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  1. Because I was asked yesterday about the inside edge, and because the material is thicker, I thought it was a good idea to bevel this new frame with a router.
  2. The horn has a 1.5" throat so, I will use adapters for K-55 drivers. Had to drill some additional mounting holes on the adapter flange to match the new horn.
  3. Horn shapes and angles make it difficult to use wood veneers because the convergence of the woodgrain patterns makes it complicated. I like the chopped, omni-directional pattern of this "carbon" vinyl so, I am using it again.
  4. The new horns need a vinyl wrap but, there is a slight ridge of material where the casting mold had a seam. I used a woodworker's scraper, just a steel plate with a burnished edge, to shave the ridge smooth.
  5. There are dozens of ways to make a strong miter joint, but my decorative frames have minimal stress, so I just want to assemble them with simple methods. On this one, biscuits and hot melt glue made it quick and easy.
  6. On the frame I built yesterday, which is thicker (12mm) than the previous models, I installed plastic inserts into blind holes. This way a screw is inserted through the back side of an existing mounting hole on the horn flange, into the insert and tightened to secure the frame.
  7. Myth or fact? Some people just like to argue.
  8. The magnets are very strong. Do not allow a fingertip to get between two loose neo-magnets. I like the magnet mount system, but the bolt mount method does fit closer to the body of the horn. My frames inside edges are square cut, because that was the easiest way to cut and veneer them. Yes, a beveled inside edge would be better. My first "picture frame" for the K-402 was made from woodgrain painted U shaped aluminum channel and it had a very low profile, so there are several different ways to build them.
  9. On my other horns, the decorative frames made from 1/4" thick plywood have neo-magnets glued and screwed on (very short screws). These magnets cling to the flat head cabinet bolts on the horn flange.
  10. Made those frames out of 1/4 plywood, then drilled, countersunk and glued 4 of these cabinet bolts into the frame, which are then covered with veneer.
  11. The higher position tweeters work out well since I am always standing up while in the garage.
  12. I was glad to buy empty cabinets at a discount, so I could install new Eminence woofers. The slot width is about 5 inches wide but the splitter is larger. There is a picture near the bottom of page 31 of this thread.
  13. Factory built DTS-10. Good deal for the sub and amp.
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