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  1. Thank you both! Now I’m trying to decide if I should “Super’ them...
  2. @jimjimbo @Arrow#422 Mission accomplished. They will need a little cleaning up, rebuild the crossovers, a little tung oil, etc. The original owner confirmed that he bought these in Germany, the first thing his wife and he purchased for their new digs in country. @wvu80 Can you add this to your price tracking spreadsheet? Jim, I think these qualify for super clean status (provided you overlook the small amount of cat fur in the grilles...)
  3. Oicu812

    Several Items For Sale

    Wish I could. In the interim, I have already committed to buying a pair of Heresy "E" models from the original owner. Walnut oiled from 1977, laser emblems, etc. etc.
  4. Oicu812

    Several Items For Sale

    It's me, isn't it? I just KNEW it. Now what the heck am I going to do??? On a more serious note, I still wish I could pick up your KP-302's. I've been REALLY happy with their rat furred cousins, and they would make an awesome 5 or 7.1 surround system.
  5. I will definitely pick them up, and post pics once I have them...
  6. The original owner purchased this pair of “export” Heresy, with labels denoting the model as Heresy E. According to the guy, he bought them at the Army Exchange in Germany circa 1977. They are HWO, with an ‘R’ for the date letter. I’ve only seen two small photos, but they look super clean. The badges look like these: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/KLIPSCH-LASER-BADGES-EMBLEMS-PAIR-KLIPSCHORN-LASCALA-CORNWALL-SPEAKERS-VINTAGE/192781246822?hash=item2ce2a86166:g:RK8AAOSwBMpcCUDY The asking price $380. Are they a good deal? I think I should jump on them...
  7. @ClaudeJ1 What, if any, power changes have occurred with these upgrades? Do you think that the total RMS wattage handling has increased, and if so, by how much at a guess?
  8. Oicu812


    I think that more pictures will help you sell these all the faster. If space for pics is an issue, try the online image instructions in my signature below...
  9. Oicu812


    Those are super clean, and well worth the price. I would pick these up myself, if they were closer. I use the same pair almost, KP-3002, as my computer speakers...!
  10. Oicu812

    Sound without Computer ON

    Even better than cutting the wire, take a pin and drive it through the wire. Cut off the excess on both sides. The system now has a dead short that is darned near impossible to find. It will either drive him crazy, or he will run a new cable from the amp to the antenna. Repeat as needed.
  11. Oicu812


    What are the Yamaha speakers?
  12. Oicu812

    Klipsch 140SA Ebony for sale - SOLD

    Try the picture method in my signature below. No size or volume limits...
  13. Oicu812

    FS: (3)Three Icon XL-23 Speakers -$300

    Here you go (even though I am not a moderator...). I can fix the orientation, but there isn't much I can do about your focus issues.
  14. Oicu812

    What type of horn is this? (Calling all experts!)

    No casting numbers, nor identifying marks of any sort. It is 9 1/2" tall, 11 1/2" wide, and 9 1/2" long. It weighs 5 pounds, 9 ounces.
  15. Oicu812

    UPDATE: It's 2018; what audio gear DID YOU BUY?

    They also make great guard dogs for your property. They've been known to scare off hawks and foxes.