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  1. Looking for a Pio SC-85

  2. Chorus walnut, Frisco TX

    Yea I should know that. If they were 2s in walnut, you would have scooped them right away
  3. K-55X Drivers

    Mr. Crites was nice enough to get back to me immediately. He recommended soldering the wire directly to the drivers. The good thing was the Atlas driver has a small hole I was able to tuck the wire into. It's not pretty with my shakes but I think it will work. Going to fire them up at the club tomorrow and see what happens. I'll also be interested to see how much difference I can hear between the 2007s and the 73s that had been recapped. Mark
  4. K-55X Drivers

    He didn't have the terminals, not a big deal I'm sure. I can't figure out how they did it without damaging anything else. I could solder the wires directly to the drivers, not ideal but functional. Being anal, that would drive me crazy tho Mark
  5. K-55X Drivers

    The 2007 Khorns I just picked up have a problem with the K-55X drivers. I have no idea how they did it, but they managed to cleanly break off the posts on the drivers themselves. Klipsch tells me I need to buy new diaphragm kits for $105 each. I should be able to solder posts back on or does someone have better idea? Both drivers look like the attached pic. TY Mark
  6. Chorus walnut, Frisco TX

    Davis? Mark
  7. Looking for a Pio SC-85

    Does anyone have a nice condition Pioneer SC-85 looking for a home? I don't need the remote or accessories so if you bought an open box, I would still be interested. Mark
  8. I’m searching for a pair of HERESY SLANT MONITORS

    This pair you are looking at was no competition to a standard Heresy. The standard Heresy smoked this pair. They just don't hit anywhere near as hard as a standard Heresy Mark
  9. I’m searching for a pair of HERESY SLANT MONITORS

    I sold those to the guy for $550 almost 2 years ago. If you look closely there is quite a bit or repair work to the cabinets. And not top quality repair work Mark
  10. K-horns / chicago craigs list

    I bet it against ND and doubled up! Thanks Mookie Mark
  11. K-horns / chicago craigs list

    Fan of whoever is playing them. The hat is from Lucky Clover Mark
  12. K-horns / chicago craigs list

    Pics or it didn't happen. Mark
  13. K-horns / chicago craigs list

    The rolloff left last Monday, one Belle and one Khorn were included. As for the 2nd, it remains to be seen Mark
  14. K-horns / chicago craigs list

    @The History Kid I haven't forgot about your graduation present. They just aren't as pretty as they once were. Top hats are still good to go on the Ks, the Belle went in the rolloff Mark
  15. K-horns / chicago craigs list

    He was great about the whole deal. He had 3 people waiting with cash in hand and he said he would hold them for me. The K-55X drivers need some work, the posts for the wire is broken off on 3 of them. I already sent an order to Klipsch to send me the plate with the posts, I hope it isn't too steep. They are in very nice condition, there are a couple minor scratches and the tops of the bass bins show a little wear. I think we both ended up happy with the deal, he will be moreso and I will be when they are set up and raising the roof Mark