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  1. 5.1 & 2 channel music in same room

    My Denon AVR owners manual shows that you can hook up a complete 7.1 surround system, plus a separate independent stereo pair of speakers, then switch back and forth between them by pressing a button to select DIRECT/STEREO listening mode for the 2 channel speakers, or selecting Surround listening mode for the complete surround speaker system.
  2. Here we go again

    I know that and I consider codewritinfool to be a forum friend. Your help with this "problem" is much appreciated.
  3. I installed a Marantz pre-pro, so my cables are now balanced XLR from pre-pro to the digital crossovers and to the power amps. The Klipsch forum is a good influence on my life.
  4. Here we go again

    Yes, the beautiful Rosewood Klipschorns pictured in the eBay ad are my K-horns, and just to be very clear, they are not for sale, and No, I am not the jerk who is running the fraudulent eBay ads, using pictures of my speakers copied from the 04/05/2010 eBay auction that I bought my speakers at. But using pictures of my speakers in the fraudulent makes it sort of personal to me. I appreciate that @codewritinfool has spotted the scam ads and messaged me, and thanks also to everyone who reported the bad ads to eBay. Reporting the scam ads as "Avoiding eBay fees" seems to be the quickest way to shut down the ad, since eBay is in business to collect fees, not chase scammers. Thanks again to everyone.
  5. RF-83 5.0 setup vs Khorn

    Your Reference speakers look really nice and appear to be a good fit within your room. Looking forward to reading your listening impressions. I imagine it sounds very good.
  6. Dayton Planar Horn Tweets on LaScala

    Your planar horn tweeters are interesting. Have you listened to them positioned vertically?
  7. Here we go again

    I have had them for years and don't plan to sell them, so any eBay ad using those pictures is a scam that should be reported to eBay. Here is a link to one of my photos on the forum. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/73189-picture-thread-exotic-original-veneersheritage-rarities/&page=15
  8. Here we go again

    Here are two that I am aware of. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/169009-khorns-on-ebay/#comment-2118037 https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/170708-1985-rosewood-khorns-for-1000-in-pa/#comment-2154262
  9. Audio Myths and Human Perception - Explored

    I agree that some acoustic diffusers and absorbers can be helpful for neutralizing undesirable reflections in a music playback environment, resulting in a more enjoyable listening experience.
  10. Audio Myths and Human Perception - Explored

    Mrs D understands the potential error of measuring at the listening position, one of the complications of auto room EQ.
  11. Audio Myths and Human Perception - Explored

    But you do recommend measuring the speaker(s) at one meter with REW and adjusting digital PEQs, to get a smooth response from the loudspeakers, correct?
  12. Audio Myths and Human Perception - Explored

    My disc purchase from Amazon arrived already. The Mariinsky Orchestra and Ballet present a spectacular performance of The Firebird and Le Sacre du printemps. I selected DTS HD Master at first and switched over to PCM stereo. The Blu-ray recording is really good either way.
  13. The Hidden Fidelity of Classic Albums

    I was going to ask your thoughts on the MFSL albums in general, but see that you addressed that in your most recent post.
  14. JBL 2360 ?

    Your speakers look awesome.
  15. Audio Myths and Human Perception - Explored

    I just placed an order for the Blu-ray. I enjoy attending ballet performed with a live symphony, so I am looking forward to bringing this highly recommended recording into my home theater.