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  1. KPT-904 vs Klipschorn

    Yes I have had all 3. Stay with the Cornwall if you don’t have the room and knowledge of how to setup electronic crossovers and multiple amps that you will need for the 904’s and with the 904 and k-horns you will need subs. The Cornwall’s have better bass if you don’t have the room for all the other gear that you will need with the 904’s and the corners that are needed with the k-horns Good luck and I know other guys will chime in very soon. I think 2 or 3 guys on here have been setting up their new 904’s and can tell you what they have had to do with getting them up and running. But they are worth the time and money if you really need all of that power of a 7foot speaker
  2. Recap Marantz 1060 - techs in SE Florida?

    Look on eBay and find the guy that does the repairs on Klipsch sub amps. I think he is in Fort Lauderdale or Miami. I’ll see if I can find his add on eBay. You can just search for Klipsch amp repairs and he will pop up
  3. 12volt amplifier for la scala vintage

    Parts express has a full line of 12volt gear Preamps. Amps and dps system boards You can also use a good Quality car amplifier and head unit. But you will drain the batteries down pretty fast. You can even use a alpine or kenwood 2din head unit that plays a true 45 to 50 watts and you will even have a DVD player and all that jazz
  4. Amps

    I use heresy ones and 4 ki-102’s for sides and rear and I have use marantz amps with 120 watts and how only using 60 from my amps and the sound is just as good. Most of us would and do play the HT system at ear bleeding levels, but when the wife and kids are there they complain about it being to loud. So now I just go for the balance between the two. With Klipsch you don’t need all that power. I buy and sell tons of used gear and anytime I find amps and speakers that are no longer working it’s always the same answer. Man I play it with 250 / 300 watts all the time and don’t understand why I keep killing my speakers and amps. Lol. Well you don’t need to play it at level max plus one to enjoy the music or movie
  5. Amps

    I’ll see what comes up this weekend But you know whit that list of speakers, they don’t need that type of power, unless you have them in a 2500 q.f room or larger. But I’ll let you know
  6. Amps

    Why do you need so much power? What type of speakers are you looking for and will you do shipping? I’m going to check out some gear Saturday and may be able to find some items for you
  7. Cornwall II's for sale near me

    Run, don’t walk and jump on the deal. You will be a happy camper with them
  8. La Scala Parts for Sale

    Price price and shipping ?
  9. Newbie with 2 pairs of Khorns

    I’ve seen them sell for 6500 to 8000 a set. Sounds like a big hit on them if you got them new. But maybe with you having sn# 1 and 2 that may help with a higher asking price. Wish you well on selling them
  10. Amps for sale

    I have a few amps for sale, shipping will be from 32746. Lake mary Florida 1. Niles SI-1200. 12 channel amp that can work as a 6 channel 2. Niles. Sub amp. SA-100 3 sonance. Sonamp 275x3 SE 4. Sonance. Sonamp 260 5. Dbx. Sub amp. MPA150 6. Kenwood. EQ GE-76 7. Pioneer SACD player. DV-AX10 This is 55lbs so shipping will be high I don’t have a remote but could include a programmable Logitech harmony 900 with it 8. Onkyo av receiver TX-DS595 No remote I am very open on the prices The amps will be 100 each The dbx will be 55.00 The pioneer sacd player will be 650 The onkyo is 65 The Kenwood eq is 65 Please email me for pics and info on any item carlthess@icloud.com
  11. Sanding them down a little and use black stains and sand In-between each coat until you get the look you like
  12. Man I wish I had the cash to buy them for my sister up there in St. Paul.
  13. WTB: Single Heresy

    I may be able to find one here near Orlando if you change your mind about shipping. I’ll try to call the guy and see if he still has it
  14. Vasubandu's Tower of Subwoofer Build

    What size port or ports will you be using? And are you going to wire the drivers out of phase? Also remember to make your base of the tube at lest Half the weight of your drivers so that it will stand up without any problems, As for your amp or amps, I would look at some pro line mid term high end amps like qsc, Yamaha , crown and so on I used a Yamaha p5000s for a 15” tuba sub system that I ran for two years and it was a great amp. I hear all these people talking about those cheap Barringer amps with dps in them . I can’t see a amp that’s only 9lbs lasting very long with driving high watts If you have a high end preamp for HT it should be able to do all the dsp stuff for you. If you going to be using a amp or amps that will be away from the tube , email me. I have a great single speaker cable that’s 49 feet long and it’s made just for subs. I’ve mad a few tube subs in my days so if you need some help hit me up and I’ll be more then happy to help. My email is carlthess@icloud.com I can’t wait to see some pics of it Or even some blueprints. Oops , showing my age with that word. Lol. Good luck
  15. Ok. Let me know. I have them hooked up but hardly use my system. They are just to much for my condo