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  1. Why the cross post in Alerts and Garage sales? I see you changed it to garage sale only. Thank you for the clarification and words. GLWS Mark
  2. Sorry I was commenting on a pair of Khorns in the Alert section. As soon as I saw it was a member's I changed my post. If you put it in garage sale no one will comment on the price, leave it in Alerts and you will get comments on condition and price Mark
  3. Gurnee, Illinois is about 40 minutes from me. Mark
  4. A few choice bottles? A few is 3-4, whatcha bringing? I don't want to bring any of the same bourbon, variety is...….. Although I'm in a lower tax bracket so I really don't have to worry about my selections getting confused with your BTAC and Pappiez Mark
  5. Dave, Can you put a pair away for me to pick up at SWAG in September please? Thank you, Mark
  6. That's nice but exactly how does that help the OP? Mark
  7. And maybe the Gremlin Mark
  8. I don't see any calligraphy, where is it? Mark
  9. Jackson Brown has it now. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/jackson-browne-tests-positive-coronavirus-972713/?fbclid=IwAR3mbJX0aAE0fXbHL6z7sX2cD82-pWdxwSf5-8MxTREBpqmfnziahGGP-gc Mark
  10. What kind of acid? Mark
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