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  1. Most of the music arriving at your ears should have been coming from the live orchestra on the stage (and the wall reflections). A properly installed and adjusted sound reinforcement system should not overwhelm the "live" sound. Sometimes it depends a lot on your seating location in the concert hall. Everyone should feel free to mount their home speakers wherever we want and/or can. Most people are just normally comfortable with their speakers at seated ear level.
  2. I enjoyed reading about your listening impressions and satisfaction with the sound of your Heritage Jubilee.
  3. A large subwoofer with a powerful amplifier will be a very good addition to your application.
  4. @badmotofing3r, I have hiked hundreds of miles of trails in the Grand Tetons, the Wind River Mountains range and around Yellowstone Nat. Park. The state of Wyoming is very beautiful.
  5. If the top hat section of a Klipschorn is lifted and re-positioned, that will open a gap in the bass horn path, affecting performance. I see that @tragusa3 returned his to normal, but anyone who might toe-out or toe-in their K-horn top hats should make a wood panel to complete the top seal.
  6. I always enjoy seeing pictures that helps one to understand the beautiful design of the trihedral folded horn.
  7. Cable lifting was invented as a reason for grown men to go online and relieve their pent-up sarcasms. 😄
  8. Most upper end AVR's have good sound quality. Many bottom end AVR's may not. Most separate components have good sound quality. There are some cheap separates that don't, but I will not lump all separates together as a category, because that would not be fair. I like my high end AVR's, mainly for the features, but they sound really good too.
  9. Yes, you are right about the line out jacks on a receiver having a fixed output.
  10. When I was a kid and asked a movie theater usher where all the sound came from, he showed me behind the screen, shining a flashlight on some Voice of the Theater speakers. I was immediately infatuated with the big horns. I did not have room for such large speakers and got by with some average boxes, but years later I crossed paths with a pair of La Scalas and was intrigued by the clever design of the folded horn woofer and just had to buy some and have been a Klipsch fan ever since.
  11. BTW, I also enjoy reading about the tube amps.
  12. So you are saying tube amp DIY is okay on the Klipsch forum, but personalizing our Klipsch speaker system is NOT okay?
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