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    Living Room: 2.2/5.2=Front L&R, CenterFront, Danley SH-50 horns powered by Hypex NC400 MonoBlocs, SurroundR, SurroundL KP-250Sound Physics Labs Unity Summation Apeture horns/TD-1 Powered by Living Room: 2.2/5.2=Front L&R, CenterFront, Danley SH-50 horns powered by Hypex NC400 MonoBlocs, SurroundR, SurroundL KP-250Sound Physics Labs Unity Summation Apeture horns/TD-1 Powered by Nobsound Mini Digital Amplifiers TPA3116. Yamaha Pre/Pro CX-A5000. One OThorn and One Danley TH-50 Subs driven by 1 Crown K2 (for F/R sub channels).
    Oppo 103 for CD 2.1, HDMI out for 6.1 DVD/Blue Ray. YPAO for all listening.. Yamaha Pre/Pro CX-A5000. One OThorn and One Danley TH-50 Subs driven by 1 Crown K2 (for F/R sub channels).
    Oppo 103 for CD 2.1, HDMI out for 6.1 DVD/Blue Ray. YPAO for all listening.

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  1. ClaudeJ1

    What were Chorus cabinets made out of?

    It's possible that the very first production Chorus I's were will made out of Plywood and Poplar Core Veneers, just like the other Heritage. I remember Woody Jackson, then VP of Marketing/Sales, coming to our local Klipsch dealer to demo the first Chorus I. I asked Him if would replace the Cornwall. His reply? "We'll let the Market decide." The market did decide. You can still get New Cornwall's, but the Chorus I or II is only available used.
  2. ClaudeJ1

    How good are The Jubilees today?

    Correct. Tom Danley's setup in his living room from about 4-5 years ago.
  3. Let's face it. Allowing so called, engineers, to mix 5.1 for music, gives them infinitely more ways to screw it up than 2 channels ever did, which, with only 2, most of them screw up just fine most of the time.
  4. Be careful with that. The Main Stream Media might label them "assault speakers", and want to ban them.
  5. Not as shiny as the silver ones. LOL. Besides, don't you think they should LOOK as shiny as they SOUND??
  6. ClaudeJ1

    How good are The Jubilees today?

    I already have 3 of those in my HT/2 ch. combo setup. going on 4 years now, after owning 10 pairs of the original USA horns, of which the patents have run their course. They are fabulous, but still need room EQ since they were designed for churches. Even Tom D. himself uses active Impulse base PEQ on his own pair, on top of the standard passive networks, which are a work of art. This correction below was from a free program called Re-Phase, using 3 readings per channel and averaging them out before data input in the software. A Mini DSP unit was the hardware portion.
  7. ClaudeJ1

    How good are The Jubilees today?

    Don recommended a different tweeter from the original CBT's when I had lunch with him a few years back. Also, at last year's speaker competition, a guy won first place with using better drivers and NO tweeters for a CBT similar to the one that Parts Express offers. The driver quality factor is huge in a CBT, since lesser quality drivers multiply, LOL. Still when you consider the cost/performance ratio with good Digital PEQ crossovers, like Xilica, you can get great sound. My favorite types of speakers today are Multiple Entry Horns, Open Baffle, and CBT. Nothing else will do.
  8. ClaudeJ1

    How good are The Jubilees today?

    Well yes, they were truly magical to my ears. Jorge was a really nice guy to talk to as well. Since I could never afford $40 Kilobucks for horns like that, or a proportional house to put them in, I still appreciated them as best of show, and lots of professional show reviewers agreed with my assessment, subsequently. But what I have evolved into today is something that would challenge them in a side by side as well as "better bang for buck" competition. for 1/2 the price and fewer cubic feet! Also, to keep things in tune with the OP, I did live with a pair of Jubilees for almost a years, but I could not have those and full wall HT in the small room, so I went back to smaller horns. I guess one you reach a certain level of say 90% good, you just keep playing round in the last 10% for the rest of your life, trying to satisfy the "mood" of the current year. It did however, in a huge way, sell me on the sound of Hypex Class D amplifiers for any speaker!!
  9. ClaudeJ1

    Loving this sub

    Well Two little 8" drivers in a tapped horn cannot ever compare to a ported 15" Heavy Driver in a FULL Horn of 47 Cubic feet (vs. only 13.7 Cubic feet for the SPUD clone).........just sayin' I'm not surprised at the vast improvement!
  10. ClaudeJ1

    How good are The Jubilees today?

    At one point I had some Peavey MB-1 midbass horns from crossed at 180 to 700 Hz. in my MWM horn stack. The vocal, sax, guitar, etc. detail was spectacular. Right now, the best sound I ever had in the smallest package (relatively) are MEH horns. I refuse to compromise low IM distortion, micro detail, and the jump out of your chair TRANSIENTS (on good, uncompressed recordings) that only horns can provide. Knowing that only horns allow drivers to operate in a thermally linear fashion by keeping below the 10% mark of it's drivers, watts in vs. sound out is always there for you, not to mention your electric bills being lower on normal listening and the ability to play "stupid loud" for quick demos of drums. The best sounding speakers at Axpona, Chicago about 5 years ago were the Sadurni Horns, which had Hypex (less than a watt) power amp, passive networks for a 4 way system. All round Tractrix (true tractrix) Midbass horn was 100-800 hz. Midrange 800, and used an expensive Japanese horn tweeter. It's one of the very few speakers that literally brought tears to my eyes listening to "Come Away With Me," by Norah Jones. It was also voted best of show that year. At $40,000 per pair, it made the Wilsons, Magicos, etc. look and sound like expensive Garbage in comparison. Also, this demo actually is what sold me on Hypex Amplifiers, that have Class A sound at low wattage and the peak horsepower of big class A/B amps in one, affordable, lightweight package, which I now enjoy every day.
  11. ClaudeJ1

    How good are The Jubilees today?

    Are those low priced DIY version of Don's babies? Don invited to an AES meeting in Chicago a few years back. Those CBT's were the best sounding Direct Radiators I heard up to that point. Coming from an well regarded Engineer with a Horn Background at all the major companies, I could see and hear why Don's focus has shifted. He even told me CBT's could be done with horns, but VERY big and expensive!! Because of their NOT following the inverse square law, they would be ideal, upside down on a ceiling for a Home Theater application, in my opinion. It would be fun to try.
  12. ClaudeJ1

    Super MWM

    And what specific FREQUENCY are you "personally" thinking of when you make that statement??
  13. ClaudeJ1

    Super MWM

    When I spoke to former Klipsch Chief Engineer, Gary Gillum, about 12 years ago, he said that a "splitter" after the first core section didn't make any difference. However, since this is NOT a LaScala, Khorn, or Jubilee, it's a really LONG horn, so if you are trying to get to 400-500 Hz. crossover, it will need all the help it can get. Different is not the same (as a Klipsch MWM), so I would not theorize about it. You need to build one and measure. Safer than sorrier, indeed.
  14. ClaudeJ1

    How good are The Jubilees today?

    It appears that your curves show the OPPOSITE of what you hear, which, is not Magnitude response, per se, but the lower midrange not going through a Jubilee "labyrinth." I'm a fan of 3 things: 1) The bigger the horn, the better then horn. 2) the straighter the horn the better the horn 3) the lower the midrange crossover point, the better the sound clarity. This has happened with Khorns, Jubes, LaScalas, MWMs, and my Quarter Pie horns in the bottom. All with subwoofers, of course.
  15. ClaudeJ1

    White House HT