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  1. The Jubes are fully broken in now. The bass has improved drastically. I'm running them in full range now. Their bass sounds excellent for music and very good for movies now. I am in no rush to purchase a subwoofer with what I am hearing now. Bass is deeper, more prominent, yet very articulate. I love the accentuated highs from the hf k510 horns. Separation between mids and highs is excellent with music. Dialogue is razor sharp with movies. This is the first time I like having a phantom center every bit as much an actual center speaker. Very, very glad I went with the three way version
  2. The Jubilees are breaking in now. Bass is much improved. I was using a +2 boost in the 40hz to 100hz frequencies but now they no longer need it. The biggest lesson I have learned about these speakers is they deliver a lot of excess mids which will pound a room into submission if they are not tamed.I have never had a speaker which I had to cut the mids before. However the Jubes give out such a powerful midrange, they will drown out the treble and bass making the music sound muddied, convoluted, and just plain inaccurate.Once I did a -3db cut from 600hz up to 3.5khz, the clarity and midrange definition really came alive. I love a prominent, defined midrange. However I don't like overbearing mids which overwhelm the treble so I like my mids slightly recessed.However holding back on mids is a slippery slope. Too much mid trim and the midrange will sound recessed and distant. Not enough mid trim and the mids "shout at you" and overwhelm the treble and bass.The Jubes have the strongest midrange out of any speaker I have heard or owned. And I love the three way configuration because I am not giving up treble performance in the higher frequencies in exchange for lower mid performance like I have been forced to do with my previous two way speakers.These speakers will mercilessly expose any weaknesses up the chain such as a low quality dac, low quality recordings, low quality amplifier, etc. They sound their best in a open room at least 20 feet deep or bigger with high ceilings. They project a large wall of sound.I thought the 510 horn emitting treble above my head might be a problem but it has been no issue at all. The mids and treble of these speakers envelop a room easily.They sound great both on and off axis. I can't say enough how much I really, REALLY love these speakers. They are definitely a worthy end to my long, expensive, and arduous speaker journey.
  3. I'm in a smaller room so this is my plan. To put the sub under my projector screen and in between the Jubes. Gonna go home and do some measuring tonight.
  4. Anyone know the price and availability date of the HLS 1502?
  5. Tried the Jubes with various amps this month. The Yamaha P7000S amp sounded decent but the highs sounded a bit muffled. With the Crown XLI 3500 the mids and highs sounded muddy and downright terrible. With the Qsc RMX 5050a the highs sounded compressed and not very clear. With the Wyred 4 sound SX1000 monoblocks the lower mids and upper bass sounded excellent. However the highs were a bit rolled off with the Wyred4Sound amps. I received my Lab Gruppen IPD2400 amp on Tuesday. Item description says it is a bridged class d amp and not a switching mode class d. Fans on the amp are dead silent while in use. The clarity in the highs and mids is astonishing in my opinion. This is a very big deal for me because I was a staunch Class D hater for many years. However I can't deny what my ears are telling me. The highs are now crystal clear and the midrange definition is razor sharp. This is the distinguished sound I have been searching for over the last ten years. This is the sound I thought I would hear when I purchased my Jubilees however I was originally disappointed. Not anymore. I am exponentially ecstatic with the performance of these speakers now. I intend to keep them until I am six feet under. The clarity and powerful vocal reproduction from the 510 HF and 402 MF horns is amazing. I can clearly hear whispers in movies while Im in the backyard reading a book. Vocals during songs are razor sharp, clear, and powerful. These speakers can easily overpower a room with mids and treble. Their room coverage is excellent. I can sit anywhere within a 20ft wide space on and off axis and the music sounds the same. No need for toe in. No need to sit in a sweet spot. The entire room IS the sweet spot. I normally do not appreciate movie watching without a center speaker. However these speakers put out the best phantom center imaging I've heard. Room coverage is so good I might forgo buying a center speaker altogether. Im still scratching my head about the Jubilee bass bins though. With some songs, the Jube bass bins sound powerful, precise, ultra clean, and prominent. However with other songs the bass sounds like I am knocking on a thin wall with my knuckles. I am really not concerned with low bass at this time since I will be purchasing a large sub in a few months so the Jube bass bins are not a major concern for me. I will be crossing them over at 60hz once I get a sub. Overall, I just can't state enough how happy I am with this purchase. I think about them all day at work and can't wait to get home to play soul stirring songs on my playlists every evening. These speakers move me emotionally on a daily basis. And that is the hallmark of a wonderful speaker in my opinion. I would put my money on them vs. every speaker I've ever auditioned. Love their spectacular sound!
  6. I received my Lab Gruppen IPD 2400 amp last night. I am very, very pleased with this amp. The clarity in the HF and MF range is exceptional. And the bass is precise and accurate. This is a big deal for me because in the past I was a staunch anti Class D guy. I hated the original Class D amps with their slurred bass and rolled off highs. However Class D tech has come a long way and I can admit when I'm wrong. This Class D amp sounds better than any Class H amp I've owned. And it sounds every bit as good as Class AB amps I previously owned. I am elated with this purchase. I have finally found my amp.
  7. So is the KPT1802 pictured on this page with the gentleman standing next to it custom built?
  8. So does anyone know how much power the 535 Jubilees can actually take? I'm trying to make my final decision between the Jubes or going the KPT 415 route. However I want to hear the Jubes fully juiced first.
  9. My new K402 and 510 horns don't have mumps, measles, or pox.
  10. Your experience mirrors mine. The K402 horn blasts mids in my face without some serious eq trimming in the 1k to 10k range.
  11. I have the 3way version not the 2 way version.
  12. Is Klipsch making this sub with MDF? I definitely want one, however I want one a bit lighter if possible. Figured birch would maybe be lighter. Also is the sub picture on the last page of this thread a custom job?
  13. I have a quick question. I'm having an issue understanding the spec sheet for the Klipsch 535-B Jubilee when it comes to power requirements. I'm trying to figure out what is the most power I can safely feed these speakers. I've heard some pro audio guys state a amp should be able to deliver double the power of a speaker's power specs for peaks, etc. I know these speakers are fairly efficient, however I am a high power amp guy. I don't use low power amps where I have to crank the speakers for good dynamics with HT and music. So I never bother with any amps below 500 watts per channel @8 ohms. However I am wondering if I can safely use a 1000 watt per channel @8 ohms amp with these speakers?
  14. Lol. I like your post Coytee.:)
  15. Looks like I was not the only one with Jubilee midbass issues.