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  1. Just got a pair of RC-7's to use as L/R speakers for tv (horizontally). Learned that one woofer handles freqs below 500Hz, while the other one goes up to 1950Hz ( a 2.5 way tapered array). But ... have no clue if the low freq speaker is the left or the right one. (Haha, of course I can hook them up and then listen, but at 45 lbs each I do not feel like having to lift them multiple times as they are going into a hard to access slot.) Also; what would be better ... low freq woofers on the inside, or outside? Thanks, Emile
  2. @jjptkd Haha; all your fault Hope these are as good as many people say No clue why these things weigh 44 pounds each
  3. Haha; OK, buying a pair of RC-7's. Found one locally and made an offer on another FleaBay one
  4. Haha; think I'm buying a pair of RC-7's Found one locally and made an offer on another one on FleaBay.
  5. Thanks. Definitely want the "bigger" RC7 horn. Just checked the RC7 specs and don't quite understand ... xovers at 500 and 1950Hz on identical (?) woofers? Meaning one gets freqs below 500Hz and the other one 500-1950Hz? Cheers, Emile
  6. OK; strange idea ... was looking for a pair of RC-7's, but they seem to be just about impossible to find So; came across a pair of RF-5's ... but need to place them horizontal to fit my space ... AND CUT OFF the bottom To better understand my problem, see Seems like I could chop off the RF-5's to about 29". Have no clue if this is possible and where the crossovers are located in the box Yes; volume won't be the same so I would probably loose some bass. Alternative is to buy RF-5's for the woofers/tweeter (or other model ???) and just build a new box. Any suggestions? Cheers, Emile
  7. No mumps. Had/tried both and no difference (to my ears)
  8. Found a nice pair of KG 3.2 that might fit in the space. However. eBay seller (local pickup) is NOT responding to 5 messages and an offer Anyone with an extra set of KG 3.2's? https://www.ebay.com/itm/313836696327?
  9. Darn, you are right Looks OK "live," but maybe I did not stretch it enough
  10. Haha; tend to "blast" the big ones ... just need a "smaller" speaker to listen to TV (and ... hardly ever use these anyhow). Guess the KG 1.5's are OK till I find a pair of RC-7's
  11. Great idea And "fits" perfectly in the space ... OK; looking for a pair of RC-7's Add-on; Haha, started searching ... hard to find
  12. Yeah; done Hope the wife will like the grilles - she has not seen them yet; and has not heard the HF section either The KG 1.5's are for the TV/AVR only. Not as good as my Heresy's of course, but OK for TV speakers. Looking at a set of KG 3.2's to replace these ... any suggestions? Cheers, Emile
  13. OK; made speaker grille frames. Only have 1-1/2 inch on the sides, so used two sheets of 1/8" HDF, glued together to give it some strength. Was going to pick up glue from Speaker Exchange ... but NO; they no longer have local pick-up so now I have to wait an extra 2-3 days (and paying for shipping) to get this. $8 tube of glue now costing me almost $16. Isn't the internet terrific.
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