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  1. carlthess40

    Wtb rs-7

    What's your location? I think I seen a pair on CL in Tampa or Daytona I'm in Orlando so if you find a pair there I would be more then happy to check them out for you Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I have a doctors appointment Tuesday at 10 so maybe Wednesday will be better if that works for you
  3. Message sent. Will be doing g a road trip [emoji847][emoji41]
  4. Where do I go??? Pm me
  5. carlthess40

    SOLD: Pair of Good K-42's

    Where’s shipping from ?
  6. carlthess40

    Dayton Audio DSP-408 ... digital signal processor

    It’s on my want to have list. I have been reading some good info about it and it comes with the software unlike the other brand your talking about. But if someone as a copy of the software please send a copy my way. Lol. I got a used one and did not know you have to pay extra for the software Lol
  7. carlthess40

    SOLD NIB Klipsch The 3 For Sale-Klipsch Museum

    Ok now I see what it is. I’m not up on the newer Klipsch stuff is
  8. carlthess40

    SOLD NIB Klipsch The 3 For Sale-Klipsch Museum

    Color me stupid, but what the heck is a Klipsch 3 ???
  9. carlthess40

    Erse Pulse X Capacitors

    Dean. What would you recommend for my Klipsch H1 speakers I can’t spend a ton on these but would like to hear a difference with what I put in the crossover as I’m not really hearing anything in what I installed in the crossover And I don’t know how to test the old or new caps.
  10. carlthess40

    Erse Pulse X Capacitors

    Thank you It’s my first time doing any crossover repairs or mods and just installed those into my Klipsch H1 type E crossovers I’ve been reading about letting them burn in or what every people are calling it these days. The oil cans that I removed look like new on the outside and I can hear the highs a tad more. So any info will be great
  11. carlthess40

    SOLD. Two RF-3 + two RS-3 + one RC-3 = $600 in Minneapolis!

    That was a good deal for both seller and buyer
  12. carlthess40

    Erse Pulse X Capacitors

    What do you think of these Jantzen Cross-CAP MKP capacitor is made from metalised (Zn;Al) propylene foil (typ. ± 3%) max. ±5% in a body with low inductance . The dielectric strength is 400VDC. It is characterized by an exceptionally good price / performance ratio .
  13. carlthess40

    Erse Pulse X Capacitors

    So are they any good for Klipsch crossovers or are they junk??
  14. carlthess40

    KG4’s for sale. All original and single owner

    Hold your ground one these. The price is great. If I had the cash I would jump on them. As I have a pair and they would make a great setup for HT . These sound better then my H1’s all day long Better bass and clear mids and highs