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  1. Selling a pair of Aragon Paladium II amps in excellent condition for $2700 Features 400 watts into 8 ohms, 600 watts into 4 ohms, 1000 watts into 2 ohms Dual 5-way binding post outputs Machined aluminum front panel available in black and silver Manual: English Manual Detailed description The Aragon Palladium II power amplifier is an absolutely beautiful piece that delivers incredibly reliable high-power output. It offers the powerful, dynamic performance of high-end boutique products at substantially lower prices. This flagship differential monoblock amp is rated at 400 watts into 8 ohms, 600 into 4 ohms and will deliver as much as 1000 watts into 2 ohms. THD is just .02% across the 5Hz to 20kHz spectrum, with a S/N ratio of 112dB. The Palladium II offers either balanced XLR inputs and dual five-way binding post outputs. The Palladium II is the most cost-effective high-powered differential monoblock available. The Aragon Palladium II features a machined aluminum front panel with an engraved Aragon logo and elegant blue LED lighting that perfectly complements the available black or silver finish options. An included dimmer switch allows you to choose full or half brightness, as well as allowing you to completely turn off the LED lighting. While most amplifiers on the market today are overly complex and require rows of integrated circuits (IC) for protection circuitry, control loops and signal buffering, which has a negative impact on sound reproduction. The Aragon Palladium II, however, provides the required output utilizing the fewest active components possible for more dynamic, more powerful and more detailed performance. Specifications DESIGN 1-ch Monaural Amplifier POWER OUPUT 8 400 watts into 8 ohms at less than 0.02% THD (5Hz-20kHz) POWER OUTPUT 4 600 watts into 4 ohms at less than 0.03% THD FREQUENCY RESPONSE 5Hz-20kHz +0/-0.1dB 5Hz-100Hz +0/-2.0dBB TIM/DIM DISTORTION 0.01% S/N RATIO 112dB A-weighted DAMPING FACTOR 200 (8 ohms - 50Hz) INPUT SENSITIVITY 60mV-1W / 1.2V-400W (SE and BAL) INPUT IMPEDANCE 15k ohms (SE) 45k ohms (BAL) POWER CONSUMPTION 120W @ Idle / 1500W
  2. Excellent condition. Is available for local pick up in Austin Texas Free shipping also available. We'll text pictures on request. Unable to upload pictures here due to file size.
  3. Excellent condition. Price is $2100 Paypal only. Free shipping.
  4. When did Klipsch discontinue the KPT Jubilee? Also, when was it released? It came with a passive crossover. And the midhorn looks different. Also wonder what drivers were included? https://www.klipsch.com/products/kpt-jubilee
  5. They look magnificent. But I'm wondering what will their retail price be? I'm betting somewhere in the ballpark of $14,000.
  6. I've read numerous positive reviews of the K-2 amps. If I can find one on ebay for a affordable price, I'm getting one before summertime
  7. That is a very good suggestion. I will do so on Monday. Maybe Santa will bring me an extra good gift this year which will allow for an upgrade to monoblock or stereo Bryston 7B amp.
  8. I can only afford them used. My only concern is what if they break down after the 20 year warranty period has expired?
  9. I finally have some very positive news to report in the meantime. I returned all class D amps last week. I went back to storage and pulled one of my crown pro amps and put them on the 535 Jubilees just for a change of sound. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised with what I heard. Strong highs, piercing mids, and robust bass. It sounded as if my speakers were brought back from the dead. Due to the high S/N ratio of the pro amp, I could hear a touch of distortion at higher volumes but I could care less. The speakers sounded fabulous to my ears. I'm sure they will sound more refined once I learn more about electronic crossovers and experiment a little. But for now, I believe they sound great to my ears. As much as I wanted to love Class D, I'm just not satisfied with the recessed mids and seemingly rolled off highs that I've heard with every class d amp that I've owned. I'm sure there are various input buffers which could color their sound to add warmth, but I strongly prefer Class AB at this point of my audio journey. I'm also done with spending $3,000 plus on high dollar amps. None of the higher priced amps I've owned sound discernably better than my pro amps. If I could find some affordable class AB monoblocks I'd be in heaven.
  10. I've put off this idea for a long time. But you are right. I think it would be wise to have a pro sound specialist come by my house to do measurements, tweaking, and help me my establish benchmark data with my first electronic crossover when I purchase one.
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