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  1. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    My doorway is approximately 34 inches wide. My steps going upstairs are approximately 33 inches wide. So I have enough clearance to get it in the house. Only issue would be the sheer weight of it and making sure the floors can support it's weight concentrated on one space. However I don't see how this would be any more of a concern than two adults laying in a bed on the upper floor. My first love is weight lifting so 330 lb is nothing compared to my equipment in my garage. However when enlisting help that's where the problem comes because not everyone can hold this type of weight and move it.
  2. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    That is a very good question I have not considered. The 1802 will no longer be an option if my wooden floors upstairs in the loft cannot support it's massive weight.
  3. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    I am heavily considering purchasing one 1802 subwoofer with my tax return in March. My only concern is getting it up into my loft which is upstairs. The 1802 is listed as weighing 330lb. I thought it was because it was using cheaper MDF but it turns out from the spec sheet it says it's using plywood. Seems like it would be a huge pain in the butt moving it into position upstairs.
  4. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    Your knowledge and audio is outstanding. I know you are one of the most knowledgeable members here. I take no offense to your opinions or the scientific information that you provide. I'm actually quite thankful for it. However please keep in mind that I don't use my Jubilee's for 2-channel music only. I also use them for home theater. They are listed as Pro Cinema speakers first and foremost. And the dual 12s struggle with certain movies. I continue to read horn loaded bass is the cleanest bass. I've owned over fifty subwoofers. And I've owned subwoofers of all different types. I've also owned over sixty speakers of all different types. I have yet to hear any significant difference in clarity between horn loaded speakers and subs vs. Higher end direct radiating speakers and subs.
  5. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    I keep telling myself the Jubilee's bass signature will grow on me. I even thought that maybe there's something wrong with my setup so I went to a engineer's home in Houston Texas to hear his pair of properly set up 2 way Jubilees using active crossovers. They sounded fantastic however their bass was still a bit lean to me. There's just something about the bass of the Jubilee's that is not quite full to my ears. It's a very tight bass. It's a very good sounding bass. And it's very articulate with music. But it's not full sounding to me especially with home theater. I figured the quad fifteens could give me the full sounding midbass slam I'm looking for. I am willing to try them as long as they don't give up any articulation with music.
  6. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    I love those quad 15 bass bins.
  7. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    Not trying to fix anything per se. I am enjoying my 3-way Jubilees immensely. However I've always preferred 3-way models over two-way models for music. The reason being is the the two way models are often giving up high-frequency extension for more extension into the lower mid ranges. So going by that logic I figured maybe there is a good chance I would prefer a four-way Jubilee over a three-way Jubilee for articulation with two channel music.
  8. Convert Klipsch 535B Jubilee into KPT-445-B?

    No one has thoughts on a potential four way Jubilee?
  9. I am ecstatic with my Klipsch 535B Jubilee speakers however I was thinking that I've always preferred a well-made three-way versus a well-made two-way speaker for 2-channel music. So going by that mode of thinking I was thinking about converting my Jubilees into a four-way. The cheapest 4 way model I've seen is the KPT-445-B. I don't want the bass bins from the KPT-445-B but I'm thinking about going with a quad tweeter set up. Looking for thoughts from other people on this. I could also switch out my Jubilee bass bins with the 4-way fifteen bass bins if that might make a better combination with a quad tweeter set up.
  10. 50-60Hz hum in my system

    Huh? Too much Martysub muddy midbass?
  11. 50-60Hz hum in my system

    Yes. I was once in ground loop hell for many years.. Switched my entire setup to xlr cables and the problem was instantly solved. I would not touch a unbalanced cable with a ten foot pole nowadays.
  12. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    Anyone know if Roy can give settings on XILICA active crossover for the 3 way Jubilee? Anyone have Roy's email address so I can ask him this question?
  13. Klipsch 535 B Jubilee Biamp crossovers $100

    These are still available.
  14. Klipsch vs Cerwin Vega?

    One more