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  1. Is that a cooling fan built onto a headlight assembly? (3rd photo)
  2. I sent some 18" subwoofer drivers with huge magnets from the USA to Australia, via UPS, earlier this year. Each box was the size of one Heresy, maybe larger. Judging by the speed of delivery, I would say they travelled by jet. I signed up for a free account at Pirate Ship for a generous discount on shipping cost.
  3. Every room has its own acoustic signature, so it could be one model or the other depending on several factors. I have a fondness for the Klipschorns in my space, but I also think that adding a horn subwoofer to a set of La Scala IIs would be a fantastic system with more bass extension, plus you get placement and toe-in flexibility. Seeing that you have the La Scala II, the new Klipsch horn sub is easily the best way to get maximum performance.
  4. From what I can see in your picture, it looks like some proper glue should fix the problem. I would place a board under the clamp jaw to spread out the clamping pressure.
  5. @jbohlscheid I do not see the picture showing the area of your concern. Can you attach a photo to this thread, so I might see and form a better informed observation?
  6. @jbohlscheid Yes you can brush on a thin layer of glue and apply pressure. Place some wax or parchment paper between the cone and the form fitting clamp, so the clamp doesn't stick to any glue.
  7. I can relate to that situation. Let us know when you eventually solve the puzzle.
  8. Glad to learn that everything is good with your speakers and they are playing music again.
  9. Any progress? My next question is not about the problem discussed in this thread, but when you replaced your AK-2 network with the aftermarket x-over network, how did you bypass the components inside the woofer chamber, between the binding posts and the woofer?
  10. I have some AA network Klipschorns with no fuses and I have some AK network Klipschorns with 4 amp woofer fuses. I am curious which K-horns came with 1.25 amp woofer fuses?
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