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  1. Correct. And when I heard the Heritage Jubilees at an authorized dealer, they definitely sounded discernibly better than the Celestion 2050s used in my speakers. No doubt the included dsp and phase plug work extremely well together.
  2. One other thing I noticed is Heritage Jubilee is rated at max output 125db while the JBL M2 is rated at max output 123db. Yet the M2 is recommended for small to medium rooms while the Jubilees are recommended for large rooms. Yet their max output is almost equal.
  3. Yes I meant a cd containing a beryllium diaphragm. After hearing the Heritage Jubilees in person, I still feel like the HF on the Celestion 2050 is not as good as the hf on the JBL 4367 and JBL M2. I personally feel like the Heritage Jubilee could benefit from a high frequency horn and tweeter. DSP and phase plug definitely help though.
  4. For the price, why not a beryllium cd?
  5. The compression drivers in the KPT Cinema Grandeur look to be much beefier than the Celestion Axi 2050 used with the Heritage Jubilee. I don't see why Klipsch did not go with a more robust 3" or 4" cd with more HF extension for the Heritage Jubillees. For the asking price of the Jubilees, I feel like there could have been better quality components used. The JBL 4367 and M2 speakers have much beefier cds for almost half the price of the Heritage Jubilees.
  6. I asked for a quote on a new pair of mwms. They have me interested.
  7. As always, thank you very much for your thoughtful response Travis.
  8. Yes sir. This is why I took your experiences so seriously. Many people will rave about top speakers, but they've never heard any other high end speakers that are competitive. You've owned a very good pair of high end speakers in the Palladiums yet the Heritage Jubilees knocked your socks off. That was a big selling point to me.
  9. Ok, so I can safely assume if I order a diaphragm repair kit I will get the cover with connectors on one side and the diaphragm on the rear side. If so, i will place an order on Monday. Thank you very much for answering my rather mundane questions on this.
  10. Ok what would be the term I ask for? Shoud I say KT 1133HP compression driver cover or cap? I am going to email A.C.E. again today.
  11. It is mainly the negative connector that is jiggly loose now. I don't have a problem buying a diaphagm if it comes with the spring loaded connectors. If not, I will just buy another 1133-HP driver on Monday and give this one away.
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