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  1. Yes, it's called "double digit distortion," of the gross harmonic type from a direct radiating device. Although subs, in general, do avoid the nastier Intermodulation Distortion, because they take the load off the woofer section of the full range speaker in the band where it would Create the most of it. For the identification thereof, Paul Klipsch received the Silver Medal of Honor from the Audio Engineering Society. I was a member in my 20's, influenced by PWK when I bought the "Klipsch Papers" and read them all in the 1970's. He autographed them for me and made some hand written notes in them. I treasure those papers to this day. It's one of the best speeches I ever read, when he received the award and I was still a member, to read it. Going through a horn, you are using it as an "acoustic impedance transformer" from high to the LOW Impedance of Air. Something I expressed to Paul Klipsch and Jim Hunter (1985). However, they both told me that using that terminology would be lost on the average consumer. They were correct. However, using it here should work out just fine to my fellow Klipsheads! This is something Roy has obviously mastered, and IMPROVED, via the tutelage of Paul Klipsch, and the practice thereof, going on 37 years. Positive vibrations and much success to Roy and his team.
  2. You are too funny. Love the attitude, Chief. Great comments. DIY Amateurs like me are much faster than people who have to do it for a living at adopting old or new designs and concepts, like having horn loaded bass below 40-100 Hz.cutoffs of Main speakers, stretching down to 16-70 Hz. range. Creating and selling the concept of low distortion sub bass can only be done in a Demonstration. A picture may be worth a thousand words (I've done millions of pictures too), but nothing beats Live, 3D, and in Color Audio Demos to willing ears. People literally have to FEEL it. Lots of bassheads out there, but most would never do it with a horn like you have done for quite a while. They have mostly done bass reflex only, ant NOT horns with it. How small you have managed to make these is quite a feat of engineering. Glad to see you are showing off the "kids." I wasn't trying to make any claims at doing it sooner than Klipsch (and you know that), I was speaking of my early adoption of horn sub bass below my all horn systems and having discovered it's benefits vs. the bass reflex units I had behind my MWMs in 2007 after I was influenced by you like the others here to sell off my 30 year old Khorns and get with the PRO stuff instead. The idea of upgrading to horn subs for JohnA just got a thumbs up from me, which was my intent, without have to make another trip to Hope (efficiency of travel budget?), since I had the same vmps subs as my very first pair to experience HT in it's relative infancy. Rock on my brutha from a different mutha (in my best Detroit vernacular).
  3. I had those subs behind my MWMs running the LFE channel in 2007. Glad to see Klipsch finally offering HORN LOADED subs to the others out there. Something I did for myself over 13 years ago, so I agree with the positive responses.
  4. Sez the guy who was on my porch shaking his head in disbelief after experiencing my horn subs several Augusts ago, and controlling the remote volume while in the room! LOL.
  5. Wife gone. Small Room of 8h x 11.5w x 16.5deep. 1,500 cu. ft. Smaller than the rest. I have SH-50's to compensate for the small room with precise placement of my Head for flattest low frequencies and perfect viewing distance as well as listening. It's a great Marriage according to the Horn Heads that have heard it.
  6. His famous phrase: "What the world needs is a good 5 Watt amplifier." Was reached in the new millenium when I had my $25 Sonic Impact T-Amps tested at 6W per channel at Klipsch HQ in Indianapolis. The engineer verified this with their gear. I'm sure Paul would have been as impressed as all the Magazine reviewers at 6 moons, where they questioned the value of their $10,000 Tube Amps as a result of this little plastic wonder that will also run on 8 AA batteries. I sold my second pair of Khorns with it hooked up to a Sony CD Walkman in 2007!! Paul Klipsch wrote that was impressed with 0.1 % distortion and 90 db SINAD with his BGW and 1/2 (mono Center) Crown Solid State State Stereo amplifiers. In 1985, I heard them myself, featuring his Master Tapes on a Revox done with just 2 spaced Omni Microphones. Speaking for all the modern amplifiers tested on Audio Science Review, the best of which, are coming in at 30 db better than Paul's SS days, (that's 1,000 times better). So now the target has gone from 90 to 120-130 db SINAD on all modern electronics that are 50-400 Watts per channel, making Big Horns and Small Amplifiers a better way to go. On the 400 Watt units, some are even including 4 different Gain settings, of which, about 12 db of gain is all that's needed for horns of 104-112 db Sensitivity!
  7. Harmony is progressing and elusive. I'm actually going to reduce my 11 channel (plus 2 subs, front and reaar) setup to only 2 channels on the ceiling (4 is marginal there), and have 3 subs instead of just 2. Bass is expensive and hard to get reasonably flat all over small rooms, that's for sure.
  8. I have added, temporarily, a JBL, Bass Reflex, theater sub facing backwards against a back wall. It's about 10 cubic feet external (8 internal) tuned to 25 Hz. I also have a Seismic Horn by Bruce Edgar. As one of the few people who has owned and/or designed and/or built sealed, Bass Reflex, full horns, long horns, short horns, and Tapped Horns (latest going down to 12 hz.) I can HONESTLY say that they ALL move AIR at various velocities, as called for by the rare program material that cause them to exist in the first place!
  9. YES, August 1985, one year before Roy Started there. Jim Hunter was a great guy to meet, as well as Gary Gillum who designed the MWM with Paul.
  10. PURITY is a relative term. Class A and especially SET add DISTORTION, quite euphonic. The issue of dissasembly and re-assembly is not part of the equation when you get Straight Wire With Gain coupled with Load Independence, (Hypex and Purifi). The SETs are too fussy about load dependence which is IGNORED when talking about Purity by the PURE definition of Straight Wire with gain. It very pleasant distortion with lack of bass. I would never use SETs on a woofer section, but on mid/high, it's heavenly euphonic distortion. The emotional testing part coupled with personal preference is irrelevant, and the high end testers of today (like Ahmir at Audio Science Review) prove me right (he has later/better gear than John Atkinson of Sterophool, BTW). All amps are good past a certain point, yet the industry ignores IM Distortion, which is 1,000 times more than amps in loudspeakers. You need the whole picture in audio, not your own personal slice of the thick pizza or Cake corner piece while ignoring the rest.
  11. Of course. I would rather do class A than Tubes, even thought they are both primarily Space Heaters. Only in the winter, though. I did both for years. There is not argument for preference here, just the facts.
  12. ridiculous power for horns. Bad choice for S/N.
  13. Yep, because the guys that had them cranked them up with too much power. The have High Signal to noise ratio and sound as good as My Hypex on horns. I don't use much power from either one, but the PA-5 was 1/5th the price, so I got 3.
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