binding posts and wiring" Got some pics? Replaced because they failed or some other reason?
  6. Delicious2

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    Yeah Boi!
  7. Delicious2

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    The 402, BMS, Khorn bass bin combo is sounding huge, and effortless with just these rough settings. I've got some fun this weekend ahead learning REW enough to get some sweep captures with my UMIK-1 to Chris for analysis. But first I'm going to try to match amp voltages with a test tone and find a way to check polarity of all the drivers. In car audio we sometimes talk about electrical polarity distinct from acoustic polarity. I wonder if that applies to home audio too? I've got TAD 4002s arriving from Germany next week to try on these also. Hope they're the original Beryllium. I confirmed with the seller they have the "snout" adapters.
  8. Delicious2

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    Got a pair of 305s from Mark1101 last week and pulled the 402s from them. Mark also sold me a pair of BMS 4592ND coaxials and Chris was kind enough to send along his settings for them for my Xilica 4080. I'm diving into wonderland here!
  9. Delicious2

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    with Beryllium diaphragms and snout adapters to 2" horn for K402 pairing. thanks, Mark H
  10. Delicious2


    PM sent
  11. Delicious2

    Room acoustics gurus, please step in.........

    Nice looking room. It's a bit difficult to tell with the camera distortion but the mid horn axis may be crossing far in front of the listeners. My experience in my similar size room is that won't really sound good or at least up to the Khorn potential. Consider orienting them along the long wall opposite the fireplace. That way the mid/tweet axis could cross slightly in front/at the MLP or slightly behind. As far as treatments I got a better sound-stage and center image focus by removing everything possible in between the speakers and putting thick soft fabric (bathmats) tacked to the walls on either side of the mid/tweet mouth and on top of the cabinet draped slightly over the top front edge to absorb energy that might bounce off the ceiling. I put bathmats at the bottom front edge as well but your carpeting should take care of most floor bounce/reflection.
  12. Delicious2

    artto's Klipschorn Room

    Well, I'll take the bump a couple months later.😀. I've been following your thread and system changes for some time. While I appreciate that the room and room mods/treatments are a substantial part of what you're doing, I'll probably follow you in that more unfamiliar direction through the more familiar door of speaker changes. I find myself strongly considering moving from modded Khorn's in my 14x22x8 living room to Jubes or SH-50s. Online comparisons and local dealers have tried to sway me recently to Revel Ultima Salons, JBL M2s or the Meridian powered DSP'd systems but the allure of big horns is strong right now. I have a chance to borrow one SH-50 from a nearby pro audio place thinking that some mono listening might be enough to tell if they're my cuppa. I've never heard Jubes or sought them out in the Boston area. What's the latest with your journey Art? Still got the Danleys?
  13. Delicious2

    First Watt SIT-2 / Danley SH 50

    I saw my first SH-50 in person today at Parson Audio in Wellesley MA. I wasn't prepared for the size and mass of the thing! No way even 1 is fitting in my car. Must find a way to get it home to try with my SIT2!
  14. Delicious2

    First Watt SIT-2 / Danley SH 50

    nice choice of components! I have a chance to borrow a single SH-50 from a local pro audio outlet. Some mono tests with the SIT2 against a modded Khorn and Acarian Alon IV might be fun.
  15. Delicious2

    First Watt SIT-2 / Danley SH 50

    Makes sense that the low wattage would be enough in your small room. "the rated output of the Danley SH 50's is 4 Ohms" - do you mean the rated input? i.e. it presents nominally 4 Ohms to an amplifier? In that case yes they may be a good match for that reason. Frankly, I'm more interested in hearing your subjective impressions of this pair. Here's a older Stereophile thread on home audio vs. pro audio that starts out in 2008 and gets revived in 2016. I especially like the comments from ferenc_k: https://www.stereophile.com/content/audiophile-vs-pro-audio-gear-1 "Actually after living with high-end audio equipments for more than 20 years now I am using pro audio at home. My last system was Audio Note Kageki, Accuphase DP-100/DC-101, Avantgarde Trio, etc. It was changed to MC2 Audio MC1250 pro amp, Danley 100B (SH 50 as well) PA speaker and a Macbook to Altmann Attraction DAC through a TCElectronic Konnekt 8 as a Firewire to SPDIF converter. All my bloody expensive cables were changed to Evidence Audio pro cables as well, including the mains cable. Can not be happier. Does not matter what I play, plays everything from Albinoni to Zappa according to my taste. It has drama and fun, like no system from my personal hifi history. The MC2 amps and Danley speakers are true classical, the latter is one of the most exciting speaker construction I know of. YMMV of course.... More musical generally. Can play any kind of music, on any volume. Quite friendly to even the modern dynamically very compressed recordings. Has more life. Live recordings are really amazing. Dynamics, coherency like nothing else in my life earlier." This is someone moving from a very high end tube audiophile amp to a class AB high powered pro amp and from a very high end audiophile horn speaker to the SH-50. Intriguing! What are your subjective impressions Ivanhoe56? I'm not looking for flowery language but your description of basic qualities of sound such as "immediacy", "timbral fidelity", macro and micro dynamics, "soundstage" (the whole vista) vs. "imaging" (focus/realism of players that inhabit that vista) - or any other characteristics you wish.