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  1. Oicu812

    H700 Bought

    Fantastic pick up. /Serious Jealousy
  2. Oicu812

    Huge sound and lighting auction in Orlando...

    I have the distinct impression that they did not take pictures of everything. The cymbals might simply be hidden.
  3. Oicu812

    Huge sound and lighting auction in Orlando...

    Bumping this for anyone near Orlando...
  4. You could do like I did, and pick up some Klipsch Pro speakers. Here's my desk now:
  5. Oicu812

    New CF3 Owner Advice

    And here I thought I was the most irregular member. *<;o)
  6. Oicu812

    New CF3 Owner Advice

    Congratulations on your new set of speakers. They are amazingly loud, even when pushed with a small amp. Anything with 100 - 150w RMS will blow your skirt up. (Okay, the bass will thump you in the chest...) I would first contact Bob Crites, and send him a picture of the back of the horn driver. He might have a diaphragm for it, or might know where to get one. Failing that, I would hit up @Dave A to see if he might have one of the drivers in his stockpile.
  7. Oicu812

    New CF3 Owner Advice

    Dave, That was the OP in this thread that said the below, not I:
  8. Oicu812

    New CF3 Owner Advice

    I am curious now. Got a measurin' stick? Are the tubes on the bottom just over 5"? Or are they under 3"?
  9. Oicu812

    Klipschorn at Auction in KC

    I think a pair. Look at the front wood pattern, there are two different speakers shown.
  10. Oicu812

    Lascala on Audigon

    Here's one that really WILL be waiting a while at this price: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://orlando.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-la-scala-loudspeakers/6694887159.html Klipsch La Scala Loudspeakers (pair) - $5000 (Longwood) These are my personal speakers that I bought new. I am having to part with them due to downsizing only. If you want the finest in stereo surround sound, these speakers are the ultimate in beauty and sound. Nothing sounds anywhere near this good. If you are not serious about owning the best, please move along. CASH ONLY -- NO SHIPPING -- PICK UP ONLY
  11. Oicu812

    Klipschorns $5000?

    This is funny to me. My parents owned an antique shop back in the '80's and '90's, and oak was all anyone wanted. Mahogany went cheap, if it went at all. These things go in cycles, and it's interesting to watch it swing back and forth.
  12. Ah, didn't catch that one. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-Of-Huge-Vintage-1950s-Klipsch-Klipschorn-Stereo-Speakers-Walnut-Cabinets-/263929109361?oid=142935156976 ITEM DESCRIPTION: Up for auction is a HUGE and RARE pair of vintage 1950's Klipsch Klipschorn working stereo speakers, with walnut veneer cabinets. Estate Fresh. The owner of these speakers was a lifelong "tinkerer" and audio enthusiast. These speakers were stored in a dedicated listening room for all their life. They have very early serial numbers of 1156 and 1337. Each speaker measures approximately 52" tall, 32" wide, 13" along parallel sides of pentagonal tops, and 29" from the apex of the back corner to the middle front. There are some blemishes/scratches to the wood veneer in a few places. See the last photo for a close-up of the worst damage. The description of each speaker follows: Klipschorn Corner Horn Speaker - Serial No. 1156: Dated Nov. 30, 1956. Loaded with aluminum squawker horn with a K55 Mid, a K77 Tweeter, a K500-5000 crossover, and a Stephens Tru-sonic 103LX2 Woofer. Works well. Klipschorn Mid Range Horn Speaker - Serial No. 1337: Dated May 14, 1957. Loaded with a K5 squawker with a University SAHF Mid, a University 4401 Tweeter, and a type 1RC crossover variant. The cabinet type is not clear on this speaker, and may be a kit or DIY. The woofer on this speaker will need to be replaced or re-coned. It looks to be a later model woofer, and the surround has been damaged. See 11th photo for close-up. Works. NOTE: There is also an extra roll of material for the speaker covers. PAYMENT: I will accept Paypal for these speakers, but would prefer cash payment upon pick-up. SHIPPING: NO SHIPPING. Local pick-up ONLY in Havre de Grace, Maryland. RETURNS: Refunds will be given if an item is not as described and is returned in the same condition as it was shipped. OTHER: We deal primarily in antique/vintage/collectible items. We do our very best to accurately describe any flaws, wear or damage if applicable. If you have any questions, PLEASE Email us before bidding.
  14. I see JBL logos on the rolling cases, who knows what all is in the sale??? https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3144737.html?email=726f6e636c61726b333240686f746d61696c2e636f6d&amp;utm_source=house&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=targetedexclusive&amp;utm_content=cas091818
  15. Oicu812

    DYI Klipschorns

    That book matched walnut is gorgeous. Very nice job there.