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  1. The AK-4 more likely has 2 in (LF IN, HF IN) and 3 outputs (WOOFER, MID, TWEETER), not 1 in and 4 outputs.
  2. Excellent work on your speaker veneer project. I like how you wrapped the corners for the continuous grain flow. I have admired all of your veneer projects over the years, and this woodgrain and color make these Cornwall IIIs my newest favorites.
  3. My Heresy IIIs are finished with the Lacewood that was used on the 60th Anniversary Klipschorns.
  4. The Roger Waters concert had excellent sound.
  5. That is correct about the risers. I believe they can be easily unscrewed if desired. I enjoyed reading your speaker comparison review.
  6. Subwoofers are perfect risers for this size speaker.
  7. Good to see that your La Scalas have made a safe journey to your home. The Rosewood veneer looks really good, as does your whole stereo system.
  8. That fan looks like the solution for warm AVR's and amplifiers. This company's options of top exhaust or rear exhaust models give us some good choices for our different equipment stacks.
  9. The "Sellers" of those listings are innocent victims of eBay account hacking, chosen by the scammers because they have good ratings.
  10. Probably the same fraudster as before, but hacked into and using a different eBay seller's account, without their knowledge. Please report the scam ad to eBay, select from the drop menus. Reporting that the ad is "Avoiding eBay fees" gets their attention. Here is a link to the past alert of a similar ad.
  11. I have some exotic wood cabinets that look especially good when spot lighted with low wattage halogen light bulbs. You may want to try some on your beautiful La Scalas.
  12. The KPT-1802-HLS data sheet specifies that the cabinet ENCLOSURE MATERIAL is 3/4" 7-ply plywood.
  13. Unboxed and hooked up to the amps.
  14. That woodgrain is too pretty to hide behind some grill cloth.