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    2 ch. Living Room: Jubilee Clones/K402_TAD4002 Basement 2.2/6.2=Front L&R, Danley SH-50 horns powered by Hypex NC400 MonoBlocs, CenterFront, SurroundR, SurroundL and CenterRear Sound Physics Labs Unity Summation Apeture horns/TD-1 Powered by Yamaha Pro Natural Sound A/B amps. Yamaha Pre/Pro CX-A5000. One OThorn and One Danley TH-50 Subs driven by 1 Crown K2 (for F/R sub channels).
    Oppo 103 for CD 2.1, HDMI out for 6.1 DVD/Blue Ray. YPAO for all listening.

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  1. Funny thing is I'm about to paint my walls middle gray with white trim and light gray carpet. Great minds think alike, apparently on decor as well as sound!
  2. ClaudeJ1

    K402 / K510 chatter

    If you wait a while, you can buy mine.
  3. No surprise, since the original Heresy literally saved the company (people didn't have the space or the money for Klipschorns). It's probably still the best selling of the Heritage line, so improving it was a wise choice on their part.
  4. I believe in the synergy of both the room and the electronics. According to Dr. Earl Geddes, who lives near me, one should solve acoustic problems acoustically and electrical problems electrically, however, I'm not a purist in either realm, so if their solutions overlap a bit, that is OK by me. I agree that the crossover is the brains of the speaker system. That being said, doing, say a Fourth Order Linkwitz-Riley passively with a few notch filters still brings some parsitics in the process (inductors and capacitors are such imperfect devices), whereas a 96khz/24bit digital Xover that affect the SIGNAL level and not the POWER level (at the amplifier output) whereas you can simply type in any setting you like for a dozen or more PEQ filters over a 40 db range, various slopes and types, and delays that align horns electrically when they can't be done physically, is much EASIER than stocking a bunch of passive parts and twisting wire nuts, and pulling plastic retainers through holes on a piece of plywood. That being said, both have their place in the quest for better sound and I have experienced good and bad from both worlds.
  5. About 40 years ago, at a Detroit Chapter Audio Engineering Society meeting, I witnessed the use of an ABX box, invented by a group of local audio professionals. While it provided Statistical Proof of audibility between a random selection of A vs. B by X being one or the other (double blind testing basics) over 16 trials. BUT the A and B (usually a pre-amp or power amp) being switched in and out with a quality relay had to be Gain Level Matched to withing 0.1 db, otherwise the louder one would reveal itself. The point of it was that if you could clearly Identify X as sounding more like A or B correctly 12 times out of 16, then there clearly WAS an AUDIBLE difference. Very few, so called, "golden ears" had the guts to try it because it just might interfere with their quasi-religious beliefs of their favorite myths. However much Scientific Validity of Testing was proven by this device, there were still detractors that claimed it was "masking" certain things by being in the circuit. I don't know about y'all, but I can't hear a 1 PicoBel drop across a relay contact, can you????
  6. ClaudeJ1

    ALK ES500T extreme-slope network design ready

    Exactly. It's pretty basic stuff that sometimes gets ignored. That being said, even if we don't operate in the high bit area by keeping the signal high and attenuating back down when going to analog, we still have more signal to noise ratio than necessary when it comes to music recording/compression/limiting on all but the purest of program material..........full symphonies, which PWK claimed only neede 17 db of headroom. We have 135 db to work with on Blue Ray Audio standards, UNCOMPRESSED. Yet, music producers have gone insane with this "loudness wars" going the other direction. Unbelievable.
  7. ClaudeJ1

    ALK ES500T extreme-slope network design ready

    Yes, that is what I meant. Getting all the high bits before it goes back to Analog to the power amps.
  8. ClaudeJ1

    ALK ES500T extreme-slope network design ready

    Could you tell use where you purchased yours? Some of us do get it about the Gain Game that plays heavily into the S/N equation, cause by super efficient horns drivers.
  9. ClaudeJ1

    Class D

    No, this:https://www.ebay.com/i/262315996089?rt=nc&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20160908110712%26meid%3Dd130eab4868d417fad2b08a507053cfb%26pid%3D100677%26rk%3D9%26rkt%3D30%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D272223064150%26itm%3D262315996089
  10. ClaudeJ1

    Wtb Klipschorns

    High end Klipsch would be Palladiums and Jubilees. Why don't dealers carry those? Are they afraid of pissing off the Limeys?
  11. ClaudeJ1

    ALK ES500T extreme-slope network design ready

    Well, you don't have to put it in an Avatar, per se, but since you seem to give it a "different but equal" quality rating, it would be nice to see a photo, anywhere you like. Besides, from a box count perspective, your Avatar has been a the top of the heap, so to speak, for a long time, and most certainly wins that contest.
  12. ClaudeJ1

    ALK ES500T extreme-slope network design ready

    OK, then how about showing your Jubes in your Avatar for a change.
  13. ClaudeJ1

    Super Heresy 1 (Baby Cornwalls Mod.)

    Looks to me like further improvement in the magnitude response flattening (incorrectly and more commonly known as frequency response)would require dropping down the intensity of both horns in the Xover............starting with minus 3 db and cutting the capacitor values in half. It would have been a much easier mod if you could have gotten the Delta Pro 12A woofer, but I do understand why you had to compromise.
  14. Dontcha love it when a plan comes together. It takes time to time align and all that other nasty stuff to make good noise from any speaker! LOL.
  15. ClaudeJ1

    Peavey FH-1 Cabinets

    Had a pair of FH-1's with K33's in my old basement office about 13 years ago, with EV940 horns and DH1A drivers. Those suckers went down to 30 Hz. in the small room with no EQ. It was the room gain I know, but still equally amazing.