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  1. carlthess40

    TUBA HT Amp ?

    Tuba sub does not need a lot of power. I ran one that had the Dayton Audio 15” mkII with a small 100 watt amp and it was pretty good But then I used a Yamaha p5000s in mono and WOW , then it showed me what it could really do. Best thing is just hook it up and hear what it sound like. And pay attention to any distortion that may show up at higher volume levels and if you start hearing that then you know your starting to clip the Amp What driver are you using and what’s its power ratings for rms and Peak power ?
  2. carlthess40

    Inspire LP-27a preamp (Dennis Had design) with extra tubes

    I would take it in a heartbeat if you would be open to trades. It’s a sweet looking preamp
  3. carlthess40

    Look at this

    If your in az these would be a great find https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/pair-of-klipsch-type-k-357-b-corner-horn-speakers-800468f8a7
  4. Those dean crossovers would be a major upgrade for you and save some cash over the ALK units.
  5. Pics of the crossovers please You can change out some of the caps yourself for only a few dollars You say they sound great as is, but you only have that as a benchmark so it’s impossible for you to know if things will improve I would just spend a few dollars first with changing a few of the caps and if you like what it’s doing then I would go all out on a set of New crossovers, I know the ALK crossovers have a way to move a wire or two to change how hot the mid or high is playing. You know. How loud or softly those are playing. For me I like my tweets and mids on the hot side as I have hearing lose above 6khz And that’s one of many things I like about Klipsch that a lot of people complain about and that is they are sometimes to bright of the higher hz Here’s a pic of one of his big boy crossover setups , from ALK. Now this is when your going all out and are in the BIG BOYS playground. Lol
  6. carlthess40

    RSW-15 South OC

    I did not offer him anything, just told him that he may need to lower the price of it did not sell. But he thinks that they are made of gold. And he listed them as having two 15” subs and I only pointed out the one was a passive driver that acts like a port He did not like me telling him what it really was. I told him good luck and have a good day.
  7. carlthess40

    RSW-15 South OC

    I can tell you the guy is a ***. I emailed him and he has turned out to be a idiot
  8. carlthess40

    FS Akai X360D RTR

    Ok. I won’t have that kind of time. I will be there for my oldest sons wedding and I’ll be short on time
  9. carlthess40

    Klipsch to update La Scala

    Someone please send me a pic at that show so I can enter the contest. Lol Really, not joking. Or am I? [emoji79]
  10. carlthess40

    FS Akai X360D RTR

    How far is that from Birmingham Al ?
  11. carlthess40

    FS: Pair Cherry RT-10d Subs

    God bless that woman You better buy her something great
  12. carlthess40

    Mixing & Matching Klipsch Series

    I second that on using a rc64. They are a wonderful center speaker. If you you can, buy two for the day when you buy a monster tv and you can place one on the bottom and one on top of the tv. And the price of the rc64 is going for really low prices now I think you would have a hard time finding a R-7 and if you did , you will most likely pay though the nose for it
  13. This is BS going on here. I’m seriously thinking of how I should continue on this fourm. In the last two years I have been seeing a lot of abusive moderators and other members on here It’s starting to look like and feel like it’s a child’s Facebook with a bunch of pre-teens in middle school
  14. carlthess40

    KG4 versus Quartet

    I would jump on it. That’s a very far price for them
  15. I have watched you guys post for years on the Klipsch fourm. And have learned a ton from all of you. Sorry to say, BUT this is getting childish from all parties involved and more so on a couple of you than the other Now back to what this post is about As I would like to know how and when to replace and test my caps in my crossovers and other audio gear