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    Klipsch KG4's and Forte I's on Marantz 1060 and VTA ST70 tube amp. Klipsch KPT-904's on Marantz 2252B. Klipsch Cornwall's, KG1.5's, KV2, KG3.2's on Onkyo AVR TZ-RZ810.
  1. Subwoofer setup

    Try, try, and try again Had a JBL sub and it sounded like shi* ... replaced it with a 12: M&K sub and it sounded much more "musical." Then got a 15" Dayton HF subwoofer kit. Did not even"hear" it till I noticed the floor shaking ... seems like the more $$ you spend, the less you "notice" the sub ... but the "musical sound" get's much better
  2. Pre amp or no pre amp for tube setup

    Yes; no clue Love to have tone controls even though I barely use them Have a Dynaco PAT-4 preamp on my Bob Latino VTA ST70 amp but just not sure about it. Tried my Oppo DVD player WITHOUT the preamp and think it sounded better. But ... could just be the age of the preamp ... looked at buying PAS-3 preamps ... then found a JVC P-3030 preamp ... supposed to be VERY good ($415 in 1977, so that's $1500 in today's dollars ) "Enroute" to me ... will let you know when it is hooked up Cheers, Emile
  3. Just a note ... got some KPT-904's a couple of months ago and absolutely LOVE them. Don't think you can go wrong with any of the Professional speakers. Get them while you can Cheers, Emile
  4. Anyone use induction cooktop? Thoughts?

    Got a 36" KitchenAid induction one about 10 years ago when I redid my kitchen and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Almost as fast as gas but no "MESS!" Still looks brand new. Best appliance I ever bought! Guests are amazed when I put a kitchen towel between to top and the pan and it works flawlessly Yeah; you have to get the correct pans, but you replace those often enough anyhow Go for it ... you'll love it! Cheers, Emile
  5. Klipsch RSW 15 vs Klipsch R-115 better deal?

    Just "HAD TO" chime in ... Replaced my Klipsch 10" sub with a Dayton Audio 15" HF sub (kit). YES; "blew it away." Even better ... the Professional series speakers DEFINITELY "blow the (consumer) Klipsch speakers out of the water." Replaced my Cornwall's with KPT-904's ... not even close. Cheers, Emile
  6. What I Got Today!

    OK, "What I Got Today"; didn't get it yet but is was shipped A JVC P-3030 preamp (1977-80). (Was looking for a replacement for my Dynaco PAT-4, such as a PAS-3 or even Bob Latino preamps.) Anyhow, found this and we'll see If anyone is familiar with these let me know if they are any good Paid $150 for it (one bad aux input, but found a replacement part if needed) ... have seen them for $1000 and up ... will let you know
  7. I got my millions after 6+ years ... have "faith" ... he is a REAL "prince"
  8. WTB: Chorus II Passive Radiator, KD-16

    Bet you "none" are identical ... pretty sure they are "lined up" manually
  9. I hope it was not "Nigeria" auctions ... next you'll be getting an email from a "Prince" asking you for another 5 grand Good luck! Cheers, Emile
  10. Hi All, Hoping to get some advise Currently using a Dynaco PAT-3 (non tube) preamp with a Bob Latino VTA ST60 and Klipsch Forte I speakers (w/Crites Titanium). Input sources mostly an Oppo DV-980H ... and rarely used an (inexpensive) TT, Teac Reel, LaserDisc and Nak cassette. Not sure, but don't think the PAT-3 does it justice ... or it is way out of spec It just DOES NOT compare to sound from my Marantz 2252B on my KPT-904's ... more defined, crisp and clearer soundstage. Therefore, considering getting another preamp. Found a very nice looking PAS-3 on my local (Tampa, FL) Craigslist for $400 (maybe he'll take $300-350) . Or, read very good reviews on the Elekit TU-8500 ($550) ... probably fun to assemble, but no "tone controls" which I like even though I never use them ... or Bob Latino's preamps. Cheapest one is the VTA SP9 at $1100 plus another $100 for the phono circuit OR ... maybe eliminate the preamp and just use an RCA switch box to directly feed the VTA tube amp. (Will try to test "direct" vs "preamp" tonight and add more detail to my inquiry ) So would appreciate your opinions/inputs.Don't even know if I should try an SS preamp. Really don't feel like spending much more than $500, but if we have to we will Many thanks! Cheers, Emile
  11. @longdrive03 ... AWESOME veneering job; matches perfectly. (Just did a subwoofer so know it's not as easy as it looks.) Congrats Cheers, Emile
  12. Heresy WO - Nice!

    AWESOME! Never seen a veneer match like it ... If I were closer to Houston they would be mine! Cheers, Emile
  13. WTB Klipsch Professional badge

    Little brown envelope Rechecked ... actually came from Kazakhstan ... maybe he has an actual inventory now 130 Tenge (Kazakhstan currency) to ship ... about 40 cents. Oh well; made me happy Cheers, Emile
  14. What I Got Today!

    OK; had to share this ... spend $10 and very happy Finally got some "pro" badges for my KPT-904's ... now they look "professional." Yes; cheap Chinese knock-offs, but Klipsch doesn't have any originals anymore Cheers, Emile
  15. WTB Klipsch Professional badge

    Haha ... yeah ... especially since "he" is from Kazakhstan and the badges are mailed from China