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  1. Can you find out about the wood horns ? Thank you. And yes any crossovers parts
  2. I would be interested in any of the crossovers and parts for building crossovers. And maybe those wood horns he built , the ones that are laying face down on top of some speakers. Will you be doing any shipping? I’m in Florida Thanks and so sorry to hear what happened, god speed on his health and to get home, if possible.
  3. The KI line of speakers and parts are pretty versatile on what box you build for them.. I’ve had quite a few of the KI line and loved every one of them. Great parts and would be a great buy for someone to build some great speakers good luck with your sale Let us all know if you change your mind about shipping the parts.
  4. Trade my wife for them? Or a bunch of audio gear. Lol
  5. Would you sell just the amps ?
  6. Would you ship? What’s your location? I tried to by a buy a 7.1 setup with the subs and two amps. And what a system they are. The sound from that setup came out with very little work from a low power Yamaha avr. GLWS. Great start up for a avr setup
  7. I understand that. Good luck, they are out there. Try the diy audio forum
  8. I’ll loan mine to you but you would have to pay for any and all shipping and leave me a deposit. Check out my user names. carlthess50 and carlthess40. I’ve been around the audio forums for over 10 years Message me if you want to do this Thanks Carl
  9. What type of plugs do your hard drives use ? I have a few server hard drives that I’ll sell you for cheap
  10. I may have a set of 3 H1’s. Two are walnut and one is oak
  11. Sounds like what they do to us here in Florida. They take your money for years and when other people make clams in your state from floods and other weather related things. You can call your state insurance commissioner and complain about it and if they get enough complaints they will make sure that they limit the amount of increase of policies that they can do
  12. I’ve been emailing the seller . I hope to make the drive to him and check them out. Hopefully he is legit. He is pretty firm on the 1600 price. Is this a ( to good to be true) sale ? It’s about a 1.5 to 2 hour drive one way. I have the money but wife wants me to sell of some of my audio gear before buying an anything else. Lol. It only took her 26 years to say this to me. Lol guess I’m a lucky man who has a very understanding wife. But she is right, I have so much gear and speakers just sitting all over the house. Only if she would stop looking for all my hiding spots.
  13. If I get my asking price for this Denon avr, I will give the buyer a 30 day warranty with it. And I’ll eat the pp or Venmo fees I also have 2 sets of ELAC bookshelf speakers and 2 matching center speakers. These are new and only tested. I don’t have the boxes but have the package bags that they came in, I’m missing one grill for one of the bookshelf speakers. I’d like to get 300 for a set of front stage speakers If someone buys the receiver and a set of the 3 speakers. I will discount the speakers some to help with shipping cost. And even more if someone buys all the speakers Thanks
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