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  1. The owner of VTV suggested I remove the jumper cables on the amps in order to reduce the gain. I'm just too tired to deal with at this point. A part of me still believes the 3 way 535 Jubilees are my dream speakers. But I don't know how to bring out their full potential.
  2. Owner of VTV stated the gain with the input buffers and op amps was 34db. The amps were able to get loud with the input buffers but still no one where near as loud as my lower spec'd pro amps such as the Crown XLI 3500. I offered to go with a lower spec Purifi amp with onboard buffer but the VTV owner refused and stated the gain would be too low to use with Outlaw 976 preamp. So I am stuck at this time. I can go with a used Bryston 7B amp but who knows how long it will last. Or I could go back to Emotiva and get the DR-1 monoblocks. The Hypex and Pascal amps were not as bright on the HF as the Emotiva DR-2. Their sound was less aggressive but at the same time their mids and highs seems recessed in comparison. Lab Gruppen class D would also be an option. I wish there were more affordable audiophile class A/B amps available. But all I see is the usual snake oil low watt amps with big price tags in the home audio market.
  3. I recently received NC2K monoblocks with upgrade to Sonic Imagery 990ENH input buffers last week. Sound quality was marginally improved. Gain was improved. However, there was a annoying buzz whenever the amps were in use. So it appears the signal to noise ratio was thrown out of wack with the gain increase. Owner of VTV has been gracious about the entire process. Though I'm sure he is understandably frustrated. I am returning the NC2K monoblocks tomorrow. I wanted to try a stere Purifi amp, however the owner of VTV said their gain will be too low to use with my preamp. At this point I am undeniably pissed and tired of my setup. There is zero help online for anyone looking to upgrade the 3 way version of the Jubilees. There are no other passive crossover upgrades available. There is no info for anyone using electronic crossovers with the 3 way Jubilees. I have a feeling the drivers of the 3 way 535 Jubilees could use an upgrade. They have a hard, metallic sound to them no matter what amp I use. But there is zero info on compatible drivers which could be used as an upgrade path for the 535 Jubilees. No help. No upgrade path. No crossover upgrade info. No nothing. And I don't understand why weaksauce, sissified equipment with inflated prices is so prevalent in home audio. Low wattage amps which cost thousands. And low voltage, low gain preamps which can't push any amp to their full power. What is the point? Yet the pro audio offers equipment with much higher signal strength pair with much higher wattage amps for much lower cost. High priced home audio cables which add nothing. The more I dive into home audio, the more it seems that 90% of if is snake oil.
  4. I enquired about doing so last year. But no one was able to help me with settings for the 3-way Jubilee.
  5. I'm not overly thrilled with the build quality of VTV amplifiers. But for the price I can't complain. After talking with the owner, I am sending these amps back. He stated if I go with Sparkos or Sonic Imagery input buffer it will push the gain up to 34 DB total. This sounds like it would be more than beneficial for my scenario. However I'm just worried if it will drive up the s/n ratio to a discernable level of white noise with my horns. The owner stated it should be quiet with the NC2K monoblocks after adding the input buffer.
  6. Outlaw 976 outputting signal to monoblocks. Monoblocks outputting power to passive crossovers.
  7. Outlaw 976. It is a no-frills preamp which I am quite fond of. However it's voltage/gain is the lowest of any preamp I've ever owned.
  8. After much headache, I received the NC2K monoblocks today. I'm experiencing a ground loop buzz in one amp. However, the second amp is very quiet when there is no volume. So s/n ratio concerns are moot with these amps. I really like their sound. It is clean, almost clinical. Mids are defined. Highs are smooth and not in your face. Even at peak volume, the highs remain laid back. The Ncore amps definitely have a cleaner and more defined sound vs the Pascal amps I had previously. Through all of the amps I've owned, I have noticed my speakers seem to sound fuller with higher watt amps. And it definitely feels like I always have better separation and definition with monoblocks. With that being said, it seems the volume is much lower than I expected with these amps. So all the worries about these amps being too powerful were much to do about nothing. I am contemplating on getting some kind of voltage or gain booster. If I can't get this low volume issue fixed, I will have to return these amps. Which would be a real shame because I really like the way they sound with my speakers. This is why I hate preamps for home audio. Pro mixers never have this issue with gain. Only low voltage preamps made for home audio.
  9. You are a blessed young man. That is a wonderful setup. And those speakers are one of my favorite modelsfrom Klipsch. They are excellent for home theater and very good with music. You have a very nice room as well.
  10. I purchased a Pascal amp rated at 400 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 800 watts per Channel at 4 ohms. Still had to crank it a bit to get the volume I wanted out of it. So it does appear that the Outlaw 976 voltage is not enough to drive most amps to their full potential. With that being said I did like the high frequency extension with the Pascal amp. But the mids seemed a bit too subdued. I would almost say recessed. And my ears felt fatigue after listening to the digital type sound after few hours So I returned it this week. I just placed an order for a pair of Hypex NC2K model monoblock amps. I don't want to have regrets this time, so I'm going all out. Add to that I am contemplating a potential speaker change. I love the 535 Jubilees but their forward presentation can be fatiguing a times. I thought maybe I can rectify this by upgrading the drivers, but no one online has any information for upgrading the 3 way version Jubilee. From what I read Hypex Ncore amps have a more neutral presentation with greater mid-range detail but less in your face highs. If this gives me more mid-range detail and a more laid-back presentation then I will keep the Jubilees. If not, then as much as it pains my heart I will look into switching to either JBL M2 speakers or JTR Noesis 215RT speakers wherethe power of the Hypex NC2k amps would be more appropriate. Also from what I've read online, the rms power of the NC1200 is closer to 500 watts before distortion rises and the rms power of the NC 2000 is closer to 800 watts before distortion rises. So I'm taking into account the usual manufacturer inflation on their rms numbers as well.
  11. So are there any updates on this potential release or was it fake news?
  12. I just moved to another home due to vehemently disliking my previous neighbors. I'm on a corner lot in this neighborhood so I have a bit more freedom when it comes to the volume. But I have a have a busybody neighbor to the left of me who I would definitely like to keep it at arm's length. I I have never played music on movies uber loud in any of my setups. I normally don't go over 90db playback for movies or music. But in my past experience, the 200 watt per Channel amps I had we're almost nonexistent during low-volume listening. I constantly had to crank the volume to be able to hear low dialogue during movies. And dynamics during low volume playback with movies was always bad with the 200 watt per channel amps I previously owned. It was always embarrassing when people ask me to turn the volume up during movie playback because they can't hear low dialogue during movies with the lower powered amps I owned. I've never had this issue with high-powered amps. Every high-powered amps I owned has given very clear dialogue at low listening levels. So that was my thinking when looking at amps. But beyond that, almost all of the low power, mid power, and high power amps at VTV are near the same price which makes this decision so hard. I really want the Purifi amp but the power spec of 200 Watts at 8 ohms scares me. And the review show the amp at best puts out a little over 230 Watts continuous at 4 ohms. So that's why I normally don't deal with lower power amps since I know that most amps do not meet there specs anyway. I always take 30% off each power spec when I'm looking at a amp.
  13. Yes sir there Is a sticker on my bass bins which says 1200 watts @ 8 ohms. And the PDF I have for the Klipsch 535b states the recommended minimum power is 1200 watts.
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