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  1. Forte II etc

    If you can take pics of the label on the back of the speakers, and better pics of the receiver and speakers, someone will chime in with prices @wvu80 They look like KG4s to me Mark
  2. Cornscala- Make an Offer

    Buh Bye, it was nice not meeting you, I don't have time in my life for people like you. Take your anger out somewhere else. A blowup doll would probably be a good starting point. Mark
  3. Cornscala- Make an Offer

    I could be drunk or stupid or both. I've just never seen a factory issued Cornscala never mind one in 2 tones. Oh that's right, Klipsch never made a Cornscala. Maybe Uncle Fred has some splaing to do? Painting the back to match the rest of the cabinet must be a 10 minute job. Quoting Moray " excellent loudspeaker and great colors in the rug." Is the rug included? I'm going out on a limb and doubling Woofers and Tweeters offer. $2 and you pay shipping AND this isn't an auction site, state your asking price, pull up your diaper and get on with it Mark
  4. Cornscala- Make an Offer

    Why are the sides and front painted black and the back a stained plywood? I dont think Klipsch offered various finishes applied to a speaker order. I could be wrong but black on a gun walnut would not be factory issued Mark
  5. Klipsch KG4 listing

    IMO NO! Mark
  6. Look like KP-2500's Houston

    Carl buy these for me unless he is floating them to you. PM sent Mark
  7. Real Deal, he said so Firm. $440

    Smartass quips from you doesn't match you. Mine on the other hand does. How bout you change the post to "Some ******* idiot really needs this at an absolutely ridiculous price!!
  8. Pony Express Central (Shipping Discussion)

    @CECAA850 Not right now Carl, Not right now Mark
  9. Epic CF-4's in Detroit Area

    So am I Mark
  10. Epic CF-4's in Detroit Area

    My garage full of fantasy land gathering dust was washed down by the Mighty Fox River. I am now dealing with insurance on a pair of Khorns, Belle and CWs. A dime for WALNUT CF-4s is not unreasonable, although I got mine in cherry for $200 a couple years ago. They are great speakers, I rate them better than the KLF-30s. Just my .02 Mark
  11. Sold: Oppo BDP-103

  12. KPT-456 Klipsch

    That could be Tim, MM's buddy, he usually has a big selection of gear Mark
  13. Rb-81 ii or rp-160m?

    Yea, that's the ticket Mark
  14. klipschorns

    With grills they are fugly
  15. Letgo.com Klipsch deals

    Ask him what he picked up today Mark