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    My collection so far:

    KSB 1.1's.
    One SW8 II.
    One pair of KSF 8.5's.
    Two 1979 Super Heresy!

    A pair of Epic CF3's V1.0.

    A sequential pair of R-14M's.

    A super nice pair of KP-3002's.

    A matched serial pair of KP-101's.

    2 sequentially numbered pairs of KG4's.

    A pair of KPT-100 taken from a theater in Gainesville.

    A pair of KP-1000's, modified into 2-way garage speakers.
    A perfect pair of 1977 ‘Heresy E’ export model H-WO", laser emblems.

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  1. Try the picture hosting in my signature. No limits on size, nor how many you can store. This website has made it utterly easy to host and share pics on the web.
  2. @Dtbsf @FalconXXXX The obvious "meet in the middle spot" to my mind would be to catch each other in Reno or Lake Tahoe. BTW @FalconXXXX, those are some beautiful speakers. Both sets. I am a bit jealous!
  3. To make things easier on the 5.1 front for a PC, I went with a digital fiber optic cable (SPDIF or TOSLINK: https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Electronics-Fiber-Optic-Cables/zgbs/electronics/1288217011) from my PC to an Onkyo 6.1 surround receiver. This puts all the surround processing onto the receiver. To that I hooked up a pair of KP-3002 for the main R/L, a pair of KPT-100 centers (with an additional amp for the second speaker, visible in the upper right of the pic), the side R/L are a pair of Super Heresy, and the back R/L is a pair of KP-1000 (modded to make them a 2-way with K-701 horns and K-55-V drivers), and an SW8-II sub. For music, you change the output to all channels R and L. An amazing sound stage develops in this mode. Music sounds like you are on stage in the middle of the band! (Ann and Nancy are RIGHT HERE!) For 5.1, you change it to PLII or Neo:Cinema. The surround sound from movies on my computer is simply amazing. Watching Dunkirk (for instance) puts you right in the middle of the firefight. Rounds are flying front to back and opposite. You find yourself flinching, wanting to duck so as to not get hit... Here's a pic so that you get an idea what I am talking about. Keep in mind that my monitor is a 55" Sony 4K TV and the woofers in the KP-3002 on either side are 15"!:
  4. These are a very good deal for $300! It wouldn't take too much work to make them tip~top!
  5. They seem like a really good deal at $1,499!
  6. How much were they asking?
  7. Please try out the image / picture hosting site in my signature below. You can do as many pics as you like, and it only takes a couple of seconds to use. I only say this because I would really like to see all of the pics you have of this speaker!
  8. Shouldn't he paint the speakers to match the shelf colors??
  9. Now THAT is a monster system. Congratulations! Now all you need are a matching single and sub for the ultimate 5.1 surround.
  10. I think one of the best pieces of moving advice I have seen for speakers is this: Take a piece of wire and short it across the two input terminals for each of the drivers. This effectively turns the speaker into a motor, and the coil will not move due to the resistance. Especially on the woofer.
  11. I agree with the "replace both" advice given above. Keep both of the originals, so that a new owner in the future can make the decision on an "original" rebuild. Or you might want to go down that path yourself some time in the future.
  12. Actually, I was curious one day and walked around the top floor. They most certainly did, although I don't have photographic evidence...
  13. It was a really nice place. It was owned by a woman who had saved all of her dancing money to build a proper club. Tastefully decorated, professionally run, and I was the only male person that worked there. No sleazy managers, and I made sleazy clientele bounce a couple of times as they hit the pavement out front. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing and watched whenever "mama" felt like dancing herself. It wasn't often. At 45, she still looked better than her 20 and 30 somethings, and she was a consummate performer. I've never seen better. She would do things with a chair that would boggle your mind. She used a lot of different props, not just a pole. The move that amazed me was when she would do a handstand using that chair, one hand on the seat and the other on the back of it. I tried to tip her once, and she smiled charmingly while she refused.
  14. Actually Tammy found love in the arms of Roe Messner. He was the contractor that built Heritage USA. In their huge hotel, Roe, Jim, and Tammy had their own personal suites. Brass plaques on the wall next to each one. The entire place was decorated in Louis XIVth. It was all gawdy and everything was covered in gold ormolu. When the Bakkers could not pay it off, Roe and company ended up owning over half of it, if my source is correct.
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