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  1. Well the ****** opened a claim and said the tracking # was no good. Ebay started to ride me, I ran the number and it was delivered to his mailbox. He dropped it at that point (Thursday) I agree with Dean, there are a ton of scammers, electronics are the worst, order something you need a part out of, pull it out and then you have 6 months to return it. Seller loses every time. Opus can vouch for me on a MC80 that was perfect. I forgot to send the panlocks, sorry I will next day them. Then the thing doesn't power up he wants $200 or will send it back. I settled at $100 and gave the panlocks back to OPUS, so the guy beat me out of $20. Now I list everything as non working for parts or repair and that the unit works fine. People seem to understand and bid. CL for anything else. I'm just getting ready to list quite a bit of golf memorabilia on there and that is a grading judgement. I grade everything low because if you list a book or program as fine, it better be NIB or they *****. Clubs that have never been hit or the plastic taken off are not necessarily mint because the box shows wear. Oh yea, 15% after PP Mark
  2. Those would be industrials with the aluminum trim and they should be ropped off at my home address Now go back to the beach, start drinking heavily and forget about the issues facing America. Come back in 3 1/2 years and see if you can make a difference then Mark
  3. Do you have enough teeth to eat flan without a glass of milk to wash is down? If you do, STFU and go get some morsels from off the trees knocked down Mark
  4. So a guy who bought a 3 pak of cigar holders for the golf course is bugging the shit out of me. I gave him the USPS tracking # but that isn't good enough. He wants a time stamp so I can prove I sent them. $16.95 for 3 of them postage included. I didn't realize PUERTO RICO was considered part of the US. it's a property, never the less I ate the shipping so he would be happy. And he's still bitching up a storm. I suppose I could have bought a plane ticket and hand delivered them. So my options are 1. Tell him to screw off 2 Tell him to screw off 3. Tell him to screw off 4 Tell him to call the UNITED STATES PO and ask why he isn't getting the service he is due, after all he is a sovereignty, for what that's worth, we should be kissing his *** because they contribute so much to the economy, Thoughts? Mark
  5. Funnel cake? Why the hell weren't you outside with a tub of ice cream and chipping off pieces of funnel? Mark
  6. See what he says GLWS Mark
  7. @eth2Sorry to speak for you, but you're str8 up, just trying to help 2 people come to a fair agreement Mark
  8. I know he was serious, he doesn't screw around, if he wants it and it's fairly priced, you have it sold. Shoot him an offer, all he can do is counter or say no Mark
  9. Fair enough, I've had a couple people agree to buy something and then not bring enough money, driving me crazy. GL finding your Ks Mark
  10. @Arrow#422 I have them completely pulled apart right now, I need to decide whether I am going to have them reveneered or not. With oil on them, they do look great, I haven't oiled them in probably 6-8 months. Those tiny nicks can be hidden under glass, but I hate to cover them up. It's looking like a summer time project Mark
  11. I have a 24" Toro which is fine for most snows, when we get the 8-9 inch snow, it struggles to get it done. That Honda just eats up the snow without any problem, I'm sure Mark
  12. Rodney, You used to be so much fun, you didn't care what people thought Stop the snow, it would be a nice change of pace to have a nice March-April in Chicago in the golf business PLEASE????????????????? LOL Mark
  13. Congrats A1UC NOW About the snow blower LOL Just a need to mess with one of the nice guys on the forum Mark
  14. And you are absolutely brutal BTW. So am I, I can take it, I give enough shit out, generally to those people who know everything and those who feel they are entitled to rip off someone and brag about it. We all know who they are, they have ridiculous amounts of Pro Line (or so they say) that need major work to make the speakers operational. And they will go above and beyond, to offer 10 cents on the dollar. to HELP YOU LOL, I think I am having them reveneered, the walnut putty works great but doesn't hold up to the oiling, THANK YOU @Arrow#422 for making me more obsessive in the pursuits of perfection, OTOH, they sound amazing I don't look at the cabinets, I sit pinned in my chair happily waiting for the CD to end so I can stretch my legs Mark
  15. Yea, they are absolutely killing me. They bookmatching is great. they look great and they tiny chips are making me want to sell them. When I use walnut putty, the damage is barely visible. But it will always stand out to me. Lacquer is an answer to the problem (suggested by OPUS) but it kills me to lacquer them. When they are oiled they are stunning Mark