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  1. C-J MV45, this was one of their prototypes. I pair it with a Pv-2 pre. It delivers the lush sound Conrad Johnson is famous for.
  2. I do think all systems are affected by age and use, not to mention ever changing environmental conditions. I also think that the listener is the least consistent part of the audio chain. I have several decent systems set up throughout the house and when I switch systems, it takes a half hour or so until I adjust to the new sound and start enjoying the music.
  3. I live in Washington state and have noticed that our area does not have the enthusiasm for Klipsch Heritage that I've noticed in other markets. I wouldn't pay top money for Cornwalls unless they were in top condition. I doubt buyers are lining up to buy these. I would talk to the seller and explain where you're coming from. Cornwalls are my favorite Heritage, you need a pair, but you don't want to be a sucker.
  4. If the speakers sound dull and without the lifelike presence Klipsch is known for, you need a recap. My Cornwalls are 1981, with B2 and they sounded a bit muffled on top compared to my other Klipsch speakers. I recapped them and all is well again. In any case, every screw inside your cabinet holding drivers and the electrical connections and the mid driver to horn gasket have probably loosened and could use some tightening.
  5. That looks on par with a good avant garde art show piece. They have that mid century architectural look, it's really good! Your speakers look great too. Could you elaborate a little on the speakers? What's up with the milk jugs on the floor?
  6. Had: Chorus II Forte Heresy Have: Cornwall Klipschorn Still Want: La Scala Belle Klipsch
  7. What input do you have it plugged into? It would need to go into a phono input. The phono cartridge on your turntable needs a phono input because there is a phono preamp with equalization associated with a phono input. There is also a special one needed for a moving coil cartridge, but that is less common until to climb the ladder.
  8. Short answer, K33 is for Heritage Cornwall, LaScala, Belle and Klipschorn. K43 is for Klipsch Industrial and has greater power handling.
  9. And all I did was lay them on there with some rubber pads.
  10. I messed around with 511's on top of Cornwalls with the adapters to use the K55 drivers. The throat is much more open, giving a open airy sound but less focused. I didn't change anything in my B2 crossovers for the experiment. I think it sounded balanced enough. I guess the open throat could reduce the efficiency compared to the stock klipsch horn. I tired of the sound after the newness faded and put it all back to stock. It's a fun thing to try and really gives your Cornwalls a taste of the big Altec sound.
  11. Nice work! I would be interested in your thoughts on how they sound and compare to your other Cornwalls.
  12. Dean's are fully horn loaded. Those are not built to spec for a dean. I bet they are neat though, I've always wanted some University Loudspeakers. I grew up in White Plains, NY where they were made.
  13. I've listened to both but in different systems at other guy's houses. For reference, I am a long time Klipschorn and Cornwall owner. I would jump on a pair of nineteen's if they came up near me. I owned fourteen's which are the baby brother, but never sounded balanced with their 12" woofer being incapable of keeping up with the horn. That is not a problem with the nineteen. I love La Scala's, but I think the big Altecs best them in my experience.
  14. Have you any 12at7 or 5751 for sale? Thanks, Mike
  15. Technically speaking the HL91 horn is an exponential horn, it just maintains a round section and has a gentle rate of flair. It is not conical. The diffuser is there to shape the dispersion pattern. I would not use that on any other horn mouth.
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