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  1. I have some exotic wood cabinets that look especially good when spot lighted with low wattage halogen light bulbs. You may want to try some on your beautiful La Scalas.
  2. The KPT-1802-HLS data sheet specifies that the cabinet ENCLOSURE MATERIAL is 3/4" 7-ply plywood.
  3. Unboxed and hooked up to the amps.
  4. That woodgrain is too pretty to hide behind some grill cloth.
  5. The hills are alive...
  6. It appears that some info was accidentally copied from one model's spec sheets onto others.
  7. Exactly as described and delivered on time.
  8. A box outside my front door.
  9. My preference with bi-amp or tri-amp arrangements is that all the amplifiers be the same, so they are precisely synchronized. Yes you can mix and match from your amp collection, big bass amp and little tweeter amp for example, or SS bass amp and tube tweeter amp, and it will probably work well enough in most circumstances. Occasionally when I read about someone giving up and reverting to their simple old passive crossover, I can't help but wonder if something did not match up properly in their random equipment experiment.
  10. Very impressed with all the work you have done on your projects.
  11. Glad to read that you are getting your crossover dialed in.
  12. I think you're right! My surround speakers are Klipschorns.
  13. Someday you will probably wish you kept these as your rear surround speakers.
  14. Testing with RTA, I would run sweeps with the mic in various spots near the MLP, looking for a frequency response peak that Audyssey is compensating for by trimming down. If you find a peak at the MLP, try to find a spot along the centerline of the room with a flatter response, then start your Audyssey measurement there. If using Audyssey only, I would try a different microphone position for the first measurement, maybe a couple feet behind or in front and above your MLP. Leave the mic in the same spot as you click thru the remaining sequence during this search to save time.
  15. I think the screws around the perimeter of the panel in this picture should be the fasteners to remove for a complete separation of the "collar" section. Pardon my delayed reply, I hope this is in time to be helpful.