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  1. IF they're version 1, otherwise not such a good price. Short ports indicate they aren't version 1 Mark
  2. Really? Have you used UShip? I had a pair of K-362s delivered door to door from Florida for $150. I realize you know everything and comment on every thread but can FedEx ground really do it better than that? I have a business account with FedEx and I can guarantee they couldn't do the speakers from Florida for that price. But that's just my experience, your knowledge is way over my head. Mark
  3. "I am selling my two Klipsch RB 75 Speakers in excellent condition. Black finish" I don't know if it's for two or three but the listing says 2 Mark
  4. Nice work, I had some people tell me they were worth the parts alone at $150. I'm glad you got them Mark
  5. You have put us on a couple beauties to torture and for that I THANK YOU!! Mark
  6. Or the pair I had for $500 Mark
  7. How many do you need? 2? What's your address, I have a couple extra I bought from Mr. Crites. Mark
  8. I've got a pair of K-60Ms from the KP-600 series. I;m waiting on an answer from the buyer, I will let you know what happens Mark
  9. Go to Sams CLUB and ask for the produce boxes, watermelon, potatoe, they have great boxes, triple play cardboard. Be nice and it could be free to you Mark
  10. As many times as I've looked at this, the speakers still turned out beautiful Mark
  11. Bummer, I thought you pulled the trigger Mark
  12. Where did you locate the Parasounds? And did you get the Belles in the same deal? Mark
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