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    2 ch. Living Room: Jubilee Clones/K402_TAD4002 Basement 2.2/6.2=Front L&R, Danley SH-50 horns powered by Hypex NC400 MonoBlocs, CenterFront, SurroundR, SurroundL and CenterRear Sound Physics Labs Unity Summation Apeture horns/TD-1 Powered by Yamaha Pro Natural Sound A/B amps. Yamaha Pre/Pro CX-A5000. One OThorn and One Danley TH-50 Subs driven by 1 Crown K2 (for F/R sub channels).
    Oppo 103 for CD 2.1, HDMI out for 6.1 DVD/Blue Ray. YPAO for all listening.

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  1. Yep, like a K43, as I discovered. But for those who want some really great drivers. AE are tops. Expensive but worth it.
  2. The "harsh realities" you speak of are the same as the comments from "armchair quarterbacks." To which, I say, it's always easy if you are not the one that has to do it. LOL. In the same manner, don't get me started on the cost of trailering light, lights modifiers, cameras, models, and assistants to a commercial photo shoot where the customer never sees the prep time (phone calls, arrangements, gear testing, etc.) maintenance costs, insurance costs, travel time, and post process time, etc. (real world). In contrast to the now dilituted perceived value of Professional Photography because of iPhones of "P" settings on cheap SLR cameras of today makes it too damn easy and cheap to get an image of high mediocrity lighting.
  3. ClaudeJ1

    Best speaker for my space

    Horn loading as far down in frequency as you can get is the very best. The fewer watts you have to use, the better the sound via lower distortion. PWK was right for all of his life, and he'll still be right for all of his death.
  4. ClaudeJ1

    Class D

    So I went to the Ebay link and looked up the feedback. 99.7 % good on a sale of well over 1,000 units sold. Only 2 complaints. One deleted by Ebay (means they didn't agree with the complaint) and 1 with the guy bitching about the missing power supply, which is clearly available for those who read the entire description before buying. Divide and conquer marketing is just fine with the 2 items that are low priced and the sales numbers tell a good story as well. Besides, someone may want to opt for a 24 Volt supply, which is rare and way more expensive than the common 19 Volt standard for Laptops. It's the only way they could get to a full 50 Watts per channel. However, keep in mind that the difference between 30 and 50 Watts is only 2.2 DbWatts which doesn't matter that much and "might could" push the amps into thermal stress if used in combination with inefficient speakers. It's a systems approach full or relative performance, not absolute with respect to varying load impedances and music dynamics.
  5. ClaudeJ1

    Class D

    Rule #1: You can't please everybody. Rule #2: it takes 10 times as many good reviews to make up for one bad, because Americans prefer bad news, which dominates the media.
  6. ClaudeJ1

    Class D

    With high efficiency horns of any kind, you won't regret it. Extreme detail. Besides, you'll never use more than 5 watts. You already know this from prior Class D on you DH1A drivers, but never at this low price.
  7. ClaudeJ1

    Class D

    For those of you who don't own these, you cant believe how LIGHTWEIGHT they are, as well as small and cool to the tough, even after a "stupid loud" demo session of drum recordings.
  8. ClaudeJ1

    Class D

    No. I'm using one stereo amp for the TAD drivers in the 402's and one Stereo amp for the Jube bass bin. The Xilica Xover is at Zero gain. I'm cutting the gain WAY down on each power amp (like -20 db or more) so that I hit the Xover with the maximum signal to use as much of the "high bits" from the Yamaha Pre Pro as well as the Xilica. The gains for each stereo amp are different. The left box is for R and L bass, the right box is for R and L Treble. I also have the knobs taped down so no one messes with them. They are a different rotations since the impedance of the woofer section is 4 ohms @106db/Watt and the TADs are 16 ohms @ 112 db/Watt (approx. for both).
  9. I really like this statement. Made my day!
  10. ClaudeJ1

    La Scala bass

    Build the THT LP, low profile version, so they take up only Cornwall footprint and you can aim them at the ceiling.
  11. ClaudeJ1

    La Scala bass

    F20 all the way.
  12. ClaudeJ1

    Bob Carver's New Tube Amp 75x2

    I saw a video presentation last year where he explained this feature. He uses the back EMF of the speakers as part of a low level feedback circuit, which enhances ambience.
  13. Looking at the first pair of curves should tell you all you need to know about how superior the Q-Pie is the the LaScala (mine was an FH-1, which is, essentially, the same thing), which you can still use the LaScala cabinet as a mid/tweet "spacer" after you pull the woofer and put in the Q-pie instead of the LS bass bin. You can use the same Xover, just run the woofer section wire to the Qpie and you're basically done. Ruler flat to 50 Hz. and useable down to below 40, but I still recommend a sub for "subterranean" bass (HT), although for just music, it's not really necessary. You'll be real happy with the Q-Pie, I promise. Even with Jubilees in my possession currently, I'm thinking about building another pair of Q-Pies for myself since it was the best horn bass I've ever had in my old Indy living room and I now have a similar space. Please post words of your success here after you are done! If you wish to eliminate my bias from the equation, try a Personal Message to Tromprof on this site. He's a professional musician and the current "king of the Quarter Pies." He bought my originals and built 5 more for a total of 7. He can tell you better than I can.
  14. ClaudeJ1

    An Aspirin a Day might not be Okay

    I had to laugh at the "all fairness" words in the first part of the sentence. Funny stuff...............like the words, "Planned Parenthood," which is an oxymoron at best. If the parenthood was planned, they would have had the sex without the pregnancy, but instead they practice "Unplanned Non-Parenthood," which is "Radial Parenthood Avoidance" for the big "oops" in its murderous form.
  15. ClaudeJ1

    An Aspirin a Day might not be Okay

    That's the price of a single Band Aid on a Hospital Bill.