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  1. I think he meant "sold to YOU" Thanks Dave. Just send you a PM Sorry guys ... dozed off for an hour
  2. add-on ... have a Luxman R-115 also if anyone is interested
  3. Yeah ... thoroughly confused Hooked up AVR through "attic" cables and everything works fine Had bought an Emotiva UMC-200 AV preamp to "control" my system as I believed I would be w/o my AVR for at least 2 months Putting the AVR back in the (enclosed) cabinet which is a real pain in the a$$ I put the Emotiva processor in the garage sale section for $200 (paid about $250 for it). Worked great; had it hooked up with a Luxman R-115 for my front Heresies. But did not like the "visual" with the Luxman showing FM stations, etc ... and did not want to buy another power amp Cheers, Emile
  4. @carlthess40 Carl, Come and pick it up ... and I'll give you my Telefunken console (with RF-3 speakers and Marantz TT) for $50. OK; add a single Heresy 1.5 for $90 (wife does not like it as it "blocks" the fireplace) ... paid $200 for it Guess if I get rid of the console, I will also have an Oppo DV-970HD, a Marantz 1060 with a new walnut case and a Marantz 2252B up for "grabs." Cheers, Emile
  5. For sale; Emotiva UMC-200 AV processor. $200 plus shipping ... probably about $25 depending on your location. Everything is included ... mike, manual, remote, original box, bag, etc. (note; also the silver side pieces, not shown in pics). Unit is extremely clean ... I would rate it 9.9/10. Someone get this before I chance my mind PayPal to friends is OK; you can pay me for shipping when we find out how much it was Bought this 2 weeks ago ( see https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649579790-emotiva-umc-200-71-home-theater-preamplifiersurround-processor/ ) as I was having problems with my AVR and was anticipating a 2 month repair See my post ... But, AVR checked out OK and I decided to use it even though this unit is better. Emotiva has 4 HDMI in's which all transfer to zone 2 ... I use more HDMI inputs Some pics below ... more on the original US AudioMart site.
  6. OK; old, old one Small Faces on "Lazy Sunday." Has "Lazy Sunday Afternoon," "Itchycoo Park" and others on it ...
  7. Dave, sorry but no help. Using 904's with stock crossovers and NO "crackle" at all. Actually like the 510's a little hot ... but they are probably a bit tuned down as I have speaker grilles on them.
  8. @risingjay ... Congrats! Sure you will love them! Haha; a new designer purse for the wife usually works ... have done it before
  9. Hi Dian, I would not worry too much about blown woofers. All my woofers (Cornwall's, Heresy's, CF-3's, etc) are all much older than those in the KLF series and they still work flawless And, as per @MechEngVic, replacements are available. Cheers, Emile
  10. Haha ... I'm confused also. "Attic" cable is good when I check it with a 9V battery. AVR sub-out works fine when (now) connected directly to sub-amp. Next I'll try AVR to "attic" cable ... but won't be for a couple of days as we are visiting friends on an island south of here ... jeez; cold front; will be 60F at the beach Will keep you posted
  11. Good price for the buyer ... paid more for mine
  12. Still have a Marantz 2252B ... wonderful amp It has powered (small) KG1.5's, Heresy's, Cornwall's and Pro KPT-904's ... all with ease. JBL studio monitors will not be a problem
  13. Spend a week hooking up different cables and amps to the subwoofer ... was 99.99% sure AVR sub-out had problems ... guess not
  14. Nothing Unit was checked and "working."
  15. Haha ... took my Onkyo TX-ZR810 to an Onkyo repair center a week ago. Got it back today and .... the AVR sub outputs work "just fine.: Was expecting the repair to take 2 months ... so; bought an Emotiva UM-200 AV Processor Nice unit ... $200 anyone Hooked up the Onkyo to my Klipsch R-115SW ... no problem. Next, hooked it up (direct) to the Dayton SA1000 sub-amp ... no problem or Just no clue what the hell is going on Letting it run for a couple of hours (AVR direct to sub ... FM station.)
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