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  1. carlthess40

    Super MWM

    Sorry guys. That’s the best photo I have of that driver
  2. carlthess40

    Super MWM

    Here’s some pics of drivers that a guy I know that uses other drivers in this setup I don’t k ow if they are still around , he said that they handle more power and went to a lower hz Let me find a better pic
  3. carlthess40

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    It’s to late, I’ve been banned from buying any more speakers
  4. carlthess40

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    My wife caught me on the website about to order 6 of them, she snatched my credit card out of my hand so fast and just gave me that look [emoji35][emoji380] and I all most p my shorts I told her I would be more then happy to sleep on the couch for the next year Sadly that did not work[emoji27]
  5. If you like. II can take some very good closeup photos of my H1’s type E crossovers
  6. The H1’s have the mid and high wired out of phase Here’s a pic of my crossover type E
  7. Thanks JohnA For the links for new caps I don’t want to turn my H1’s into something else I like the way they are, I have subs for all the lows I need. The super H looks pretty cool and I may do that with another set of H1’s when I find a set. But the ones I have now I’ve owned for over 20 years and my wife would kill me if I need anything that major to them For now I just want to update the caps on the type E crossovers
  8. What capacitors would you recommend for rebuild on the H1’s crossovers Please tell me the brand name and the value of the capacitors I’d like to do my H1’s as well
  9. carlthess40


    I’m I wrong in thinking that the alk universal three way crossover will work on the heresy ones ?
  10. carlthess40


    Are these the same as the ones he makes now? I’m sure I’m wrong but these can also be used on the H1’s as well? Is this true? If so I may be selling some gear to buy them if they are not already gone. It’s a great deal
  11. carlthess40

    Super MWM

    What ever you have Do you have a list of drivers that may work in it or the specs to look for so maybe I would be able to find a driver from parts express Thanks
  12. carlthess40

    Super MWM

    You said that you have plans for this box?
  13. carlthess40

    WTS: Klipsch THX Ultra 2 system in Indy

    What a great setup. Wish I had the cash
  14. carlthess40


    O one more thing. On the high horns. They do not have the 4way manifold He used a 2” JBL drivers for those He is a one school rocker and thinks JBL is God’s gift to sound. Lol So all the Klipsch drivers are long gone and he is the second owner of the setup, they where first used for a sound production company He does have drivers to fill all the cabs so that would be up to someone to negotiate that with him
  15. carlthess40


    Here’s a few pics that I took for someone else here on the fourm It’s basically two sets put together of the mids and lows It’s a four way with the crossover boxes The last thing I remember is some where around 2k without drivers. I though that was way to high. But I could pass you his info if you like though email. He is in Longwood Florida and the system is at his wood shop