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    Klipsch KG4's and Forte I's on Marantz 1060 and VTA ST70 tube amp. Klipsch KPT-904's on Marantz 2252B. Klipsch Cornwall's, KG1.5's, KV2, KG3.2's on Onkyo AVR TZ-RZ810.

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  1. Emile

    K402 / K510 chatter

    Haha ... yes; I'm one of those Have a set of KPT-904's and LOVE the 510 horns So; looking for another set of 510's ... or even 402's. Found KPT-904's on FleaBay for $1300 (see my listing under Garage sale/Alerts), but my wife will KILL me if I get another "full" pair Offered him $500 for the horns ... NO ... OK; will offer $750 Asked "metropolis" pro dealer for a price, but no response. FYI; got my KPT's from a local (Orlando, FL) seller ... he "thinks" he might be getting more Pro Cinema stuff in a couple of weeks Can't wait ... will keep you all posted. Cheers, Emile
  2. Haha ... no clue about 506 horns either ... but found out they are 2" exit drivers, so must be good Pick them up ... open a bottle of wine and let them rip
  3. Sorry; no clue what 406's are I've got the KPT-904's ... think the bass box is a KP-450 (not sure) and the horns are the 510's. Sound is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Bass is IMHO as good as LaScala's ... horns are much MUCH BETTER (think it is because of the 2 inch exit on a much bigger diaphragm). Using a pre-out from my AVR into a Marantz 222B for 2 channel sound. These horns are just awesome ... the 402 horns "might" be better, but they are too big and do not pass the wife test Cheers, Emile
  4. WHAT????? You are getting a pair?????
  5. Offered the KPT-904 seller on eBay $500 "just" for the horns He just declined my offer ... did not want to "break-down" the full speakers Still looking ...
  6. Emile

    Speaker Switch with tube amps?

    Awesome! Thanks!
  7. Emile

    New Owner!

    Haha ... welcome ... now, it's (almost) time for upgrades
  8. Emile

    WTB ... K-510 horns w/drivers

    Haha ... Thank you SIR
  9. Emile

    WTB ... K-510 horns w/drivers

    @Coytee ... "personal" question ... think I'm crazy trying to reduce the size of the KPT-904 bins (KT-450???) by putting them in a sealed cabinet? Many thanks, Emile
  10. Reread this ... box size 1/2 ???
  11. Thank you SIR! Interesting How much smaller do you think I could make this box? FYI; just offered the seller $500 for the horns We'll see Cheers, Emile
  12. Emile

    WTB ... K-510 horns w/drivers

    Oops ... Thanks! Guess $1300 for a set of KPT-904's might be worth it ... just for the horns OK; I'm cheap ... will offer the KPT guy $500 for the horns and see what happens Cheers, Emile
  13. Emile

    WTB ... K-510 horns w/drivers

    bump Anyone know the "new price" on these? Thanks, Emile
  14. Would like to get some K-510 horns with the B&C drivers ... Have a set of KPT-904's and LOVE them ... primarily due to the K-510 horns. Looking at building a smaller set (similar to the KPT's but closed; not ported) to save some space. Found another set of KPT-904's (see my listing under "Garage Sale/Alerts), but too cheap to buy these as I believe (???) that I cannot use the woofers in a closed box. Don't need any brackets ... gave "mine" away to a member 6 months ago Also, (sorry) have no clue what they would be worth to me as I am just "experimenting." Many thanks, Emile