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  1. Haha ... just for fun ... got a notice from a scammer ... quote Thanks for responding, I am interested and I'm ok with the price. I would like to send payment asap. Please let me know if a certified cashiers check is ok.After my check clears my shipper will come and pick it up at your location. I would have loved to come and take a look but I can't. My shipper will though. If you can get back to me with your details I'll get the check out asap.I m ready to compensate you for working with me unquote
  2. Local sale pending ... buyer getting cash Monday
  3. Hi Carl, As soon as you can Want to get the Forte's also? $400 for the JBL's + Fortes Cheers, Emile
  4. OK; got some CF-3's and have no room left (per my wife) for my Forte I's . Listed them on CraigsList for $480 ... see https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/ele/d/saint-petersburg-klipsch-forte-speakers/6891893440.html ... haha, $380 for my Klipsch friends. Updated with Crites' titanium diaphragms, glass tops and rollers on the bottom. Excellent sound and even better condition ... no dings, no scratches. Serial numbers are NOT sequential. Tampa Bay, FL area. Pick-up only. Cheers, Emile
  5. For those of you who were following this post in regards to the 510/691's ... sold them to member AHall ... he had been trying to get these from me for 3 months Cheers, Emile
  6. Think they would make great POOL speakers
  7. Upgraded from the 686 to an RZ-810 ... definitely better. Only use it to drive 3 Heresy's, but pretty sure you'll have enough power for your speakers. Cheers, Emile
  8. Just the standard Klipsch ones that came with my 904's
  9. Tried to deal with him about 6 months ago regarding his CF-3's. Emailed him many times ... usually no response. Only answer I got was "they are good, just come and get them." 5 hour round-trip so I "gave up." If these were any good at $400 he should have sold them a LONG time ago. He must have relisted them several times ... ad now says 28 days old
  10. No; this is an extra set of 510/691's I have in a separate stereo room. Main room has 904/510's and they are my favorite speakers ever.
  11. OK; could not wait any longer. Stole speaker wire from another location. Only hooked it up with one amp (yes; know bi-amping is preferred ... later). WOW ... LOVE IT! Much better than the Forte I's. Bass is tight and punchy (and don't really notice that is does not go as deep as the FI's). Mid and highs are very nicely defined. Many people have complained about the horns being too loud ... not for me Definitely a keeper (OK; for me that means at least 6 months ). Thanks to all for making me get these. OK; pristine pair of walnut Forte I's for sale ... of course upgraded with titanium diaphragms. Condition 9.9/10. Also have glass tops and bottom rollers. $400 or best offer? Cheers, Emile
  12. Not hooked up yet Ran out of speaker wire
  13. No clue ... "considering" selling them ... have had 2 members haunting me for the last 6 months. Was just checking to see if there is any interest ... Jeez; already got 7 PM's. Haha ... will probably sell them at my cost + some bottles of wine + shipping.
  14. "Outside" is walnut ... last pic is "inside" Just took 2 quick pics last night ... they were in between Fortes and KG1.5's ... did not feel like taking "sales pics."
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