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    Klipsch KG4's and Forte I's on Marantz 1060 and VTA ST70 tube amp. Klipsch KPT-904's on Marantz 2252B. Klipsch Cornwall's, KG1.5's, KV2, KG3.2's on Onkyo AVR TZ-RZ810.

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  1. Was looking for some new receivers to play with OK; the "usual" ... Marantz 2285B, etc. But they all are now in the $1000 range. Found an Optonica SA-5605 receiver. Delivers a very conservative 85W/ch with great specs. Supposedly very good build quality with very good (Yamaha like) sound. Local; $200 on CraigsList ... yeah; about 1/5th of the Marantz/Pioneer ones. (Optonica was Sharp's unsuccesful entry in the mid/high strereo maket in the late 70's.) Any thoughts on these? Thanks and cheers, Emile
  2. Emile

    Vintage Telefunken Stereo Console

    Teaman, thanks again. The Yamaha CR-820 "blew" the 2nd/3rd time I fired it up so I send it back to the seller. Amazingly, I got my money back (and the seller even paid for return shipping ) So; found a Marantz 2226B (see above) for nothing (OK, $100) and just had to try it For a "trash" piece it sound pretty good ... maybe I got lucky once haha. Love the looks and the sound of these 1977-79 (?) Marantz receivers. Cheers, Emile
  3. Emile

    Vintage Telefunken Stereo Console

    Little progress, but ... found a Marantz 2226B (29W/ch) on Craigslist. Sounded good at the sellers place ... but looked "bad" and speaker "A" is "always on" (connector rod broken). OK; $100 - not enough to worry about (Yes; the guy found it on a street corner; told him I was going to use it with Klipsch speaker ... he had never heard of that brand ... real audiophile ) Got it home, took it apart and tried to clean up the face plate. Tried soap and water, toothpaste, steel wool and even #800 sandpaper. Darn; still the same Maybe I'll try again next month Well; sounds awesome and looks decent in the pic ... don't look too close
  4. Emile

    Water Damaged HII- Worth it?

    Haha, vote YES (with the caveat above). For $125 what do you have to loose? Ad states that they sound good (double check). If you have never owned Heresy's this seems like a cheap way to try a pair Of course they would not make it into my wife's living room, but how about the garage or under a desk? Ad seller also has Pro Heresy's ... check those out also! Cheers, Emile
  5. Emile

    Best speaker for my space

    @Mila1924 ... Haha, "had" the same problem. Open great room ... had Forte's on a Marantz 2252B also, but just did not do the job. Switched to Cornwalls which was quite an improvement. Then got a pair of PRO KPT-904's - problem solved! Even my neighbors like the sound Cheers, Emile
  6. Emile

    F'ing mosquitos

    Heard the mosquito's are "big' in South Texas
  7. Emile

    Happy birthday Eldon!

  8. 74???? Congrats ... You are "certified -------" ... fill in the blank. Pretty awesome though OK; think I misunderstood ... 1974 verticals vs 74 ( 37 pairs)
  9. Emile

    An Aspirin a Day might not be Okay

    MD's or all "Dr's ?"
  10. Emile

    An Aspirin a Day might not be Okay

    Unfortunately a very good observation Haha ... allergic to asperin ... take vitamin D instead Cheers, Emile
  11. Jeez ... they look small now Of course not everyone uses a 60 inch (?) monitor
  12. Emile

    The Harvest

    Brian ... got it; thanks ... AWESOME sauce
  13. Emile

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Don; agree. Use one of those in my 2-way setup and am very pleased with the audio quality. (Thought it was better than the BDP-103D.) Also using an even older 971 model in my vintage stereo console (modified with Klipsh horns and woofers ). Cheers, Emile
  14. Ron, you are welcome ... thought you needed these to elevate your evolutionary status ... haha; just kidding
  15. Emile

    Vintage Telefunken Stereo Console

    Haha ... thanks Let me take my FleaBay Yamaha CR-820 to my vintage tech first and see what he says If the news is "bad," I'll take it Cheers, Emile