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  1. I guess OP is never going to come back to give detailed impressions about this purchase.
  2. Zero hiss. Klipsch 3 way Jubilee clones with QSC RMX 5050a amp. Though it took me trying out over thirty amps and switching to balanced connections before I got to this point of absolute quiet even with no audio playback.
  3. I wonder if you can use a pair of big amps with the Heritage Jubilee? I was thinking 350 W per channel for the HF/MF and 500 watts per channel for the low end.
  4. That room with the Jubilees encased into the wall is absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Good luck. Hope it is the real deal for you.
  6. I contemplating a pair of mwms or 1515s.
  7. The aforementioned one is on Reverb.
  8. Nice! Please make a thread with your first impressions of these speakers compared to the underground Jubes. I'm dying to hear from you!
  9. Outlaw 976 processor in mint condition.Can be picked up in Texas. Price $700 Shipping is $70.
  10. New in box QSC RMX 5050a amplifier. Local pickup in Dallas, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, TX. Price is $1,500.
  11. Anyone seriously interested in purchasing these speakers please send me a pm. Thanks.
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