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  1. USA NOS 6SN7GT’s. Those would be my first choice.
  2. The crossover point is simply a "reference frequency" measured in dB, so technically, it is SPL on a graph. The point where the frequency is -3dB. However, depending on the type of crossover, the crossover point could be -6dB, such as a Linkwitz-Riley 12dB/octave.
  3. The main item I noticed missing from the latest picture you posted was the lack of those single screw solder terminals. I know they provide a secure tie point for a solder connection, but they also seem to make the board "busy". I like the look much better without them.
  4. Claude, I think you should change the thread title to "BS Button List of Worthy Colorful Metaphors".
  5. If you knew anything about PWK, you would not have made the quoted comment. Paul could have cared less if he was welcomed in audiophool circles. The term is somewhat self-deprecating today. "I" challenge the idea of audible differences below a certain level... you can't believe your ears and brain, they lie to you. In the end, people have their favorite equipment and to argue about it is pointless.
  6. A speaker (or woofer more specifically) power tested on a Klippel System, assuming it survives, will be well broken in after that test. For power tests, pink noise is typically used unless there is some unusual requirement for the test.
  7. I recently purchased some Linlai 300B tubes also, just the standard ones. They are still breaking in but sound as good as Genelex Gold Lion 300B's for 1/2 the price. The Gold Lions have a thicker glass envelope and ceramic base which add some weight to the entire tube to give it a nice "perceived quality feel", but it's the internals that matter.
  8. I see you are getting more efficient in your builds... very nice.
  9. They were only made by three or four companies, all the rest are / were rebranded. GE, RCA, Sylvania, etc will be good.
  10. The 12SC7 is a 12SL7GT with a "special shield" to reduce hum according to tube data documentation. A 12SL7GT could be used as a direct repalcement. I've never needed a special shield when using 12 or 6SL7GT's in an audio circuit.
  11. Ha! You'll have to send a pic. The only equilibrium I have reached is spreading everything out in my basement so I can easily find an item. After our move, it is slowly getting organized, but not fast enough.
  12. The tools to develop loudspeakers have changed. You can use your favorite search engine to find out. Perception is what mainly changes. Customers perception(s). This is what drives a product to constantly evolve. In most cases, it is marketing or sales driven. Engineers are stubborn and constantly pushed by sales to make a "different & better" product so they can sell the next latest and greatest item. Not all engineers are stubborn, but most are not marketers or salesmen. Perception is usually reality (in the sales world) and if a product design is viewed as tired and old, a new product must be developed. Plain and simple. If new technology is not available or slightly different, marketing will put a twist on something to give the new product a fresh look & life. I have not heard the lll or IV, so I cannot comment on that aspect.
  13. Please share... tell us why they are absurdly costly?
  14. So 88, are you saying that "equilibrium" has been reached, thus entropy is at it's highest?
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