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  1. ZEUS121996

    Lascalas in Nebraska

    What's all the shiny silver stuff? Mark
  2. I don't hear pretty, Lyle 😁😁 I have pretty pair of Khorns that would good in your office Mark
  3. ZEUS121996

    WTB: Risers for Klipsch Chorus

    call him 479-967-1542 It's only 9:30 on a Friday night, Mr. Crites will probably answer. https://critesspeakers.com/prices-other_stuff.html Mark
  4. ZEUS121996

    The new KPT-1515/Cinema Grandeur

    You should be appalled. OTOH, you are set up pretty well as is, they have to know that. Mark
  5. I've got a pair of CWs also, great speakers, now I need to have them veneered. That's been almost 3 years @Rivernuggetshasn't it? Mark
  6. Perfect corners would be nice but IDK how many houses have been built actually square enough for perfect corners. Enclose the backs on the Khorns and they will beat the CWs all day. Easy to do, there's a few threads here, if you can find the one by @davis419bit's easy to follow along. Mark
  7. ZEUS121996


    Bruce, Look at what you've done, pages of jokes we can't tell in public. Now we can't tell jokes online for fear of hurting someone's feelings. So I'll go ahead and start...……………………….
  8. ZEUS121996


    James, You're a real comedian LOL Isn't it nice having a new audience? My friends can call the joke out by number in the routine😁😁😁 Mark
  9. ZEUS121996


    Goodness me, could it be, the industrial disease? Mark
  10. ZEUS121996

    Little Rock Area Sale

    They couldn't afford the price of 2 solid core doors for corners? 😁😁😁 Mark
  11. ZEUS121996

    Little Rock Area Sale

    They do have glass tops Mark
  12. ZEUS121996

    klf 20 mahogany - milwaukee

    IDK if I'd drop a dime on these Mark
  13. ZEUS121996

    College football 2018