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  1. $450 "Klipsch Heresy "HBR" Type Speakers Maple cabinets have been polished and oiled." Sounds like birch raw stained walnut😁😁😁 Mark
  2. What kind of paint job is that on the front motorboard? Besides bad? IDK prices anymore but they are going up, is this reasonable? Mark
  3. I think it's now 2800 for the pair. Now y'all don't run each other off the road racing to get them Mark
  4. I know a couple people in the estate sale business. They say stuff that is worth a decent amount usually gets overpriced hoping no one buys. When the sale is over they buy everything left over for a fraction of its value. They then either take it to the next estate sale or flip it asap and collect the proceeds. Pretty smart and really shady way to do business. I guess it's a pretty common practice. Mark
  5. You could return the gear you ordered and buy both of mine πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Mark
  6. It can run all 3 zones at once. They are like the M-500 and 700 except these have 3 amps in one, and are 60 per channel. Mark
  7. The Marantz ZS5300 has 3 60 watt amps in 3 zones. I have 2 of them and they do a nice job. That said, I'm planning on selling both of them as I have picked up 4 Yamaha M series amps. They put out 130 watts if I remember correctly. Mark
  8. ZEUS121996

    The Boss

    His voice wasn't very good. I agree with Stew, after having seen the Stones 3-4 times I still don't really like them. I don't care who was in FM, they always sucked. Springsteen isn't the most talented but he does put on a great show, at least when Clarence Clemmons was with him. I haven't seen him since, I can't imagine it being near as good a show. Mark
  9. Being a bottom dweller I joined at a level I can handle. I wish I could do more, maybe down the road. Mark
  10. ZEUS121996

    The Boss

    WOW, AuntBea shows up throwing! Nice to see you, hope all is well. Mark
  11. Awesome setup. IDK if I like the tiger eye finish, obviously some people think it's beautiful. I wonder what he upgraded to. Mark
  12. Well you just insulted wvu80 marching bands are big with him Mark
  13. I hear you. No, I mean I hear you. I'm about 45 minutes south of you. Now about the Taylor Swift you play on a loop, knock it off or turn it down! Mark
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