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  1. Khornukopia

    Basic KHorn XO Question

    I am still curious about the wiring in the picture of your Super AA. In my picture of a Klipsch Type AA, the white wires go FROM the crossover to the woofer.
  2. Khornukopia

    Basic KHorn XO Question

    Maybe not optimal. A wiring label or instructions would be helpful in this case.
  3. Khornukopia

    Basic KHorn XO Question

    It is.
  4. Khornukopia

    Basic KHorn XO Question

    It is technically better to limit the frequencies that are sent to each driver. A digital active crossover will allow you to have precise control.
  5. Khornukopia

    Basic KHorn XO Question

    Do you have a picture of the wiring label that came with this AA x-over?
  6. Khornukopia

    Basic KHorn XO Question

    This is what is inside the woofer door of an AK-2 model.
  7. Khornukopia

    Class D

    I have a Pioneer SC-LX 901 connected to one pair of Klipschorns, and music is a pleasure to hear, powered by the Class D amps.
  8. I don't know how Klipsch did their Pro speakers, but spreading the mixed resin on a cabinet, laying glass mat and pressing it with a roller, then rolling more coats of resin is something you should be able to do in your garage or workspace. Use drop cloths, wear disposable gloves and ventilate the fumes.
  9. Khornukopia

    Converting khorns to 2way

    That is good to know. Also, as I understand it, the compression driver will produce a specified SPL @ one watt across its terminals, whether that watt is straight from the amp, or if it is filtered through a passive crossover network. Amplifier output required for an active system vs. through a passive network is a different subject, but either way, horn loaded speakers are still very efficient.
  10. Khornukopia

    my new HP3's

    Yes, they do sound good.
  11. Khornukopia

    Converting khorns to 2way

    The Faital Pro 2" compression drivers have been used in a few projects posted on the forum over the years, with good comments. One thing that concerns me is the advertised 900Hz minimum crossover frequency. I realize that is based on the unit's full power rating, but I am curious how many watts it can handle when used with a K-horn's 450Hz crossover.
  12. Khornukopia

    Converting khorns to 2way

    In a 3-way system.