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  1. I can hear the theme from the Man of LaMancha in the background............the only thing that is FIRM about those is the money I have NOT to buy them!
  2. I was headed down this road myself at one time. If you do, you might want to use the woofers I used for my abandoned Super Cornwall project since it has about 2-3 times the Xmax of the K33, which is what you will be stressing with a closed box, along with higher IM distortion, but you know this already...............Better yet, you can go to an 18" woofer since it will still be reasonable in the midrange at 500 Hz. where the mid horn starts to take over. But that would require making sawdust.
  3. Never claimed I was not guilty of the same. It takes one to know one, so we should both wear those badges. My sub-woofer horns are, although not as efficient, longer than yours, which determines the cutoff frequency. The latest and only FULL front horn I own, using an IBM servo motor, is 10 feet long, roughly the same as the Tapped Horn in my living room with B&C 21" Super Driver with 6" voice coil. All my other Tapped horns are 15 and 22 ft. long (that one not yet assembled) respectively. You will never see me cast the first stone unless I'm as guilty as the proverbial stonee, which I am in this case. I had a "stoner" period in my youth, but that is another matter that goes way beyond Jubilee stories. LOL. The Jubilee was PWK's very last design before he passed. With Roy Delgado doing most of the "heavy lifting," PWK's last hurrah, is the best he had in the same footprint. It took 50 years for him to come up with an improvement to the Khorn BASS. But without Roy's K-402, in concert, providing the midrange "where we live" in combination with your favorite bass bins, the Jubilee would not be so far superior to a Khorn for those who have owned or heard them over the last 13 years. So with the Jubilee Bass sharing the other 4 1/2 octaves of music with the mid-treble horn, it's a pretty darn good system in a small space in ANY ROOM, period and requires more expensive and/or bigger solutions to even come close to being in the same league of perfomance.................even when price is considered with modern US dollar inflation.
  4. Some people have even made it to your place more than once, because it's a REAL (not virtual) candy store for the "big Klipsch stuff." In fact some fanatics like you, Dave, were not happy with those tiny Jubilee Klipsch "short horns" that fit into a corner, or MWMs that sit in the open. You had to go 50% bigger yet to make a K-402 proportionally look like a super tweeter instead of a midrange/midbass horn! Regardless of the visuals, your ears will thank you after being in Dave's Playgound!! PS: Wait 'till you see what else he's been up to............................
  5. Bi amping is only good if you don't go through passive components or you need Stupid Loud watts to burn up your voice coils.
  6. I guess people get confused about having to connect 2 wires with the correct POLARITY. I'm a huge fan of Neutrik NL-4 connectors gleaned from the Pro Speaker world. Simple and effective, especially if you have that at both ends of the cable. Otherwise, I'm a fan of the latest 123 amps from Bruno Putzey's company, which would be a good idea for Klipsch to include with the up and coming Jubilee Khorn in 2021.
  7. Nah, that AK-50 Network is way too complicated for me. I only do 1st order passives like "A" on smoother horn/driver combos or Digital with PEQ's and time delays. Nothing in between! LOL.
  8. in fact, the best thing you can do for the "bounce speakers" is put a giant conical horn around them to concentrate their upward firing even more than the splashy wide beam ones that exist now..............yuk. Tried them and they were a waste of time and money.
  9. You can be 6 feet aways if you aim the K-402's downward a bit.
  10. Time for the PWK "Bullshit" button................You can listen to Jubes 6 feet away in an "home environment." I downsized to a small living room when I had Jubes. I sold them to make room for more speakers, not because of how they sounded in the small living room (16 x 11.5 x 8). They sounded fantastic, and no subwoofer required for music with Roy's 32 Hz. PEQ. The only reason I sold them is to make room for huge subs and 9 more horn speakers for Dolby Atmos in that tiny room. I would have them back in a New York minute in a different house with a second room for 2-channel while maintaining the HT in a darkened separate room. I agree about the magic of the MEH horn that ChrisA designed, since I own 3 of the smaller horns that he used as a benchmark for their creation. It's all the best you can buy for less than a lousy 10 Gs. Also realize the you can use cheap chip amps that cost about $65 per channel to get even just average ones. I ran my Jubes with tiny power amps the size of cigarette packs that used a standard 19v Laptop power supplies and I reached over 120 decibels during a Drum Recording Demo. Put your money in the horns, not frikkin' amplifiers which are really GOOD and CHEAP nowadays.
  11. Why don't you pull a "Nancy Pelosi" (about Obamacare) and buy a pair (less than $10,000) with all the trimmings, then you will find out "what's in them" to actually know how they sound in your house to your ears. That's what I did.
  12. Really nice shot of your car. Now all it needs is a hot blonde standing behind it! LOL.
  13. Pretty sure Danley uses 2 of those in the TH-221 Cinemonster sub. 3,000 watts for continuous 138 db output, 1`2 kilowatts max/peak power! It will scare strangers in the same room for sure.
  14. Much like the 1812 Overture WARNING label about the output of the Canons...........they were used by the local Audio Engineering Society Members who were early CD adopters to set up their direct radiator sub-woofers, like M&K, in the early 80's, to just below destruction levels. I no longer have to worry about doing that with this BT-7 however look at the label below:
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