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  1. When they do arrive, you will appreciate that they spent some of that time carefully packing your heavy tweeters. 🙂
  2. I can't id them, but they probably sound good with that set-up.
  3. Thanks, and you know that the KPT-415 woofers don't even need subwoofer assist, but I have the subs for the LFE track on Blu-ray discs.
  4. Was told the previous picture is too dark on a small display screen, so here is a brighter image.
  5. The speakers are starting to look like they belong together.
  6. I have some Klipsch speakers. Sending a PM.
  7. The subwoofer cabinets were finished with the full faces intact, so that the clear coat will be smoother around the driver opening after that material is cut away. On the KPT-415 cabinets, I cut the woofer openings first, because I needed the material for the inside of the port holes. Each project gives me a little more experience, so by the time I finish my home theater, I might be good at this hobby. Got to have the right tools and proper supplies. Adequate work space where the parts can be left undisturbed and a lot of patience helps.
  8. I would have relocated one of the ports for the visual symmetry, but I also think these ports were designed to be on the floor for boundary gain.
  9. I wanted the center cabinet on its side with the lower profile, but the design of the internal braces/baffles kept me from relocating the reflex port. So now I will adjust the width of the treble cabinet.
  10. Yes, but some Rosewood Jubilees would be really pretty. My center channel speaker in progress.
  11. Thanks. I am saving some special veneers for the day I might have some Jubilees.
  12. Woofers in place and K-402 being lowered into position.
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