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  1. I did a front mount when I modified my center channel La Scala. Many years ago, a forum member posted his measurements of the improvement frequency response when changing the mid horn from the back side to the front of the La Scala. I don't have that link saved, but I liked the progressive idea.
  2. I plan to replace my tri-amped La Scala center speaker with a K-402 full range multiple entry horn, when I get around to spending more time at home.
  3. One down, and counting.
  4. How about this?
  5. What is the function of the slot in the back panel of the 2008 Jubilee in the middle picture above?
  6. Your K-402 mounted in a cabinet and wrapped with rock wool looks good and solid. My question about rigidity came to mind while looking at a picture of a free standing treble horn image.
  7. Somebody once mentioned a desire to build a wood version of the K-402. That would be interesting.
  8. The K-401 horn has ribs to stiffen the sides. Is the smooth K-402 rigid enough for the added vibrations when used full range?
  9. Nice saw cuts. Do you know that those rectangular corner braces should be notched to allow the back and side chamber air to connect with the end (top and bottom) cavities, and should have a full length gusset in the cavity under the joint, that in your picture shows 4 screw heads and some wiped glue? Best wishes.
  10. Using the optional touch screen remote, I can switch back and forth between a dozen different crossover slopes while sitting at the listening position. These pictures show the 6 db/octave Butterworth filter slopes (Type A passive equivalent?). Need three separate photos to clearly show the bass, mid and tweeter signal overlaps. I prefer the sound of the 48 db/octave steep slope crossovers, as shown in the previous post.
  11. You both are correct, using these specs for the original drivers in that 4-way system. You might also consider an active-passive crossover arrangement, maybe a passive between the MSM midrange and the MTM tweeter, to allow using fewer amplifiers.
  12. This data sheet, on the newest version of the MCM is a good reference guide.
  13. Looks like 6 Jubilee bass bins getting ready to be painted.
  14. That is very nice, wish I could attend the ceremony.