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  1. Haha; still "watching" you guys even though I'm not posting much. Been busy repairing my dock
  2. Using the K1 with passive XO on KPT-904's with K-510 horns. (Used to have a Marantz 2270 on these.) Bass is awesome; mids/highs are stellar
  3. Yeah ... K1 here with a similar damping factor. Dramatic difference with my previous amp
  4. Great find and an ABSOLUTE STEAL. A bargain at $400 each. Have a set of these (with K-510 horns) and they are AWESOME. (Don't know if these come with crossovers.)
  5. Never heard KPT-456's ... but; have a pair of KPT-904's (w/510 horns) and these are absolutely AWESOME. Much, much better than Cornwalls, Khorns/etc. Think the 456's are an earlier version of the 904's. Compare the specs, then someone GO GET THESE!
  6. I have the double woofer version - KPT904's. They are AWESOME. For $1200 (or $1650) it is a steal (hope it is for the pair). The K-510 horns are worth it (if they have the right driver's)
  7. Haha; GREAT! Now, maybe you can drop the kids somewhere
  8. Forgotten passwords? Most of you probably know this, but just in case If you use Google on a PC, go to "settings," then "passwords." Likely it will show Same with Firefox ... menu/preferences/privacy&security/logins&passwords/saved-logins/show-passwords.
  9. OK; seems this discussion is "going the wrong way." Question was "vintage" vs "modern." Have and "have had" many vintage (decent quality) amps/receivers and have always been very pleased with them compared to much more expensive modern systems. Think the original posting is a bit skewed ... i.e. older $1000 system vs $5000 new system. Certainly hope it is "a bit" better. Cheers, Emile
  10. OK; couple of actual pics ... Note ... I put the blue tape on power cord only to identify the unit in "closed" rack
  11. Hey ... it's not that bad ... 2+ hours maybe? (OK; that's one-way.) My wife just drove 11 hours (over 2 days) to go visit her sister. Luckily I got out of that trip.
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