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  1. I totally agree with you about MQA vs. Red Book CD. I spend hours with multi Kilobuck Headphones listening to A/B comparisons at Axpona, and try as I may, I could NOT hear one penny's worth of difference. Bullshit, spoken with conviction is NOT better than the truth. According to Dr. AIX's recent articles, MQA is well marketed Bovine Sediment!!! Also, for those interested, you should try his digital format test, taken by about 500 pairs of ears (many very young professional women with great hearing) that concludes there is NOTHING audibly better than Red Book CD in the realm of bits. Everything above that is inaudible overkill. Yet the "quasi religious" marketing manages to con people with too much money and not enough data to buy the so called "HiRez" Digital crap taken from 60 year old Master tapes. What a racket!!! I owned every used tube amp imaginable in my late teens (McIntosh, Marantz, Citation, Scott, etc.) until I sold my last one in the 80's, a Marantz Model 8B with all new capacitors. PWK told me that was a very good amplifier, but I got tired of the bias/tube/old capacitor replacement fuss and went SS....................now I'm a fan of Bruno Putzeys' Hypex who managed to give us First Watt Class A sound with his amazing Class D creations. His 10 years of R&D really paid off, making his "neither dirt nor fairy dust" motto quite real to my ears. I'm all about EFFICIENCY of electricity usage as well as SOTA sonics. But Tubes are great as additional space heaters in the winter, LOL. However, and when I sold my Jubilees to a guy in Toronto, I did enjoy his tubes on the K402/TAD driver combo for a day. Regardless, I'm sure if I ever got the bug for TUBES again, I would certainly try the Prima Lunas based on all I have read here!
  2. Tapped horns are easy to build, since they use all RIP cuts.
  3. It depends on whether or not you want to elevate the bass/midbass/lower midrange up by 3 db wihout raising the mid and tweeter. I told him to try that and he liked it. He thought the bass was as good as his Forte 1's. Mods have been tweaked before. I didn't do it myself and measure, but since he had the chance to do the mod incrmentally, he saw no need to go any further when he simply recapped the old values, without adding more and re soldering the wires on the T-2A. You may want to try it yourself and see if you like it better. Then report back.
  4. Of course, in the life of a a true audiophile, sometimes it's much simpler and cheaper to get rid of the offending wife or girlfriend who doesn't like big horns. I never had that problem, thankfully.
  5. And you thought cables and AB/X boxes were a big tangent from the OP about speaker break in. GOTCHA!
  6. I would vote for Nipple Equality in America!
  7. Me too, but he must keep in mind that Women's Nipples are EVIL in America (not in France) and can never be shown of Facebook or on a speaker forum. But men's nipple are ok to show. Funny world.
  8. To me well recorded vocals are the differentiator. Well recorded fireworks (rare) is the best differentiator for peak power output and transient response. The most impressive live AUDIO I have ever experienced for the Raw Power of Infrasonic BASS was when I went aboard my friend's pontoon boat and we were directly underneath the July 4 fireworks display on Lake Orion in 2016. Holy moly!
  9. Yes. Regardless of whether you believe in Break-in or not, all drivers start to thermally compress at 10-20% of their rated power. Especially Woofers, which hog 90% of the power in a speaker. Heat is the enemy of any components, including speakers. This is why the 10-15 db acoustic gain of a horn keeps the power required low with a more linear operating range and lower distortion.
  10. When I met with PWK and Jim Hunter in August 1985, we were standing in a hallway at the plant in Hope. When I pointed to the Monster Cable coming out of the latest Khorn Network that was there. When I asked PWK about it, he said: "It's the marketing guys insisting on it..............a waste of good copper just to drive the 30 AWG wire in the woofer's voice coil."
  11. Yes indeed. I agree. There are many more shades of gray in the world that pure black and pure white. I thinks both methods are good for the long stair climb to Audio Nirvana.
  12. I say we need to do both in the quest for our own Audio Nirvana if we are to use both sides of our brain.
  13. So one sheet of BB ply is good for the top end of a 5.1 HT system. Cool.
  14. I'm pretty sure Nelson Pass did an article many moons ago (long time) using wires all the way up to 24 AWG. The thinner wire turned out to be better than the rest on some VERY reactive loudspeakers (the AR-9??) whose EXTREME impedance dips at certain frequencies cause Power Amp shutdowns, until the 24 AWG wire was used. It's all about System Synergy, and not "the fattest cable wins each time" Syndrome.
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