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  1. Oicu812

    Industrial La Scala X4 Auction just sharing

    Those look NICE. I wish I was closer to Chattanooga. This should really have been posted in the "Alerts" sub-forum, but things aren't really strict around here.
  2. Oicu812

    Jersey HBR $400 Central Florida

    Quite correct. Heresy 1's have the horns and woofers attached to the back of the motor board. And only H1's have a removable back panel.
  3. What figuring on these things, just fabulous! (Obviously not mine) Ebay ad: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1980-Klipsch-Heresy-Speakers-Rare-Persian-nut-cabinets-Consectutive-s/192858434692?hash=item2ce7422c84:g:abkAAOSwivlcgb3R
  4. Oicu812

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    I really like the Onkyo 7.1. I have the 3002’s front stereo, Super Heresy for the sides, and KP-101’s for the rears. No center channel yet, looking for something decent. The organ amps have gain control knobs, so it’s easy to match power levels. I watch movies in 6.1 (for now), and play music through alll speakers. I have it all r running from my PC.
  5. Oicu812

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Organ-100-Watt-Amplifier-Model-S-100-Working/382821365699?hash=item5921ee77c3:g:CgIAAOSwoF5cfYla 100w RMS mono Allen organ amps. I’ve been playing around with them, and they work remarkably well! One each dedicated for the KP-3002’s produce more SPL than I can stand. Pre-outs feed each channel perfectly from an Onkyo 7.1. I’ve also tried a 3.5mm to RCA splitter cable from an iPhone as the preamp with great success. I know it sounds idiotic, but there it is.
  6. Please try the image hosting technique in my signature below. Unlimited sizes and number of pictures!
  7. Oicu812

    Slim Cornscala out of khorn parts

    Holy necropost, Batman!
  8. Oicu812

    A First, Who knows Oris Watches ?

    These are well faked. Sending you a PM.
  9. Oicu812

    Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    That allows you to staple anywhere on a page. The stapler head sits on the top bar, allowing paper to be passed underneath up to 12" in length. You can use this with oversized paper in addition to the normal 8.5" x 11".
  10. Oicu812

    Klipsch Cornwall Speakers

    Then we would miss out on the $500 K-horns!
  11. Try the picture hosting method in my signature below. Unlimited size and amount.
  12. Oicu812

    Omega Super Alnico 6 speakers for swap

    Your location would be a huge help to the members here.
  13. Oicu812

    K-Horns in the Bay Area?

    Putting this in the Alerts sub-forum is not helping you at all. Post the same request in either the General or the Two Channel forums will get a lot more responses.
  14. Oicu812

    Forte 1's in Rhode Island $500

    https://offerup.com/item/detail/631751447/ There are dings in one riser, otherwise look to be in good shape:
  15. I wish we were closer, I would love to be able to take you up on that. This is an extremely nice offer!