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  1. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    For the single seat hot rod effect to see how good it can get I set the couch off to the left and pulled the single stuffed chair out away from the window. Listening is only with the heavy MoonDream brand drapes closed. With Chris' settings minus the 176Hz bump and the front channels mixed together a bit for better center fill it's starting to sound very good. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I'm discovering excellent new (to me) surround mixes such as Riverside's Love, Fear and the Time Machine and Steven Wilson's sampling of the first 3 Gentle Giant albums - Three Piece Suite.
  2. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    What are your other PEQs Chris? I"d like to use your settings as a starting point for my tweaking.
  3. Awesome room and Jubes Craig! Do tell all! Dimensions, strictly music or will there be video? more pics, more pics, more pics! I agree Chris rocks! (you may mean Bessel crossover tuning) . He has helped me tremendously too.
  4. Delicious2

    $800 LaScala's Near Worcester, MA!

    Thanks for the tip. Contacted seller.
  5. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    Listening impressions? Pics?
  6. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    They are probably too close to my ears currently at 5 feet, but, it does allow 5 feet of clearance behind the AMT on the left and 3.5 feet on the right. If I move them just outside the heating vents they'll be 6.5 feet away but only 3.5 feet to closet door on left side and 1.5 feet to sub on the right. I could put dampening thick fuzzy fabric on those surfaces.
  7. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    Initial impression - better than the dome and cone they replace. Light. Airy. Looking forward to dialing them in both in positioning/back wave damping and electronically with REW and PEQs.
  8. I realized over the weekend that the Xilica allows me lots of control over stereo spread. Not with a control labeled as such but just by how I mix the inputs into the outputs. It wouldn't be difficult to create presets with L+R full spread, 90% spread, 80% etc. Loading different presets in the Xilica only takes a few seconds and can be done on the fly so might be possible to change settings according to type of music or even recordings that sound best with more or less center emphasis. I'll play with this soon to see if it has the effect I hope.
  9. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    After 5 days of playing around the clock (quietly at night) I had some time to get these into initial surround positions - basically replacing in the same place as the much smaller Michael Green 60s.
  10. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    Yeah, the upside down arrangement is to get the woofer closer to the AMT if you're doing a 2 way. Chris was suggesting setting the Heil about 6 inches back from the front edge for time alignment with your analog xover or passive. Curious, where did you read 500 Hz xover? I'm starting with 800 first order (6 db/octave)
  11. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    No, I think it's the stock padding. Much of the insides are covered in that same padding.
  12. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    With a basic first order HP/LP set on the Xilica I'll break these in as mains for a while. Initial impression? They don't give as pleasing a rendition of Seiji Osawa and the BSO performing The Nutcracker in Boston's Symphony Hall as do the K402/TAD/Khorn blend, but, OTOH they don't sound bad even switching back and forth. Checkout the backlit AMT. Perhaps one reason they say "sound as clear as light"😎
  13. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    I opened one of these 1985 Cornwall "1.5s" for the first time to wire the woofer directly to the back panel and was surprised to find holes for some alternate tweeter mounting. An experiment by a previous owner maybe.
  14. Delicious2

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    Getting ready to measure these tomorrow. I'll be using the Xilica 4080 which has just enough inputs and outputs left to biamp these surround channels. If it's not optimal to max out the Xilica, I could employ a mini-dsp 2x4 HD. Sounds like I should measure left and right separately at 1m with starting xover at 800Hz low pass 1st order for the Cornwall woofer and high pass 1st order 800Hz for the AMT. Is this a good starting place to run an REW measurement sweep?
  15. Nice room/setup garyrc! Cool stealth center! Have any shots of the Heresys or the LP? Does the Khorns output cross in front of LP? even with? behind? I like your description of surround envelopment: "the side walls come alive, with 6 or more loci" I don't feel I've achieved that with my setup yet although my best surround recording (Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band -XXL DVD-Audio - the opening track "High Maintenance") is pretty amazing.