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  1. Having a great sounding stereo in the garage has inspired me to organize the room and get good looking tool boxes.
  2. Thanks. Back when I used to travel and stay in hotels, I would see that the very nicest places and the fancy restaurants often had exotic wood furniture, so my desire was to have some Paul Klipsch signature Rosewood Klipschorns at home. They enhanced my home so nicely that I decided to play with wood veneer as a hobby. Kind of fun, but very time consuming to prep and then clean up, when doing it just once in a while.
  3. Have been listening to the garage speakers more often during the past few months, and I really like the sound. The K-402 mid-horn is a good upgrade for the Klipschorns.
  4. Forum member @Cantilope had posted this picture about his MEH center speaker a few years ago, and he was happy with the sound of his system.
  5. An adapter will work just fine. You may need to cut your own gaskets from a sheet of thin foam or gasket paper.
  6. The Heresy IIs are part of an independent stereo system, for those moments when the main stereo is unplugged for upgrades or maintenance.
  7. Thanks for sharing that with us.
  8. I saw the picture of your grill cloth on another thread. Can you post it here?
  9. The larger size of the replacement 68 uF capacitor for the Heresy II made it necessary to move the crossover PCB from the terminal cup to a separate board.
  10. What is the light color square on the lower back panel?
  11. Fine quality banana plugs. As good as you will ever need for that connection on the best looking banana jack plate I have seen on a home loudspeaker.
  12. I mailed a new card, to this new address.
  13. Congratulations on putting together a good looking speaker system.
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