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  1. Is this documented anywhere? I am just about to spend some time with my Mic and REW Measuring and hearing for myself whether or not the K 402 / TAD combo bolted Back into their KPT305 boxes makes any audible difference Versus mounted in its stand. I won’t bother if Roy or somebody has already proved that there’s no difference… Edit: Actually now I realize those are different questions. Whether or not an extended baffle beyond the flange of the horn makes any difference / improves the sound. Whether or not damping of the horn vibrations by mounting it by the flange holes to something makes any difference / improves the sound.
  2. Nice job on the Industrial Renovation. Norton, eh? Guess they know good speakers in my home town!
  3. Never tried to mod it. Maybe I should be considering some larger gauge for the 20 ft. run from the amp but...
  4. I read this through a couple of times but didn’t find the basic measurements of the speakers.
  5. Thank Hope someone else is buying these. I seriously considered trying to find room but I won't be greedy. A unique looking and I'm sure fabulous sounding set of Tom/Jubes!
  6. After all these years I guess I still don’t understand how this works. I don’t see how attenuating the preamp processor output into the high powered amps gets the amps any higher above the noise floor. It certainly doesn’t drive them closer to full output where their specs measure best. For that we would have to attenuate the amp output between the amp and speaker. I guess what you’re driving at and I know is true from personal experience is that it’s better for lowering overall system noise to have the preamp/processor swing a wider voltage range. Getting THAT device into its low noise range. I also know from personal experience that it’s very handy with biamped and triamped active systems to have a gain control on the amps for gain balancing. I agree that the NC 400 kits are super easy! No soldering! I use mine on my DTS 10 subs but Claude you’ve got me curious to find out if their first watt is as good as my FirstWatt SIT2 😸
  7. Interesting stuff Chris. Not sure I'm going down the Dirac path yet. I'll start my own thread about multi-channel system setup or search some more so I don't derail this review thread.
  8. Off-topic warning. I would like to do the same on my setup which is similar to yours Chris. You've been very generous with your time and expertise in recent years helping me dial in various 2 and 3 way combos. I wonder if you've already written or have an outline of steps to tuneup the whole 5.1 system? A PM, or link to already existing post/thread would be appreciated. I'd like to get my system not only sounding its best but even more following the trail you're blazing with yours. I could also start my own thread with my attempt at an outline which we could discuss.
  9. In your example I find it odd that a low-pass filter would be applied to the center and surrounds. Wouldn't they more likely get a high-pass because they might not be very capable down low? I agree I tend to prefer a "user-controllable and known process". To that end I may try some 2 to 5 channel configurations in my Xilica 4080 MiniDSP setup since I could have at least rudimentary if static control over channel routing/mixing, level, phase, delay, and high-pass/low-pass.
  10. I read through that as best I could, unlike Pondoro having no understanding of the math I also don't understand the testing procedures or statistical analyses. I was looking for the word "Yamaha" and/or some clue as to how they implemented their algorithm so I might try to replicate the results or at least hear what they were getting at. The only bit I could find is that they used Philips DSS940 speakers. This article is from 18 years ago but perhaps now there is software that let's one enter some of those equations and play around with audio algorithms...?
  11. Big thanks to Tom for making this easy and good price on great equipment. My plan is to use the The K510s as surrounds in some way in the basement HT. In the meantime I had to try them out naturally. I thought my TADs were huge. These JBLs are monstrous!
  12. Finally got around to replacing a K48 equivalent driver that my FH1s had with a Kappa 15c. Very surprised how close the drivers are in this horn and not just one horn sample or driver. Here are the raw measurements in REW. Red is the K48 driver one FH1 came with and green is that same horn with a new Kappa 15c. Blue is the other K48 driver in the other horn. Amazing how close they all are.
  13. I've got a MiniDSP 2x4HD on order to use with them instead of the Xilica soon. It will allow a high pass lower to keep most of the 15-20Hz subsonic goodness that is a primary strength of this horn. Not that I'll feel that very much but for movie LFE I do like to demo the opening of BladeRunner 2049 and Edge of Tomorrow which pressurize and shake the house nicely! Current amps driving the DTS-10s? Hypex NC400 monos (from kits) which may be underpowering them a bit at about 400w/4 ohms.
  14. 1st try at some EQ with a 20Hz high pass to protect the drivers and a big cut at 56Hzin the Xilica 4080.
  15. Being the same model and about the same distance from my PLP they sum nicely with no intervention but the design has that well known 56Hz peak/resonance.
  16. Interesting use of the Jube backs to extend the SPUD horn. This thread and especially that video got me off my butt and integrating the 2 DTS 10s I acquired earlier this year. Because of my room dimensions the left one works best to the outside of the Jube as a corner extension but the right one may be able to have its mouth in the corner and use your extension trick. It's been fun breaking out REW and the UMIK-1 again this past week and measuring/seeing how these 2 monsters behave in my room.
  17. For Locomotive Breath I never paid that close attention but now I'll never "unhear" it. Looks like others report it alright: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/979988? and in the Steven Wilson 5.1 surround mix: https://www.quadraphonicquad.com/forums/threads/jethro-tull-aqualung-blu-ray-audio.15133/page-2 Here's a brief "fair use" excerpt of just the left rear channel of the SW 5.1 remix of Locomotive Breath where I first hear the "distortion" I think we're talking about. The bass line is very propulsive and on the beat but at about 13 seconds into the excerpt goes from a relatively clean bass tone to a fuzzy, buzzy more distorted one. Intentional effect after the distorted guitar? https://drive.google.com/file/d/10TKL-E2NataqKcUf_D34AZK8DkQTZ1QL/view?usp=sharing
  18. there's a budding audiofool right there at the window. Play some bird songs. Or maybe jazz like...(wait for it)...Donald Byrd. Kinda how I felt as a poor college student looking in the window of the local hifi shop at Khorns!
  19. Looking good Ron! No doubt it sounds entirely different than the no cabinet version with the back waves of the woofers enclosed. What did you do to absorb that back wave? Line the cabinet with something? As far as your partner not liking the large protruding black horn, how about an automotive finish in her favorite color? Might be easier than trying to get a complementary faux veneer never mind a matching one.
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