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  1. The letter P indicates they were built in 1976.
  2. Get some EPS foam sheets from a hardware store and cut to fit and tape at least one layer around the speakers. Bubble wrap will not adequately protect the speakers corners.
  3. You may be right. Everything I have shown you so far is just practice for when I get around to the veneers that require a higher level of expertise. I am now experimenting with different dye stains for my next project.
  4. That is what my google search led to, I just needed to verify that I was following you correctly. The directivity design seems to be similar in principle to the methods used during live sound to focus the low frequencies away from the stage and out into the audience.
  5. Just a random picture of a nice room in a house I visited. Audio system was conspicuously absent, but they did have a separate home theater room with some brand X speakers.
  6. Bought a case of Sound Seal acoustic wall panels. Made of one inch thick rigid fiberglass and covered with Guilford acoustic cloth. Several of these on the walls of a room make the room sound better.
  7. Thanks. The burl finish on the K-402 pictured earlier is a vinyl wrap. I plan on replacing it with better looking real wood veneer so that it matches up with the genuine wood veneer of the bass bins.
  8. I think you need to isolate which "system" is causing the condition. Is it the audio signal, or the room acoustics, or the loudspeaker. Maybe you could substitute a totally different loudspeaker into one of these exact positions and check how that measures and sounds.
  9. I had to look this up, but after reading some things, still need to ask if you could describe this.
  10. A cordless electric screw gun makes it easier to open the cabinet, but you are fine the way you have it, especially when you turn up the volume!
  11. Boxed woofer is on a FedEx truck. PM sent
  12. I hope they were bought by a forum member, or I will wish that I did.
  13. I examined an illustration of that horn on a website to answer Vathek's question. It appeared that those are available by special order (driver mounting flange type) in Europe. The K-402 is better.
  14. The Klipsch speakers look like emitters of positive energy that will make people smile.
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