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  1. Is Infinite Baffle right for me?

    The minimum "infinite baffle" space for in-wall speakers would typically be four inches deep, sixteen inches wide and ninety six inches tall, so if you built a back chamber of similar cubic volume and wrapped that with vapor barrier and insulation, the speakers should be right for you. Another thought on the subject is that if you cut a hole in the sheetrock wall and the vapor barrier, seal the edges, then install a wall mount speaker in that hole, the speaker itself is now the vapor barrier for that spot.
  2. more RF-7III pics

    I listened to the pair of RF-7III at CES earlier this year. They look and sound really good.
  3. forum

    Best wishes to you also.
  4. Need info

    A different power cord won't fix a hum that is cause by a group loop. It is best to plug all the power cords of the electronic components of your audio system into a single source, multi-outlet power strip, even if that requires extension cords. If that is not possible, then install an isolator for your subwoofer, as mentioned in this linked thread.
  5. Class D

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the amplifiers and your Jubilees.
  6. Belle Klipsch..new to me

    Treating the Walnut with Watco wood oil made your speakers look like new.
  7. Belle Klipsch..new to me

    All these Belle Klipsch speakers and the Luxman and McIntosh equipment look really nice. It is good to read everyone's thoughts on their audio adventures, and experiences with different components and parts.
  8. Klipschorn Update Opinion Requested

    I have Klipschorns with the AK-2 crossovers, and I recommend installing fresh fuses in the bass bin input panel. Since you plan to treat your room with Armstrong Tectum diffusion/absorption panels and Owens-Corning 703 rigid fiberglass panels, I think your speakers should sound excellent just the way they are now. I have fabric wrapped 703 panels on my walls, Roxul bass traps and acoustic ceiling tiles. I hope to upgrade my ceiling with Tectum ceiling tiles one day, that would be so nice.
  9. Heresy III - $500 - Eugene, OR. - Possible Scam Warning?

    I wish that people would stop using pictures of my speakers in their ads. Is there a way to flag or report that CL ad?
  10. Mahogany looks really nice. Unroll all three sheets, tag the "top" end of each sheet so your grain is consistent on the finished speakers. Study the grain patterns carefully before cutting, so that both speakers end up looking matched. Have fun!
  11. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    Very nice sound system you have.
  12. Loving this sub

    The Klipsch 1502 looks like the ideal subwoofer for rooms with the space for it.
  13. Heresy III - $500 - Eugene, OR. - Possible Scam Warning?

    I just signed in and received notifications from you guys about this thread. The CL ad that you directed me to see has been removed, but I get the impression that someone used a picture copied from this Forum. The picture in the first post at the top of this thread is a picture of one of my speakers, but I am not selling any of my speakers. If I ever do, I would post here on the Klipsch Forum. Thanks
  14. Audio Myths and Human Perception - Explored

    Listening to a variety of different loudspeakers improves my perception, and my appreciation for Klipsch speakers.