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  1. carlthess40

    They Are Coming!

    I want I want I want I want I need I need I need these. Lol
  2. carlthess40

    Miller & Kreisel MX-125 - $150

    Maybe if you pulled all the drivers and amp Then maybe I could afford the shipping and just build a new cab
  3. carlthess40

    Super MWM

    Thank you for the information
  4. carlthess40

    Miller & Kreisel MX-125 - $150

    What’s your location?
  5. carlthess40

    Super MWM

    I would like a set of the plans. Please And would this work with a Klipsch k-45-kt 15” driver ?
  6. carlthess40

    KPT-904 vs Klipschorn

    Yes do it. I seen the add and they are great speakers. Just check and make sure they have the passive crossovers I liked how he covered the fronts and put pie labels on them. And you will have a ton more options on placement with them
  7. I see that they are no longer for sale either
  8. I think you should tell us who the seller is Piss poor way of doing business and I believe we should know who he is so if someone else goes to buy something from him they can be more informed about his past
  9. carlthess40

    Cinema F-20 build thread

  10. carlthess40

    SOLD: Lil' Mike Cinema F20 sub

    I can’t find any plans to build this box. Please help me find them
  11. carlthess40

    Cinema F-20 build thread

    Where’s the plans for this build?
  12. carlthess40

    AA networks, A networks, E2 networks FS

    To bad I just did my type E crossovers I would have jumped on those
  13. carlthess40

    AA networks, A networks, E2 networks FS

    Still have not sold? What’s going on with selling good items