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    Living Room: 2.2/Atmos 7.2.4 (11 channels with LR Subs)=Front L&R, Danley SH-50 horns powered by Hypex NC400 MonoBlocs, SH-50 Center powered by 1/2 of Behringer A500, Forte for surround Channels 4&5 (SR & SL), Super Heresy 1.0 for Rear channels 6&7 (RL & RR), Four-KPT 200's on ceiling for Atmos, all 8 surround/ceiling speakers powered by 4 Nobsound TPA3116 TI Chip amplifiers (about 30W/ch.). Yamaha Pre/Pro CX-A5200. One OThorn and One Danley TH-50 Subs Sony700/Oppo 103 for CD 2.2, HDMI out for Atmos DVD/Blue Ray. YPAO for all listening. 1 Behringer A800 for subs.

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  1. Another great loss. She had her time and we enjoyed every minute.
  2. Since I can't afford a C8 'vette, my good friend of 45 plus years has 2, including his original 1964 in mint shape. But I copy the rest of your choices!
  3. It's one of the benefits of starting young (built my first speaker at 12). I'm still learning more every day. This hobby is full of positive vibrations (referring to music not woofer cone motion). Music unites us all and crosses all cultural boundaries.
  4. He said that on the Late Show with David letterman when he was younger. What fact are you referring to? And why do you sound like a lawyer working a trial? If so it's actually funny.
  5. True of most Rock players vs. Jazz. Also the WHO was the loudest band in the world, resulting in Pete Townsend's severe hearing loss, just like Ted Nugent, who says: "It was worth it." Maybe for him, but not their audiences!
  6. Every room has it's "sweet spot Listening Position." Every speaker has it's sweet spot output Level. Every piston engine has it's sweet spot RPM. Every listener driver has it's sweet spot "comfort zone." My biggest complaint is that, with few exceptions, live Concerts are just TOO DAMN LOUD. Europe want to pass a law to limit concert levels to 96 db, which is only hearing damage free for about 2 hours.
  7. OSHA used to say 90 db was OK for 8 hours, now they say 85. I'm usually at 83 or less A weighted.
  8. I agree with this notion. Especially for Klipsch owners, the old adage rings true: "Just because you Can, doesn't mean you Should!"
  9. Hear, hear! (PUN intended). WHAT, WHAT, WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??
  10. Me too, but it usually falls on deaf ears. I've know this for over 45 years now. In his Dope From Hope papers, he used the popular Bose 901 to generate the Highest IM distortion he ever measured in a speaker of his days and probably what created his Bullshit Button. He called BS on their ad that claimed to have a direct to reverberant field ratio by stating FACTS. You cannot avoid the 90% of the sound coming from that same reverberant field with ANY loudspeaker, regardless of brand, or type, once you are about 10 ft. away from them, which is typical for most rooms/listeners position.
  11. ClaudeJ1


    The gray haired expert in the right bottom video is lying by omission of data from the 70's, and making predictions that are as hard to swallow as the oceans rising.
  12. ClaudeJ1

    Artemis 1

    My son is there with his wife and kids. My grandson wants to be an astronaut, I think.
  13. This means you are using about 10 MilliWatts of power when doing so.
  14. Minimize Your Compromise. That's the point.
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