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  1. Is yours the 19Hz cabinet or the 28Hz tuned version?
  2. I know you are very busy working on your upcoming adventure, but I was wondering how your subwoofer is doing.
  3. @Paducah Home Theater Same observation here. Only one picture remaining on the original first post.
  4. I used four per frame. 1" diameter neo-magnets attached with double sided tape and short wood screws. I can always add more if I plan to host a crowded party after the corona virus goes away. 🙂 The bolt heads pictured above are 5/8" diameter, so you could use smaller magnets if you use more than four per frame.
  5. Removed some drivers to take a picture of the foam inserts because of a forum member's question last week, and now have decided to re-cap the crossovers and re-finish the scratched walnut Heresy IIs.
  6. I think you have answered your own question, and I agree with you.
  7. An appliance hand truck/dolly with a ratchet strap and some corner protectors under the strap will have you and your big portable subwoofer invited to numerous get together parties. 😁
  8. The foam is exactly where it needs to be, and has not fallen down after 30 years, so it appears to have been installed as good as was required.
  9. I use these cabinet bolts with low profile heads. On one set of horns, the bolts are attached to the horn flanges and the wood frame has neo-magnets that line up with the bolt heads. On the other speakers, the low profile bolts are countersunk and glued into the wood frame and the whole frame assembly is bolted directly to the K-402s. One pair of frames are just about 5/16" thick (1/4" plywood with added veneer), and the other pair are 5/16" HDF, cut from some engineered flooring planks which is stronger and flatter than the plywood, with my veneer glued on top. They are both just decorative frames without grill cloth, but I could easily wrap and staple some cloth onto either of these frame assemblies. I would go with a light weight cloth. A heavy grill cloth like on Heritage speakers might require a stronger wood frame. I have one of those plastic frame kits, still unused, and it seems like it could work for your application, but I prefer wood.
  10. I would like to read more about those ultra-flat black paints before buying an expensive sample. One of my concerns with ultra-flat is if household dust will be a nuisance in the long run.
  11. Were you recording the output of the speakers, or was there some karaoke singing taking place?
  12. I have an old dining table that was taking up space in storage, so I might as well use it as a woodworking table in the garage. My metal workbench is for mechanical projects.
  13. Some people like the pro power amps from Crown or QSC or Behringer. The models with built-in DSP would be especially good with your subs.
  14. Now that your awesome portable subwoofer is complete, I was wondering how much it weighs.
  15. That does appear to be a distortion of the facts, as it pertains to you. I believe the software allows us to edit a quote so we can isolate a specific point we want to reply to. Sometimes things go wrong, like the cursor hovers over "your" quote, a reply is typed in and sent before the person realizes the overlap. I also notice that the display and layout are different on the laptop and cellphone displays, leading to some posting errors. I don't know what happen in the situation you referenced, but the best thing is to stay positive and keep sharing your thoughts about speakers, amps and music. 🙂
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