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    Floral City, Florida
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    My collection so far:

    KSB 1.1's.
    One SW8 II.
    One pair of KSF 8.5's.
    Two 1979 Super Heresy!

    A pair of Epic CF3's V1.0.

    A sequential pair of R-14M's.
    A perfect pair of KP-2002's
    A super nice pair of KP-3002's.

    A matched serial pair of KP-101's.

    2 sequentially numbered pairs of KG4's.

    A pair of KPT-100 taken from a theater in Gainesville.

    A pair of KP-1000's, modified into 2-way garage speakers.
    A perfect pair of 1977 ‘Heresy E’ export model H-WO", laser emblems.

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  1. https://m.facebook.com/groups/528704021054561/
  2. You need to make 5 "quality" posts. That will allow you to PM people.
  3. I hate trying to buy on marketplace. People never answer, are rude, and generally just a PITA.
  4. In my signature is the easiest way to add more pics!
  5. And neither Cornwalls nor a $1,000 outlay would be easy to hide from my Mrs.
  6. I feel you. Even if I had won them at $600, one third on top of that gets me near a grand on a pair of speakers I couldn't test.
  7. I wish I had. Honey do's took over my life on Saturday.
  8. Measure the tube at the bottom. If it is roughly 5.5", it's considered version 1. If the tube is shorter, 2.
  9. Whewiiiie. The Buyers Premium is 25% on top of the state tax as well. Call it 32% over the hammer price.
  10. I think I will be bidding on these...
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