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  1. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the tickets were $3.50, $4.50, and $5.50. I think my HSBFF and I paid the $4.50 price for front row balcony because they were not on the main floor, which visually and sonically were the best seats in the house. Averaging the results of 2 different inflation calculators, this translates into $25.50 if the bands and promoters were to charge the same prices today. Double that number would be the minimum today by greed. I paid $75 to see Robin Trower about 2 years ago at the Royal Oak music theater. What pissed me off, was the hundred or so people hanging around the bar behind us drinking and talking during the concert while we sat on cheap metal chairs. RT was excellent playing his old hits with new young guys in his Trio, but I swore this would be the last rock concert I'd ever attend. I much prefer Blue Rays on my Atmos system for $20 or less. The beer is cheaper, weed is legal in Michigan, and I can can pause for a pee without missing a note. I give the "Italian Salute" to live concerts now! LOL.
  2. Heard One of these Days live in Detroit, the day after DSOTM was released. The entire show was in Quadraphonic and I had the best seat in the house front row center balcony at Cobo Arena. It's also where there was a pyrotechics mishap and the explosion on stage hurt the band's ears, so they took a break. A friend of mine was in the hot dog stand line with David Gilmour while the roadies fixed the damage. Pretty unique all around.
  3. You don't want to use either one full tilt below about 3 Khz. with a 2nd order slope, however.
  4. The DE-110 and DE-111 are likely replacements. I curved the DE-110 and mounted it in a friend's Cornwall. It sounds very good, so that would get my vote.
  5. The neighbors in my building complained the Chorus II's were too loud when I had them playing in my studio with a 6 Watt amplifier running about 1/2 watt!
  6. Tested the 2 Faitals on loan from DaveA.............they fell short of the DE-120................they favored the low end instead of being flat....IOW, they rolled off after 10Khz. as far a I recall, which in some applications they could be preferred by different ears. I listen and look and curves.
  7. I really liked this term "victim". I got a great portrait of a slight smirk on his face, but he was never one to smile, although he had a pretty dry wit! Like his definition of DDS................Digger of Decayed Stumps! LOL.
  8. Wow. That is much better than not seriously happy, or seriously miserable with the outcome. Kudos to you who took the plunge and became one of my many "victims." This is what PWK called me when I first met him. LOL. Enjoy the music and all the bass/midrange detail you can possibly squeeze out of those old boxes!!
  9. Funny on calling out Schu as the resident low-baller/tire kicker. Who would have owned over 100 pairs or used Klipsch speakers by now, "if they were closer," which means he won't pay for shipping either! LOL. But I do admire his tenacity, though.
  10. DaveA has lots of them if you buy his MAHLs. This is the second go round for this type of scare. The national rep says: As long as people keep buying them, they will keep making them. My curves show the DE-110 is not as smooth, but it's pretty picky, it's still a good driver, but I prefer the 120.
  11. Yep, and the best sounding recordings are the live ones with only 2 spaced omni microphones with no compression or limiters...............like the Klipsch Tapes from the 1950's. I heard several of PWK's recordings at his house. They were impressive, and he told me that's how they were done. I heard the master tapes and there's no reason why the DVD transfers of a few of them wouldn't be indistinguishable. I own those.
  12. It's my new 4K standard for Hi Res Cinematography and incredible special effects of the face. You must watch the included HD Blue Ray to see the "making of" and you WILL be impressed!
  13. I haven't checked them yet. I will as soon as I get a prototype and intended drivers. Based on the dimensions only so far, comes my comment.
  14. Factory Walnut stain too! Now that is RARE!
  15. They will NOT go down to 400 Hz. or anywhere near that.................wishful thiking..........................more like 650 Hz. if that. Curves don't lie.
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