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  1. Jeff wood klipsch poster

    Uh, NOOO!!
  2. Klipsch lascala pro's in Atlanta 1000 obo

    And then send them north to a good friend in northern Illinois Mark
  3. Klipsch lascala pro's in Atlanta 1000 obo

    You should have made him give you some GREEN beans Mark
  4. Jeff wood klipsch poster

    @Schu!!! Is that a plant on top of your CWs? I hope it's plastic Mark
  5. Can someone please interpret for me? I have no idea if this is a for sale or WTB ad. Exactly where is this going, other than he is mainly joking around? Mark
  6. Single La Scala, Ohio, eBay, works, 1F270

    I was using my Belle as a center, now I have 3 Khorns, that should make a good L-C-R combo. I'm in no hurry to get it set up, it's going to take some work to get the single K tp fit in. Both Looks and sound should be pretty sweeeeeet, if I don't screw the pooch along the way Mark
  7. Klipsch Forte

    smaller mid=1s I should know that Mark
  8. Klipsch Forte

    Neil, can you tell they're 1s? Mark
  9. Klipsch Forte

    Are they 1s or 2s? 550 for 2s would be good, for 1s it's fair Mark
  10. Klipschorn- label

    He doesn't owe us anything, he put it out there, usually they sell quick. Maybe he does need the money so he sold them on the bay. Were you going to step up and buy them? Probably not, so get over it Mark
  11. Tweed Heresy grills

    OK, I had some gaskets at $1 each also. I was happy with the price and service as always. Mr.Crites has spent a lot of time on the phone with me, his time and knowledge is worth way more than the $5/yard difference. And as I said in the post about the X-11s, the $20 doesn't buy me one hand at the blackjack table tonight Mark
  12. X11i ear buds, new $23/shipped Ebay

    I ordered a pair, that doesn't get one bet at a Blackjack table tonight Mark
  13. Tweed Heresy grills

  14. Tweed Heresy grills

    This is the new cloth I put on my Walnut Heresys from Mr. Crites. It looks great and is easy to work with, much easier then the black cloth that is being offered now. I have some more pics, I need to look for them if anyone is interested. Mr.Crites should also have a couple pics of mine. I think I paid $200 shipped for 4 yards of it from Mr. Crites @BEC Mark
  15. Tweed Heresy grills