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  1. Those woofers are not mine. I'm just curious what those alnico manget caps are for as they are not on mine.
  2. BTW, what are the end caps for on these alnico magnets?
  3. Do I need longer wood screws with this tape or the stock screws are OK? Should I add some of this tape to the seal the driver surrounds on the inside?
  4. I have problem finding window seal thin enough to seal the gap between the main cabinet and the cabinet back. Does anyone know a good source for this type of paper thin window seal? Thanks.
  5. Is the cabinet back meant to be air tight? If so, is there any gasketing tape you would recommend that goes between the cabinet and the cabinet back? Thanks.
  6. I have no clue how the previous owner used them but I would assume yes otherwise they can't oxidize.
  7. Is this oxidation on the K77 tweeter housing normal and doesn't affect performance? Is it necessary to clean it up? I see it all the time on other Heresy I's online as well. Looks like this is a common issue. Thanks.
  8. How can I tell if the alnico drivers are out of spec? The speakers sound great to my ears.
  9. My pair of Heresy I comes with K22-E alnico woofers. They are 40+ years old. I'm wondering if the accordion woofer surrounds will dry rot like other vintage woofers with rubber surrounds. If something breaks down in these vintage woofers due to aging, what usually goes first? These speakers like to be played loud. Is it possible to have too much woofer excursion resulting in damage? I'm driving them with 11W SET tube amp. Is it too little power to worry about damaging the drivers? Thanks.
  10. Looks like you are right on the chemical removal agent because the transition is smooth. What grade sandpaper would you recommend to smooth out the grain to match everywhere else? Thanks.
  11. Yes, just one (vertical) side got sanded. The third picture is actually showing the bottom. It gives you an idea of the original finish vs the sanding. Thanks.
  12. That's what I think too because they don't look like mud magnet to me. Thanks.
  13. Here's a pair of 1974 Heresy I (Type H.M7.12). The cabinet on the left needs some work. One side of it is showing the raw veneer and is in a different shade. It's completely matte. You can feel the wood grain unlike the smooth finish of the other sides. Most probably the previous owner sanded through it. How should I restore it so all sides are in the same shade and finish? Thanks.
  14. I'm looking at the Heritage Reference Data PDF. The code for Mahogany should be MHL, MHO or MHR. How come this one is "M7"? BTW, what does the "12" behind the M7 stand for? I thought Heritage serial number of this vintage should follow the format ##letter####. Also, are all the drivers alnico? Thanks.
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