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  1. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    Had a pair of Roy's horns (2 pairs of the big K-402's and one pair of the smaller ones with the mumps). Newer is better all around, but the tooling on the Exponential 700 Hz. horn is paid for many time over with a "don't mess with the older stuff" attitude.
  2. When is a Klipsch no longer a Klipsch?

    In 1985, while spending a day in Hope as PWK's guest, I saw a pair of Khorns in the hallway with Monster Cable. I asked Paul about it. He said: "It's a waste of good copper just to drive a 30 Gauge voice coil." It was a move by MARKETING at the time, not required by engineering.
  3. Class D

    I don't know why one would pay $259 for an eval board without a power supply when one can get a Hypex for a little more money. Buy American??? Or is it Chinese?
  4. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    IOW, time to move on and upgrade or make a better first purchase!
  5. I agree that Chris is "a cut or two above" so to speak.
  6. I vote for Jubilees. They are going on 20 years old and can be used with or without corners. They work like a "Super LaScala" without, and like a Khorn with. Either way, a subwoofer or TWO subs is a great idea.
  7. K402 question

    Roy did test my EV driver and he said it was a GOOD driver. It was also the driver used by Mr. Pope to convince PWK that tractrix horns were better, using the anechoic chamber in Hope.
  8. So Long BS Forum

    Yep. He always maintained that the optimum size for a speaker was a Klipschorn. The only "compromise" he made was a Belle Center channel, created as a "pretty" LaScala. When I went to Mrs. Valerie Klipsch's house in 2007, there were 2 additional Khorns (Rosewood) presumably for 5 channel/surround experiments AND a single "original" Jubillee by her Bosendorfer Piano.
  9. So Long BS Forum

    Heard Khorns late in 1967, near the Hi Fidelity Workshop which was on my way to my paper route on a daily basis about 5 blocks from my house. They were the only speakers in corners of the small widow display, no more than 8 feet apart. This 13 year old eventually got curious enough to go in there and bug the sales guys. It took me 10 years of speaker building my own designs, culminating in large Altec Voice of the Theater component based 20 Cubic foot equivalent of Cornwalls and doing DJ gigs before I could afford my first pair of Khorns in 1977. I spent a full day in Hope with PWK in 1985, at the factory, museum, and his home. He took my wife and I out to eat for lunch and dinner. He was a very gracious host and a fine gentleman. He never thought his company would get as big as it got (about 1/7th the size of Fred Klipsch's company after the buyout), but he did say the Heresy sold in stereo pairs is what saved the company, since not many people could afford Khorns (WAF, cash, space, etc.). The Heresy was over 50% of sales in the 70's, which allowed other products to evolve beyond the Heritage series, including Pro stuff.
  10. RIP Walter Becker, 1/2 Steely Dan

    He was only 67. Heck, Beck, Clapton, Page, Blackmore, etc. all those guitarists are well over 70 now and still going strong. Maybe rock stars need younger wives like these guys to keep them going!!
  11. Thank You Mr. Walter Becker; RIP

    Not only bass, but the TASTIEST guitar licks that NOT blues based. Unique stuff you have to listen for, expecially on the last 2 CD's they made in 2000, and 2003.
  12. RIP Walter Becker, 1/2 Steely Dan

    The Quality of their RECORDINGS improved with each album. Their best recording quality was their last one in 2003.........Everything Must Go.
  13. Composer, vocalist, and guitarist with some really tasty licks is gone. RIP. Listen to Steely Dan at least once a month!!
  14. 2018 Film Screening

    I bought Earthquake on Blue Ray, and it was dissapointing. Compared to "San Andreas," it's cheesy and the sub bass is lacking. Get San Andreas on BR instead, starring Duane Johnson and one of my favorite Hollywood babes, Carla Gugino! I remember Gen Czerwinski's "Corner Plug" horn created quite a stir at the time at an AES convention as well as causing structural damage in older theaters!!! LOL.
  15. Our forum buddy

    I believe that everyone is entitled to their own ridiculous opinions! LOL.