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  1. Taming the K 53 K.

    A big long' drink is always the #1 option
  2. Anyone use induction cooktop? Thoughts?

    I have to look at the wok and frying pan to see who made them. I've had them about 15 years. I use the wok for a lot of food. It is big, it can easily hold a gallon of juice and 5 pounds of beef. Turn it on 8 and the juice is boiling in about 15 seconds. As long as you don't touch the actual pot, you can't feel any heat. The wok was about $2500 when I got it, the pan was about 1700. Nice lady gave them to me new in exchange for golf lessons and having a few pops from time to time, I would never pay that to cook. They are really very nice pieces of kitchen ware Mark
  3. Klipsch & Mcintosh overkill?

    @oldtimer Looks like a toaster Mark
  4. Klipsch Klipschorn Corner Horn Speakers

    GL Mark
  5. These might be a little on the high side https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/klipsch-klipschorn-corner/6551991155.html Mark
  6. Best Wood Finish For Oiled Oak

    If you really want Watco Rejuvenating Oil, PM me your address and I will send you a can Mark
  7. SOLD: Klipsch Palladium P37F and P27C in Chicagoland

    Is the 39 that much better or because of the size of the cabinet, the sound produced is fuller? This is close to me, I would have a hard time selling my Khorns for these. Mark
  8. wristwatches

    Chris, What do you think of this? TY Mark
  9. wristwatches

    Part of my job is to look successful, clothes have to be crisp, shoes cleaned. And I never thought it was a big deal, but everyone commented on how nice the Omega was, the Casio I wear now, people question it. My attitude is "I don't give a F*** what people think of me, they pay me for my ability to help them improve." And then I say I need a status symbol. What kind of fool am I? only A TOTAL FOOL Mark
  10. wristwatches

    I've been looking at that Casio and also the $200 Seiko. They can take a beating and keep running. I'll probably look for another Seamaster and pick up a Jenny Caribbean along the way. Andy ( @HDBRbuilder) turned me onto some classic watches. The problem is there are so many great watches at reasonable prices, it's hard to drop 3200 on a Seamaster. Mark
  11. wristwatches

    Nice collection of watches. The Omega Seamaster I had was great, I left it in the golf cart and when I went back 2 minutes later, the kids hadn't seen it. AT THE COURSE I TEACH AT!!!! Breitlings are exceptional watches, Cartier are too flashy for me. If you are looking for decent watches at good prices, go to Kickstarter and buy one (or 2) using the super early bird discount Mark
  12. Wanted...4 - RS-7's

    Does white work? The cabs are OK, the grills are dirty, solid sonically. I was going to remove the vinyl and shoot them black Mark
  13. Klipsch RB-5’s $100 in Brooklyn

    Sent a PM on these, haven't heard back Mark
  14. Klipsch Belle's with cane grills $2500 Little Rock

    The CL ad needs better pics. Mark