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  1. I have friends in different parts of Denver, I can ask if you make a deal and the seller won't ship. Mark
  2. That might fit on a pallet with the 362s if I end up going that route. GLWS Mark
  3. Can you take some pics of the tags and any damage? Also, how much are you asking? Mark
  4. ZEUS121996

    What I Got Today!

    No, I slept in until about 9:30, I wake up without an alarm clock which is good unless I'm off that day. Are you going to HOPE? I'm out, this nice weather has me working in April Interesting, what are these going to run through? Mark
  5. ZEUS121996

    What I Got Today!

    I was worried about perfect corners but this refrigerator box is better than I could ever hope for. Perfect seal on the Khorns, I can't wait to go dancing in the streets with the neighbors. A brown bag with a 40 in it and Khorns rocking brings the party to an all time high. The underground road should work like a HUUUUUGE folded horn, I can't wait to blow air up their dresses. 😛😛😛 Mark
  6. ZEUS121996

    What I Got Today!

    I have a new duplex on Lower Wacker, Refrigerator and oven box. It's beautiful down here now and I raised the rent on my tenant so things are good. Mark
  7. ZEUS121996

    What I Got Today!

    Nice snag! Mark
  8. I'm trying to reach one of my friends coming back through Oklahoma this week. You think he will turn around and go back to get them? I need him to answer the phone 1st. Now about thatr pair that Youthman has in Florida, is there anyone coming north? Mark
  9. Here is one of the pie logos from the 73 Khorns I had, They are actually clear with gold paint filling in the emblem
  10. So trademarks and copyrights are a waste of money because anyone should be able to sell knock offs? Relating it to golf, most manufacturers have a legal team dedicated to shutting down the companies that copy their equipment. In some cases the knock offs are so good the company honors the warranty only to find the defective club is a $20 copy. When they cut the heads open they find a cheap cast knock off. Karsten manufacturing has to be the most copied equipment in the world. Besides the companies mass producing junk they have to deal with other manufacturers taking Mr. Solheim's putter and club designs. Scotty Cameron has to be one of the most prolific, he has copied almost every design by Karsten and made a fortune doing it. Most infringements are ducked by making the tiniest variation possible, some companies choose not to pursue it because of the legal fees involved. AND as soon as they shut down onw plant, 20 more pop up Mark
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