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  1. I agree with you, which is why I use Crown K2's for sub bass.
  2. I had mine in my Chorus II's in 1,500 square foot Photo Studio, 30x50 room with 16 ft. high ceilings (an old Baptist Church). I ran them with a 6 watt T-amp with a 12 volt Radio Shack Wall Wart for a power supply. They sounded great, and most times the other tenants in the building told me to turn it down. The bass was very detailed, and the mids were fabulous too.
  3. I enjoy fully horn loaded everything, which is the ultimate IMHO. The LaScalas need a sub, whoever said they don't is dead wrong if full range, "musical bass" is to be enjoyed. I had Forte I's, Chorus 1's, and Chorus II's. The Fortes were like Heresy's with BASS. The Chorus were in a different league.
  4. I agree, and I say.............FINALLY, a worthwhile upgrade that has existed since the Forte II's Tractrix Horn (kudos to Roy for that too). Too bad Roy had to wait so long to do these upgrades. Blame it on the corporate bean counters???
  5. Me too. It's nice to see Klipsch finally going to an Axpona-type show. Relative to the myriad of "outrageously overpriced little boxes with little woofers" Klipsch Cornwall and Heresy stomps them on a "quality sound per dollar" basis. I've seen people charge $15,000 for a pair of bookshelf speakers that are bested by a $600 pair of Klipsch RP-600M's you can get on Amazon with free delivery to your door. Also please note that NO ONE in any audio company I know of ever talks about Intermodulation Distortion, for which, among other things, PWK received an AES Silver Medal of Honor.
  6. Nah, just being sarcastic myself. No offense meant if one taken.
  7. I thought the Khorn was the Corvette, and the Cornwall was the Camaro!
  8. Ah yes, another statement, dripping with sarcasm, are we? I'm sure the new speakers sound better than the older models, even without hearing them, I'm confident in the Chief's abilities as you all should be. That was never a question. My only point, which had been blown out of proportion was about the flared ports being more "pretty" than functional. There may have been some other box mods that improved the sound that I'm not aware of, but that was beyond the scope of my original text. The new Cornwalls also LOOK cooler with all the upgrades including the ports, but then again, I repeat myself, I repeat myself.....................so I'm not misquoted by the incomplete readers out there.
  9. Actually I never said they were "confusing," you did. I used the Canon example for the Mark XX system because once a basic product family name has been established, the Roman Numerals are a simple and easy way to differentiate the evolutionary nature of the product, whatever it may be. Even without hearing them, and knowing the Chief well enough, the new Cornwall and Heresy models, I'm sure, sound better than the prior generations. I just wanted the credit to go the the horns, drivers, and Xovers, much more than the darn flared ports, and I'm pretty sure I'm right about their relatively small contribution to the sound of a new Cornwall, base on MY experience.
  10. Ah yes, a more GENTLE air flow is presented with flares, but on the Cornwall, since the box is optimized for the K33, which has enough output up high to hand off the a higher frequency midrange point. But it's the cubic port area, and controlled reactance that makes a Cornwall, a Cornwall. Regardless of those "Roman Number Things" that seem to follow all modern products (anyone want a Canon 5D Mark IV?).
  11. Besides, I suspect that the MAJOR improvements in the new Cornwall has nothing to do with the bass, but rather the MIDRANGE and Tweeter section, where the chosen Horn and Xover point matches up the POLARS better than sticking a Heresy horn in there (which Gary Gillum was puzzled by). BTW, the old K-600 horn had good response down to 500 Hz. FYI, but is likely outperformed by the new Mumps Horn.
  12. The box resonance IS what makes the low bass below 100 Hz. If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong. Besides, y'all are taking this way too seriously.
  13. So apparently it makes a Quarter's worth of difference then. LOL.
  14. I was thinking more about your tooling cost. Silly me. I guess the anticipated volume will justify it just fine then, eh? Besides, 2" drivers have a harder time getting to 5,000 hz. without PEQ, right? But I guess the selling price will more than make up for it too, it there's NRE and tooling.
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