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    2 ch. Living Room: Jubilee Clones/K402_TAD4002 Basement 2.2/6.2=Front L&R, Danley SH-50 horns powered by Hypex NC400 MonoBlocs, CenterFront, SurroundR, SurroundL and CenterRear Sound Physics Labs Unity Summation Apeture horns/TD-1 Powered by Yamaha Pro Natural Sound A/B amps. Yamaha Pre/Pro CX-A5000. One OThorn and One Danley TH-50 Subs driven by 1 Crown K2 (for F/R sub channels).
    Oppo 103 for CD 2.1, HDMI out for 6.1 DVD/Blue Ray. YPAO for all listening.

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  1. ClaudeJ1

    Crites CT120

    IOW, the 120's are direct drop-in for all speakers, but the 125's are not.
  2. ClaudeJ1

    Crites CT120

    125's are fine for cornwalls, but they are about 3 db less efficient, so you need to drop the midrange on the Khorns. I would go with the 120'sa on Khorns as a direct swap. I much prefer the 120's overall, but the 125's are still good in when used wisely with Xover mods.
  3. ClaudeJ1

    Crites CT120

    For what speakers? I have tried them all and have curves.
  4. Is it fair to say that "brand x" (D?) did it first, and passively?? Just sayin/askin'
  5. ClaudeJ1

    La Scala Variant

    Is this after the Super MWM build???
  6. ClaudeJ1

    Klipsch K402 like horn?

    That blue horn looks like a scaled down K-402 almost exactly!!
  7. ClaudeJ1

    K-510 horns ... driver recommendations?

    Sure, just make sure you use a 40 microfarad capacitor in series first, unless you really really like expensive surprises!
  8. ClaudeJ1

    La Scala Variant

    Another winter project.
  9. Looks like a nice smooth horn. What is it?
  10. All of my speakers have BMS or B&C drivers from 1Khz.-4 Khz. on up...................stay tuned for Super Heresy 2.0 and Super Cornwall 1.0.
  11. The US National Sales manager mentioned it to me in conversation. B&C appears to be very proud of that one. Perhaps it's a "me too" product fueled by BMS technology, as is the Eminence N151M-8 on the correct, bigger tweeter horn (not good for MAHL).
  12. Nice setup, but you need to replace that tweeter with a MAHL and B&C_DE120 driver!!
  13. That being said, the TAD 4002 is still king of the hill!
  14. The Faital driver is very smooth. Looks like the Italians (B&C and Faital), and the Germans (BMS), figured out how to do better computer simulations and production techniques to make better drivers than ever at a decent price!!
  15. It's a bargain alright, but it's a 17 hour drive round trip for me, so I passed and passed along the info. I have too many Heresies now. But "dey sho is purty." From all indications, the seller does NOT want to ship them and is willing to discount the price to remove all hassle involved as the holidays draw near. I'm sure someone will buy these before Thanksgiving. I'm 99% sure the veneers are Klipsch made and NOT by a "weekend noodler," acording to the California kibbutz meister who would never buy them to begin with since the labels can't be read.