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  1. When I first bought my used LaScala's, I thought they sounded great. I had read many threads here on the forum about the K400 (metal) horn not being the best, but I could not hear the "harshness" that was discussed. After many hours of listening, especially at high(er) listening levels, I began to hear the harshness. Now even at lower levels, I can clearly detect the sound of the K400 (metal) horn. It's not totally unlistenable, but it does have a forward character to it. My LaScala's were DJ speakers and fairly beat up, but the original drivers were in good shape. When I get around to refurbishing the cabinets, I am going to change the K400 and tweeter out. If you want to experiment, I would go with a different horn, not driver. If you go with a different driver you will more than likely have to change or modify the crossover.
  2. Here is a quick & dirty REW curve. I can't find the other measurement from many moons ago. I say quick & dirty because my basement has yet to be straightened out and set-up after moving. To clarify - Blue line is with port mod, purple line is with port mod & EQ.
  3. They do look pretty. I’d buy some if they were $10 each. That’s about what they are worth.
  4. I stocked up on 6SN7, 12SN7, 7F7 and 14F7 long ago anticipating inflation. Now the only issue is is finding a good Loctal type socket. Those cheap ceramic Chinese ones suck.
  5. I have measured it. Let me find the file or remeasure with REW again. If I remember correctly, with the EQ and room gain, it will extend the low end down to 35Hz.
  6. Unfortunately, it looks like the Exodus 6.5" woofer is no longer available or hard to find at best. Here are the TS specs if you want to substitute another woofer for the project.
  7. That looks like a great sub project, no doubt. I've not heard one yet.
  8. I'm not sure. I'd have to do some research. The problem with a regular EQ is the bandwidth or Q of the circuit. It would probably be too wide and affect to many frequencies on either side of the 40Hz boost region. In addition, the high pass filter EQ has a built-in "infrasonic" slope to attenuate the lower frequencies from unloading the woofer at 1/2 the port tuning frequency.
  9. The below circuit is an example of what you would need to realize the high pass EQ filter electronically. This is only the high pass EQ filter circuit, no power supply is shown. This circuit could be inserted into your preamp's tape loop function (in/out). On some preamps, there is a specific "EQ" loop for external processors, such as this high pass filter. If you need a power supply circuit let me know.
  10. It is hard to refute facts, data and experience, but I don't recall doing any of those three. I made an observation that a lot of opinions on this forum are "half-baked" to use your descriptive words. NOW THAT is up for debate.
  11. 6SN's and 12SN's are the same except for filament voltage. Again, there may be sonic differences, but I can't hear them.
  12. The coin base is not as attractive or Art Deco as a "GT", but they should "behave" the same. I use the word "behave" because of the way some people describe the way they sound. I don't believe that a vacuum or slightly different metal choices (cathode, filament, plate) can change the sound of a tube, but I don't want to take anything away from someone's music.
  13. Everything in life is a compromise. Did we really have to debate an audio topic in order for me to make that statement for you to realize?
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