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  1. carlthess40

    Deal of the century

    I live in Florida for a reason And it goes bang bang. Lol
  2. carlthess40

    Deal of the century

    I emailed him to ask if he made a typo and this is what he did to me. Lol Look at this pic
  3. carlthess40

    SOLD Heresy II in oak for sale 500. SOLD

    Thank you for the kind words These just got sold Thank you
  4. carlthess40

    How to Re-Veneer curved surfaces

    Using a steamer will help with making your materials soft and able to bend around the curves of the box
  5. carlthess40

    SOLD Heresy II in oak for sale 500. SOLD

    Open to offers
  6. carlthess40

    Built at home amp sounds sweet with Cornwall iii

    Did any of the boards come with any parts on then or did you have to install everything onto them? And do you have any photos of it before you started the build?
  7. carlthess40

    SOLD Heresy II in oak for sale 500. SOLD

    Yes they are 100%. You will not find a better looking/working set of H2’s anywhere These are as close to new as you will ever find
  8. I have a set the I bought a few weeks ago and now see that I don’t have the room for them. So either I sell these or sell my KI-102’s and I have two sets of these For the KI-102 I would take 350 a pair plus shipping The Heresy II’s I will take 500 All these speakers are near mint And will ship in the USA Email me at carlthess@yahoo.com for More info
  9. carlthess40

    Mid 70s Heresy 1 HWO

    Looks all original to me. Looks just like my H1’s from 1984/86
  10. carlthess40

    Emotiva PA-1 class D Amps

    A lot of the bad things you hear about class D amps are from poor power supply’s They have improved on them a lot over the last few years
  11. carlthess40

    Klipsch Belle 1978 for Sale

    I’ll give you 250 for the pair
  12. carlthess40

    Heresy III are here!!

    I like the pie logo
  13. carlthess40

    Heresy III are here!!

    Who did they use for shipping and did it cost you anything for shipping?
  14. carlthess40

    Marantz 1060 Amplifier and WC10 wood case RESTORED

    The black faceplate really makes it stand out like the old Sansui gear. If your open to trades I’ll jump on this thing
  15. carlthess40

    WTB- Pair of Forte (1’s)

    I have a set of kg4.2 in great shape in oak And a Beautiful near mint heresies 2 in oak with slant risers The H2’s. 500 plus shipping Kg4.2. 350 plus shipping And a set of KI-102 these are great if you use a sub. The mids and highs are some of the best that I’ve had in any of my Klipsch speakers. And the have a 60x90 horn lens With a 1-25” titanium compression driver Kg4.2 in top in second pic H2’s in floor KI-102’s. 350 set Plus shipping