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  1. Maybe so but it's not always audible. Depends on whether the listener is casual and couldn't care less, or Klipsch geeks like us.
  2. Yes, a mono switch is handy, and I have to laugh when I hear the first stereo Beatles recordings, which were better in mono. Also, on the issue of woofer break-in, which it thing it's a 98% myth because I've not measured anything that drifted from specifications more than a few percent and is mostly BS as a result. Quote from Bill Fitzmaurice, designer of the Tuba HT folded horn Sub woofers: "It can be measured. Fs, Qms and Vas will change, due to the softening of the suspension via flexing. It changes the most with woofers, since they have the most excursion, the least with tweeters as they have very little excursion." To this I would add that it does NOT take 50 hours for things to "loosen up a bit" either. One day should do it, and it's still not that AUDIBLE.
  3. Precisely what I'm doing already. Great minds think alike!
  4. to Quote Paul Wilbur Klipsch: "Not a dime's worth of difference."
  5. I'm ClaudeJ1, not running for office, but I'm with Dave who has built a few. Maybe not as many as Jim Jimbo, but experience of ownership is the key to full understanding.
  6. If they are building their own enclosures, then they are not Klipsch Heresys. Super Heresy is a MODIFICATION I created and shared here for all my fellow DIY guys. It is not a Klipsch Product. However I was able to use as many Klipsch parts as possible with the Mod. If someone is building new cabs, then there are better/bigger cabs you can build that will outperform a Heresy or a Super Heresy Mod. with the same floor footprint. I'm working on one now.
  7. Klipsch and Associates, were fond of "Stealth Marketing" at the time!
  8. That is an easily doable (and Free) A/B method that anyone can do. But people don't want to hear the TRUTH, they would rather dig their heels in and defend their favorite myth, regardless of proof to the contrary they can get from themselves or others' setups.
  9. I like your attitude, Bro! Especially from the guy who basically stuck a big Cornwall inside of a 5 foot bifurcated horn to be able to shake that earth mo betta than most!
  10. It's psychosomatic over time. I never said woofers don't break in, I just said it's not as significant as the exaggerted MYTH would lead you to believe. It's not whether it does or doesn't, it's a matter of DEGREE and detectability to the ears. The most important band is 100-10Khz. with more or less falloff at both ends. How else can one explain the success of a LaScala? (hint, low AM and FM distortion) Getting the bass down to 20 Hz. is costly in terms of dollars and cubic feet. Getting flat to 20 Khz. is not as expensive as getting to 20 Hz. and it's much easier with today's magnet/diaphragm/horn technology. Keeping in mind that most Klipscheads are over 50 with bad upper response, accumulated from all the rock concert and noise pollution exposure.
  11. This is the main reason why I started the thread. To get different viewpoints and experiences from everyone who invested in air pushers/air squeezers and associated electronics.
  12. No problem. As long as we don't confuse Apples and Elephants, it's all good!
  13. Disagree all you want. When it comes to suspension stiffness, putting woofer drivers and subwoofers on a 20 Hz. oscillator with 10 watts of continuous free air propagation for 24 hours yields only about a 1-2% change in free air resonance. Hardly EARTHSHAKING enough to warrant all the fuss over it! (pun intended on the earthshaking part).
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