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  1. No, but it was part of the daily digest that someone (the Autoformer guy who recently discovered Khorns) alerted me to. Remember: "The excellent is new forever".................Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  2. It's already been done, but the Khorn has been the real Benchmark for decades.
  3. Which is why there's always a "Super" addendum to some of the names or unique names created to a Klipsch Mod or a new design based on Klipsch, like the Quarter Pie or Super MWM and Super Heresy. It's not Klipsch of course, but inspired by Klipsch nonetheless. On the other side of the coin, how many shorthorn W bins have been made out there besides the LaScala, from different manufacturers (like Peavey's Former Electro Voice Engineers) that match or outperform it?
  4. IOW, I don't give a sheet either is what I meant. I'm past it too.
  5. Since he left us almost 20 years ago, then it's up to his successors to call it whatever is deemed most Marketable. Technically, this would be a Klipsrhorn III, if that particular course were to be followed. But I don't see that happening at all.
  6. I would call that image "The EYE of the Tweeter!" Squint at it a bit and looks like Cyclops. You will never UNsee it after that!
  7. Fun to hear about someone's first Khorn experience. I had mine at 14 since my paper route days. I used to bike right by a Klipsch Dealer in Detroit in the late 60's. Bought my first stereo from them (Ampex) and they played "those big things in the window" for me while I was loading up my little brother's Red Wagon to bring them home. I lived about 5 blocks away! Riveting, to say the least and it only took 9 more years for me to afford a pair.
  8. Neither are Jubilees or Diamon Jubilees..................they are better, but it took 50 years for PWK, and 75 for the latest. What product ever made can claim a 75 year production run and was soo good to begin with that it transcended emerging technologies. Paul was right about the Klipschorn being the optimum size. I had the same setup he had (2ph3) for over 30 years until I heard BIGGER in Hope almost 14 years ago!
  9. They actually sound better than 44 year old originals.
  10. PWK himself told me to make "headroom" 17 db, with unbridled confidence, since all he ever listened to were his own Symphony Recordings (some of which I heard at his house on his Reel to Reel and 2PH3 array and they were outstanding!). I just round up to 20 to be safe. Good point.
  11. While I appreciate the technical excellence of the data your present here, the "Blue One" look like one of my toddler grandkids was doodling on it! LOL.
  12. Well, if you do that, they are no longer KLIPSCH Heresy II's, technically, according to Roy's comments about this sort of thing. Best of luck to you.
  13. Just get a pair of Dayton PA310-8 woofers and a rear port the box via the Super Heresy 1.0 thread. Should be a simple woofer swap for about a Ben Franklin and a Ulysses S. Grant! No crossover mod required and you'll get tons of bass.
  14. Me too. He was one of the good ones. He gave one of the best Piano Recording's I've ever heard. He did some good work.
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