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  1. Austin, Texas
  2. I was thinking of a general trip. My birthplace is Little Rock, Arkansas. I could always stop and see family on the way.
  3. Yes I am! So much so that I am contemplating on taking a journey to the holy land in Hope, Arkansas next month.
  4. I am normally a purist who prefers not to use any eq at all. I know that is not preferential since each room is different. So using a equalizer I've been doing minor adjustments between 600hz up to 10,000khz. To be honest, I've never heard a speaker with such overpowering mids out of the box. I mean the mids from the K402 horns without eq feel like they literally 6 inches away from my face and blasting me. The highs and upper mids were a little hot and sounded like they were shouting treble at me. So I went and did some trimming of the mids between -1 up to -3db in the 250 to 4,000khz range. The mids are still there and very prominent. However they are no longer outpacing the highs and lows at this point. The sound is much more cohesive now. Very smooth from top to bottom. I did some +2db boosting in the 25hz to 100hz bass range which has added depth to the Jube's bass without It become overbearing and calling attention to itself. I also did a slight +1 boost in the 16,000khz range. These speakers now sound poised, tight, loud, with banging mids and a accentuated top end. I feel like I am beginning to tame the horn loaded tweeter now which no longer has the shouting sensation. Highs are now more defined, prominent, but blending with mids and low mid bass with a seamless sound at this point. I am very impressed. This is what I expected to hear when I first purchased the Jubes. But I had to do some tuning by ear to get the sound I wanted. I'm loving these speakers now. Very good separation between mids and highs now. Which is the KEY reason I upgraded to these speakers. This is the level of separation between mids and highs I just could not achieve in all of my other two way speakers I previously owned. Definitely money well spent. Love them, love them!
  5. I'm using 3 way passive with my Jubes now. At first I was not impressed at all. However after doing some minor eq work with a equalizer I am loving these speakers. Definitely my favorite speaker for music out of any speaker I've owned already. Feels like I am at a live show now.
  6. I am sorely tempted to try them. However If I am wrong and I did not prefer them for music and HT, I would be out of a boatload of money.
  7. I understand. I was speaking in terms of sheer output.
  8. I meant in terms of clarity, not overall output. Ive fixed the midbass issue. Jubes are putting out monster levels of midbass for music now. However I have owned speakers which produce more midbass than what the Jubes are capable of. Albeit, not nearly as clean.
  9. The two aforementioned theaters are very nice. I met a guy in San Antonio whose theater room is just like the triangled shaped room with vaulted celing in the first pic. Both are gorgeous. I hope to get there someday.
  10. One thing Ive noticed is I don't see any Jubilee owners posting pics of their Jubes being used with a projector screen. Only two channel setups or with a tv. Kind of weird since these are cinema speakers. I will be using mine with a 120" Screen Innovations Black Diamond ambient light rejecting screen. It looks great in a room with the lights on or off. Will be using a Klipsch La Scala or KI398 as center speaker.
  11. Price reduced to $1300 with free shipping.
  12. Ohhhhhh. This thread has given me a delicious idea for a new sub.
  13. Yeah my biamp passives are collecting dust as well. What is that massive horn at the bottom of your stacks?
  14. These 535 3 way Jubes are listed as being able to take up to 2500 watts peak. I have no doubt the DSonic M3-1500M amps are going to fit these speakers like a glove. Can't wait to get my hands on a pair as soon as my Wyred4Sound SX 1000 monoblocks sale.
  15. I would like to add I did Roy's suggested cuts in the upper frequency region for mid and high horns. However, I later undid them this morning. I like my treble hot!