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  1. Translation for bottom: 28 Street of the Italians in Paris. The record player (the best of talking machines). The term for loudspeaker in French is "Haut Parleur" which, roughly translated is "High Speaker" or "High Fidelity Speaker".........a term which symbolizes the progressive nature of audio when ElectricalTube amplifiers were pioneered by Bell Labs to outperform the existing Mechanical Wonders of a diaphragme directly coupled to the horn and driven by a steel needle modulated by large grooves in a Shellac Record..............a system with limited bandwidth for sure.
  2. FYI, French was my first language, so next time I see your wife, I can say a few words in French (with courtesy translations of course). LOL. Nice job on the speakers. They sounded really good as is, so they won't need too much tweaking!
  3. I agree about dealing with Bob. Met him and his son about 10 years ago at a Klipsch function in Hope. Good guy for sure. I'm glad to hear my recommendation is working for you. It was an approximate start point based on experience and a bit of math. Let me know when you have all the premium caps installed and if you want to curve the speakers in your room.
  4. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Just about? you are not using a big enough amp if that's how you feel!! Yes they CAN. lol
  5. So have you tried some "closer to wall" positions to get deeper bass??
  6. Yes, the midrange one that is all by itself to the right in the photo. But you gotta use your new Autoformer as prescribed. You will hear more detail.
  7. For starters, I would put a 2 uF capacitor in parallel with the existing 1.5 uF capacitor, bringing the value up to 3.5 uF. Then I would increase the output of the midrange by 4 db (-6 db taps on your new Crites Autoformer). This will get you VERY close to optimum by about 1 db, worst case. The BIG MAGNET woofer will put out 3-4 db more output than the K22-KP that the original network was designed for.
  8. First of all, the woofer section is just fine as is. Also, removing the tweeter protection for home use would not have much consequence at all, None SONICALLY I suspect. It would just be two less part to drift at a later time (not the resistor, but the PolySwitch). I think the only thing you NEED to do is use your new Autoformers and add capacitance, say 2 uF (I have a bunch of those if you need a few), and increase the ouput of the midrange by 2-4 db. Let me know when you want to do this, as I have measurement gear and we are only 15 minutes drive time! It would be best to do this in your ROOM to get an accurate Xover point to your Subs. Besides, porting the box, only to shut off the port kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think?? Just sayin'.......................although, I must admit, you have most certainly left all the possible options open!!
  9. OK, well, I didn't need THAT much convincing. It was just an observation of a hairline slot. LOL.
  10. Am I correct in assuming you will use black Silicone to seal between the tweeter and mid horns? No leaks allowed in the box except the port.
  11. I like the fact that you used a radius router bit everywhere on this box........"smooth move" on your part!
  12. Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy

    Cracks me up to see the only the bottom Green LED on for all the amplifiers. Still pretty efficient. Can we say HEADROOM, boys and girls??