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    2.1/6.1=Front L&R, Danley SH-50 horns powered by Hypex NC400 MonoBlocs, CenterFront, SurroundR, SurroundL and CenterRear Sound Physics Labs Unity Summation Apeture horns/TD-1 Powered by Yamaha Pro Natural Sound A/B amps. Yamaha Pre/Pro CX-A5000. One OThorn and One Danley TH-50 Subs driven by 1 Crown K2 (for F/R sub channels).
    Oppo 103 for CD 2.1, HDMI out for 6.1 DVD/Blue Ray. YPAO for all listening.

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  1. Class D Crown vs. Hypex nCore

    I have two of the TI's currently. Looking for adequate power supplies as I will be using mine for a 2-way active, dual horn system in a few weeks. I may mount them in a single case, for 4 channels, since they could also serve for HT use as well. I don't believe in 7.1, since 6.1 sounds exactly the same (been there, done that, 10 years ago). I may use some older power amps' linear power supplies (Xformers with big 'lytic caps). I may also buy just the "hockey puck" Nc400 modules and couple them to old A/B amp power supplies, since I have lots of those laying around. Just got done moving to an old house with small rooms. Downsizing is a bear!!
  2. Class D Crown vs. Hypex nCore

    Yes it does. But there's good news on another front to somewhat compensate. I still have my Nc400's and listen to them every day!!
  3. Class D Crown vs. Hypex nCore

    Me too of course. It’s not over. Still working with EBay delays on refund procedures. I’m guessing it will have been a 3 month ordeal tying up my cash by the time the smoke clears. This vs. getting Nc400 mono kits in less than 2 weeks from Europe (at twice the price but worth it).
  4. Class D Crown vs. Hypex nCore

    Yes swapped with my existing Hypex unit. Sounded great for 3 songs then quit. It’s going back for refund. Long wait with excuse of the week for month late ship. Even then I wonder if I’d still be waiting if EBay didn’t turn on the heat to this guy, then almost DOA on arrival. They should pull that guy’s OEM STATUS. Stay away from that Ebayer. Time to order 2 more kits from Hypex direct.
  5. Super Heresy 1 (Baby Cornwalls Mod.)

    Just crank some Heavy Metal music once a day, with a 20 Watt input. That'll freak them out and keep them out.
  6. Super Heresy 1 (Baby Cornwalls Mod.)

    Thanks for sharing your success.
  7. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    I laughed before I wrote the response. Does that count as primarily funny? Or is it the word count. LOL.
  8. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    So now all you need is 8 corners and 8 subwoofers to to with them
  9. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    Only those who don't enjoy feeling the bass below an anemic 40-50 Hz. The CD has been flat to 4 hz for 35 years. Diminishing returns for music, yes, but a 5 string bass has a 31 Hz string and many other instruments way below that. But your comment is true and funny.
  10. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    I had R and L channel MWM bins. Started with 4, then went to only 2. Save a ton of space and sounded exactly the same re-balancing the output level. 4 are not needed in the home. Been there, done that. Also, I agree about MWM vs. Jubilee bin...............HOWEVER, if one is severely limited in floor space (like I am now in tiny living room), the the Jubilee is a better choice. Everything in sound engineering is a compromise. I can see from the photos that the OP has plenty of room for anything he wants!
  11. WTB Heresy I HBR (pair)

    I wish.
  12. WTB Heresy I HBR (pair)

    I think I have some in my inventory.
  13. Would this work? Mwm+jubes

    More accurately, you need HORN subwoofers, tapped or full.
  14. Khorn Placement "technical" data

    In this context of price and performance, it's living a LOT!
  15. Class D Crown vs. Hypex nCore

    I forgot to mention the best part............Shipping Weight, 7.2 lbs.!! For a 1 Kilowatt amp (both channels 500W into 4 ohms X2). Can't wait to plug them in the same spot as the Nc400's.