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    My collection so far:

    KSB 1.1's.
    One SW8 II.
    One pair of KSF 8.5's.
    Two 1979 Super Heresy!

    A pair of Epic CF3's V1.0.

    A sequential pair of R-14M's.
    A perfect pair of KP-2002's
    A super nice pair of KP-3002's.

    A matched serial pair of KP-101's.

    2 sequentially numbered pairs of KG4's.

    A pair of KPT-100 taken from a theater in Gainesville.

    A pair of KP-1000's, modified into 2-way garage speakers.
    A perfect pair of 1977 ‘Heresy E’ export model H-WO", laser emblems.

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  1. I'm in Florida, and was considering some trade like this. Once you get up to 5 total posts, you will then be able to send and receive private messages. Where are you located?
  2. The easiest way to host pics on the net and use them on this site is in my signature below. Please try it out.
  3. I have a pair of them here in Central Florida, if you want to pay to have them shipped. I will give them to you. *<;o)
  4. @Scott Grammer Can you post the pictures in this thread, please? There is a very easy and free way to do this in my signature below.
  5. That was my father's favorite saying: If I bought you an anvil for Christmas, you would have it broken by Easter.
  6. Reserved my copy! (I really hope this goes through...)
  7. I will be buying some tickets for this, especially if they throw in the La Scala... He has very good taste in equipment. https://bassmusicianmagazine.com/2023/02/bob-moog-foundation-launches-fundraising-raffle-for-vintage-minimoog-model-d-signed-by-geddy-lee/
  8. One radiator needs some glue, but a great price nonetheless! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/601044662027785/
  9. Oicu812

    pulsating tinnitus

    Holy Necropost, Batman! I have tinnitus ringing badly in both ears. It's really loud, and the "chords" don't match. So I constantly hear a I was leaning over my motorcycle putting air in the front tire, and it exploded inches from my head. I lost most of the range above 9k. At the time, I was working as a sound man for an amusement park. I tried to hide the issue, but it soon became obvious to management. Time for a career change at that point. They gave me an invitation to the rest of the world...
  10. @Anhrich Pricing and location are crucial. Are you in Central Florida, by any chance?
  11. @DebbieO A lot of the value is dependent upon location. Are you out in the middle of Montana, or are you in Miami or LA? If you are anywhere in Florida, I would be willing to make you a fair offer. Please let us know!
  12. She mentioned the serial number ending in "23" in her text, and has a photo of the "22" label, so I am assuming there is a pair. @DebbieO @avguytx
  13. Nice looking? They appear to be about perfect...
  14. It still could be a source issue, or a single speaker issue. Swap sides on the speakers. Does the noise follow a speaker, or does it stay on the right hand side? @RobinVeer
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