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  1. I liked that white paper above. One interesting bit was about measuring a change in the brain waves of subjects listening to super tweeters or not. A prime example of "not everything that can be measured (necessarily) matters..." On one level I think surely if my brainwaves change the difference is perceptible - I could tell...but....MAYBE not... HeHeHe. One thing I do know is I like the sound of my UG Jubes with TAD 4002s driven by First Watt SIT2 up high and Hypex NC400 monoblocks down below. Looking forward to comparing them to a new set of K402 based MEHs I have in the works based on Chris' center prototype.
  2. This was certainly my experience too with a ported Hsu sub I had years ago. In hindsight maybe it was just adding a midbass boom. I built a THTLP a few years ago and laid it down in front of the primary listening couch as a coffee table. I listen to a lot of orchestral music in the background through the day and was amazed when I sat down for a real listen and turned it up. The THTLP added a sense of the floor of the concert venue/recording studio which I had never experienced before. It wasn't true on all orchestral recordings but on those that had it the effect was quite remarkable of being in the room where the orchestra was playing. In recent years with Jubes and 2 DTS-10's a powerful and very clean lowest octave adds a lot to music and of course movies. The combination never sounds thick or bloated.
  3. Maybe not classic but well regarded when they came out in the 90's. Acarian Alon IVs. Currently serving basement HT duty.
  4. I know it's UJ not the new Jubes but I like my First Watt SIT2 on the the top with TAD 4002s and Hypek NC400 monoblocks I built from their kit on the bottom. I've tried various chip amps on the top including the NobSound TPA3116, VTL TinyTriodes in both triode and pentode mode (a bit noisy), and Welborne Labs Laurel IIs (too noisy). Tried the TPA3116 on the bottom (surprisingly good) and Behringer EP4000 (overkill). When switching amps I had to get out the RS meter and play some test tones because these all have different input sensitivities. I had to adjust the gain either on the amp itself (Behringer and Nobsound) or in the Xilica xover otherwise more bass can just sound better or make the top dull in comparison and more top end can seem like a revelation in "air" and "detail" at first but makes the bass seem lacking and gets tiring. Matching and balance like so many things... On a side note I'm looking for a fanless amp to run the 2 Danley DTS-10s anchoring these UJs. (powered by the Behringer now but too noisy even with a fan mod). A used Crown K2 can be had for about $400. Should I start a new thread?
  5. I loved this recording as a teenager when it was released. My friends kids love it too. It can still challenge my jubilees and subs. https://www.allmusic.com/album/power-and-the-majesty-mw0000877183
  6. If you haven’t already, look at what ChrisA Did with his surround jubilee system. I followed along in that direction With mine By having another K402 in the center although I didn’t go the MEH route- yet. Chris really emphasize the importance for him Of having timbres matching along the front wall. For surrounds, I have what Chris initially tried, Cornwall 1.5 Rewired so only the woofer is used with the large Heil on the top. These are about 6 feet from my listening position And dialed in with a miniDSP HD. If I could fit Fully horn loaded all around I would experiment with that. I’m still wondering about the possibility of more K402’s for surrounds perhaps loaded vertically into a Cornwall size box.
  7. At risk of displaying my ignorance here, why does the listing say "upgraded midrange driver (bob crites)"? What's pictured appears to be a Klipsch K-55V. The "upgrade" from Bob Crites would be an A-55G, no?
  8. Now repeat for your channel 3 (right woofer) and 4 (right tweeter)
  9. At lower left click "change channel" and choose channel 2. This is left tweeter overlaying on the LPF you just set for the woofer. Here choose Bessel (6db/Oct) "1st order" HPF at 550Hz. The trick for choosing the filter name - Bessel, Butterworth or Linkwitz is to highlight that cell then use the up and down arrows below to change.
  10. In left woofer output 1 set a Bessel (6db/Oct) "1st order" LPF at 550Hz
  11. If inputs 1 and 2 are stereo left and right we can map outputs 1 as left woofer and 2 as left tweeter. Output 3 can be right woofer and 4 right tweeter.
  12. Care to step-by-step that process Kk? Might inspire me to redo my old FH-1s. Maybe start another thread?
  13. Wow, thanks for the help on this guys. I bought the monoprice Blackbird set and switched one of the 2 cat5 lines I had running from my basement rack to the living room rack from carrying the LAN to dedicated HDMI->cat5->HDMI. It immediately worked just as well as the HDMI direct connection! Even better, the Monoprice receiver HDMI output plugged right into my Anthem AVM60 and got the decoding pictured above - NO OPPO 203 NEEDED! I'm a happy camper with my whole MCH collection available in Roon in my living room/work space. For years I thought I'd need a dedicated Roon MCH endpoint like an ExaSound, but, NOooo! Don't even need the Oppo for this access. The QNAP NAS HDMI output serves as its own MCH endpoint and works great plugged into any old processor/receiver HDMI input. (edit: I've only tried it on my AVM60)
  14. Eureka! Nothing like achieving something new with existing resources. After a little research I found someone who was getting MCH in Roon not over the LAN but HDMI direct. Got it working on my HT system in the basement where the NAS is near my Oppo 203. I plugged a generic too long HDMI cable from NAS out to Oppo in and configured it as follows. Convert to PCM was the only method that worked. I then found my MCH files would play - DSD64 with alot of "f*ckery" as shown by this Empire Brass track but FLAC 48kHz 24bit 6ch very unmolested! They both sound great. Now if I can just figure out how to get an HDMI connection from the basement NAS to my living room!
  15. I've been running Roon Server for NAS on my QNAP TVS-872XT with SSD for the Roon database for about 2 years. Hard to beat the Roon GUI and convenience of having my local collection instantly accessible searchable sequencing. Sound is excellent and performance over my LAN really quick. Biggest drawback for me is it won't play my extensive surround sound tracks natively. For that I would need a multichannel certified Roon endpoint. Even my otherwise great for MCH Oppo 203 and 203 clone will only do 2 channel in Roon. The MCH tracks play downmixed with a lot of "f*ckery" (as pbphoto puts it).
  16. Is this documented anywhere? I am just about to spend some time with my Mic and REW Measuring and hearing for myself whether or not the K 402 / TAD combo bolted Back into their KPT305 boxes makes any audible difference Versus mounted in its stand. I won’t bother if Roy or somebody has already proved that there’s no difference… Edit: Actually now I realize those are different questions. Whether or not an extended baffle beyond the flange of the horn makes any difference / improves the sound. Whether or not damping of the horn vibrations by mounting it by the flange holes to something makes any difference / improves the sound.
  17. Nice job on the Industrial Renovation. Norton, eh? Guess they know good speakers
  18. Never tried to mod it. Maybe I should be considering some larger gauge for the 20 ft. run from the amp but...
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