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  1. You can have a lot of fun with the La Scalas. I had Chorus II, Forte II and Heresy. I still have Klipschorn and Cornwall. I've always loved the way the La Scalas sound. I know I'm in the minority here but I never adjusted to the Forte II and after buying them new, I sold them within months. Many don't like the La Scala tonal balance citing the lack of bass response. I listen to a lot of live large ensemble jazz and think the large Klipsch heritage speakers do a good job of recreating the live experience in the home. Some say they are too bright or too in you're face. Live cymbals and trumpets are in your face. My opinion only. I would snap those Scalas up and do what the other guy said, live with them as is for a while.
  2. Running the amp with no load is not a conclusive test that the amp is fine.
  3. I like to rock out with my Cornwall 1's occasionally. I just finished repairing my CJ mv45 which is an el34 push pull amp from around 1980. I hooked it to the Cornwalls with a CJ preamp, PV-2. I use a homemade idler drive 16" broadcast table and use CDs. The approximately 45 watts with corns in any room I have tried just flat out rocks! Big fairly open sound. I used to run the el34s strapped in triode which gets about 22 watts. Still enough to get high spl with the Cornwalls. I've also got good results with 100 wpc SS and also with class D. The actual amp/preamp has more to do with the results than which type or class of amp you are using. Tubes are great fun but so are the other types.
  4. High capacitance in the speaker wire can make some amps oscillate. My old Onkyo integrated will shut down when I use high capacitance wires.
  5. I think the Cornwall appeals to first time Klipsch people due to it's warmer tonal balance. I have 1981's with the early B2. I had some old Heresy but didn't really like the balance, but the III should be better, I've heard them but not in a good set up. I agree with earlier post that K horns fit in a room much better that Cornwall. Lots of speakers have come and gone at my place, but the corner horns stay until my kids clear the place out.
  6. Well I tried the K-33's from my 1981 Cornwalls in the corner horns tonight. I used the stereophile test cd for test tones and listened to my regular jazz, blues stuff. No measuring equipment, just my old musician ears. In my room and for my tastes, the bass extension was not appreciably improved with the K-33's. They both had useful output down at the 31.5Hz 1/2 octave warble tone. 50Hz seemed slightly stronger with the K-33's. I did think everything coming out of the folded horn section sounded less articulate. I anticipated the articulation difference, but not that the 33 didn't seem to dig lower than the 43, at least in my room with my set up. I put the K-43's back in and think they sound better. I appreciate all the help and the offers, thanks, Mike
  7. Ah ha, so this brings me back to my original question. Would it be worth swapping in the normal K33?
  8. I agree with khornukopia considering how unmolested they are.
  9. I'm a guy who was living in Seattle during the Speakerlab years. I knew some hippies who wound voice coils for them in their living room out on Vashon Island. A good friend of mine had the sevens as pictured in Silicon's post. They were great blasting Blue Oyster Cult.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. I guess my situation is unique. I will think about your offer to swap woofers, coyote, thanks. I have some 81 Cornwalls with k33 that I should try in the corner horns than I'll know.
  11. Anyone here have an opinion on the K43e in a Klipschorn?
  12. Hi, I've owned these since early nineties. They originally came from Magnolia HiFi in Seattle, WA. I'm the second owner. I opened the woofer doors the other day out of curiosity while I was cleaning up binding post contacts and such. I had been in there in the mid nineties when I upgraded from AK-2 to AK-3, using factory parts and instructions. At that time, I didn't notice that the LF drivers were K43 instead of K33. All other drivers are what should be in these. These are factory equipped with separate hi and low freq fuses, so I doubt the woofers were blown and replaced. These were never abused either. The leads are soldered to the drivers just like factory. Maybe they came like this by mistake or special order? Maybe they were replaced who knows. Anyway they sound great to me. They are pretty solid sounding to 40hz. sound rolled off at 35hz, by 30 they are way down to a whisper. I understand that the K33 goes 10hz deeper, but that the K43 is the more articulate driver. I got that from reading up here, but most info is regarding use in La Scala. Anyone have any experience with K43 in corner horns? Thanks, Mike
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