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  1. Thanks. I applied Mahogany to these cabinets, because it matches the color theme of the room at this time. The Walnut I bought the other day is for a future project.
  2. Yes, I am listening to them now. They sound great. You will be happy when you hear yours.
  3. My Klipsch Pro-Cinema speakers getting dressed up for Home-Theater.
  4. The one thing that might wear out on the old AKG is the rubber tension bands. I have replaced those with some black fabric covered rubber bands, the type used by folks who pull their long hair back into a tail or braid.
  5. The guitarist was playing in the band Led Zepagain. They are very good. It could be possible that he has also been with ZOSO.
  6. I also added banana jacks, because it makes unplugging and moving speakers around so much easier, especially with a bi-amp configuration.
  7. You asked a good question. Because I want to operate these with the passive networks for a while, I just added a ganged variable attenuator for the midrange and tweeter.
  8. I appreciate that. Here is an early picture of the K-402/K-510s I got from you.
  9. I live ten miles from the nearest stop light. Going fast is much more fun.
  10. You have saved me from so much work. I should probably get more Klipsch speakers now that I have all this free time.
  11. Recently acquired KPT-415 cabinets. Looks like they are due for a woofer rotation. I will remove them, measure, inspect and clean the drivers, then turn each one 180 degrees, just for fun.
  12. Yes I listened to different types of music on these KI 362 II speakers, and they sound very good.
  13. At the Halloween concert, a guest conductor led the orchestra into the first song. Then Batman rappelled down a rope onto the stage, gently but firmly pushed the conductor aside, pulled out his Bat-on and led the orchestra for an evening of Super-hero movie theme songs. It was great.
  14. That is the perfect listening room for those Cornwall IIs.
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