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  1. Have you any 12at7 or 5751 for sale? Thanks, Mike
  2. Technically speaking the HL91 horn is an exponential horn, it just maintains a round section and has a gentle rate of flair. It is not conical. The diffuser is there to shape the dispersion pattern. I would not use that on any other horn mouth.
  3. And he was into BMW GS motorcycles. He even attended most or all of one of his tours by motorcycle, not all that long ago, 2006 maybe.
  4. Replace the caps if the speakers have a dull sound to them. Generally speaking, new caps will crispen up the sound of speakers. This assumes that you now have functioning but aged caps in your speakers.
  5. I also think that criticism of Ak2 is overstated.
  6. Well I had Ak2, then converted then to Ak3 for years and years. I decided recently that I would do some experimenting and put the squawker back to Ak2 which is -2db compared to Ak3 squawker level. I left the Ak3 woofer cap (100uf) because it works great. So I guess I have an Ak2.5. and I like it. New caps are in order no matter what.
  7. Absolutely agree on the speaker relay. People switch the power off with the volume up and I've read that that carbons up the switch contacts. I just fixed the same issue on a big Onkyo Integra. I had to de-solder the relay to get to it, but I did modify the relay cover to make it easy to remove so next time I won't have to remove the relay to clean it. Also for Deang, you could try to adjust the idling current to solve your shutting down issue.
  8. Toz

    K43 Woofer Pair

    I got Brian's K33's installed and they work great. If anyone ever wondered what K43's would sound like in corner horns, I can tell you since that's what I had for two decades. K43 is slightly more articulate and a bit stronger sounding in the upper bass, but does not have the output down low. It's not a huge difference, but it's noticable. My speakers sound more balanced now with the original K33 woofers in them finally. Brian is a stand-up guy!
  9. Toz

    K43 Woofer Pair

    I've sent a pm for brians7
  10. Toz

    K43 Woofer Pair

    Hi I have a pair of pristine K43's that came in my AK2 Klipschorns. I've had them since 1996 or thereabouts. I'm not sure why they are in there, the speakers were originally purchased at magnolia HiFi in Seattle according to the original owner. I'm interested in putting K33's in. I brought this up on this forum a few years ago. I know these are popular to use in MCM and LaScala. Anybody interested in trading or have a nice pair of K33 to sell?
  11. You can have a lot of fun with the La Scalas. I had Chorus II, Forte II and Heresy. I still have Klipschorn and Cornwall. I've always loved the way the La Scalas sound. I know I'm in the minority here but I never adjusted to the Forte II and after buying them new, I sold them within months. Many don't like the La Scala tonal balance citing the lack of bass response. I listen to a lot of live large ensemble jazz and think the large Klipsch heritage speakers do a good job of recreating the live experience in the home. Some say they are too bright or too in you're face. Live cymbals and trumpets are in your face. My opinion only. I would snap those Scalas up and do what the other guy said, live with them as is for a while.
  12. Running the amp with no load is not a conclusive test that the amp is fine.
  13. I like to rock out with my Cornwall 1's occasionally. I just finished repairing my CJ mv45 which is an el34 push pull amp from around 1980. I hooked it to the Cornwalls with a CJ preamp, PV-2. I use a homemade idler drive 16" broadcast table and use CDs. The approximately 45 watts with corns in any room I have tried just flat out rocks! Big fairly open sound. I used to run the el34s strapped in triode which gets about 22 watts. Still enough to get high spl with the Cornwalls. I've also got good results with 100 wpc SS and also with class D. The actual amp/preamp has more to do with the results than which type or class of amp you are using. Tubes are great fun but so are the other types.
  14. High capacitance in the speaker wire can make some amps oscillate. My old Onkyo integrated will shut down when I use high capacitance wires.
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