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  1. Installing the new equipment rack gives me good reasons to re-arrange and re-wire the place. My Pioneer Elite AVR is now passive bi-amp power for one pair of Klipschorns. The MCACC acoustic room calibration performed its adjustments and this is one great sounding stereo.
  2. It is good that the testing and methods will be updated. The multi-channel amplifiers need a standardized test and all the amps ordered online and drop shipped from overseas need to be honestly measured and rated.
  3. Use a really good looking bolt head and it will appear like it has a reason for being there. 😄
  4. This case may prove that people will hear what they want to hear, until they find out it is not what they thought it was.
  5. 9090 pieces. That could keep you busy for a little while!
  6. Have an old Yamaha power amplifier that had not been plugged in for years. Still works and sounds great.
  7. Probably yes. I have heard the K2 9900. I like them, but prefer my Klipsch KPT speakers.
  8. I just read up about your Denon AVR-A100. That is nice! I would be able to get good sound from a pair of RF7 II with the A100, and Audyssey calibration and some EQ adjusting. (Maybe some room acoustic treatment, also). The limiting factor is how loud the speakers are able to play.
  9. Depends on how loud you play them during your parties. I would get some extra speaker wire, remove the metal jumper strips from the speaker binding posts and passive bi-amp your speakers and Denon system. Perform the Audyssey set-up with the microphone on a tripod in the middle of the room. Then I would use the Denon EQ menu to boost the bass. This can be done for the price of some inexpensive speaker wire. You didn't say if you have a subwoofer, so you may want to buy a GOOD subwoofer for less money than a new amplifier and you will then have a great party system.
  10. I never heard the wall of speakers mentioned above, but did experience being in "the zone", 10th row center, at a 90's Grateful Dead concert. The imaging was very impressive.
  11. I usually prefer a hard wired power cord. The only benefit I get from the IEC cord is to swap out different lenghts, but I don't even do that.
  12. My equipment was previously in a closet with an open front and back. I had a quiet little fan in the closet. Just a small draft to stir the air around the amps is very helpful to reduce hot spots.
  13. Functions very well for my audio equipment. The extra depth in back for power outlet strips and wire management is handy. Mine also has ventilated shelves with 4 corner mount bolts to support any gear without rackmount ears.
  14. Or the customer will get a voucher toward the next purchase, but there won't be any more product because the company goes bankrupt from legal fees.
  15. I bought the Mobile Fidelity albums because I believed the end product is better. I'm not sure I could pick out the difference between one produced from an analog master tape or a digital master tape. Not defending the company for what they did, and probably won't buy from them again.
  16. @Knight2001DTS, The boxes are on the UPS truck heading to your friend's place.
  17. Interesting to watch the power level meters. Most normal listening with the Klipschorns is below 1 watt. The needles constantly bounce around, of course. When the mood strikes and the volume increases, the meters will reach toward the 10 watts mark. That is pretty loud. Past that becomes too loud, but I notice that when the meters are showing 15 watts, that the 150 watt peak indicators will flash at times. Good to have 10X headroom, even if you don't think you need it.
  18. You can bi-amp your Belle. One channel to power the tweeter only with the high pass set at around 5000Hz and the other channel to power the passive crossover feeding the woofer and mid-range. This will also allow you to EQ the tweeter.
  19. Do you have an electronic crossover for your center channel, so you can bypass the old OEM capacitors in the tweeter section?
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