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  1. Your speaker system looks interesting. Maybe you just need to add an MEH center channel?
  2. After giving this some more thought, there are numerous restaurants, bars, and amusement parks with pole mounted outdoor speakers that have been out in the weather for years without a problem, so you can hang some outdoor rated speakers once and be done. My first reply was a little over-protective because I was picturing a pair of nicely finished "indoor" speakers!
  3. Outdoor rated speakers would be fine in the rain and normal conditions, but exposure to wind can damage the drivers and the direct sunlight will eventually bake them. The way you describe the location's exposure to the sun and the weather elements, I would want to protect a pair of expensive speakers anytime they are not playing music. There are different ways to do this, such as a simple canvas shroud with a drawstring to secure the cover with a drain hole in the bottom, or a wooden cabinet with a latching cover/door.
  4. Would love to see a picture of your Klipschorns here on the forum. (New forum members may need to reach a certain number of posts before adding picture files. Can somebody please clarify this for me?)
  5. Cool. As you might already know, it is sometimes easier to line up the screw holes and install La Scala tweeters by first laying the cabinet face down on a rug or blanket. When you have your pictures ready, start a thread in the 2-channel or Technical sub-forum. Note that there is a daily picture file size limit that frustrate folks who try to load a 2.2 Megapixel smartphone picture but can't. I always try to downsize my picture files to around 100kb before posting them on the forum.
  6. Your tweeters should arrive by the end of the week. I am a bit curious, can you describe your speaker project?
  7. Very nice. I hope the room treatments helped and you are enjoying your speakers.
  8. I received notification of your payment, and I will mail these Crites CT-125 tweeters to you tomorrow.
  9. That is an interesting specification. I would like to see an image of the lab apparatus used for measuring this. If I ever grab a live wire and survive, it might make me feel better knowing there was no current below the surface. 😬
  10. I have a pair of Crites CT-125 tweeters that I got during my "buy a bunch of different tweeters phase". They sound great, but are just extras to me now. Send me a PM.
  11. Here is a better picture of my new theater room horns, captured with dimmer lighting. The real life view of the holographic-like pattern shifting makes people ask me if they can touch it. I also want to thank @Chris A and @Delicious2 for sharing on the forum last year, their ideas about lowering the K-402 horn mounts. When I got mine after that, I lowered my K-402s, which made the big speakers a little more home-friendly.
  12. My K-33s and Crites woofers (and others) have an attached gasket that provides ample clearance for mounting the driver face down to a smooth flat surface.
  13. I read on the internet, that Coytee has La Scalas, and Klipsch Jubilees!!!
  14. I connected by clicking on your link, first try. Good info on that website.
  15. Cool. All forum members should be celebrating that a brand new pair of Klipsch La Scala AL5s have been place in a fine home, giving Klipsch one more good reason to continue this fun, friendly forum.
  16. I have been very interested in that new Eminence carbon fiber driver, ever since you posted about it recently. Please let us know how it works out.
  17. Meanwhile out in the garage, on the right side I am running a three-way OEM crossover, passive bi-amp speaker with a K-55 mid on a 2" adapter and the tweeter that is mounted on a time-alignment adjustable track. On the left side is a two-way Klipschorn using an active digital electronic crossover and a Radian 2" driver. All channels powered by a Marantz multi-channel amp. The speakers are normally in the room corners, but rolled out here for the photo. They both sound wonderful.
  18. I have not used any Rockboard 60 yet, but would like to put it on my shopping list. It should work great, considering my experience with ROXUL acoustic panels.
  19. There is a big difference between the compressed and bonded "rigid" fiberglass panels used for acoustic purposes, and the "loose" fiberglass batts intended for wall and attic thermal insulation. With the good acoustic fiberglass panels, the fibers are bound together and don't dissipate into the air. High quality HVAC sheetmetal ductwork is sometimes lined with these fiberglass panels to reduce noise transmission from room to room and/or to reduce fan noise, as well as its thermal properties.
  20. You will be immersed in surround sound!
  21. I am using this combo on my center channel and two surround speakers. I have not yet taken the time to measure and analyze them, but a quick auto-calibration with the Pioneer MCACC and they sound great. Now that I am achieving the look that I desire, I will try to spend some time at home (I go out a lot) with a microphone and REW, but my impression is that these horns are really good in this application.
  22. Made a new mounting bracket for the right channel surround speaker tweeter, to position it about one inch lower than the left surround tweeter (pictured a few posts above), so I can compare which height sounds better from the seats.
  23. I like it. That is a perfectly fitting phrase for this scene of my audio space odyssey.
  24. The Klipsch RS-7s you already have are good for your system. If you found a really low price on those other surrounds and you want to swap things around for the fun of it, as many of us sometimes do, please share your results after the dust settles.
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