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  1. https://offerup.com/item/detail/679314105/
  2. If the problem is online space to host your photos, please try the instructions below in my sig.
  3. Nice price for any revision in Cherry! Can you DIY make them into rev. 1’s?
  4. My grandfather was one of six brothers who served in WWII. He lives in Ocala, FL, where they have built a very nice Veterans Park. You can have bricks, benches, and assorted things inscribed with your (or a loved one's) name, rank, and branch of service, to be placed permanently in the park. He volunteered and worked at the park from it's inception, until the Alzheimer's started to get bad. He and his five brothers are all in the park. The park also pays tribute to a late friend of mine. Paul Ray Smith, who is on the Florida Medal of Honor recipients obelisk. He was the first person to be given that signal honor for the Iraq and Afghanistan war. He was quite an honorable (and brave) man. He is still missed. https://www.army.mil/medalofhonor/smith/citation/index.html https://www.army.mil/medalofhonor/smith/profile/index.html
  5. .A ballpark price, your location, some pics would be nice. If you need assistance with getting your photos online, try the method in my signature below. @Jasonmloo
  6. I think you will really like them a LOT. We love our set, and use them daily.
  7. I think he was being funny. Don't ever wash any cast iron cookware with dish soap, or any chemicals. @willland What do you mean, exactly, when you say you're going to "restore" them? It's taken decades to achieve that patina!
  8. They sure do have a hefty punch, don't they? However, I find it odd that the serial numbers, model and finish information has completely "faded away", while the signatures are perfectly fine. I think that's still a good price for any of the three revisions, no need to hide that information. I like the A/B setup with the JBL L100 speakers on their stands. Anyone remember that iconic Maxell tape ad?
  9. Oicu812


    There is another forum you might want to check out. I love the old Panerai models from the 1930’s to the Fifties, but they are RARE. Maybe one will change hands every dozen years or so, and they have been bringing mid to high six figures when they do. As a watch and horology lover, you want one. But you aren’t a millionaire, so what do you do? Go without one your whole life, wistfully looking at pictures from museum pieces and rich collectors? You do what people on this board do, and build your own. Or you buy other people’s completed watches, projects, parts, including hand made leather or canvas watch straps, cases, movements, dials, hands, etc. etc. Just like here, there are a bunch of talented and knowledgeable folks. There are some very good watchsmiths who will build pieces or entire watches to your specs. You can buy all the parts and knock it together yourself. The website is http://homage-forum.com Don’t let the the first page fool you into thinking that the website is sparse. After you sign up and log in for the first time, all of the really good content appears! Check out the projects these guys are building. It’s not just Panerai, there are a lot of other interesting brands, too. The project on the ‘50’s Rolex Pan Am GMT homage was spectacular. If I remember correctly, there is only one original example in existence. @Schu
  10. Oicu812


    Life's too short, wear the thing. If you watch the Clooney / Buzz Aldrin video, you will see that he wears two of them on his left wrist. One on top of the arm, and one on the inside, all on the same bracelet setup.
  11. Try some Eagles. Especially the live albums. I'm a rock guy, but I've been listening to Toby Keith lately. All of his stuff seems to be well mixed.
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