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  1. They look magnificent. But I'm wondering what will their retail price be? I'm betting somewhere in the ballpark of $14,000.
  2. I've read numerous positive reviews of the K-2 amps. If I can find one on ebay for a affordable price, I'm getting one before summertime
  3. That is a very good suggestion. I will do so on Monday. Maybe Santa will bring me an extra good gift this year which will allow for an upgrade to monoblock or stereo Bryston 7B amp.
  4. I can only afford them used. My only concern is what if they break down after the 20 year warranty period has expired?
  5. I finally have some very positive news to report in the meantime. I returned all class D amps last week. I went back to storage and pulled one of my crown pro amps and put them on the 535 Jubilees just for a change of sound. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised with what I heard. Strong highs, piercing mids, and robust bass. It sounded as if my speakers were brought back from the dead. Due to the high S/N ratio of the pro amp, I could hear a touch of distortion at higher volumes but I could care less. The speakers sounded fabulous to my ears. I'm sure they will sound more refined once I learn more about electronic crossovers and experiment a little. But for now, I believe they sound great to my ears. As much as I wanted to love Class D, I'm just not satisfied with the recessed mids and seemingly rolled off highs that I've heard with every class d amp that I've owned. I'm sure there are various input buffers which could color their sound to add warmth, but I strongly prefer Class AB at this point of my audio journey. I'm also done with spending $3,000 plus on high dollar amps. None of the higher priced amps I've owned sound discernably better than my pro amps. If I could find some affordable class AB monoblocks I'd be in heaven.
  6. I've put off this idea for a long time. But you are right. I think it would be wise to have a pro sound specialist come by my house to do measurements, tweaking, and help me my establish benchmark data with my first electronic crossover when I purchase one.
  7. Thank you for your info. I printed this response and saved it.
  8. The owner of VTV suggested I remove the jumper cables on the amps in order to reduce the gain. I'm just too tired to deal with at this point. A part of me still believes the 3 way 535 Jubilees are my dream speakers. But I don't know how to bring out their full potential.
  9. Owner of VTV stated the gain with the input buffers and op amps was 34db. The amps were able to get loud with the input buffers but still no one where near as loud as my lower spec'd pro amps such as the Crown XLI 3500. I offered to go with a lower spec Purifi amp with onboard buffer but the VTV owner refused and stated the gain would be too low to use with Outlaw 976 preamp. So I am stuck at this time. I can go with a used Bryston 7B amp but who knows how long it will last. Or I could go back to Emotiva and get the DR-1 monoblocks. The Hypex and Pascal amps were not as bright on the HF as the Emotiva DR-2. Their sound was less aggressive but at the same time their mids and highs seems recessed in comparison. Lab Gruppen class D would also be an option. I wish there were more affordable audiophile class A/B amps available. But all I see is the usual snake oil low watt amps with big price tags in the home audio market.
  10. I recently received NC2K monoblocks with upgrade to Sonic Imagery 990ENH input buffers last week. Sound quality was marginally improved. Gain was improved. However, there was a annoying buzz whenever the amps were in use. So it appears the signal to noise ratio was thrown out of wack with the gain increase. Owner of VTV has been gracious about the entire process. Though I'm sure he is understandably frustrated. I am returning the NC2K monoblocks tomorrow. I wanted to try a stere Purifi amp, however the owner of VTV said their gain will be too low to use with my preamp. At this point I am undeniably pissed and tired of my setup. There is zero help online for anyone looking to upgrade the 3 way version of the Jubilees. There are no other passive crossover upgrades available. There is no info for anyone using electronic crossovers with the 3 way Jubilees. I have a feeling the drivers of the 3 way 535 Jubilees could use an upgrade. They have a hard, metallic sound to them no matter what amp I use. But there is zero info on compatible drivers which could be used as an upgrade path for the 535 Jubilees. No help. No upgrade path. No crossover upgrade info. No nothing. And I don't understand why weaksauce, sissified equipment with inflated prices is so prevalent in home audio. Low wattage amps which cost thousands. And low voltage, low gain preamps which can't push any amp to their full power. What is the point? Yet the pro audio offers equipment with much higher signal strength pair with much higher wattage amps for much lower cost. High priced home audio cables which add nothing. The more I dive into home audio, the more it seems that 90% of if is snake oil.
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