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  1. This is a reminder to DOUBLE BOX and FULLY INSURE (or OVER insure for market price) everything you ship Send a TEAC X-1000R Reel to Reel deck to @michaelwjoneson approx 8/6/2022. Was single boxed, but did meet UPS packing specs. Of course ( 🙂 ) UPS smashed it - think they dropped it from at least 8 feet, or forcefully threw it on the floor. Michael informed me and I filed a claim with UPS the same week. First it was "disapproved;" which seems to be standard operating procedure. More calls and now it was "approved." Got notices from UPS to file docs at several links. Of course the links did NOT work; even phone numbers given by them did NOT work. Horrible start Continued calling them once every 2 weeks and usually got the same BS like "we do not have all the information needed," even though I mailed it in and send it via email at least 4 times. Finally, about Nov 1st, I was told "it is being processed and you should receive a check within 5-10 business days." Of course, NOTHING. Called mid November and was told the same thing. NOTHING Called today (12/1) and again ... processing; check in 5-10 days. Keeping my fingers crossed We'll see. FYI, there is a direct number for UPS Claims ... it is 800-430-2055. Haha; that is a UPS secret Anyone else with these problems? Cheers, Emile
  2. Suggesting RB-75's or (a PAIR) of RC-7's. Both have the larger 1.75" drivers which make them sound much better.
  3. Haha; probably about 60dB's for TV ... close to 100dB's when I turn on my KPT-904's
  4. RC-7's are awesome. Using two of them as L/R speakers for TV sound
  5. @Heritage_Head What AVR did you buy? You can probably run the LS's directly off that, then add a MiniDSP and a cheap d-class amp for the 510's - just to try it out
  6. Maybe these FleaBay crossovers would work ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/324036039661?hash=item4b720d93ed:g:vacAAOSwebheFapu&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoIF9dqMCsYgYH7aYevU5yncLD%2BLvvUPIJ1kAY%2Fz%2BqcVlrYvYYahme7X0fG4Ik8BVQ%2FJ6qYz4CpaRgWmCHl6tUzIy8BhPU5uSPAF1TytNfcm5c46%2F5J15adQh5t7I7pNa1a8%2BVHwq6fnUYqONUyhR0C0hgoWuhmsfSxC7ghKyY7dQ%2BomTJbn5%2BZ2NuDn%2B%2F3LdOgqjW2ogCGszNqUuNao7fD4%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8L0nvqMYQ Add-on. Seems these XO's are for dual horns. If the frequencies overlap you cannot use them ... but if they are "separate," maybe you can combine them You would still need a lower XO for the LaScalas - get it from (NOT ALLOWED TO MENTION)
  7. Haha; obviously mis-remembered also. Good luck with the sale - good price
  8. Yes, tweeter is a bit fragile (probably due to age) and it is highly recommended to remove the driver prior to shipping Oops ... just remembered it is the RB-75's that needs the driver removed. Had 2 RC-7's shipped to me without a problem
  9. Have a pair of RC-7's as L/R for TV sound. From memory, ports are about 2-3" wide, flared and about 2" deep. Haha; stuffed mine with socks as they are in a bookcase against a rear wall. Did not seem to make much of a difference Hope someone with a "center" RC-7 can give you better specs as it would take me more than an hour to take these "down."
  10. (Ayrton) Senna, the movie.
  11. Don't think "plugging the port" is a problem. You'll loose some of the lower end - no clue how much; think it is minimal. FYI, I have RC-7's as L/R mains in my TV sound setup. Since they are in a bookcase, against the wall, I plugged the rear ports with some socks. They still sound very, very good
  12. RB-75's ... hard to find, but sometimes they show up
  13. Probably "no longer allowed" on the "new" forum as these are NOT Klipsch approved products
  14. Agreed, but OP only has "zone-2 preout," that's why I included the preamp
  15. Have had 3 sets of 510's; 2 with mumps and 2 old ones. Never could hear any difference
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