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  1. I've seen and listened to this setup, they look and sound great. GLWS Mark
  2. ZEUS121996

    Dang. These DC area Cornwalls are Pretty.

    The verticals are CW1s if I remember correctly. Mark
  3. ZEUS121996

    Interesting Gear In Chicago

    I've been to pick up gear there before, his basement is set up as a showroom. He has a lot.
  4. ZEUS121996

    Thoughts on these Heresy?

    Is that a bad part of town? IDK that much about the area. Mark
  5. ZEUS121996

    Pony Express Central (Shipping Discussion)

    I can get them from the history kid in Peoria and bring them to you. It would have to be during the spring sale at Keeneland. And hopefully you will have a pair of 362s waiting for me. I think that's the plan, I'll give the 75s a good break in so you wont have to worry about that Mark
  6. ZEUS121996

    KP-362 For $240 in Florida

    I really don't want to get into a pissing contest with you. There are actually a couple rules on the forum, this one would apply 1. Posting emails and texts, I don't think it is supposed to happen Please get your information correct. I didn't own part of a racehorse (thoroughbreds) it was actually 2 horses (still thoroughbreds) and we ended up selling them. Thank you for your efforts picking up the speakers, I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. 😁😁😁 Have a FANTASTIC DAY!!! 👍👌 Mark
  7. ZEUS121996

    KP-362 For $240 in Florida

    @Youthman Ksquared bailed on picking them up, if you can pick them up and hold them, I would appreciate it. The seller is 4 miles north of Ybor, I think you're pretty close to him. Let me know please. Mark
  8. ZEUS121996

    WTB: Academy center speaker (Found)

    This is 5 minutes from work, if anyone is interested I can go have a look Mark
  9. ZEUS121996

    Khorns Barn find Ohio

    Nice Grab Mark
  10. ZEUS121996

    Khorns Barn find Ohio

    How much if you don't mind my asking Thank you, Mark
  11. ZEUS121996

    Heresy 3s $900/pair Chicago

    Yes on FB Marketplace. Great deal on them, they are a couple hours away if anyone is interested. Mark
  12. ZEUS121996

    Japanese Kitchen Knife

    I think I'm still using my Chicago Cutlery that has to be 25 years old. Not knowing a lot about all the expensive knives, these work and do the job they are supposed to. You can't miss what you never had. As you said, they just don't hold an edge very long. They don't but stones are cheap. Mark