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  1. I do have a special running. Buy one and get the 2nd at 50% off. The 1st one is TADA!! $2500 Mark
  2. Jim, You have 2019-01, 03, 04 waiting here for you. There's a ton of Booker's still around, I saw 2017 and 2018 varieties. Almost everyone is $79.99 except Jewel who has the six pack price of $64.99 each. Mark
  3. I'm guessing they are AA but there are a lot better people to ask. Dean should be able to answer your questions @Deang Mark
  4. Raynman, Location will help you in your search. Mark
  5. ZEUS121996

    What I Got Today!

    Nice ride Rodney! Mark
  6. For a smooth 250K you can get the Roadster, 0-100 in 4.2 top speed of 250 MPH. Awesome vehicle, just a touch out of my range Mark
  7. I'm a boomer, getting used to the look might take a while but it does look really solid Mark
  8. $1253.99 An alert to warn everyone against a thief out there? Mark
  9. Yes, the back edge is thinner than the fronts. Mark
  10. There's a pair of LaScalas in a package in Olympia, ends next Saturday, no bids yet, bidding starts at $20. They look very good from the pictures, they might go low because the description sucks and so do the pictures LOL https://www.proxibid.com/Massive-complete-media-system-incl-Pioneer-CLD-2090-Laserdisc-Yamaha-RX-V3300-receiver-and-more/lotInformation/51283079 Mark
  11. Nice to see you back in action D Mark
  12. 😏😏 Carl, I know, bourbon, not rye. She is going to try and order the bourbon. If she gets it, do you want some? 😏🙄 Mark
  13. I just stopped at the bar by the house and asked if they could order some bourbon for me. Not a problem, she asked if I wanted to try some stuff that people really seem to like. Henry McKenna RYE, bummer, she said she will talk to her sales rep and see if she can get this^^^^^^^. If she gets some who wants a bottle? Mark
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