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  1. Good thing your amp has a protection circuit and was shutting itself down. Glad you found the culprit, so you can now pinpoint the fault.
  2. Really good condition. Here is a picture from that ad.
  3. Ambrosia Maple is beautiful wood. I have been gluing up some samples to see which grain patterns will look good for some speaker cabinets.
  4. I've been reading the specs on this powerful amp and I am surprised that you don't keep it for your next big subwoofer. 🙂
  5. Interesting info. Good to learn those facts about the selection option. The owners manual just states, "If the impedance of any speaker is 4 ohms or more but less than 6, set the minimum speaker impedance to 4 ohms". Fortunately, my highly efficient Klipsch speakers never even needed half the available power to play loud, so the amp never clipped, but I will switch the AVR back to the High Z setting and experience full power! Thanks for the education.
  6. Not by their rating methods, but there are plenty of tube amp loyalists on the forum who are happy to explain why they prefer the sound of tubes. It sort of keeps things in perspective.
  7. I now see that your model does not have a speaker ohm selection that is available on my Onkyo. I should have read your owners manual before answering. So, I defer to the other advice that has been posted above. A couple questions. What speakers did you have connected before and how high could they play? Have you performed the AccuEQ set-up process?
  8. Read the good advice offered by others in the following posts. .
  9. I am not an expert of numerical thresholds but when a high school sports game score is 98 to 0, it just doesn't look good for the people with the big number, in my opinion.
  10. Klipsch enthusiasts are good people.
  11. I have some 18x10s. Next time I will buy some WG45-50s to compare, because the pictures and dimensions look to be the same.
  12. You have been very calm and cool about this, here and on the other forum, and I respect that. Many other Carver 275 owners have also said they love the sound. I hope the company takes good care of you folks.
  13. As a purchaser of many things with performance specifications, I don't like what they have done.
  14. Converting the garage speakers from passive balancing networks to 2-way bi-amped with a digital crossover allows me to utilize a nice pair of Sony ES power amplifiers.
  15. It is quality that counts, not quantity.
  16. The Faital drivers sound great and have a good look mounted on the K-402. I didn't even know I needed these until I saw them for sale recently. Thank goodness for the Klipsch Forum Garage Sale section.
  17. I attended some of their live concerts. They had good sound.
  18. I was noticing that also. Amp can be used for so many applications.
  19. A pair of Faital Pro HF 206 for the K-402 topped Klipschorns in the garage.
  20. These properly packaged and promptly shipped drivers arrived in excellent condition, exactly as described in the ad. Thanks for the good deal.
  21. That ad says Klipsch "style". The boxes in their picture don't look genuine. Note the front edge/tip of the pointed doghouse is way short.
  22. He did receive the amp but, at the same time heavy rainstorms caused a lot of water to leak into his house. The amplifier test is on hold.
  23. You connected everything properly. No need to mess with the internal crossover. Enjoy your Heresy IV speakers!
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