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  1. To each his own 😁 Mark. I''ll have fun rigging up something to get symmetrical laser dots focused at my PLP - a couch currently btw. Guess I"ll PM Dave about it so as not to completely hijack OP's thread. I've enjoyed my First Watt SIT2 on my K402/TADs recently. Currently trying a pair of Welborne Labs Laurel IIs on them and liking that too.
  2. Forgive my ignorance. This is clearly a question from someone who has never attempted this. (never even held a laser pointer) Does the pointer shine out through the hole towards the listening position? If so, how is it mounted to the back of the horn lip in a way which assures the beam is perpendicular to the horn face? I had been thinking of mounting a piece of wood with a screw through that hole then use a square to tape a laser pointer to the wood perpendicular to the plane of the horn face but maybe that's all wrong headed...
  3. Don't mean to sidetrack this thread... I have my K402s hanging over the front of the bass bin. They can still swivel if resting on their base rather than the leading edge of the bin but how do I attach the laser pointer perpendicular (and preferably centered) to/on the horn mouth face. As a pro horn I might wonder if Klipsch already has a method of pointing for pro installs??? Is a laser level better than a pointer (cat toy) and why?
  4. Just ordered a coupla laser cat toys - 2for$10 to try this. Now how to attach them to the horns...?
  5. More so than ever before in my systems with Xilica active 2 and 3 way xover/eq.
  6. Thanks big time to ChrisA the Jubes are nicely dialed in. I hardly ever entertain at my house but am having 3 buds over Saturday night for music and a movie. (not audio/video philes)...mustclieamustcleanmustcleanmustclean...
  7. Thanks dtr20. I bought them from Mike D in Maine but live in Upton, MA. You are welcome to stop by for an audition.
  8. Congrats on the decision to take the plunge! I'll be using my Bill Fitzmaurice designed DIY THTLP sub with my new (to me) Jubes same as I was using with my modded Khorns. This living room system does double duty for music and video so the sub does little on most music, but, then I'm watching a movie or Netflix series such as "Another Life" and the sub bass suddenly pressurizes the room that's when I'm glad I built it!
  9. I like it in this role because it does no wrong - primarily because it's very quiet. In a biamped system like this gain of the bass amp relative to the gain of the treble amp is important to match. I admit I haven't gotten technical enough about this i.e I haven't learned how to measure the actual output voltage of my amps for better gain matching. This combination of VTL tubes on the bass and SIT-2 above happen to be in the ballpark with each other. I swept them in REW and let ChrisA tell me if my gains were off. We dialed them in with the Xilica for EQ, phase, and gain. Now, how will another amp step into this role on the TADs/K402? I'll find out very soon with a pair of Welborne Labs Laurel IIs rebuilt/refurbished by Erik2A3. They should arrive tomorrow. I will also try the Laurels vs. other amps full range with my Khorns and a pair of Quad ESLs I keep stored in the bedroom just for fun. I may have to get out the multimeter and try some measuring again 'cause as Mike D recently pointed out different amps can sound different especially in active multiamped systems not only because of total gain differences but because of "gain tracking" differences. More to come...
  10. You have a standing invitation to visit Mike. Remember it's only about 2.5 hours down the highway - easily doable round-trip in 1 day with a nice listening session or 3 in the middle. It won't be long before I have these dialed in.
  11. I was going to just tack this impression onto my Jube thread but when my first draft got erased I realized @Md5150 system deserves its own topic. My honest thanks to Mike for demoing his system a week ago. I'll let him detail exactly what he has going on but basically I experienced his K402/Faital driver/MWM system with dual THTLP subs in his purpose built dedicated basement room. We listened mostly to a live Joe Satriani recording at moderate and loud levels. While admittedly a short session and limited variety of music, let me say upfront that I have never in 45 years of musicphile/audiophile life heard a system with such a combination of power, clarity and ability to convey the emotional intent of the music! In my experience most systems fall apart when turned up and the distortion tells my brain that it must be loud. Really what's happening is the system itself is compressing and otherwise distorting and/or overloading the room. Not Mike's system! His purpose built dedicated basement room is solid! It has a much higher than normal ability to handle really LOUD. Combine that with this level of horn loaded Klipsch Pro goodness and you get real power, explosive dynamics, and enormous head room akin to the best live music. At first as Mike turned it up in several steps I expected the usual cringe worthy reaction to turn it back down, but, just the opposite, the louder it got the clearer the illusion of being at the gig became. The drums in particular had that very unusual hit through my gut and chest that says LIVE! When Satch was shredding those tasty licks of Surfing With The Alien I found myself shouting for glee. Then I asked Mike to put on my Satriani fav Always With Me Always With You. This tune has long had a spiritual meaning and joy for me. One of my barometers of good sound is a system's ability to communicate the emotional intent of the artists. One reliable indicator of this ability is the "goosebump" test. Mike's system has it BIG time! Thanks Mike for a peak audio experience!
  12. Yes, bass bins. Mike's Jubes came with the stock K691 drivers. I already had the TADs.
  13. Thanks folks! Yes, they dominate, but I live alone so no one to push-back. Initial gut reaction? They have more guts 😁.
  14. Currently running off the same Xilica biamped settings the modded Khorns used. VTL TT25 monoblocks on bass and FirstWatt SIT2 on treble with TAD 4002 drivers. I'll see if I can get ChrisA to help me dial these in with a Umic, REW and XConsole.
  15. Thanks to Mike D. (@Md5150) I've got full Jubes in the living room system.
  16. Words fail to describe the amazingly generous journey Erik has taken me on through my amps! He is unparalleled in his constancy of communication about his progress, in his knowledge about every component of the circuit and their interaction... and yes Meticulous! - an artist really! I'm excited to hear what you've wrought Erik! thanks a million!😀
  17. Thanks Dave. I'll let you know when I decide. Maybe the new Super Deluxe Beatles Abbey Road coming out.
  18. Me! I pick them up Sunday the 18th. Can't wait to have the full Jube experience! Upgraded Khorns have been paradigm changing, but, aren't the complete Jubilee. This will be my 3rd pair of K402s. Dreams of 6 surrounding me in the perfect room. Thanks in advance to Mike.
  19. Hey Mark 😸 curious how the Xilicas work for a 5 way system? Wouldn’t that be 2 in and 10 out?
  20. Yes, it's quite a rabbit hole with an amazing sound system 🐇
  21. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/results/NCT03808389 Makes intuitive sense that this symbiosis we have with gut flora isn't only for digestion but maybe it's just the microbes influencing my thoughts 😁 That's what my gut tells me anyway...
  22. An artist / group doesn't have to be hugely popular or have many release versions/masterings to have a variability of dynamic quality apparently. I was very surprised to look up a recent favorite for dynamic recording of real instruments - Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band - XXL. Its rating was very disappointing in http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/list?artist=goodwin&album=xxl until I found my DVD-A version which has a hugely higher dynamic range rating. Now maybe some of this is rater variability but I have to get the CD version now just out of curiosity to see if the dynamics are really that different (crushed) on the CD vs DVD-A This Metallica mentioned earlier doesn't rate that good but maybe I'll get it too to hear for myself...
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