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  1. $80 for a Groove is too high, $155 for The One II is a good deal. Where did you see the One for that price? I've been looking for one Mark
  2. Is there anything you don't know? Mark
  3. I need some help getting four bottles of rum picked up at Total Beverage in Thornton and the Westminster locations and then shipped to me in Chicago. They are already paid for. I'd be happy to throw some cash your way to cover costs and your time. If you can help please shoot me a PM. Thank you, Mark
  4. Bull has some great gear and in top condition. Buy with confidence. Mark
  5. Good deal Ed, buy with confidence, Ed is solid. Mark
  6. Weird, no comment from the comment king, Randy know it all🤣🤣🤣 Mark
  7. I don't see it listed either Mark
  8. Interesting the badges are different Mark
  9. Congratulations Bruce! Mark
  10. Expedia said they need to Super 8 to approve the refund before it can be processed. I guess I need to dispute it with the CC company. WTF Is this part of the reason some of you are staying at the Hampton? Mark
  11. I'm still trying to get my money refunded from the Super 8 after cancelling in March. Expedia shows it as an open reservation even though I cancelled with the hotel in Hope. Has anyone else had issues with the refund? Mark
  12. ZEUS121996


    Vegas is going to be hard to beat, they are solid up and down the lineup. What happened to the Flyers tonight? Other than the Islanders are looking great. Which brings up a trivia question. Who was the 1st player to win an Olympic gold medal and Stanley Cup in the same year? I don't think it's happened more than once or twice total. Mark
  13. Claude, You don't like my period? LOL Mark
  14. Final price $1425 shipping not included. Oak and no tags. Insane Mark
  15. MRL was commenting on insurance, he was neither the buyer or seller. Read the thread before you comment, at least be informed when you give out your usual advice or comment. Mark
  16. Goodwill is a for profit entity and doesn't donate a reasonable amount to charity. They do have members on their board such as the chairman of Hanes who sells his clothing to Goodwill. A small percentage goes to charity Mark
  17. $502.00 with 42 minutes to go, I hope you're out. Mark
  18. Is there literally anything you don't comment on? At one point you had 90% of the final comments. Have you applied to Klipsch as an advisor for anything and everything audio? For some reason I think you might be bored out of your mind and rather than talk to yourself because you don't want an internal struggle, you choose to make remarks that are not only irrelevant but nothing more than a self stroke. Mark
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