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  1. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the 75th anniversary Klipschorns.
  2. Thanks for starting the thread, it contains good information.
  3. Many loudspeakers have very fine qualities. Different levels of near perfection are achieved in small increments. I am happy to listen to any of my Klipsch speakers. One of the more impressive characteristics of the K-402 + Axi-2050 combination is the accurate reproduction of the sound of human voices, and so, my use of the word "natural". Some other time I might describe the speakers as electrifying or thunderously powerful. The point I was leading to is that the New (and improved) Jubilee is going to be even better than today's best.
  4. Examining an OEM K402, if you pull a string from the center of the throat to the center of the mouth and measure the angle to the side panels, and then measure the angle to the top and/or bottom slopes, there is a big difference. You might need to calculate new angles for your square mouth horn project.
  5. My K-402 horns with the Celestion Axi-2050 drivers sound very natural, and therefore, my audio system is now the best my guests and I have listened to in a house. The New Jubilee with Roy's waveguide should be the ultimate home loudspeaker.
  6. I am looking forward to reading here on the forum that you receive your speakers and seeing pictures of the real thing!
  7. If I needed to dress up the back side of my K-402s, I would use a carbon fiber wrap or maybe wood veneer directly to the horn body. That and the exposed Celestion driver would look really good, without all the extra weight of a big wooden box. We all have different thoughts about what is attractive, and your idea would be awesome in some of the bigger houses I have visited.
  8. Are you saying the room has echo, such as when you clap your hands?
  9. The cost of living is high, but it is worth it.
  10. Picture of a K-402 on a Klipsch speaker.
  11. I copied and re-sized (smaller for posting here) some of your pictures. These look good.
  12. Screenshot from the Klipsch factory AL5 video shows the access on the bottom of the cabinet. You will want the cab laying on its back when you loosen the woofer screws with a stubby #2 phillips driver.
  13. Check out the diffusers on this thread by @Tarheel TJ,
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