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  1. Yes, latest version with mumps Ordered 6 about a year ago; from memory they were $18 plus change. No problem, order confirmed ... then they "only" shipped 4 and told me the remaining 2 had to be transferred from another warehouse first. Never happened; order was intercepted by "management," and was told the previous ones were sold "in error." Pleaded many times (including 904 serial numbers, etc) and was promised help in finding "extra" ones. Haha; nothing ever happened. Sold the 510's (at my cost) to forum members.
  2. Haha; yes, got a couple at less than $20. Then I got "rail-roaded." Even my pleadings with KPT-904's serial numbers and pics of damaged 510's did NOT help So; thank you Klipsch ... switched to JBL
  3. OK; my all time favorite (after Beethoven's 9th). All Along the Watchtower. Might be wrong but think it is the song played by most (reputable) musicians Here's a couple of versions ... of course "Jimi" is first
  4. @Subway ... haha; never heard Genesis, Illegal Alien before. Awesome Here is one of my Genesis favorites; Jesus He Knows Me
  5. OK; classic George Harrison, Clapton, Elton John, Phil Collins, etc ... While my guitar gently weeps ...
  6. Was posting some Santana links in a different post and saw this one - which I have not heard for ages Thought you might like it
  7. Emile


    Yes, "obviously." Don't even think I could have fooled you with an old Dutch band such as "cuby+blizzards." Actually, this clip with Gato Barbieri on sax is much better
  8. Emile


    Haha Here's two of my favorites; Europa and Samba Pa Ti ... @jubilee333 ... play these
  9. Emile


    Actually I am in St. Petersburg (Tampa) and don't visit Miami too often Funny you mention Miami; my wife used to work there (many years ago) and at least once a month she tells me she went to Monty Trainer's there ... and a gentleman from the crowd asked to jam with the band ... it was CARLOS SANTANA Yes; electronic is my second favorite to hip hop
  10. Emile


    Yo, brotha ... no; ONE minute was all I could stomach
  11. Emile


    OK @jubilee333, after you've checked out the above ones from @MicroMara, I'd like you to test your speakers with the following ... haha, I did listen (OK; 1 minute) to your hip-hop 1812 Overture ... just play the last minute Next, Ode to Joy (Beethoven's 9th finale), done by 10,000 Japanese Note, when you play this from your PC to your Kenwood the sound will not be "great." (Because the digital to analog converter, or DAC, from your PC is low quality. You may want to invest in an external DAC. (PC USB to DAC to Kenwood.) Almost bought this one last month for $100 https://offerup.com/item/detail/1072457694?q=topping+dac Cheers, Emile
  12. Haha, blu-ray in black & white. Great 1964 movie
  13. You can start with a miniDSP 2x4HD for about $200. Note; do NOT get the cheaper basic miniDSP - too much distortion. Then, move up to a Xilica 2040/4080/etc. depending on how many in/outs you need. (Picked up a new 2040 a couple of months ago for about $650.) Note; Xilica no longer makes these units, but the will provide tech support.
  14. Emile


    Haha; thanks for the warning. Yes, played the first minute of this. And they label this as music??? Going to play Tschaikowsky's 1st violin concerto (at 110dB's) to get this out of my mind
  15. Emile


    Congrats! Glad you got the Kenwood also. Not familiar with this model, but the (better) Kenwood's from this era are much underrated.
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