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  1. SOLD: New Pair Crites CW1526C Woofers

    This is a good deal. Wish I had plans for a speaker project to use these woofers.
  2. kpt-1515 lf details

    I could not find an upper limit spec, but the KPT-1515 LF is a modern version of the MWM bass bin, which at one time had a published 500 Hz, 18 db/oct. crossover recommendation.
  3. Poll & Prediction: Autonomous Car Equipment at 5k by 2019

    The autonomous bartenders lack personality, but they are precise.
  4. REW measurements are taken at one meter from the loudspeaker being checked, but a separate RTA mic is hanging down from the ceiling, directly above the main listening position so I can observe the effects of the room.
  5. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    And your grill cloth project will make them look more domesticated.
  6. CES 2018

    The copper accents are more attractive in person than in the pictures. IMHO
  7. Heresy w/SUB

    Those subs on their website appear to be well made.
  8. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    Very cool looking home stereo speakers.
  9. Best DIY subwoofer?

    Where can we view a comparison chart?
  10. Heresy w/SUB

    A pair of Klipsch KW-120 with one KA-1000 amp is an excellent complement to a pair of Heresys.
  11. Jubbed up 5.1 to 7.1 conversion

    Your surround system looks good, I bet it sounds great.
  12. Vasubandu's terrifying build thread

    That woven grasscloth wallpaper is good for the acoustics, functioning as a diffuser.