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    Audio, fire arms, gun smithing, making custom audio cables anything to do with audio and music
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  1. If you’re going to make a trip to Daytona Beach or Orlando Fl I’ll buy them. Or if someone near you is going this way and has room for them carl
  2. What brands are you looking for in the used market?
  3. What part of Florida are you at ? I’m in deltona and may are you interested in purchasing both of them ,if I can afford both
  4. Here’s a link for the tickets https://floridaaudioexpo.com/tickets/ also the dates start on feb 17 and the show runs through Sunday of that weekend location is the Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore 555 North Westshore Boulevard Tampa, Florida 33609 USA
  5. Anyone going to this audio show in Tampa ? it’s in February. Here’s a link so you can find all the information on it https://floridaaudioexpo.com hope to see a few of y’all there
  6. What’s your location? Maybe if you could find someone close to you . This way you could test all of the crossover parts. I’m in Deltona Fl and have all the tools to test all of the components of speakers, everything from the drivers down to the wiring
  7. Tapatalk is not working very well for me Email me please carlthess@yahoo.com
  8. Emile I have a older klipsch center speaker that’s a match for the klf20 speakers It’s black and could use stain or paint It’s your if you want it Carl
  9. I’d love to buy them, but how much would shipping to to Deltona Fl 32725 Or maybe just the drivers ? I need something to work with my JBL 2”cd horns Or with my klipsch k-510 horns installed into some nice open back boxes
  10. Use a car wax with UV protection And make sure is a clear or as clear as possible
  11. Are you looking for an avr with or without built in amps ?
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