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  1. Khornukopia

    Been Jeeping in Ouray and Telluride

    Looks like a fun trip. Beautiful scenery out there. If you make it to Silverton (which I have not yet), you may want to visit the place in this quote from forum member @Bill W., "We demo the Jubilees in Silverton Colorado at Natalia’s Restaurant on the outdoor patio. Used for live performances and recorded music May through October. Really an outstanding speaker system for outdoor applications and incredible dynamics for live performances."
  2. Khornukopia

    Wanted Altec Lansing driver

    I am glad that the compression drivers had a safe cross-country trip, and that you got what you wanted for your speakers.
  3. Khornukopia

    Need Crossover Settings for RP-250f

    I would start by plugging in the microphone, run the receiver's AccuEQ set up procedure according to instructions and use its recommended crossover setting.
  4. Khornukopia

    PowerGate amp

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the PowerGate amp. Let us know how an optical digital music source sounds.
  5. Khornukopia

    K-55-V Driver Specifications

    This is the P-Audio 2 inch adapter. It is aluminum. The other available choice is the PRV 2 inch adapter. It is plastic. Gaskets and bolts are not included.
  6. Khornukopia

    Wanted Altec Lansing driver

    No I do not.
  7. The BMS 4592ND is a cool design. Pictures of its diaphragm and phase plug look interesting.
  8. Khornukopia

    Room Treatment: Diffusion

    That seems like a good idea. Are you using long pins or needles to attach the light weight panels?
  9. Khornukopia

    Wanted Altec Lansing driver

    Probably not much, but better than getting a pair that were made years apart, using components from different suppliers. It was a fair question to ask after I initially posted a picture of just one driver. BTW, Joe bought this pair of Altec 802-8G and I shipped them out a couple days ago.
  10. When you cut the hole in the ceiling and after the wires are where they need to be placed, you could stuff some ROXUL mineral wool or pack some pieces of fiberglass insulation batts into the space between the two speakers.
  11. Khornukopia

    La Scala bass

    The cast frame Crites woofer can be installed if you are willing to shave some wood from inside the doghouse, but I would suggest try adding some bass boost EQ and adjusting speaker placement before changing parts. IIRC your La Scalas may have the K-43 woofers. If yes, you can add a lot of EQ while experimenting.
  12. Khornukopia

    Room Treatment: Diffusion

    It is interesting to read about your experiments and results. Your room looks good.
  13. Khornukopia

    Wanted Altec Lansing driver

    They are all original and fully functional. I bought them many years ago, tried them as tweeters on my La Scalas. They sound good, but the 511B horns made my speakers look sort of like Altecs, so I took them off and they have been on a shelf, unused for years. I have sent you a PM.
  14. Khornukopia

    Wanted Altec Lansing driver

    I have some of these. I will take fresh pictures tonight.