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  1. This is an interesting question when thinking about the design. I see it has been answered, concerning the fully functional model currently being enjoyed by the folks who have them, but some of us like to daydream about building one.
  2. Khornukopia

    overdriven amplifier

    I think that is a picture of the back panel.
  3. The opinions we read on the Klipsch forum sometimes influence our perspectives about loudspeakers, so I do appreciate that you show and explain the reasons you arrive at your decisions.
  4. Khornukopia

    T18 Subwoofer Project

    Order some more. That will help you remember what you did with it. 😄
  5. Khornukopia

    Western Electric and Belden 8402 wire

    The fine build quality, the beautiful exterior finish and the excellent sound of the Tool Shed Amps are very good indicators of a high class product.
  6. Your uncle has some really good sounding speakers. His comment is a strong compliment for your Jubilees, and of your listening room.
  7. Khornukopia

    Heil Air motion transformer for Cornwalls

    Very nice. What finish do you plan to use on your new cabs?
  8. Khornukopia

    Garage speakers

    I made these substitute assemblies for my garage speakers, because I want to preserve the (still dust-free) OEM grill cloths by storing them away. The project also gave me a good reason to hang out in the garage, use some tools and listen to music.
  9. My Klipsch speakers make people smile. The lapel pin is just for decoration.
  10. Khornukopia

    Klipsch Profesional KPT 884 SW 18" Subwoofer

    Those Servo-drive Velodyne subs are nice. I imagine that Tony T's big Klipsch subwoofer is going to sound really good and powerful in his listening space.
  11. Khornukopia

    XT32 and MultEQ Editor app tweaks for bass response

    Most AVR's with Audyssey (or one of the other room corrections systems) have bass and treble control that is independent. Some equipment requires a few steps into the Set Up menu to find the tone control, separate from the Audyssey graphic equalizer.
  12. Interesting to read your comments and the posts from the other listeners, too. Curious to know if you guys swapped seating positions so you could hear each speaker from different room locations? That could possibly influence the perceived sound.
  13. Khornukopia

    XT32 and MultEQ Editor app tweaks for bass response

    It looks like Audyssey is doing a good job on your system. Maybe you can get the desired bass curve by going to your Marantz Set Up menu, selecting Audio, then selecting Tone Control, On, then adjusting the bass and/or treble to suit your listening mood.
  14. The reason for the meters large margin, is so the needles always have smooth sweeps, even at full power.