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  1. If I'm confusing everyone, I'm happy to do so. I would ask you to call me to discuss this and other matters but I'm sure your have your hands full, being from the horseshoe up your ***
  2. Tight ***, you squeak when you walk? Mark
  3. He' on the way to make a truckload of money, tell him to step up and play major league ball, not single A LOL Mark
  4. Uh No, You are no longer the Youngest forum member, you are going to graduate and stand in tall cotton (for those who don't understand, standing in tall cotton, means you don't have to reach for the toilet paper, the cotton is so tall, you don't have to bend down to wipe your ***, because you have more than enough money) Mark
  5. Travis, Since I am planning on checking out soon, can I transfer them to people who matter to me here such as Jimbo and Carl? Mark
  6. Doubtful!!! LOL Mark
  7. Or is it USO? Wherever they are Not that anyone cares Ask my buddy @jimjimbo GO BLUE!!!!!! Mark
  8. "You might also ask for you want" Obviously you have been at SOU too long doc. Get back to Parkersburg ASAP Mark
  9. Looks like the only day I'm not currently working is Friday, June 2nd. I can meet you on the way up, I would love to go to a bike race. I haven't been on a bike since I was 22, we decided to run up the road to another place. T shirts and cutoffs, I was riding *****. At 140, I asked my buddy what happens if we lay it down? He told me not to worry about it. LOL, helmets are brain buckets, just makes it easier to clean up the mess Mark
  10. This picture explains you chasing the dragon through HiFi. The only way you catch the Dragon is to get back up on it. I'm still chasing it, Audio reached out towards it, but can't catch it. Keep chasing, I will never give up Mark
  11. Ah, JWEB going to Elkhart, I'm guessing a stop at OPUS' house with a trailer in tow. Can we get together and have a beer? Mark
  12. Video of Todd Rundgren doing a live version of Red Peters' song Bl*w Me. Todd introduces the song with a political comment and since there are women on here, I edited the title so as to not offend anyone. If the Mods find this distasteful, feel free to delete my post. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=blow+me+song+by+red+peters&view=detail&mid=719AB8647EDAEB6C41BF719AB8647EDAEB6C41BF&FORM=VIRE Mark
  13. I have 3 KP-600 LF 650 bins that take the 15" K-46 Woofers. Where are you located? Mark
  14. PM if Rodney doesn't buy it Mark
  15. That is some really tasty stuff. Make a bunch of it for the Pilgrimage next year, it might be as popular as the green beans Mark