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  1. ZEUS121996

    Yamaha P3500s

    A guy local has a Yamaha P-3500s for $150. Both channels at 350w. I was going to buy a Crown for the 362s when they get here but I like Yamaha gear. There's a lot of gear I like, most of it I can't afford. Does anyone have experience with these amps? Thank you, Mark
  2. ZEUS121996

    ordering from klipsch

    Simply Speakers and the Speaker Exchange are both nice people to deal with. Prices are good, service and turnaround time are both great. Interesting they are competitors down the street from each other and work together to help customers out Mark
  3. ZEUS121996

    Klipsch Epic CF-4 series 1 for sale!

    Nice looking, but not worth the astronomical price that Madman thought he was looking for. $1500 seems fair IF they are v2's HaHa, I thought it was protocol not to chime in on prices but I guess you're special, you chime in on everything HaHa HaHa Mark
  4. ZEUS121996

    ordering from klipsch

    Simply speakers told me about a year ago and weren't taking any more repair work for a spell. They recommended The Speaker Exchange right down the street from them. I sent a 15" passive to them in Tampa, round trip reconed was $75 and about 3 weeks to get it back Mark
  5. ZEUS121996

    Klipsch Epic CF-4 series 1 for sale!

    2 1/2 ports? Serial numbers will tell the EPIC guys what year and version they are Welcome and GLWS Mark
  6. ZEUS121996

    How much are my 1987 Cornwall I's worth

    Damn you're quick 😁😁 Mark
  7. ZEUS121996

    How much are my 1987 Cornwall I's worth

    Condition, location, pictures all factor in to the price. And how bad do you want to get rid of them? Mark
  8. ZEUS121996

    Custom heresy II in NY

    That might be worst refinish yet, I guess if you have a party and someone is cutting up cheese and salami, the Heresys can serve double duty. Mark
  9. ZEUS121996

    Super Bowl Pats /Rams

    The Pats win again. Spread is 2 1/2 and 56. I think you have to take the Pats -2 1/2 and the under. Parlay them. Then bet the halftime spread and over, maybe do a Round Robin using all combinations. Sarcasm on the halftime lines Mark
  10. ZEUS121996

    Klipsch KP-600 k-41 Long throw horn

    No, it sold last year almost immediately after listing. Mark
  11. ZEUS121996

    Chorus II Crossovers - Stock

    Do they come on boards or do I need to add them? Or could I possibly screw them directly to the cabinet? Thank you, Mark
  12. ZEUS121996

    Bob Crites AA/A crossovers new " SOLD "

    I dealt with Don in the past, easy to work with, GLWS Mark
  13. ZEUS121996

    Klipsch Chorus II for sale

    GLWS Mark
  14. ZEUS121996

    Klipschorn Custom Build

    The work looks great, IDK why you have them raised so high? Mark
  15. Maybe I will go to AXPONA and check it out. @Youthman you can probably get Mac to fly you in and do a review of the system. 1st class of course, you can bring a pair of 362s as your checked baggage. 😁😁😁 Mark