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  1. I love tubes, but I do have limits I will pay for a given tube. I won't pay more than 30 for a tube rectifier, which limits me to everything but a 5AR4/GZ34. I simply refuse to pay more than that. Having said that, the JJ 5AR4 and Sovtek 5AR4 should work fine in most circuits.
  2. An NTC thermistor is a good idea too. Depending on the circuit, you have to choose the correct one.
  3. That's all it is; two diodes mounted in the tube socket.
  4. Opps, I did not see the SS = solid state part. I have not used these. However, if you are going to use them, you will need a power resistor to limit your voltage because the solid state diodes do not have the internal resistance like tubes, so your voltage will go up. A low impedance supply definitely has it's advantages. Instead of spending $9.95 plus shipping, you can make one for about $0.25 with two 1N4007 diodes.
  5. My Chinese SE EL34 amp came with two Shuguang EL34’s. They seem to work pretty good in the HF87 clone, so I bought two more Shuguang EL34’s on eBay. I’ll break in the four Shuguang EL34’s good and use them for everyday use in the HF87 clone. Plus, I’m curious how long the Chinese EL34’s will last. George A said he has had good luck with some of the Chinese pentode/tetrode tubes.
  6. I have used all of them. What kind of feedback are you looking for?
  7. So Planet of the Apes may be a real reality huh? Could be, but taking everything into account, homo sapiens are just a click on a geological clock in reference to astral time.
  8. Was PWK a fan of Primus? Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver?
  9. I am quite modest in making a mess of things, but thank you. I’m quite proud of my accomplishments. Rock on.
  10. The truth is not kind most times. We know where you stand.
  11. Well at least he knows how he might be viewed.
  12. He represents a multi-million dollar company, what he thinks is OK, may not be suitable. It’s that simple. Again, I am suggesting a change to go hand in hand with the other changes.
  13. I propose Chiefbonehead change his name. I suspect, based on focus groups and other market related data that Klipsch's head engineer, should be addressed as a positive figure, not so named as a self-deprecating figure. No disrespect to Roy, but, I think he should take on a more respected moniker. I can appreciate the "Chiefbonehead" name as modest, but it doesn't fit well with the educated Klipsch buyer.
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