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  1. I can bring a pair of Super Heresy that need a look at, one of the crossovers keeps cutting out. Yes, it's all about me. LOL Mark
  2. She has a pair of 87 Khorns listed at $4800 so her prices MIGHT be a little high. Mark
  3. Apair of CWs I bought had a layer of paint about 1/4 inch thick, I put 60 grit on a belt sander and ripped it until the wood was just starting to show. From there I went with 100 grit on an orbital to get closer to the wood. Mark
  4. These aren't pretty but they are $500 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/473778746665624/ Mark
  5. @CECAA850 Carl, How many confirmed right now? Thank you, Mark
  6. Why would you want to avoid banging those woofers? They look very nice Mark
  7. https://www.expedia.com/Hope-Hotels-Super-8-By-Wyndham-Hope.h50696.Hotel-Information?MDPCID=US.META.TRIVAGO.MOBILEHOTELSCORESEARCH.HOTEL&MDPDTL=HTL.50696.HOPE.los%3D1.losb%3D1.ttt%3D7.tttb%3D5.trv_bm%3D-1&chkin=4%2F2%2F2020&chkout=4%2F5%2F2020&daysInFuture=&destType=MARKET&destination=Hope%2C Arkansas%2C United States of America&group=&guestRating=&hotelName=&latLong=&mctc=5&misId=&neighborhoodId=null&poi=&pwa_ts=1579743518627&referrerUrl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZXhwZWRpYS5jb20vSG90ZWwtU2VhcmNo&regionId=8151&rm1=a2&roomIndex=&selected=50696&sort=recommended&stayLength=&swpToggleOn=true&theme=&useRewards=true&userIntent=&x_pwa=1 4 rooms left at $52/night.
  8. That was a bummer. They can't shut it down now, it keeps rolling along with twists along the way Mark
  9. Woofers means after we play some soothing tunes with some volume we won't be welcome back at the Super 8. I think Mark
  10. I have a pair of 362s at Youthman's house in Plant City. If someone can get them to another member's home in Atlanta or somewhere in between I will be in Augusta April 6-9. I'm headed to the Klipsch party in Hope the weekend of April 3-5 and then on to Augusta immediately after. I have my pickup with 8 foot bed and cap so I will have room to carry some gear south. I should also have some room coming back to Chicago around the April 10th through Lexington and then north to Chicago. IF anyone needs some help Mark
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