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  1. Thanks. I also purchased a Emotiva DR-2 amp which is a definite improvement in the mid-range and high frequencies in comparison to the previous Lab Gruppen amp I was using. This is the best amp/pre-pro combo I have ever purchased. I am ecstatic with their results.
  2. Purchased a Outlaw 976 last week and recently paired it up with the 3 way Jube combo this week. I must say it exceeded my expectations. Sound is crisp, clear, and balanced. Everything I've searched for over the last ten years. And it does not come with auto correction software like the Marantz and Onkyo prepros I owned before. I know this is not a popular sentiment here, but I just don't like eq. I always find myself switching all room correction eq to off.
  3. I need to hear more thoughts and impressions on fidelity with music since making the switch. I have the exact same speakers and I've been contemplating the switch from the 535 3 way Jubilee to the mwms for a while now. The only thing holding me back was my loft which is not a large room, however I am in the process of selling my home and I definitely want a larger loft in the next home so the switch from jubes to mwm's might be finally possible for me this year.
  4. Behringer amps sound like crap with any speakers including Klipsch. I have used over 30 Pro amps with my different speaker setups. I had good experiences with Yamaha P-Series, Crown XLI series, Samson amps, and Lab Gruppen IPD 2400 class D amp. I would never use low watt receivers to power any of my speaker setups.
  5. Behringer Inuke amps are fine for powering the lower frequencies with subwoofers. However thery sound terrible in the upper frequency ranges. Mids and highs sound like they're behind a veil and muddy with no definition. I used one and almost returned my speakers due to two how terrible they sounded with a Inuke 6000. I would never recommend one for speaker use.
  6. Yes sir. It feels great. I followed your posts for 10 years before I was able to purchase a pair of Jubilees. You were my guide to audio nirvana. I thank you so much for the continued passion you display online for Jubilees. It has helped many others.
  7. It definitely was a gamble to sell off the Lab Gruppen amp without first hearing one of a the new Emotiva amps first. I don't have anything powering my Jubilees at this time. I hope the Emotiva monoblocks are what I'm looking for. Will also consider D-Sonic and Wyred4Sound's new version of their monoblocks. Or I will move on up the ladder to a pair of Bel Canto monoblocks.
  8. I had a pair of walnut CF-4 version 1 speakers five years ago. They were some of the best home theater speakers I've ever owned.
  9. I had the former Flagship Onkyo TX-NR 1000 receiver which was rated at 150 watts per channel and it routinely went into protection mode with some of my large speaker setups. I would never allow any of today's receivers to power any speaker in my home. External amps sound so much better powering every speaker I have ever owned.
  10. I followed Coytee's post for 10 years before I had the financial wherewithal to purchase a pair of Jubilees for myself. Coytee's insightful and passionate posts about these speakers on various forums through the years led me to dream about them and eventually pursue purchasing them for myself. He is definitely an asset to the Klipsch community. His passion for the Jubilees and K-402 horn has led many to audio nirvana. Thank you so much Coytee.
  11. In February it will be my three year anniversary with my Jubilees. My love for them has grown exponentially over the past three years. I plan to keep these speakers until I'm on my deathbed. Every night I will walk into my loft and stare at them for minutes. A part of me still can't believe my dream of owning them came true. I am looking to get custom speaker grills for the 402 and 510 horns similar to the custom 402 grill in the pic below.. I also recently sold my Lab Gruppen IPD 2400 amp. It was the best sounding amp I have owned but I'm curious about other amps. So I will be purchasing a pair of Emotiva XPA DR-1 monoblocks or their XPA- DR2 amp next month.
  12. Did Crites build a passive crossover for the three-way version of the Jubilees? I have not seen it listed on the website.
  13. Crossovers are brand new and never used. Price is $150 for the pair. Shipping is a flat rate of $20.
  14. I've owned numerous 2-way speakers. I definitely cannot go back to that route. I'm very happy with the fidelity of the three way Jubilee setup. The only things that are bothering me at this time is that there is potentially another low frequency unit in the Klipsch pro cinema line which out class the Jubilee. It just bothers me that my money could take me a bit further up the Klipsch line if they have something better. Also, I was wondering if there were any possible drop in replacements for the K 1133 and the K 691 CDs. They sound very good together as is however I know most Klipsch drivers tend to be mid-tier quality. I was wondering are there any higher end drivers that I could use as drop in replacements for the K1133 and the K691? My last question is how much of a noticeable increase infidelity would it be if I switch the Jubilee bass bins for the kpt1515 bass bins if I'm using subs crossed over at 80-100hz?. It seems like the low frequency bass bins would not be as much of a big deal if you're using them with large subs crossed over between 80 to 100 Hertz.
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