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  1. I use my 535b Jubilees as the cornerstones of my home theater system. I'm wanting to get a good reserve a power for dynamic peaks in movies. The problem I have is that I'm looking at Hypex amps which are all similar in price. I need to know how much rms qnd peak power the 535-B Jubilees can take safely. The Hypex NC1200 monoblocks are $879 each. The Hypex NC2000 monoblocks are $1050 each. Now I fully understand that I don't need the excessive power of the Hypex NC2000.However I don't want to pay you 90% of the same price for the NC1200 monoblocks which offer much less power. So my question is if I get the hypex nc2000 monoblocks, and keep the volume below 100db, will I be doing any long-term damage to my speakers?
  2. Going by the most recent reviews online, the Purifi 1ET400A has the highest rated reviews for sound quality. I want a bit more power than 400 watts per Channel at 4ohms. So it appears I'll be going with VTV to build me two monoblocks. Each with two Purifi 1ET400A modules wired together to get me to 800 watts per channel at 4 ohms. Any advice on what input buffer to go with for best sound quality and gain?
  3. Im going by the spec sheet for the Klipsch 535 Jubilee which I own. I guess what I'm not understanding is what is the max RMS power that the upper horns and Jube bass bins can take all together at 4 ohms? It appears that the recommended power listed is 1250 Watts at 4 Ohms on the spec sheet. But near the bottom of the spec sheet the power handling for the bass bins and upper horns is ranging from 600 watts to 2400 watts peak. The spec sheet is listed under the 535-B Jubilee https://www.klipsch.com/pro/cinema/behind-the-screen/3-way
  4. I read Claude's shining review of his Nore amps. If I go with the Ncore, I'm not sure which buffer to use. Also don't know about the resale value and build quality of these VTV amplifiers.
  5. Which design is superior for mid-range and high frequency reproduction. High fidelity Music is my priority however I also use my speakers for home theater. I'm ready to purchase either the D Sonic M3 1500 monoblocks or the VTV NC2000 monoblocks. Need help since this will be a long-term purchase for me.
  6. I attempted to go with two GSG Devastator kits. However, I wanted them assembled before they were shipped to me. I called twice about this endeavor, and each time I was told this option will be available later in the year. Finally I got tired of waiting so I had a local guy build the Devastator enclosures instead.
  7. Dayton Audio HTS545HE-4 Kraken 21" High Excursion Subwoofer looks like interesting. I got a good pricr on the LaVoce 2.But if I was to do it over again I would lean towards towards the B&C 21 inch driver or this new 21 inch driver from Dayton at Parts Express.
  8. My Devastators were built a local guy who is a furniture builder by trade and a fellow audio enthusiast. He used the Devastator version four plan which is available on AVS Forum under the do it yourself subwoofer section. It was much cheaper than going through GSG for their flat packs.
  9. Yes there was a substantial difference in price between the two. My price for the Devastator subs including wood, paint, labor, and a pair of LaVoce 21" drivers was $1,500. My price for the Klipsch 1802 subwoofer including shipping would have been $3,500.
  10. I have both subs now. They are much bigger in person than I anticipated. I'm waiting on Crown XLI 3500 amp to be delivered on Monday. But I am impatient so I hooked up one Devastator to the left channel of my Emotiva Dr-2 amp which is 500 watts per Channel 8 ohms. I know this amp is under powering the Devastator, but the potential is already there in spades. I played my Jubilee on the right channel of the emotiva amp. I know some have expressed the Devastator build is not a pure horn loaded enclosure, but it definitely has the horn sounding bass. The bass is clean, sharp, articulate, and has immense presence. Yet it blends seamlessly with my Jubilees. I even venture to say that the Devastators upper midbass actually sounds cleaner than that of the Jubilees. And I played with the crossover all the way up to 100hz and the upper mid bass sounds great with no signs of the distortion or decay. These are by far the best subs I've ever owned. And I've owned many, many subs. My previous subs were Stereo Integrity 24" subs, Mach 5 Audio FTW 21" subs, Chase 18" subs, Bagend 18" subs, etc. All were in sealed enclosures for music first priority. Even in sealed enclosures, those subs do not sound anywhere near as clean as the Devastator does. The LaVoce 21" drivers are 98.5 DB sensitivity so they are easy to drive. I had thought about going back to the stereo Integrity 24-inch drivers in ported enclosures for more output. But I just do not like the sound of ported sub for music when you turn the volume up. There always seems to be some degree of decay. But with the Devastators I can go as loud as my ears can take it, and the bass remains controlled and articulate at high volumes. And their presence is easily felt at low volumes for normal music listening. Best of both worlds.
  11. LaVoce SAN214.50 21" woofers
  12. I'm having two built for me this week. They should be ready by Friday. I will come back with my thoughts on them as soon as I have them set up with a new amp next week. I was holding out to purchase a Klipsch 1802 this November. But this pair is less than half the price with more overall output so I could not resist.
  13. I'm interested in this unit's sound quality for music as well. Too bad the thread starter never responded to your question.
  14. I read through all 10 pages of this thread which was quite interesting. But I did not see any detailed impressions of the kpt 1802 Sub's performance with music. I'm contemplating on purchasing a 1802 to go with my 3-way Jubes. Music fidelity is my highest priority.
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