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  1. Haha long line Just got them working ... going to keep them for a while.
  2. Haha ... I was almost ready to sell it cheap
  3. Thanks for saving me some money Will be dialing it in a bit more
  4. Dave, THANKS! Yes, swapped "one" and it was "good." Chris diagnosed my problem as miniDSP clipping Thanks, Emile
  5. @Chris A ... Dear Professor, THANK YOU DOCTOR Yes; "clipping." (Turned the pre-amp gain down and the sound is crystal clear. Stupid ... but guess I had never really heard "clipping.: Maybe I'll cut out the pre-amp and just go "straight" ??? So; do you suggest getting the "better" miniDSP (the HD version) or ?? Haha, know you are partial to the Xilica's, but was just playing with this and not ready to spend those kind of $$ for this (Plus, lost about 200 of these Xilica's in the market during the last few weeks ) Thanks again, Emile
  6. Chris; great thanks again. Never thought about possible clipping ... but that may just be the "ripped woofer" sound I am hearing Trying it shortly. Thanks! Connections have been double checked ... and switched to "better" RCA cables after my initial tests. You DA MAN. Yes; "old" one is on a baffle in an approx 11x19x9" box, so that explains that one Add-on ... and yes, I'm an idiot ... balance knob was off also
  7. OK; hooked ONE up to my KPT-904's. The "ripped woofer" effect is gone ; sound is drastically improved. But ... strangely the "new 510" seems to play at a lower volume than my "old 510." New one has the K-691 driver which supposedly is a B&C DE75 ... old driver is a B&C DE75 also. Tried measuring it with a sound level meter but could not really "see" the difference (even though my "old" one has a grille which should drop it down at least 3dB's). To my ears the "new one" plays at a much lesser volume ... just cannot guess at the dB's Many, many thanks, Emile PS; getting my Umik mike out ... haha, just don't remember how to use it ... plus may not have enough time as we have to get ready for Thanksgiving PS2; took the grille of my "old" horn ... turned it to mono (yeah; dumb me) ... not sure anymore if there is a difference ... could have been the recording I was trying before
  8. Tried Chris' settings. Yes, balances the sound, i.e. smoother, but still "horrible." Let me try another analogy ... if these would be woofers, it sounds like the cone is completely ripped/separated from the main body Next I will try to hook one up to my KPT-904's and see if I still have the same problem. Many, many thanks to all
  9. Haha ... not much ... but first I will give it a couple more tries
  10. Haha ... yes; have a set of KPT-904's ... was so impressed with the horns resulting in another pair Last resort is to swap the 501's, to see ...
  11. Haha ... high pass means tweeters, low pass woofers as "expected."
  12. OK; did not try Chris' filters yet ... had to pick up some people from Tampa Airport and take them 1-1/2 hours South ... Jeez; took 5 hours But ... probably main reason I did not try them yet is that I am not confident they will work in which case I will sell these. (Think it requires a good DSP like a Xilica, or ?) Haha; anyone interested in an (almost) new set of 510/691's ?? Cheers, Emile
  13. Emile

    Garage speakers

  14. Emile

    How you cooking your bird for Thanksgiving

    Haha ... deep fryer ... about 1/2 hour
  15. Haha ... tried it on the woofers (only). Original setup IS correct Hoping to try @Chris A's filters next