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  1. No apologies needed. If you want an answer to your question, you have to be more specific. DaveA's LMAHL and sMAHL's are two different size Lenses, choice of 2 items. He offers 2 different B&C compression tweeter drivers for those horns, which gives you 4 choices. The CT-125 only comes with one horn lens from Crites and has NOTHING to do with B&C or DaveA. so that is 5 choices. Now on top of that, you throw in Belle's, Cornwalls, and Chorus II's which are 3 different speakers that require different lenses to fit in combination with 2 or more different drivers (DaveA gives you lots of holes for other drivers). This permutation of 15 choices. When your initial statement like that, it's hard to figure out what the heck you are looking for as an answer. I'm still not sure you have an answer since you were not specific enough and threw in numbers that did not exist from B&C or Eminence. So can you blame a guy with the answers being a bit impatient at your lack of precision in a speaker that requires a PRECISE retrofit? So basically, I'm saying what PWK said to guys asking HIM questions: "One thing at a time."
  2. You have all your vendors mixed up here. No such thing as B&C CT-125. That's from another vendor, not DaveA or B&C.
  3. What is a 125? You mean a B&C DE-120 on DaveA's sMAHL lens? It's a drop in replacement on all PWK's heritage line: Heresy, Cornwall, LaScala, Belle.
  4. There's no question here and I don't understand your statement.
  5. Since I'm the one who ran all the curves for DaveA and paired up the DE-10 with the LMAHL v2, I'd say that's a good choice. I had 4 of those with my K402's and ME-10 horns to match the high output of the K-1133 driver made by Klipsch, but it took 2 in parallel per channel to do it. You guys should be glad that it works so well with stock Klipsch Crossovers and you only need ONE per channel. LOL.
  6. ROFLMAO on that one! Yeah, as if I would ever say anything remotely close to this for chick, unless she was an Optical Engineer, which would be extremely rare. I did use to work with female engineers in my other life, back in the 80's, but they were clearly a minority among male dominance in that industry! That being said, they are still Women First and Engineers Second. Such is life. You are frikkin' hilarious though, I must say.
  7. That's what friends are for. The lens is an M42 Pentax Achromatic Doublet (not a Telephoto design), similar to old Leica that cost $20,000 in the 60's, and if you bought one, you got a free Volkswagen to transport you to your shooting site! The lens is physically almost 40 inches long and is f/8 wide open. An Achromat is a cemented 2-element lens, so the CONTRAST is theoretically great since there are only 2 air-glass surfaces. You can only make them into 400 mm Plus Focal Lengths because only about a 3 degree projection is the "sharp center" in an otherwise field of Spherical Aberrations. You can only use Achromats at Full Focal length distance and this one comes in two, all Black Aluminum halves that have to be screwed together when you pull them out of the Leather case.
  8. See, I knew I could "ring your chimes" with my Smarta$$ comment! That's what you get for poking the big horn BEAR! LOL.....................................FYI, a retired policeman friend who was a surveillance photographer in Detroit, just gave me an old 800 mm manual focus lens. I just have to fix the mount. Should be fun adapted to a Sony A7R III, which has fabulous manual focus capabilities!
  9. It's not macho unless you give up too much LIVING space for them. Otherwise it's very reasonable micro details, transient response, and low distortion, at any volume. Kind of like using long lenses on a camera! LOL.
  10. Not in those horns, he doesn't. The horn dominates, not the driver specifications.
  11. Wrong driver for that horn. What is your woofer driver budget? Times 4 right?
  12. When you do the port modification to match the AE woofer, you will have some serious bass response after you bi-amp and boost to appropriate voltage level. This will motivate you seek music with lots of bass, like a 5-string electric bass with a "B-zero" Fat String, and even one with a detuning Lever to drop down to an A-zero (27.5 Hz.), which is the lowest note on a Piano. Your version of Super Cornwalls should still be able to resolve this! Also Pipe Organ and some Synthesizer notes will have presence there.
  13. See the posts by Dave1291. He did it right and accommodating a JBL Commercial dual 18 sub (to 30 Hz) with a 1 Kilowatt Sum Amp designed by Bob Carver.
  14. My name is ClaudeJ1. I'm not running for office and I approve of this non-political message. First thought that came to mind is "Why not use is under the TV. Great minds think alike once in a while! HAH!! Welcome to the world of Pressurized Room BASS under the great Mid Bass of LaScalas. Happy pant leg flappin' to ya!!
  15. If they sell for that price, it will establish a pretty good standard for pricing something that is more rare than Heresys, namely 1/3 of new, even though the Cornwall IV is a far superior speaker that only shares the same box dimensions and a woofer driver, and little else. Show you the power of the word "Klipsch Cornwall."
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