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  1. Oicu812

    New to me Klipshorns

  2. Try the picture hosting method in my signature below. Unlimited size, and number of pics.
  3. These appear to be brand new, in the box. It looks like the seller has a second center channel as well listed on Reverb for $2,500. https://reverb.com/item/12224886-klipsch-palladium-speaker-set-surround-pair-woofer-center Klipsch Palladium Speaker Set (Surround Pair, Woofer, Center) Klipsch Speaker set:1x Subwoofer P-312W1x Center Speaker P-27C2x Surround Speakers P-27SExcellent condition. reverb.com
  4. In case anyone was looking for a rare finish (or lack of...) on a set of Cornwalls: https://reverb.com/item/16763349-klipsch-cornwall-ii-speakers-aged-walnut-circa-1985 Klipsch Cornwall II speakers, aged walnut, circa 1985 Manufactured for the Home Theatre audiofile, these things are huge (included a 5 gallon bucket for size comparison). To big to ship, for sure. Head over to Klipsch's website for more details on the Cornwall model.Were installed in living room cabinets, have been there since purchase. Considerin... reverb.com
  5. I can't get there to pick these up, I hope someone on the Forum will give them a good home! The serial numbers appear to be 54S296 and 7. @wvu80 These might be close enough to you... https://reverb.com/item/16758450-klipsch-heresy-70s-80s-african-rosewood Klipsch Heresy 70s -80s African rosewood Klipsch Heresy speakers from the late 70s early 80s. Very clean all around-Rare African Rosewood finish with brown covers! They sound very nice , no damage . Local pickup only - too nice to ship:) reverb.com
  6. Oicu812

    K-53K Drivers and horns - $50 SOLD

    No, thank YOU, Sir. I believe these will go into my oddball Cornwall build. I will have a build thread with photos once I have all the parts come in.
  7. Oicu812

    K-53K Drivers and horns - $50 SOLD

    PM'ed JimJimbo on these.
  8. I found the listing for these, and thought someone on here would be interested... https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/ele/d/klipsch-kp-362-pro-version/6734420915.html
  9. Oicu812

    FS Klipsch THX Price Lowered!!

    Try the picture hosting method in my signature below. It's quick and easy, plus there are no size limitations.
  10. Oicu812

    Accuphase T-100

    I believe he was asking if you were going to sell the convertors. The TotalDACs.
  11. Oicu812

    Subwoofer not working

    This would probably be the issue. I have a surround receiver that loses all settings when disconnected from a power source. You have to go into the menu and tell it that you are using a sub, and what frequency you want the cutoff to be.
  12. Oicu812

    Jubilee bass bins

    That's one incredibly nice offer. Kudos!
  13. https://reverb.com/item/15488285-klipsch-heresy-1-alnico-hwo-12-1972-hwo
  14. Oicu812

    Jubilee bass bins

    @noviygera This would do better in the general forum, rather than this one that is aimed at the Klipsch Professional products. Good luck with your search.
  15. I thought that I should offer a trade here before modifying BEC's beautiful work to build the crossovers that I need. I picked up this pair of A - 4500 on eBay, where someone added what looked to be capacitors across the posts for the tweeters. No permanent changes were made, no solder used. The extra capacitors were easily removed simply by loosening the screws, and putting the positive tweeter wire back on the correct connector. The crossovers are back to bone stock now, just the way Mr. Crites ships them out. These have 3636 autoformers that can be adjusted in 1DB increments. This is a nice upgrade from the Klipsch T2A autoformers that can only be adjusted by 3DB at a time. What I need is a pair of Cornwall II or KP-301 X-overs for my project. Ping me if you are interested! If I don't get a response within a week, I won't feel bad using the 4500's for parts. The first pic is what I received today in the box, and the second is what they now look like.