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  1. @jimjimboset me up with a pair of crossovers, I started out with just the cabinets and bought the parts. He and a few other people here would be able to tell you how they modified the crossover. Mark
  2. ZEUS121996

    Checking in

    Hi Amy, Great to see you, I hope you're doing well. Mark
  3. Nice speakers, they need some work, 3k? I've had 3 pair now or I would buy them. I finally figured out I don't have the room. Mark
  4. I've used UShip in the past and they were outstanding. It's been a couple years but a pair of KP-362s from Ocala to Chicago was around $200 IIRC Mark
  5. ZEUS121996


    I'm hacked on FB so I can't see any details, could someone post it here or PM me please? Thank you, Mark
  6. Billy, I'm not much on hanging around a place where my comments have to be approved before they can post. It's not very welcoming, I'm sure potential new members appreciate the censorship as much as the current members. And there are plenty of causes I can donate money to, I direct mine to a select few. Mark
  7. I haven't looked at prices forever, have they gone up that much? $1k for Heresy? Mark
  8. You should see what people are paying for my bourbon and rum 🤣 Mark
  9. IDK anymore, I see people asking crazy prices and getting them Mark
  10. I guess you can say whatever you want when you're a mod, that's not necessarily a good thing
  11. $3250 for a pair of 84 CWs is good? Mark
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