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  1. The other picture you looked at had some temporary prototype gloss carbon fiber panels. This picture is of the smooth, calm in home appearance.
  2. I have not done any test measurements yet, but they sound really good. I used some semi-rigid phenolic sheet, cut the shapes with a bandsaw and large belt sander. Heated and bent to follow the curve, then attached with adhesive and seam sealed with matching vinyl wrap. The shiny finish was temporary, I much prefer the appearance as pictured at the top of this page.
  3. That will work, but I would prefer to turn the entire system on and off using the power button of the Rotel pre-amp, using its 12 VDC outs to trigger the other components.
  4. I don't see a listing for Noise Gate specifically, but the Drive Rack PA2 owners manual describes the procedure for setting Gain Structure and Limiters. Also available on many pro crossovers are menu selectable pre-sets for different pro amplifiers.
  5. The New Jubilee video shows an extension for the phase plug. That would be a significant improvement over the standard Celestion compression driver.
  6. Yes, the shiny black areas are modified contours, similar to what are called mumps on other horns. The wood trim is rosewood veneer. The bright flash for that picture makes the wood color appear lighter than normal.
  7. Comparisons help us make informed choices. Thanks for sharing your picture.
  8. Connect a 3.5mm jack mono wire from the 12V DC trigger out on the back panel of the Rotel over to the Marantz amp, then another wire from there to the second amp. Run another wire from the Rotel to a 12V DC triggered outlet strip or power center for the other components. That should allow your whole system to turn on when the Rotel is switched on, and then off, respectively. It may be important to use a mono jumper wire, not a stereo headphone type wire.
  9. Khornukopia

    Big Cold

    Sad to read about the severe winter weather and difficult conditions affecting so many people. I hope everyone can stay safe.
  10. If you have the means to plug the DriveRack into a Wi-Fi router and connect with a tablet or smart phone, the graphic displays will make it easy to set up and adjust the settings. Functionally, the dbx should do what you need, but if you hear any hiss from your tweeters, then the Xilica units will be your upgrade choice.
  11. Those are on your K-402 MEH speakers, correct? I imagine they sound really good.
  12. It is fun to learn about new speakers in different listening spaces. I look forward to reading about your impressions.
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