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  1. I ordered a pair of Celestion Axi 2050 drivers for my MF horns, but they are still on back order for at least 30 days. I actually would like to keep my speakers as a 3 way, i wonder if there's any driver I can use to replace the K691 on the HF horn.
  2. Willing to ship anywhere in the continental United States
  3. Yes sir you got my scenario spot on. And thank you for your additional comments.
  4. I concur. Though at this price point, I will also have to consider JBL M2 and JBL 4367 speakers.
  5. The whole speaker and nothing but the speaker. So help me God. Seriously meant the hf section of the Heritage Jube against Celestion Axi 2050 in older 3 Way Jube 535 model.
  6. Something else I appreciate is the that the heritage Jubes are a professional finished product. They seem to consist of high quality drivers and a manufacturer included crossover. For years I've read on different experiences where people were gutting the drivers and experimenting with different crossovers on various Klipsch models. This makes it hard to gauge what an actual Klipsch speaker from the manufacturer sounds like. And that is largely why I experimented with so many other brands for years before I finally settled on trying any Klipsch models.
  7. I think the most helpful scenario for this would be a double blind listening test. It will be fun to see how accurately people could discern between the two versions when listening to various songs.
  8. That is the comparison I was looking for. Thank you. I would love the KPT-MCM-3 GRAND. But, I figured I will be on my own trying to figure out crossovers for it.
  9. Ok with that being said, is there a large gap in fidelity for the high frequencies and upper mids between the 3 way Jubes and the Heritage Jubes? I am assuming the Heritage Jubes sound more coherent. But the 3 ways were more prominent In the high frequencies compared to the older 2 way UG Jubes I heard . I am not interested in differences in the lower frequencies since I will always use horn loaded subs.
  10. Have you heard the 535 Jubilee? Mine has the K-691 on the 410 horns and KT-1133-HP on the 402 horns. Just trying to get a better idea of the comparison
  11. I'm good with 2 channels for the Itech. I stay away from multchannel amps nowadays.
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