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  1. Yes it works good for me and produces more SPL than I need. In a bigger room, I might like to hook up one Pro amp channel per 2 ohm voice coil just for fun.
  2. I should take a vacation and visit you, your speakers and other interesting places near your new home. What woodgrain are you thinking of putting on your speakers?
  3. Klipsch KPT speakers and an 85" LED
  4. While I was in veneer cut and glue mood, I wrapped this RC-62 center channel speaker for my friend's home theater.
  5. This picture shows the TV better. It is higher up than a typical TV mount, but from the La-Z-Boy recliner position, it is in the perfect spot.
  6. I bought the factory wrapped panels as seen in the picture, but you can save a bunch of money if you order the Owens-Corning 700 series rigid fiberglass boards from your local hardware store and the fabric from Guilford of Maine, or AcousticalSurfaces.com, or the fabric aisle in some local craft stores. On my panels, it looks like they first sprayed the edges of the fiberglass panels with a coat of contact cement that was allowed to dry, creating stiff corners, then sprayed again with contact cement to adhere the fabric wrap.
  7. Stacking these additions on top of the other subwoofers saves a lot of floor space.
  8. Had some big old cabinets sitting around, so I pulled the original sub drivers out, veneered the cabinet faces and swapped in some 18" Ultimax subwoofer drivers, shown here inside out. These Ultimax have dual 2 Ohm voice coils, but for my application I connect the voice coils in series to give the amplifier a nominal 4 Ohm load.
  9. It is possible. Make it your goal and it will probable come true.
  10. You are making awesome progress. Your paint job looks good. That horn is built solid, it is going to sound great.
  11. The mounting bolts are quarter inch diameter. Shortly after getting my K-402s, I made a decorative frame to hide the extra holes. The trim improves the appearance and does not affect the sound of the horn. I like the look of the wider frame on the New Jubilee.
  12. Do you have plans to hang a baffle or a diffuser between your concave ceiling and your main listening area?
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