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  1. Tom, Thanks ... should have mentioned you as another "expert." Haha; great; will do some re-measuring to see if 2" of a 402 will fit - think I need at least 4" (trying to make it match my KPT-904's). But ... little bit concerned about chopping of a $2000 (?) K-402. Or, may have to turn it 90 degrees as you suggested But ... don't think it will pass the WAF test Just do NOT know how much better the 402 is compared to the 510. Many thanks, Emile
  2. @tromprof ... interesting thread. Thanks Yes, was looking for a horn slightly smaller than a K-402 (Have 510's with K-691 divers, and want a "larger" one but the K-402 is about 4 inches too wide for my setup ) So; was interested in this ME464 horn also. Couple of things I do NOT understand. Hopefully you "experts" @Chris A , @Dave A , @ClaudeJ1 , and others can shed some light on this for an amateur 1. The B&C ME464 is a 1.4" entry horn. Claude said DO NOT USE A 2" DRIVER with this. Thought 2" drivers were "THE WAY" to go Much more powerful than smaller ones. My CF-3's have a 2" voice coil, but only a 1-1/4 (??) exit. They are NO comparison to my 2" K-691's (haha; tried to integrate a 510/B&C-75 pair with Forte's - never got it to work). My other Klipsch speakers have even smaller horn exits Why would I want to "downgrade" to a 1.4" driver? 2. The throat is smaller (?) than 1.4" by 3" (??). Know JBL (and others) had many of these slim throat (smaller than this one) designs; but no clue how they work with a larger driver. 3. Haha; would like a horn with max width of about 28" and a 2" entry. Know anyone that can build (or print) one for me? (Have basic skills and build some boxes, but think "horn building is a bit too much for me ) Many thanks, Emile
  3. Darn ... disappointed ... thought they were a 2" EXIT driver like my K691's Yes; you were right; 2" VOICE COIL but exit is probably only ONE inch Wonder if I can change the horn + driver to a 2" exit one. But; may not be compatible as I tried to match a 2" horn to Forte's and never got it to match up as the horns just blew away the Forte's
  4. Found a CF-2/3/4 driver on eBay. Listed as a K-64 (i.e. CF-2 version with the smaller horn). But ... 98% sure this is identical to the CF-3/4 driver which is the "K-63" including the horn. Also posted it in "Alerts." See ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/255062605384?hash=item3b62ea7e48:g:s9EAAOSw-ZRg-ZfD Supposedly these are IMPOSSIBLE to find
  5. FleaBay seller has a K-64-KN horn and driver. $130 plus $10 shipping. Just an alert as I know these are "UNOBTAINABLE." See ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/255062605384?hash=item3b62ea7e48:g:s9EAAOSw-ZRg-ZfD Did a little research and 98% sure that the diver is identical on the CF-2/3/4 versions. (on the CF-2 it is called a K-64 which INCLUDES the horn. On the CF-3/4 it is a K-63 - with a slightly different horn. Might be great to keep as a "SPARE." Note; here some more info on the K-63 vs K-64
  6. Retrofitted an old Telefunken stereo console with RF-3 speakers and xovers. Actually, RF-3's and some other Klipsch woofers (don't recall the type). Unable to find the thread on the "actual build," but here is the starter thread for this ...
  7. OK; have to add this for "general info." Most Europeans, especially the Dutch, Belgians, Germans, French, etc. do NOT use ketchup on their fries Main sauces are 1. mayonnaise, 2. peanut sauce, 3. chili sauce, 4. piccalilly ... and maybe #20. ketchup. And I will certainly not put it on a good steak (haha; NO steak sauce either). Yes, we do keep a bottle of ketchup in the house - in the garage refrigerator for guests
  8. Found it https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/215816410369555/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post
  9. Seller near Philadelphia has 13 KPT-904s, a few parts cab 904s, a few parts cab 480 bass bins, and 1 684 sub. Selling these for around $150 and they are in very decent shape. Listed on Facebook, but I have not found the ad Member @Amphicar bought 2 ... see his thread at
  10. The miniDSP's are very user friendly. You just hook it up to a PC and set the xover frequency as well as the slope. Pretty self explanatory But, try your xovers first ... never bothered with DSP on mine BTW, where are you located. Many people want 904's AND/OR a 684 sub, but "distance" usually presents a problem. Maybe you want to tell the seller about this forum so he can post them in the "Garage Sale" section
  11. Just rambling about a microphone and REW software. That's how many of us measure our speakers (and room). So; just hook up a speaker to the HF output. You should be able to hear "only" about 900Hz and up. All the lower bass and some of the lower midrange should be gone. See http://virtualplaying.com/interactive-frequency-chart/ to look for Hz ranges of instruments The xover should (??) also protect the HF from "too much" power. Note; with a DSP you can bypass the xover and set the HF much lower. Haha; let me know when you try out the 904's (even without the HF). PS; for $180 each I'd get a second set if you have the room. And; welcome to the "904 club."
  12. Yes; wanted to veneer mine ... but very difficult to do since the edges are rounded ... so; just did a coat of Duratex and even my wife approved
  13. Your connectors look much nicer than mine I just have a terminal strip with "input" and "HF out." Note; your sticker says KPT-904-LF-N. Same as mine so I assume the Xover is identical also Pic below is from my 2nd KPT-904 ... maybe check if the crossover is the same. So; assume (yes a$$-u-me) the bottom connectors are the inputs and the top if the HF out. If you have an oscilloscope (and know how to use it ) you can measure the (?) HF out. Or with a mike and REM software you can do the same - after you connect a speaker to the (?) HF out. I would just put your amp on the input and hookup a cheap speaker to the HF out. Stock they are supposed to cross at about 850-900Hz; you should be able to hear this with your test speaker Hope someone can shed some more light on this.
  14. OK, so factory ones only had a metal grille over the speakers ... if @Amphicar "just" wants the speakers protected (instead of a "full" metal grille, guess he can just cut some and glue them on But; think we loose a couple of dB's with this.
  15. CONGRATS on your 904's! No clue on metal grilles, but with shipping it could become cost prohibitive But grilles are easily made. Just get some 1/4" or 3/8" (??) MDF, and cut them to size - about a 1/4-3/8" smaller than the box. Cut out speaker holes and port holes. Cover with cloth - Crites has original heritage cloth; well worth it. If needed, get some Duratex to make the speaker boxes look new. Also suggest boxes for the K-510's - especially since I do not think you have the brackets. Made mine out of 1x10 pine (easier than cutting "big" 4x8 sheets). My boxes are approx 18Wx11Hx9+D inches. If I had to do it again, I would make them the width of the KPT-904 One more ... re xovers ... haha; you never know ... xovers (if there are any) are INSIDE the box with only a connector block on the outside right hand side. Take out a driver (top one ??) and check. Good luck note; old pic ... everything has changed except the 904's
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