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  1. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    Play music.
  2. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    Attach the driver.
  3. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    Fasten the new assembly in place.
  4. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    The favorable thing about the K-horn design is that the treble section just unscrews, and can be stored in a box, so the speaker can later be re-assembled to it's original condition.
  5. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    The OEM Klipschorn is very good, but it has always bothered me that the K-400/401 mid horn is mounted on the backside of the motorboard. The shape of the flange on the K-400 makes it difficult to mount on the front of the board, so I just have to use a newer style horn .
  6. Khornukopia

    Klipsch K402 like horn?

    It is easier to read paper number 1 after browsing the graphs of Part 2.
  7. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    Been listening to the 18 X 10 copper color horn as the mid on my center channel, and voices sound natural with it, so I'm going to try that type for my LF and RF also.
  8. Khornukopia

    K-510 / K-691's ... horrible sound ... SOLVED

    I might like to buy them, but first, let's help you set them up properly with Chris' settings.
  9. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    No I did not use any filler. I fine sanded the veneer, vacuumed it, air blasted it and lightly wiped the surface with a painter's tack cloth, stained, then sprayed clear furniture lacquer. If I used filler and had a smoother surface, the wood could have more of a "glow" but I wanted the finished surface of the clear coat to have the texture show, so it doesn't look like flawless plastic. There is still a lot for me to learn, so I am open to any suggestions or advice.
  10. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    I was making these for the garage speakers, but the clear coat makes the color tint look like a better match to my house speakers.
  11. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    Clear lacquer coat.
  12. Khornukopia

    Bevel cuts with a Cabinet saw

    Dust collection is very much worth the extra cost.
  13. Khornukopia

    Cornwall III’s + MC275 + C22 = Pretty dang good

    Looks good. What is the component to the left of the blue meters?
  14. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    Sanded veneer and stained veneer.
  15. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    Used plywood for the side panels, because of its superior strength and screw holding ability, and MDF for the motorboard, because of its its high density, anti-resonant properties. Actually, just used some leftover wood of convenient sizes. When sawing the big horn hole, I stopped short of the corners because it is easier to veneer and stain a full panel than one with extra edges.